It will be Christmas anyway 🎄🎁

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I need to admit it has been a very turbulent, stressful and demanding Autumn this year, as some of you know. And I have been a bit empty for energy lately. ( nothing new about that one?😅) I feel I’m “always” tired, and empty for energy. I know I’m not that all the time- but yes- it has been a bit “empty batteries” now and then.

Anyway,- it’s actually Christmas time too, and I haven’t had any energy or time to decorate to Christmas this year, to set up our Christmas tree or baked any kind of Christmas cakes and cookies either- but it will still be Christmas 💝. And a nice one too.

I have different kinds of nice and sweet Christmas decorations, even a Christmas tree, but it all are nicely packed away in the Christmas- boxes this year. And I’m find with that. I’m just very happy and grateful for the opportunity to actually celebrate Christmas together with at least two of my three children this year ❤.

Our Christmas decorations this year 😅. It is what it is- but still better than nothing 🎄.

We,- my daughter and me are going to celebrate Christmas eve together with my oldest son and his friend, Andreas. My son’s girlfriend, Irene, is working in UK at the moment, so she will be there during the Christmas- time.

I’m the “host” for the dinner, that means I will make our Christmas dinner and the dessert, and my son will have the livingroom and space as well as be ” in charge” for the drinks. So we will in a way be guests in my son’s home, at the same time as we in our own way collaborates about the Christmas- eve 🎄.

This year we are going to have a very typical Norwegian Christmas- dinner from the West coast of Norway 😊. A Christmas- dinner I have grown up with, as well as more and less my children too. But it’s 11 years since I both prepared, maked and have been tasting this dinner- as in Norwegian is called “Pinnekjøtt” (Lamb ribs) 🐑. So I’m really looking forward to the Christmas- dinner this year 😊, and of course not just the taste of this dinner, but also the company of two of my children and Andreas 🥰.

“Pinnekjøtt”/ lamb ribs is actually in general a cheap Christmas- dinner to buy in Norway, but not so cheap in Spain 😅. I think it’s the most expensive food I have bought- it costs 45 euro pr kilo, so I’m really going to enjoy every single little bit of this meat 😊.

“Pinnekjøtt” contains a lots of bones because it is actually the ribs from the lamb we are eating. So I needed to buy a bit more kilos per person from this kind of meat than meat without bones.

2 kilo “pinnekjøtt” ready to be prepared for our Christmas- dinner tomorrow 😊.

As an accompaniment to the “pinnekjøt”, I usually serve Brussels sprouts, carrots, potatoes and something called kohlrabi puree.  The sauce I make for dinner is made from broth from the meat.

The only thing I don’t have at the moment is potatoes 😳. They was actually empty for potatoes at the store yesterday, so my daughter are going on “potatoes hunting” in stores today 😅. I’m working so I haven’t the possibility to “look for” any potatoes today or tomorrow- I’m working tomorrow too 🤓.

And yes,- I need to make the dessert today as well. And maybe a “back up solution” too in case something goes wrong 😅. I’m going to make something called DronningMaud pudding, ( I have shared the recipe with you before 😊). But I don’t have any mixer so I need to mix the ingredients together for hand,- it can go well, but it can also go in the opposite direction too 😅. It doesn’t matter- it will still be Christmas anyway, and I’m just happy and grateful for the opportunity to make our traditional Norwegian Christmas- dinner from the west coast of Norway this year as well as be together with two of my three children ❤.

I really hope you are enjoying this last day before Christmas as well as I hope you have something nice to look forward too tomorrow- The Christmas- eve as well as the Christmas- Day 🎄🌹.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

I wish you all have a great time close before The Christmas- evening and Christmas Day 🌹🎄

This year it’s not very much Christmas decorations or homemade Norwegian Christmas- cakes and cookies in my home 🎄. But it will still be Christmas, and a very nice one too 💝.

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