What was that?πŸ€”πŸΉ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

Last weekend I thought I was invited out for a drink, like meeting in a restaurant, cafe or bar or something like that- but obviously not….well I was invited for a drink, but not in the way I had in my mind when I got the “invitation”.

Obviously “to fancy for a drink” is something else that I thought 😳

I have met this man that “invited” me to “fancy for a drink” one time before, and then for a coffee. He was a normal looking man, but he did brag a lot about him self, what he have done in life, about the good hearted man he was, all the great things he have done for many people and so on, and in the same sentence when he did brag he also manage to squeeze in “I’m not a person who like to brag or talk to much about myself”. Well,- that was not totally true.

He was closely good in “everything”. Even not to brag about himself πŸ˜…. And he did remind me a bit to much about “the ex” in Norway. Not by his look, but by the way he did behave and talked. So I had some thoughts and doubts about meeting him again πŸ€”. And he didn’t quite gave me this “goodfeeling” in my stomach either.

The nice thing with this meeting was that I actually didn’t need to talk or say very much, just listenπŸ˜…. So he doesn’t know very much about me, who I am, what I do. I don’t even think he remember my name πŸ˜….

He have asked me out a couple of times to meet up again, but I have said “No, thank you I’m not interested”. But I also know I can be a bit critical when it comes to men- so when he asked me last Saturday to “fancy for a drink”- I thought that maybe I could give him a second chance? But just maybe- I did had some thoughts and doubts.

So on purpose I didn’t answer “yes” or “no” on his “invitation” this time. Like I mention- I didn’t have the quit “goodfeeling” in my stomach when it came to this man. But maybe, just maybe I could give him a second chance. Because I know that I can be very negative and critical and not to open minded when it comes to men.

I got a message from him on Saturday at daytime where he ask me: “Hello beautiful lady. Do you fancy for a drink today?” At that time when I got his text I was visiting a friend and did write back :“I’m visiting a friend at the moment”. He responded: “We can meet up later then”. I answer: “I’m not sure when I’m finish visiting my friend” ,- and that was true. I was visiting a friend who have a baby, so I actually didn’t know when we was finish to “hang together “😊. Babies are babies you know 😊.

He texted me back: “Let me know when you are finish with the visit and I will bring some wine.” Me:“Bring some wine?” Him: “ Bring some wine to drink of course”. Me: “Okay,- but where should you bring that wine?” He: “I don’t know I thought your house or a hotelroom”.

So I was asked to “fancy” for a drink in my own home- he invited himself to my home,- or a hotel room? What was that for a kind of inventation?

I did answer: “So you ask me to “fancy a drink” with you in my home or a hotel room?
No thank you”. He just answered “ok”. And I haven’t heard more from him,- something that’s very, very fine for me.

My stomach feelings when it came to this man was obviously correct. In my mind you don’t invite your self to someone, someone you don’t know and also have just met one time before- months ago- because that coffee we had was actually in September 2021, to “fancy for a drink”in my home. And on top of that I have actually also told him “No Thank you- I’m not interested” a couple of times too, to his invitations. Or fancy for a drink in a hotel room- what’s that? And No- he doesn’t live in a hotel, he lives in a house somewhere in the area.

But maybe I do miss something when it comes to be asked “to fancy for a drink”? Is it normal to be invited to a hotel room? Or someone invited them self to your home like this “to fancy for a drink” last Saturday? Have I missed something when I took a break from men, meeting up and dating? πŸ€”

Have I missed something when it comes to “fancy for a drink” ? Does it actually mean to meet for a drink in my home or a hotel room?

I thought when someone ask me to “fancy a drink” ment to meet up together in a cafe, restaurant or bar. But it isn’t like that anymore? Or if my friends and family ask to meet for a drink I can invite them to my home, if I want, or we meet on a cafe.

To be honest,- I thought it was a bit rude invitation- but maybe it’s just me that’s not have a clue about what “fancy for a drink” means?

And yes,- of course I understood the “underline” of his text after a tiny little while,- he wanted obviously to meet up for sex- something he haven’t any kind if reason to think or believe that I wanted to have with him. He can “fancy up” with someone else,- because it’s not going to be me- that’s for sure!

Anyway,- I’m actually going to “fancy for a drink” this Saturday instead 😊,- with my colleagues I’m working together with in the costumer service agent on the phone job 🍹. And that drink I’m really looking forward to- and it’s going to be in a restaurant as well 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon 😊

To “fancy for a drink”- does that real mean to meet up in a hotel room or in my place? I thought it was to meet up in a cafe, restaurant or bar πŸ€­πŸ˜…

I thought I knew what it ment when someone asked me to “fancy a drink” together with them 🍹. But obviously I have missed something “on the road”- because it seems that it can means to meet up in a hotel room? And I thought it was to meet up in a restaurant, bar or a cafe πŸ˜…πŸ€­.

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