7 months is not even the Spanish “manana manana” 😳😅 ….or? 🤔

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Things takes time in Spain. Not all things, but actually still a lot, special when it comes to different constructing- works, public office work and a bit more. Also sometimes just standing in the line in the store can take a bit time. Let me put it this way,- I’m become a bit good to accept to wait for things here in Spain. As means also accepting that things probably never will happen,- like get a fiber net into my home. I at least thought 🙄.

As some of you know I’m teaching some Spanish students to learn Norwegian, and I’m using ordinary Norwegian teaching books and teaching materials.

In one of the books I’m using we are at the moment in the subject area of “studies, education and work”. And one of the questions in the capital we are going through was about different works- culture and traditions in different countries.

I needed to laugh a bit when my student told my that the work- culture in Spain was a bit “manana manana”,- because that’s so true 😅. It means “tomorrow tomorrow”. “We do it tomorrow”, “we will finish it tomorrow”,- and then it’s a new “tomorrow” again and again 🙄.

I have this experience in different areas myself when it come to waiting and “manana” here in Spain. Waiting for a new washing machine for severals weeks, or waiting for new wheels to my car, waiting for students to show up, waiting for money after doing some work, waiting for a date on a cafe, waiting for the bathroom to be fixed, waiting…. waiting….and waiting a bit more on and at different levels, things, stuffs 🙄. And I’m still not use to or comfortable with this “manana manana”. I still think its disrespected and I don’t like this part of the Spanish culture,- to be honest.

I have tried to change my internet for a while as some of you know, and the plan was actually to get fiber net into my home last summer. Jepp,- last summer. That never happen, and after 4 months of waiting I just cancelled the whole fiber net contract.

Different techniques and fitters come and went again without doing anything. Some said it wasn’t possible and some said “manana”. So to the end I did cancel the contract and order my own internet instead. A stable internet service, good connection and very functional everywhere as long as there are 4G in the area.

And yes it’s my own internet, in a way, because I can use it all over Spain and it’s not connected to any special company. I need to pay for the monthly use, of course, and I also needed to buy the internet box and sim- card. But it still in it’s own way my internet ,- and it’s in function 😊.

I’m working from my home and then a functional and stable internet it’s a must. If not I can’t do my work. No work, no income.

But suddenly last week I got an text message on my phone that the plan was to install fiber internett into my home. The technique actually did call me too. But to be honest, I actually didn’t believe it, or him. And I didn’t care very much about the message or time or appointment or nothing either. I have heard this so many times during the last months already 😅.

But,- the technique did actually come 🙄. And started to plug cables and move around my stuff in the livingroom. He was even under my working- desk when I was working 😅. I’m actually a bit happy no one did see that, because that “situation” could easily been a bit misunderstood 🤭.

And “vola” after 3 hours of work from the technique I got the fiber internett I order 7 months ago 😅. I think that’s the longest “manana manana” I have experienced so fare here in Spain 😅.

After having a unstable and expensive internet for to long- I have suddenly two different and very functional internet in my home 😅…and not to expensive either.

Well,- I actually don’t need two different internet in my home, but it’s not to bad to have a internet “back up” either 😊. Special after the different not best internet experiences I have had during the last years. But I should probably had this solution last year when we was around three persons who had home- office in my home for several months.

Well,- it’s an expression that say “better late then never”,- and I can be agree about that. And maybe I can work twice as much now since I have two different internet connections and solutions in my home? 😊

Like I mention,- I’m not the biggest fan of this “manana manana” attitude many have here in Spain, but what to do? It’s to find solutions on your own, or accept the things for what it is 😊. Or maybe hope that this “manana manana ” attitude will change one day? I’m not sure about that, because it’s, unfortunately, a part of the culture here in Spain. But it’s always allowed to hope 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

A bit work both outside and inside my home to manage to get the fiber internett,- but it’s in good function now 😊.

It’s different cultures and traditions in different countries all over the world 🌏,- also when it comes to the work- situation and the work- culture 🛠. Spain is a bit “famous” for the “manana manana” work- culture and attitude 🙄. A kind of “culture” and attitude I’m not the biggest fan of to be honest….special not when the “manana” takes 7 months 😅.

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Will the Three Holy Kings come with carbon or gold this year? 🤴👳‍♂️👲

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

This evening is actually the parade for the Three Holy King in Spain 👑. But it would not be like the many years parade tradition this year. There will not be very much of a parade at all. And it will be very different from what the traditional parade was like. But still there will be some cultural traditions people can do this evening. The evening and night when the three Holy Kings are coming with gifts to the children 🎁.

