Mental health is also important health πŸ§‘πŸ₯€

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

Like I mention in one of my last post,- it has been a bit demanding period in our home lately. My daughter has been struggling a bit (a bit more then a bit) mentally with different feelings and thoughts. Like some of you know,- she wasn’t quite lucky with some choice of boyfriends and the two last one didn’t treat her very well. The first one did beat her up physically, while the last one was mentally “violent”, or more correctly, a manipulator.

She goes through some mentally hard periods sometimes, or maybe I can say we? Because when she have all this pain inside her I feel her pain too, and I also feel so incredibly helpless and I feel so, so sorry for her. It’s breaks my heart to see her like that πŸ’”. And I don’t know how I can remove the pain she feels inside her either. It was so much easier to comfort her when she was 10 months or 10 years and had a bad day then this

Some periods is harder to handle then others,- and I need to admit that this time it has been a bit hard for my daughter, and then it’s hard for her mammi as well.

It’s ups and downs periods, and now it’s “lightning” up and I know she will have a good period for a while, we will have a good period in front of us πŸ₯°. It’s getting a bit longer period between the really down periods now, and that feels great- at the same time,- it’s not very great when she “digging” her through the down periods and really try to find her strength, but can’t find it anywhere πŸ˜”. But when it’s lighting up and she have all her mentally strength “in order” if feels like a fantastic sunrise for a very long, warm, nice and sunny day.

It’s lighting up in my daughter’s mind like a nice sunrise in a soft Spring morning 🧑 ( the photo is taken from one of my morning trips)

Mental and physical health,- similar, yet different 🧑πŸ₯€. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for many people to understand that mental health problems and challenges can be as painful as a open, inflamed wound on the stomach, or a painful broken arm. But I think it is because you can’t see the mental challenges and pain inside a person like you can see the open inflamed wound or the broken arm.

It’s also therefore difficult to speak about mental health problems and challenges to some people, because they actually can’t understand. I have tried sometimes, but many times it’s not a point to try to explain, some just don’t understand anyway.

As it’s different ways to be physically sick, or have different physically challenging for a period, or illness or even a chronic illness. It’s also different ways to have mental challenges, problems and illnesses as well, also for a shorter or a longer period in life, or maybe even a kind of chronic mental illness. And both is normal,- both physically and mental, and that’s important to remember.

As we can break a arm for different reasons and in general “everyone” understand why the arm is broken and feel sorry for you. But if you break your mental health for a while for different reasons, or more correctly, bad experiences in life, very few have and show very much understanding for that. Strange,- isn’t? Or maybe it’s like I mention,- people can’t see this kind of break, the mental break? Or the pain? They can’t associate or understand the mental pain?

One thing is for sure,- mental health and physically health is both very important to take as good care of as possible,- and now and then also take or have a kind of treatment if necessary.

I have my self needed mental help to sort out things in my mind. And to be honest I felt ashamed for that for many, many years,- ashamed that I was a so weak mental person that needed help from someone else. But we get help, and even medicine, from the doctor if we have for example sore throat, to get better. So what’s the different?

We all also reacts differently to different negative happenings in our life, and handle them differently too. Natural enough because we are all more and less different. Something that’s not to bad for some people can be really bad for other.

I know there’s three important things to do to try to keep the mind as healthy as possible,- and that’s a good night sleep, healthy food and moving. Go for a walk, take some steps, do some yoga. But that’s not always easy to manage to do,- special if there’s many different thoughts in your mind when you’re going to bed. And to go for a walk when you haven’t sleeping very well can be a challenge. And food,- well if you feel physical nausea and discomfort it’s not easy to put some food in your stomach either. But to try manage or do two of three, the third one will come too….but sometimes it can take a tiny while. Be patient with yourself 🧑. And special be nice with your self during not to good period in your life 🧑. And to find something, even the smallest tiny positive thing to focus on actually can help the mind to be positive better too 🧑.

Good conversations, or just someone that’s is a good listener is also many times like the best medicine for the mind and soul. But it’s not conversations like this you can have with “all and everyone”,- because it’s not for “all and everyone” to understand different mental challenges.

My daughter rode off the high and difficult emotional waves this time as well.  She’s good, she’s tough and she’s strong ❀.  They were quite big this time, but now the waves have calmed down and the days are heading towards calmer waves for a while. I think she is so, so brave, and also open about this mental challenges when they “shows up” 🧑.

And I’m tired now, I feel my body and my mind have been in a kind of stretch bench the last period.  I have physical pain in my arms and legs πŸ˜… – but Im very good and warm in my heart after riding the storm, if you understand what I mean?

Please just remember that if someone have a kind of mental challenges you can’t understand ,- please just try to associate to with a painful broken arm and just accept the fact that it’s a painful process to go through mental challenges as well as be better,- just like with the broken arm 🦴. Or just be honest and say you don’t understand,- that’s many times okay too, but you can listen., or just be there.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon 😊

The emotional waves on our home are calmed down,- hopefully for a while 🀞🧑

I know it’s not for “all and everyone” to understand mental health, special not mental challenges of different kinds and for different reasons πŸ₯€. But mental challenges can be and are as painful as a open inflamed sore on your stomach. Try to remember that if you can’t understand the mental pain inside someone that’s struggling a bit with some mental challenges 🧑.

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