Ebay or a webshop … or maybe a “pop up” sales exhibition… 🎨🤔

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m thinking about starting selling my oilpainted glassbottles and canvas for real 🤔. I have so much joy and happiness when I’m painting my things and stuffs- it’s like I’m in “my happy place”, or more correctly “my happy painting corner”, when Im playing around with the different colours both on the glassbottles as well as the canvas 🎨.

And,- it would be so nice if some of my paintings could give a tiny bit of the same joy and happiness as them gives me 🥰.

And another thing,- to be honest,- why not earn a bit money on something I really like to do? 🎨

But how to do that? How to sell? Where to start? Where to sell? How to advertise my product?  How to get buyers?  How to handle different processes in relation to sales? How to promote? The different procedures? The process and progress?

I have been thinking a bit about and around this, and also research a bit around my different questions about this “start to selling” and so on. I have at the moment mostly “researched” on webshop. But Ebay could also be a possibility, as well as arranged a “pop up sales exhibition” on my roof terrace in September or October? 🖼

Instagram is also a possibility, but there I have to little knowledge about how to do that. So I let that one rest for a while 🛏.

I need to have products to sell, and I need to have a kind of delivery system as well as a payment system too.

The products are in general under process closely “all the time” so that’s probably not the biggest challenge? 🤔🎨

Some of my “products”, more are under “production” and I have some canvas too 🖼

The “delivery system” I have checked that one up if I choose to “go for” a webshop, as well as Ebay. The public post office is not a very good solution. It’s slow/ late delivery and expensive, but there are other private delivery system, options and possibilities. I have actually asked and checked that one up a bit 📮

The payment would probably be easiest to do as e- commence payment, and I have checked that one up as well 💰.

Then it is the Webshop 💻. There’s a lots of work in front of me to create a my own and a good Webshop. But maybe that’s the best possibility for me? I know I need to organize a Webshop in a really good way, easy to use for the “webshoppers” as well as for me. At the same time as I need to keep in mind “the time” I’m going to use and need on a Webshop.

I need to check up and out Ebay a bit more, because there could also be a good possibility for selling my art, but in a different way then in a Webshop.

And a “drop up sales exhibition”- well,- I cant arranged something like that before in September or October anyway. It’s best to do something like that when I’m living on my own. My daughter is moving to Bali in March or April. It is this “Corona- situation” that’s slows down the moving process and plans. And during the Summertime and season I think it could be a bit to hot and warm on the terrace to actually have a fun, nice and relaxing “pop up sales exhibition”.

Of course I could have a “pop up sales exhibition” when my daughter still is living together with me, but this is her home too, and I want her to be and feel comfortable, free and relaxed in her home without “putting” to much of my “things” on her.

By the way,- all my art, both canvas as well as my painted glassbottles are numbered and signed by me, and everything that is for sale even has its own title / name “tag”.  Besides the ones I have given away, they have not been given a name or a title, or have their own “tag”, but they have their own number and my signature 📝. And they are also a personal gift made to the special one in my mind when I painted the “object” ( the glassbottle or canvas).

My oilpainted glassbottles with it’s own title, number and my signature ✒

So as you can see I have some “plans” with my paintings, but I’m not sure how “to do” the process yet. How to start? And what’s the best way to do this? Maybe it will be Ebay and a “pop up sales exhibition”, or a Webshop and a “pop up sales exhibition”? Or something totally else and different? 🤔

I’m in a process, and then I see what’s the progress in my process brings me 😊.

What do you think I should do with my art? Ebay? My own Webshop? Or just a “pop up sales exhibition” on my roof terrace? Or maybe you have some other suggestions? In case,- Im very happy and grateful if you want to share them with me 🌹.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Some of my glassbottles are ready to get a new “owner” 😊

I’m considering to start to sell my art for real 🎨. But I’m not sure what, where, how and so on 🤔. At the same time as I have starting to do some research about exactly this- what, where, how and so on, but Im open for suggestions. So if you have some,- you are very welcome to share them with me 😊🧡.

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