My daughter’s story: The trial- all deserve a second chance, maybe even sometimes a third one too 📝⚖

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

My daughter was in the trial this week- and the accused was Nathaniel Caprino Engbråten.

She was very nervous, something that I really can understand. I was nervous too,- even there actually was nothing to be nervous for. In this case she haven’t done anything wrong, except from believe and trust Nathaniel Engbråten’s word. But it was her first time in a trial, ( and hopefully her last), so it’s natural to be nervous then.

Unfortunately I couldn’t be together with her in the trial, because I was working- but her oldest brother was a great mental support for her and stayed by her side all the time 💙.

They waited actually one hour before it was her/ their time/ turn- Spain is Spain- but also probably some cases before my daughter’s case took a bit longer time then expected. On the other hand,- her case didn’t take very long time and one of the reason for that was because Mr. Nathaniel Engbråten didn’t showed up in the trial. Not any suprice at all.

He was accused for different things,- and since he didn’t show up in trial this week he is now accused for a bit more- and have got the “title” “wanted”. Sounds very serious.

He is “wanted” for misusing someone else credit card information and bank account information, for bad treatment for the cats, running away from the responsibility for the apartment- rent, water and electricity bill, stealing some of my daughter’s things and a couple of more things. And because he didn’t show 6in the trial. But the main thing is that he is an economic criminal. And both the police and the court know it’s not just my daughter that has been exposed by his “acts”.

In Spain he has been prosecuted by my daughter for various things, and in Norway and Greece he has also been reported for scamming.  I do not know if there has been any trial in connection with that.

It wasn’t unexpected that he didn’t showed up in the trial. He runs of from all kind of responsibility- and in general blame all the bad things that happen in his life on other.

I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, even a third one too. But if you don’t take the chances you get it’s a limit for how many chances you can get- and I know NC have got a bit more then three chances to do things correctly, change his behaviour as well as be a better person. My daughter gave him much more then three chances- but she is like me there- when it is empty for chances it is actually empty- there’s no possibility to get a new one.

I also believe that people have the possibility to change- if they want to change and take and use the possibility they get to create new positive changes in their life.

We can all do mistakes, make wrong decisions and choices, but in my mind if you choose to do the same mistakes a third or even fourth time it’s not a mistake any more- it’s a choice to do what you are doing. At the same time as I also need to admit I have been to patient to long sometimes and given some people who didn’t deserved a sixth or seventh chance at all exactly that- even a eight one too 🙄. Because there is actually no rule for this, and as we all know- there’s no rule without any exceptions either. But this year I have actually been pretty good to stop with the third chance ( when it comes to men and me) – and that’s it. Of course there has been some supriced souls- but I’m tired of giving chances- and NC “only” got three chances from me.

And NC did have a chance to do something correctly this week, at least a tiny start- and that was to show up in the trial. But he didn’t. He had many chances before this week too, but didn’t take them or used them, or actually misused them.

I think something probably could have happen in NC life when he was younger and that’s the reason why he behave like he does, act like he does- but that’s just an explanation and not any excuse to behave like a douchebag anymore. When you get older and hopefully wiser- you can’t “excuse” your bad behaviour and bad habits and “hide your srlf” behind them, with an excuse of for example awful experiences in the childhood all the time- one day you need to make some choices.

Of course experiences like that can explain a lot- but after a while as you get older, wiser and also get the choices and the possibility to choose who you want to be- how you want to be. Do you want to be this douchebag with all the bad experiences? ( excuses) Or do you want to be a nice young man with some bad experiences in the bagasje? ( explanations). It’s a choice- and we have choices every day- how we want to be, who we want to be- who we want to act and behave.

Or maybe NC is just not a very good person ? Born like this? That can also be a reason why he act, behave and treat other people like he does? Use them? Manipulator them? Rob them? Are some people just born like this? I actually don’t know.

He did “explain” his behaviour with ADHD, as well as PTSD. To some people he said he has PTSD after being in the military in the middle east, and to my daughter and me he had the PTSD because of a very awful childhood. He also had “sosial anxiety”- but in my mind, and the people I know that actually have sosial anxiety they are for example using all kind of social media channels very, very little. He use it a lot to “expose” him self. But of course I can be wrong about people with social anxiety and the use of social media channels. It’s just, in my mind, people with social anxiety don’t like the social attraction very well- not in the daily life or in the social media life?

And the latest “new” now is that he think maybe he is bipolar. Of course that can be a issue too,- I actually don’t know. It can also just be a new “excuse” and , in this case, also “explanation” from him for his bad behaviours and acts.

I know I have both shared his name with you as well as photos, and also his Facebook account and Instagram account. There’s more then one reason for that. Maybe someone who is reading my blog maybe have or know someone else that have a young adult daughter or a young adult son- and maybe they start be together with NC in one or another way. I don’t want your daughter or son to have or get the same experiences my daughter has with NC. I want you to be a bit warned about this name, and that he in general using girlfriends as well as male friends as “a wallet”. It doesn’t cost him very much to get credit card information or bank account information and use this to his own benefits. He have actually “lived” more and less like this, used other people’s money, for at least 3 years- so, unfortunately, he knows how to do this as well.

If it is nice or bad of me to “hang” him out in my blog like I have done can probably be discussed- some will say yes, other no. And in general I just write my friends and families name and use photos of family and friends in my blog that Im allowed to use. And I ask them first before I do it, use it. But not this time- I did never asked NC about using his name or photos.

We are all different and we all do things differently. I have had my doubts myself over how correct or wrong it is/ was of me to give you his name and photo- at the same time,- how could you know or try to warn your daughter or son if you don’t know? And what have you done if this was your child? And how did you wanted others to be aware about this young man and his behaviour and acts?

It’s not sure I have done this correctly- and I could easily told you my daughter’s story without using NC’s name.

My daughter felt relieved when the trial was finish,- and she feel in her own way manage to put a kind of dot when it comes to NC. A kind of. And she is happy she did police report him and that all and everything was taken seriously and also into a trial. She feel she is ready to start over again- and that’s good to know 🧡. Snd she feels that NC is now the police and the government’s responsibility- not hers anymore- she did what she could in this case and situation 😊.

Life goes on- and I know she will try to do the best of it ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Outside the trial- my daughter and her oldest brother are waiting in line to get in together with some other people.

All deserve a second and even sometimes also a third one too. We can all do mistakes, take wrong choices and decisions in life, but after a while when the same mistake or choice is done over and over and over again- then it’s probably maybe not “just” a mistake anymore, but a choice to not do things in the correct way?

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