To my powerful, caring and amazing middle son πŸ’™β€πŸŽ¨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

I have painted a glassbottle to my oldest son (in blue colours ) and one to my daughter (in red colours), and I did started on a glassbottle to my son in the middle too,- a long time ago. Well,- at least one year ago. But it was a challenge to be finish with it. Not because I didn’t knew what to paint, the colours or item. But because I felt close to him every time I did work/ painted on the bottle. And I wasn’t ready to let this feeling go, in a way be finish with it. Does this make any sense for you?

After he visited me in the end of January it was so much easier to be finish with the glassbottle to him. I was able to see him, hug him, kiss him, be close to him, have him around me for a while. It was like balsam for my mammi heart β€πŸ’™. And I was ready to complete the painted glassbottle to him from me πŸ’™β€.

To my son in the middle πŸ’™Made with love from his mammi ❀ It’s a kind of majestic over it,- just the way I feel my son is for me πŸ’™

There is love and good thoughts for my son from me in every brushstroke.

I know green is not his favourite colour, but it still just needed to be green and yellow. Because when my kids was small I did dress up him in different green colours, my oldest in different blue colours and my daughter in different red colours.

I’m going to paint a glassbottle with his favourite colours too one day,- red and black. It’s important for me that my children,- all three of them, have something positive and personal made just for them from me ❀.

The glassbottle with lights inside πŸ’™

I really like this glassbottle,- it’s like my Ruben,- powerful and caring, relaxed and amazing at the same time πŸ’™. And in it’s own way also have touch of majestic over it. Just the way he is πŸ’™. He have already see the finish glassbottle- he was the first one I did showed it too. He knew I was painting to him as well as he knew I had a challenge to be finish with it because, like I mention, when I did paint the glassbottle I felt so close to him πŸ₯°.

Even this is not my Ruben’s favourite colours the colours on the bottle have a bit more meaning then just that this was the colour he had when he was a child.

The green colours stands also for the Spring, the nature, new life and hope. It’s symbol for the life, growing and fertility. And then I actually don’t think about fertility when it comes to get a child, but in the life in general.

He is like the Spring for me, and of course he is my life- have always been and will always be ❀. And I wish him a healthy life, happy life filled up with hope, love and joy. New and good experience that makes him grow even more πŸ’™.

The peaceful green colours 🎨

The yellow colour represents vitality (both mental and physical health) warmth, light, hope, good health and progress in life. And for me he is all this ❀, and for him I wish him all this in his life πŸ’™.

As a person and young man I see a positive and powerful young man, powerful in a relaxed and calm way. He is so confident with him self, and he reach his different goals in life too. If he don’t reach it the first time he doesn’t give up, he take a break and then try again πŸ’™. That’s also a kind of power 🧑.

And he is so caring and helpful for the people close to him,- his brother and sisters, his dad and his mammi, his grandparents and the children he are an uncle for. And he take care of his close friends too 🧑.

The gold colour in the glassbottle represents more and less the same as the yellow colour, but at the same time it also represents wellness. And I wish for my Ruben wellness in every level in his life. The kind of wellness in life that he feel comfortable with,- and that’s not necessarily things and money,- but just the feeling of having a rich and happy, joyful and amazing life with the things that make him feel rich and happy πŸ’™.

And the items on the glassbottle are of course hearts and flowers,- love and life ❀🌱. Also made for a reason,- my unconditional love to my son, and he is my life,- like my oldest son is and my daughter too ❀.

I really loved to paint this glassbottle, and I’m really looking forward to give it to my son in the middle πŸ’™β€. To my Ruben with lots of love from his mammi πŸ’™β€.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon 😊

It’s a lots of love to my Ruben from me in this majestic glassbottle ❀.

This glassbottle,- the glassbottle I have painted to my son in the middle is probably one of the glassbottles I have used the longest time to manage finish painting 🎨. It’s love in every brushstroke ❀. And it’s so majestic and unique too. Just the way it should be to my amazing son πŸ’™.

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