My daughter’s story: And then it was the cats 🐈🐱

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Luckily there’s no kids involved in my daughter’s story, but unfortunately there was two small cats, two kittens. And animals here in Spain, all animals, but special the animals that lives together with people, like a family member, is here in Spain also treated like a family member by the law.

My daughter loves animals- but is special “weak” for cats 🥰🐱🐈. And one day NC did find two kittens on the street and brought them home to her, or maybe himself? I’m actually not sure- Im actually not sure why he took them at all, but I know my daughter was not ready for any cats in the home as a part of the family at that moment, and the responsibility to take care of an animal. And after this experience she have been through lately she maybe never will be either. To have that kind of responsibility on the top of having the responsibility for herself.

Two kittens looking for a new home

NC said it was his cats and sometimes theirs cats, but the responsibility for the cats became my daughter’s. But why he took this cats home- I have still no idea. I did never quite “catch” that one- but is was something about “having a “family” and make my daughter happy”.

She wasn’t to happy for this, and on top of that she was starting to not feel very well either. It was Covid19 that was starting to “dumble” around in her body, but she didn’t knew that on that time- but a week later she was “out of function” because of illness.

One of the kitten NC brought home and didn’t take any responsibility for.

I told my daughter to get rid of the cats. Put then back on the street so they maybe could find back their cat mammi, or give them to someone else. But she didn’t have a heart to do that, not either energy at that point to try to find a new home for this two cats.

She never felt is was her cats, because it wasn’t her disission. And, like I mention, she was also starting to feel not very well. But she took as good care for the cats as she could.

And it’s costs money to have and take care of an animal, and there’s a responsibility when it comes to food, catsand, veterinary, vaccine, chip and so on. It’s not just to “have” two cats- and special not here in Spain. Like I mention- a animal that lives in your home is treated like a family member and protected by the law. And special if it comes to abuse of any kind.

The two kittens my daughter a bit unexpected got the responsibility for

Like I have mention earlier in some of my textes- we do find out of things when it comes to this Nathaniel Caprino, but unfortunately not as fast as we sometimes should.

When my daughter moved back home to me he needed to take care of and have the responsibility for the kittens himself. I’m not allowed to have cats in my home, only dogs, because the owner is allergic to cats.

After a while we did find out that the cats has probably been in the apartment alone without anyone looking after them or taking care of them for at least 5 days. The police was reported, but I’m not sure how NC did find out of this report- but obviously he did. Because he went back to the apartment and them picked up the cats and “run off” again in a Uber with the cats before anyone manage to stop him. And posted this in Instagram- just in case. Where he did run to? To another girl, who got used by NC too. They are not in contact with each other anymore. She is also working on a case to “take him down” because of the situation he brought her into.

Here he is- running away with the cats so it should be more difficult for my daughter to prove that the cats was not taking care of.

That’s another thing NC does now at days ( he has probably done this before and then many, many times too)– “creating” fake stories on his Instagram account and Snapchat account- and that’s how we know that he has been “travelling” around to Asia, Barcelona, Greece, Netherlands and this last trip- to Munich in Germany- where he did put a story photo from a flight window with the AETA from Munich- MUC. But he is actually in Malaga now at days and trying to “get” a vaccine pass. It’s a bit difficult to “just” travel to another country these days without any vaccine pass or a approved negative Covid19 test. And his passport number as well as his NIE number is also in the police report- the police translator put all that information into the report.

A part of his Instagram story this weekend….

Like I also mentioned- he has “blocked” my “access” to his Instagram account- but he is “friends” with so many people, and some of this people are friends with us, but he doesn’t know that- and they “updates” us, my daughter and we/ she update the police.

Sometimes he “gives” my daughter “updates” in some or another social media channel too, for then to just block her again. Why he does this- I’m actually not sure.

But he is a bit “slow” too, because it was not before this Friday he actually was aware about the law case he needs to be in this upcoming week, and that the police report from my daughter is actually for real- not any empty threat. The police has sent him letter about this law case in an email to him some weeks ago, but still he obviously didn’t think it was anything seriously.

And yes,- unfortunately there’s now a new girl, a new “wallet” he is using too. But we don’t know who the girl is, her name, or where she lives, probably in Malaga some place, but it’s a bit difficult to warn her when we don’t know. But this is also information from some sosial media channel story. Maybe to try to make my daughter jealous? Well,- that’s not going to happen,- she is just very happy he is not a part of her life anymore.

After my daughter moved away from him- this new girl in Malaga is the second girl he is “using as a wallet”. The first one we have got in contact with- and she threw him out of her home when she was aware about the situation.

Well,- back to the cats- he run away with the cats- and we now know that he moved them into this first girl’s apartment. But at that point she didn’t knew about “all this mess”- and he had “served” her a very “teardropping” story too.

One of the small kittens

And then suddenly one day he texted my daughter and told her that she could pick up the cats in their old apartment- suddenly they was “all hers”.

She couldn’t take the cats, so we tried to call different animal control and rescue service senters, friends and veterinarian. Also contacted the police about the situation. It was very difficult to get some help, surprisingly difficult considering the law that will protect the animals here, and the law of punishment if you do not take good care of the animal 😳. Luckily some neighbours in the street chose to take care of the cats, but it took a couple of days to manage arranged that one too.

The kittens got a new home- but it took a bit more time then we did excepted

My daughter told me then that she would probably never have a cat, because it was to much,- to much of everything. Emotions, work and responsibilities.

As you maybe “see” , even I just manage to tell you parts of my daughter’s story- this NC is a very confusing young man to be sourrende by. And it’s difficult to tell you all and everything- that’s why you just get parts from the story.

But soon this story is finally finish from my daughter’s life. And she can look forward to so many nice, new and exciting adventures in her life 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

“I’m looking for a new home- but it was very difficult to find a new home”

Luckily there was no children involved in my daughter’s story- but there was two small kittens 🐈🐱. Two kittens that is protected by the law as a family member here in Spain- but still so very difficult to get some help to get a new and caring home for them 🏠.

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