This tradition with the parade started in 1885 in Spain, and have become more and more popular. In the beginning it was the three wise men,- Kaspar, Melchior and Baltasar, the Virgin Mary, Joseph, the Jesus Child, the animals, and the shepherd in the parade. It was to symbolize the long journey the three wise men had been riding on their camels to give gifts to Jesus Child in the hall there in Bethlehem.

During the years more and more different characters are joining in the parade. We meet both Mini Mouse, Swamp Bob and the Smurfs, and many others. And of course, – still the three Holy Kings. They became the Three Holy Kings after they had visited the child Jesus and brought him their gifts.

It’s a lots of people watching the parade and the different characters in the parade through sweets and candies to the people who watching the parade.

The sweets and candies are symbol for the gifts Kaspar, Batlhasar and Melchior had to the child Jesus.

And the Three Holy Kings comes with gifts to the children in Spain too 😊. And the children in Spain send or give their wishing- list to one of the Kings.

Student 2017

It’s also baked a special cake for this evening,- and the cake is called “el Ricón de Reyes”. The cake is created as a ring, and its cover with sweet fruits for symbolism as diamonds, jewels and gems. The cake is a symbol for the kings crone. Inside the cake there will be a plastic figure of one of the three kings. The one who get this figure is going to be “the king” the whole day 👑.

There is also a bean hidden inside the cake, and the one who receives the bean is the one to buy the cake for next year’s celebration of the three Holy Kings’ petition 🥯.

The three Holy Kings are coming to the different home and houses with gifts to the childre (and probably the adults too 😊 ) during the evening and night to the 6. January.

But the children need to put their shoes outside the door so the kings can see where they are living. Then the kings put the gifts in the shoes- if the children had been a good kid the last year. If not,- the kid get carbon as a “gift” and as an reminder to be nice for this upcoming year 😳 💚.

The carbon today is actually candy 😊.

And since the kings have been on a long travel they put out water and hay to the camel and some food to the kings. 🐫 👑.

And,- now at days the children in Spain get a bit bigger presents and gifts than before,- so the parents and adults “recommend” the kings to put most of the gifts under the Christmas- tree 🎄, and just “the reminder” of being nice or not nice in the shoes outside the door,- like a small gift or the carbon 😊.

Most of this traditions can be done this year as well, even there’s some restrictions to follow. The parade will not be like it has been for over 100 years. But the family traditions is still possible to do, like the food, the cake, the presents and the shoes outside the door 🥿. And its just a maximum of people around the table at 10 people this year. Not more, but many Spanish families in general have a bit more people around the family table under their different Holydays celebration and traditions.

I like that, that there’s still some cultural traditions that is not to much touched by the different restrictions we have in our society during the days 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊.

Carbon created by sugar = candy carbon 🍭🍬

The parade for The Three Holy Kings this evening will not be as it has been in the Spanish culture and traditions for over 100 year 🐫. But I hope The Three Holy Kings will visit all and everyone, special the children, during the evening and night to 6. January 🌟. And I hope the three Holy Kings brings hope, love and believes, joy, happiness and peace to all ❤🙏.

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Different traditions are changing ⏳🌍

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Different traditions are changing in our society and cultures. Something that’s actually normal, but not during just one year?

In general there’s always some small changes because we are so many different people living together from different countries, cultures and with different traditions. An slowly we do “adopt” traditions from each other. But during the last year the different changes in our culture traditions have changed very fast, and not because of “adoption” from other people, cultures and traditions. But because of different restrictions.

Even society traditions like hugging and kissing on the cheek is not “allowed” or “reccomend”. Not even a polite handshake are recommended anymore.

In one way there’s not many cultures and society traditions left at the moment. That’s a bit sad.

At the same time we still have some “few” left like sessions and Holyday decorations and different food traditions during the different seasons and holydays. And we can keep up some traditions in our private homes too. But there’s still many traditions, special traditions that in it’s own way “connected” the people together and created a kind of affiliation between the people in the different cultures and countries. This are in a way a bit “gone”. For a while or forever?

The different traditions is a part of the culture, and when different traditions “disappear” also a part of the culture “disappear” too. As well as the feeling of “belong” to a society.

Already last Spring the Easter traditions in Spain changed from big parades to web- religious service. Weddings- celebration are changing, and funerals are changing too. Baptism and confirmation celebrations are changing as well. Parties and celebrations of different kinds are allowed, but with different restrictions.

