Where has the gentleman gone? πŸ€”πŸŽ©

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

This week started with Valentine’s day,- and I started to think about “the gentleman” and if he still is around? 🎩 I think he is,- but maybe he has “disappeared” a bit during all the equality? TheΒ  independent, strong and determined women? Please don’t misunderstand me now,- because I’m totally agree about the equality between men and women, like the same possibility for educations, same salary for the same work, the law and different society rights and things like that. I think (at least I hope) you understand what I mean.

At the same time there’s differences. Men are men, women are women,- and a woman, in general, want and like to be treated like a woman too….by a gentleman, as well as I actually think it’s easier for a man to be a gentleman if we women also both allowed him to be a gentleman as well as behave as a woman πŸ‘ . And I don’t think the gentleman has “disappeared”, he is just not quite sure how do be a gentleman always anymore. Special not around strong and independent women. At the same time I think most women want to be treated a bit like a woman by a gentleman- even when they are strong and independent πŸ‘ πŸŽ©.

I think most women like to be treated like a woman by a gentleman πŸ‘ πŸŽ©.

“The gentleman” is a English expression from the 14th century.  And at that time, the term treated more upper-class men.  Now it’s more about how a man treats and meets a woman. A gentleman is basically about behavior, and not least the different perceptions that each individual has of and about what a gentleman is.

But if a gentleman should have the possibility to be a gentleman the woman also need to allowed him to be a gentleman. So in one way it’s also a bit about the way the women behave and meet the gentleman too. Special maybe in today’s society. So we women can say we miss “the gentleman”, but at the same time then behave like a woman and allowed him to be a gentleman. Because it’s not just about the way the man, or gentleman’s behaviour, but also the woman’s behaviour and how she meet the gentleman.

When that’s said,- of course there’s exceptions. There’s always exceptions. No rules without exceptions. And of course the different changes in our society during the years, as well as the use and access to all kind of information online also have a bit to do “where has the gentleman gone”,- but he is there. It’s very much about the behaviour to both women and men.

The online description of “the gentleman” is very much similar with my own thoughts and understanding about how and who the gentleman is. But of course we all also have different understanding about this.

A gentleman is confident in himself, has manners, shows a certain culture in his behavior, is educated and polite.  He is well dressed, and it is quite possible to be well dressed in a pair of denim trousers.  He shows respect, is considerate and shows that he cares.

He keeps what is private private. ( For example he doesn’t send “dick pick” and he doesn’t talk about the sex/ not sex). )He is patient and aware of his behavior.  He is open, understanding, and keeps words and appointments.  He is prepared and punctual.  He protects and defends others in a nice way, and he is helpful.

A gentleman offers to pay forcet common meal out, or a drink.  He opens doors for the woman, pulls out the chair, helps her with the jacket or coat, and also offers his own if it’s cold.

He comes with small gifts and attention, and he shows interest in what a woman does- her job and interests and asks questions like “what, how, why”.  And not least, – he does the first “move”, but not in an intrusive or aggressive way, and can read signals and has an understanding of whether things are moving a little too fast, and without being disappoint.

And basically, this describes, to my mind, is normal and general good behavior.  A behavior that in fact most men have in one way or another. But like I mention,- it’s always exceptions, always.

And when all comes to all,- aren’t “all this” more and less about good behaviour in general? Both for a gentleman and a woman? Don’t we all like to be treated with respect? Be listen to? Taken a bit care of now and then? Dress well for a meeting or a date?

I don’t think the gentleman is gone,- I just think it’s a bit difficult for him to sometimes be a gentleman, and I think it’s not the easiest thing to be a gentleman for a strong and independent women either.

I have met many different kinds of gentlemen,- also a gentleman who wasn’t a very nice gentleman, but he “followed” the “description” on “the gentleman” from top to bottom…..for a while, and then he changed. And wanted to change me too. I didn’t like that very much. Who does? Let me put it this way,- I met the exception in a gentleman- and for a while also lost the believe and the faith in “the gentleman”.

But I did like and still do like to be together with a gentleman, and also be treated like a woman together with a gentleman.

So yes,- I do believe that the gentleman is still there in “the society”, but I think we women sometimes forget that’s not just up the the man to be a gentleman. We women need to allowed him to be a gentleman too 🎩. And sometimes, now and then we meet a gentleman who is not a gentleman at all- but that’s in general the exceptions. And all in all,- it’s about the behaviour and treatment, both the behaviour to the man as well as the woman.

I have the believe in the gentleman and that he is still in around here in the society 😊. And I like to be treated well by a gentleman as well as treat him well too 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon 😊.

I believe that the gentleman is still in our society- it’s very much about the behaviour to both the woman and the man πŸ‘ πŸŽ©

Some thinks that the gentleman isn’t “around” anymore, including me 🎩. But he is,- isn’t all a bit about good behaviour and treatment? The way we want to be treated, and the signals we are sending out, and how we behave? πŸ₯€

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