Reuse and recycling 🌍 β™»οΈ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

As some of you know I like “old” and “used” things, and I like to reuse and recycling. For example I really like to get a bag or two of clothes someone else are “finish” with, or can’t use anymore ( = reuse) , or I like to try to find some kind of “solutions” to use different things “over again” if that’s possible ( = reuse) . Many times it’s not possible. Even food I try to use in the best way as possible instead of throw it into the garbage πŸ—‘.

I was also very good to recycling paper, plastic, glass, metal and so on until I moved last summer. The reason why I haven’t been very good to recycling this things after I moved is because it has been difficult to find the correct recycling garbage boxes here in the area. But now during the last weeks there’s some new recycling boxes in the street so it will be easier to do that kind of “job” for the nature again, recycling β™»οΈπŸŒ.

I don’t need new things and fancy stuff. For me it’s most important that I like the things and stuffs I have, get or find ….or buy,- because now and then I also need to buy something 😊.

And when I’m painting on the glassbottles I in my own use a glassbottle over again instead of throwing it away 🎨. And I did also find a couple of solutions to use plastic bottles “over again” too 😊 (= reuse)

I made a kind of “gift- , “safe”-, carry- and possibility to hang up” bag for my painted glassbottles 🎨

Now and then, not very often, but it happens people “drops by” to take a tiny look at my art and also want to buy a glassbottle or two 🎨. Then it could be good to have something “safe” to put the glassbottle into, as well as carry in. So then I did cut up some plastic bottles and “created” some simple “gift- and carry bags” in plastic πŸ›.

I have some “gift- and carry” plastic bags/ bottles ready in case someone is “dropping by” to buy a glassbottle or two πŸ›

It’s a tiny way to reuse the plastic bottles, maybe not the best, but anyway better to throw them away.

It’s also possible to hang the glassbottles up on your clothesline too 😊. But on your own responsibility.

Look at this 😊. A bit cool,- isn’t it? 😊

I’m a bit better on reuse now at days then recycling, but now when there’s new recycling garbage boxes in the street it will be much easier to continue recycling too ♻️.

I have also planted a bit in the plastic bottles. Maybe there will come some more different kinds of onions, tomatoes and paprika in our kitchen during the next weeks? πŸ…πŸŒΆ

I like to find creative solutions and I like to be creative. And I slowly starting to realise that that’s probably a bit of my kind of lifestyle to do too- to be creative and find solutions 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon 😊

Two different onions and tomatoes are planted,- and in just a couple of days I’m going to plant some paprika too 🌢

I haven’t been very good to recycling after I moved, but there wasn’t any recycling garbage boxes close by my home ♻️. But when it comes to reuse,- I try to do my best and find some kind of solutions on that one 😊.

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