My daughter’s story: I didn’t leave it like that 🧹🧼😊🏡

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

As some of you know,- the apartment my daughter did lived in/ rented together with Nathaniel Caprino looked not very nice when we was there to pick up her clothes, things and stuff. And it has been very difficult to get in contact with the owner of the apartment.

Nathaniel Caprino wouldn’t give my daughter the number to the owners and he had destroyed the rental contract too. And as maybe some of you also know- my daughter’s mobile is “out of function”, so it was a bit difficult to find and get the owners number and information and at least give back the keys to their apartment. Also the rental estate agent and company was difficult to find because my daughter didn’t remember the name or had the number.

But did you think I left the apartment like we did find it? No- I didn’t. And of course not- for me it is ” of course not”- it’s something about responsibility and respect for the apartment and the owners to the apartment.

I did my very best to clean up the mess- take good care of the apartment so the owner situations should at least be a bit easier for them to handle.

I went back to the apartment some days later and started cleaning up- everything. It’s not the “funniest” job I have done- but in my mind it needed to be done. Also because it started to came bugs in the food garbage and the dish wash sink and that could destroy the apartment. I started to clean around 17.00 in the afternoon and I was finish cleaning around 24.00 in the night 😴. And I walked back to my home- I need to try to save some money – it had been some weeks with some unexpected expenses for me as well lately. So I have walking a bit up and down to the apartment- got some fresh air and exercises at least 😅.

Me on the way to my daughter’s old apartment with a big backpack on my back- ready to clean up someone else’s mess and shit….and yes- I’m incredibly tired now at days,- as you can see 😴.

Some have asked me why I did cleaned up my daughter’s apartment, and for example not my daughter together with a friend did it. My daughter is still struggling with long Covid19, her energy level is not on the highest at the moment, and this “situation” NC have “put” her in has not been easy for her to handle either. But at the same time I need to say I’m incredibly impressed and proud over how good she handles things too 🧡.

I used many hours to clean up, and I did washed everything and everywhere except from the roof and the walls. Well,- I did cleaned the wall around the kitchen.

Look at the kitchen now 😊
And before I started 😔
The bedroom after I was finish cleaning- nice, isn’t it?😊
Not the best photos from the bedroom before- but still it’s a bit better after I did cleaned up.
The bathrooms before I did cleaned up- not the best photos- but nice “after photos” 😊
And the bathrooms after a good scrub 🧼
And the livingroom became cozy as well 😊
But before- phu- but okay,- it looked nice when I was finish 😊

So how did I manage to get the number to the owners? Well,- NC actually did sent it with a mistake to my daughter- it was on a photo he forgot to remove the number from.

So then I sent a message to the owner, told them very shortly that I had the keys to their apartment. They gave me the number to the real estate agent, but he contacted me before I manage to contact him. And wow,- he was angry- something I really can understand- I manage to calm him down and did explain the situation and also sent him photos both from before I cleaned the apartment as well as after. And also the police report and the the summons to the trial.

He has picked up the keys so I don’t need to have anything “hanging over” me when it comes to the apartment anymore- that feels good 😊. Two more thing are finish – the cats have got a new home, and the owners has got the keys to their apartment. Two less things to deal with in this “case and situation” 😊. And that feels actually great 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

And garbage- well,- it became a bit garbage too- but I took it all with me when I did closed and locked the door to a clean apartment.

After hours of cleaning after someone else’s mess, shit and dirt I need to admit I’m pretty pleased with the results 😊. You can see how nice it became in my post 😊.

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