Then you have gone too fare ….. ðŸ•°â³ðŸ¤¨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m not sure if this is about my age, or things that have happened I my life with me before, my earlier experiences,- but I don’t tolerate anything when someone is “crossing my time- line”, or lines in general,- but special my time- line, my time off from work, and how and what I use my time off to. That’s my business! No one have any kind of rights to put up any kind of questions mark to what I’m using my time to when I’m not at work.

I know this is not just me….this is about many grown up people that have started to value the time, their time much more then before.

They see the value of their time alone as well as together with people they care about. And they see the value of the time as much more pressure and “expensive” then things and materials.

The time is also something you actually don’t or can’t get back. You can’t buy the time for money. When it’s gone it’s gone,- it want come back. It can’t be replaced either.

So when someone ask questions about my time, and even worse actually demand me to tell them what I’m going to use my time to, then they have really crossed the line, my line. A private and personal line. My time that I should and could use to whatever I wanted to do, without any kind of explanations.

It’s actually non of your business to know what someone else is going to or want to use their time too. And in top of that demand an answer to what I’m going to use my time too,- it’s respect less. If I want to tell, I tell, if not just respect that fact that it’s my time, I don’t feel any kind of responsibility to answer that question, and it’s actually non of your business. It’s my choice to tell, not to be demented to tell, or asked questions mark about it.

If I want to tell you,- fine,- but that’s my choice. It’s not your choice to demand or ask questions about what someone else is doing or using their time too,- or personal space what’s that matter. It’s exactly what it is,- personal space.

The time is personal and private,- we can use our time to exactly what we want ( of course as long as we use it in a good way- nothing criminal- if you understand what I mean?) But no one have any rights to tell me, or you, what or how I’m going to use my personal and private time, or personal space.

If I want to spend 3 hours on the sunbed in the sun with a book, on my own,- that’s my choice, that’s my time, that’s my priority, that’s my personal space,- and no one have any kind of rights to tell me that they think, believe or their opinion what else I could and should use that time to.

If I can’t babysit or look after the cat or dog, or what I should use the guestroom to in my own home. If I can’t I cant, if I can I do. If I don’t want I don’t want, if I want I want. It’s actually very easy. It’s became difficult when the questions and demands shows up. I shouldn’t have any needs at all to explain my “no”. It’s my case, not yours.

And if I want to explain my “no” I do that, if not just respect it.

To cross that line with a lots of questions and arguments it’s so untasty and reprehensible.  I’m not doing anything wrong by saying no, without having to give an explanation in addition.

And to tell me how I’m going to use my time in my own home together with demanding and arguments,- then you are a lost case for me,- sorry. I don’t like that at all, and I don’t need people like that in my life either. Been there, done that, and very, very finish with it too.

I’m an adult, I m available to make my own choices when it come to my time off. I know I’m very helpful, I know that I’m in general a good and nice person, I know I m sharing my time with other people as best as I can,- until you cross the line and actually show me non respect for my choices for my own time, and on top of that starts to ask questions about my tim, what Im going to use it to. Then I’m finish. I’m perfectly available to manage my life without people like that in it.

To start to argue and demand an explanation for what I’m going to use my time to, or how Im using the different rooms in my home, for me that’s not a line I do tolerate. It’s unacceptable! Special because I actually know I’m doing my very best to actually share my time with people around me, and help out as best as I can,- but for to be able to do that I also really need to have a refill of just my own time,- without any kind of questions.

I’m probably not the only one that feel it like this when it comes to this exclusive and so value time alone. Unfortunately it seems for some souls that’s that’s unacceptable to be like that, need the time like that, use your own time that’s suits me/ you the best. To do whatever I want to do without any kind of needs to explain.

Now I’m at a point where I’m going to say more no then yes to use my time on someone else, or help them out in a not to good situation,- the exception are my children, close family and close friends, because they actually understand. The people who don’t want do understand, even demand an explanation and want to argue about my time,- I don’t need people ikke that in my life. Then you have gone to fare for me,- I have been there, done that and I’m not going to do it again.

What triggered this reaction in me today is not important for you to know. You still know someone needed and explanation, and not just an explanation, but even demanded a answer for my “no”.  What is important is that my time is so valuable to me that I get furious when I have to explain what I am going to use it for, when I myself have no desire or need to explain it.  And unfortunately, it is not anger that passes quickly.  Normally I am not angry for a long time, but this feels to me like abuse, trampling, lack of respect for both me and my time.

So no,-it didn’t became any menopause post today as my plan was- because I actually feel a so big lack of respect for me as a person and also to be demented to explain what I m going to use my time to, today. And I really don’t like that. Sorry!

So it was more a sigh of relief from me Instead today, – but …..

I still Wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡…. your valuable time 🧡🌹

See you soon 😊

Don’t put any question mark on what or how I’m using my time when I’m not at work,- because that’s actually non of your business!

I don’t think I’m the only one that doesn’t like to explain what Im using my time off from work to. And even get a demanded explanation too. I don’t like that at all. And when someone actually demands me to give an explanation to what I’m going to use my time off from work to, you have gone to fare. For me you have crossed a line you shouldn’t cross.

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