A week with a bit of “this and that” πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

Last week was filled up with a bit “this and that”- and went a bit to fast. It’s actually over one week since I dropped by my blog 😳.

Last week was filled up with some not to good things and some good things. And I like to focus on the good things, but the good things will and wouldn’t be good if we don’t and didn’t “meet” some not to good things in our life.

If someone ask me if I want to have the good news or the bad news first,- I prefer to get the bad news first, because then I have something to look forward to after 😊. So I do the same today. Dropping by the not so good things from last week, and ending with the good things 😊.

My oldest son considering to travel to Ukraine as an volunteer, something my mammi heart doesn’t feel very good, happy and comfortable about πŸ’”. It’s scars me a lot to think about my son in the war 😳. I can’t lose him. I have really asked, begged him to use some weeks to really think this through. It’s a bit of a risk to take, and it’s not like he can travel back home from the war when it suits him. He actually just need to stay there then, maybe until the war is over.

I can understand why he considering this- but as I told him,- Ukraine also will need some volunteers when this war is over. Volunteers that can help them build up the country again. Maybe he can considering that instead? Because this war will not last “forever”, and the people in general will travel back to their home country when they have the possibility for that, when it’s safe for them. And someone needed to help them at that point too. Not “all and everyone” can, unfortunately, help them during the war.

So of course this has been a bit on my mind during the last days and week,- and it’s not a good thing to have on my mind.

My daughter is struggling mentally at the moment after what she have been through during the last year. It’s good days and bad days, ups and downs. But there have been a tiny rush with more bad days lately. And it’s not good to be her mammi and feel so helpless when her bad days are “tumbling” like a tsunami in her mind and body πŸŒͺ . I should really wish I could remove the mental challenges she goes through. It’s a bit tough when I see the pain inside her and I can’t help her πŸ’”. Not a very good thing.

And to be in the menopause is not the easiest thing in the world either, special when I have different other things take care of and handle. The crazy hormones have a bad habit to “jump up and down” in the body and mind when it’s not the best time for that kind of jumping at all. And they are not always easy to control either. Puff….but okay,- that’s the way it is ,- it is what it is 😳. And it has demanded a bit self control to handle this jumping hormones last week. They are actually nicer this week- but that’s the way it is with the hormones during the menopause.

And our toilet was clogged again too, last week too- just in case 🚽😳 . It’s actually not a big deal anymore, I’m getting use to it, and the last plumber that dropped by last week showed me a trick how to fix it when it will happen again 🚽. Because it will happen again. I can’t count anymore how many times the toilet has clogged. But I’m getting better to deal with the toilet now, even it’s not the funniest “job” in the world to handle a clogged toilet with some poo swimming around 🚽.

So,- the not to good things during last week doesn’t look to bad “on the paper”, but it has still been a bit challenging to feel on, think about and actually handle in a way together.

So I have started to take a between 15 to 30 minutes walk on the beach closely every morning now before I start to work. Trying to “clean” my mind, thoughts and feelings as well as try to find a kind of balance in the day and the life when it feels a bit “stormy”. And yes it helps- the beach have it’s own peace to share πŸ–. This is a good thing 😊

Our things and stuffs in Norway are suddenly on the way down to Spain. That happen very fast. The plan was to get them to Spain during June this year. But because of the war in Ukraine the moving company is driving them to Spain now, and will have them in a storage for me until June. So I needed to fix different paper work last week too, so our things get through the customs borders. I manage to do all the different paper works with a bit of help. It feels good that our things will soon be in our place and not everyone else places anymore 😊. So a good thing for me 😊.

And I manage to finish a deadline- a very important deadline for me. The deadline is actually not before 31. March 2022,- but I had different work I really needed to finish and complete before this deadline, and I manage that one too. I have actually been stressing a bit over this, because this is something that’s very important for me to try to manage. Now I have the overview 😊. Also a good thing to use my focus on 😊. And I feel comfortable with the job I have done so fare, as well as I have time now to correct different things if I feel something should be done differently with and in this “job” before the deadline expires. It’s more correctly to say it is actually a kind of application I’m working on- but I’m going wait to tell to much about this to to many people 😊.

Well,- when I look, or more correctly, write about “all” the things last week did contain it doesn’t feel very much at all πŸ˜…. But it felt a bit like that last week- like stress and it’s own way a bit chaotic 😊. To do my customer service agent on the phone job as best as I could, run around here and there and sample in different paper to the moving process. Try to take care of my daughter as best as I could, and I also baked some cakes and cookies to my children as well. And trying to convince my oldest son that Ukraine will need his help more after the war then now at days 🀞. I have also been a tiny plumber, and also working as best as I could with my, let me call it a kind of “application”- even that’s not totally correct that one either 😊.

This week seems to be a bit more “calm down”- and that’s the way I like to have it 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you hopefully very soon 😊

The sunrise from one of my morning walks last week 😊

I didn’t manage to drop by my blog last week because the week was a bit filled up with “this and that” ,- like some weeks can be 😊. I think that things that happens in our mind, our thoughts and feelings can sometimes be more demanding then what’s happen around us πŸ₯€.

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