The big celebration of San Juan, the 23. June, in Spain, last summer did change, and the celebration of the Constitution Day, 17 May, in Norway did change as well. Like I mention, the big Easter traditions and celebration in Spain changed last year, and what about the Three Holy Kings celebration? There will not be any parade this year where the three Holy Kings are given out sweets, or funny figures with a lots of candy to the people who watching the parade.

Most of us also needed to change the Christmas- celebration and traditions as well as the New Year celebration last year.

The different changes is based on different restrictions we need to follow during this coronavirus- time. And we are changing too. The people, the humanity are changing because of the traditions and cultures are changing. Because of the restrictions we need to follow.

Traditions and cultures are a part of the society, and that part is not very much left off during this days, weeks and months we have been living with the different restrictions and the coronavirus in our society. Will our different traditions be the same after this coronavirus- situation? Will the different cultures be the same? And will the people, the humanity and society be the same?

I don’t know. I don’t have the answers, unfortunately, I have just the questions at the moment. And I will probably not have the answers either.

But I think it’s sad tha so many culture traditions and social traditions are changing so fast. It does “something” eith both the society, the people, the traditions, the culture and the feeling of affiliation to “something”. “Something” that’s in its own way are not there at the moment, or at least not in the way we are use too.

Like I mention,- it’s natural that traditions and cultures are changing, it’s actually a part of the history, but not so fast as now, and in general not because of different restrictions either.

At the same time,- people have been living together during wars and under other pandemi, and manage to keep up many traditions in their cultures and their society. So maybe it’s a tiny bit of hope that we will see the Three Holy Kings parade again one day? Or be able to give each other a “allowed” hug, or walk in the Norwegian Constitution parade? Or maybe celebrate the San Juan at the beach again or shake the hand to someone in a polite manner?

I hope so. I hope this is just “a break” and “a timeout” before we can continue our different traditions in the different cultures and our society.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😚

A Christmas star decoration in the centre where I live- the Christmas- decorations haven’t changed (yet…..) 🌹

Traditions in different countries and cultures are changing, and the changes has happen just under a year ⏳. The changes does something with the people, the society and the feeling of affiliation. Hopefully this changes is just a “timeout”, and we will be able to walk in the Norwegian Constitution parade or watching the big Easter Parade in Spain very soon 🌹.

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It’s soon Christmas again 🎅🌲

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s just one month to Christmas, a Christmas that probably will be a bit strange and different for many people around the world this year 🌏.

I knew already last Christmas that I was probably going to be and spend this this Christmas alone, and now I don’t mind to be alone at Christmas anymore. I think this will be the 4. or 5. Christmas I’m spending alone. The first ones was difficult and sad. But after a while you in a way get use to it, and do the best of it instead, or at least I try to do the best of it 😊.

I knew my children’s plan was to celebrate the Christmas time in Norway this year, because more and less they spend every second Christmas with me and every second Christmas with their dad. Natural enough. But there has been some changes this year, for my children’s Christmas plans. Changes they haven’t made, but the coronavirus and the situation around this has changed their plans.

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My son in the middle is already in Norway, so his Christmas plans will probably “go” more and less the way he had in mind. My oldest son and my daughter has no possibility for travelling to Norway this year. They can travel, but because of the situation they need to be in quarantine for 10 days when they arrives to Norway. This is the 10 days of holiday they have to visit family and friends, something that’s not possible when they need to be 10 days in quarantine ⏳.

And the plane tickets are also not to cheapest ones at the moment either 🛩.

I was first a bit happy for this, because that ment we could celebrate Christmas evening together. My oldest son, my daughter, maybe her boyfriend and me 🥰. We all live in Andalucia and with the different restrictions in the beginning of October we could actually visit each other as long as we didn’t travel out from Andalucia’s borders.


Then there come some new restrictions, and we are at the moment not allowed to border the different city borders in Andalucia either. What means,- I cant visit my children, my children cant visit me at the moment. And the way it is now with this new restrictions,- means, my oldest son will be alone with his dog at the mountains this Christmas, and my daughter will be together with her boyfriend in Malaga this Christmas eve. And I will be here in the town I’m living in.

I will “survive” to be alone, ” been there- done that” 😊. And,- I also know my oldest son will be okay with the Christmas- evening alone, or not alon, together with his dog, Zorro 🐕. He has been working so many Christmas evenings already in his life, so he will be fine. But of course I also know if he could choose he had probably celebrate the Christmas together with us 🥰.

I know my daughter will manage it too, at the same time as I know this will be most hard for her to not celebrate the Christmas evening together with her family. And she is “just” 20 years old. I know she is a marvellous young adult woman, but I also know she will feel this Christmas time in her heart a bit different then the Christmas- times before. And that doesn’t feel very good for a mammi heart to know 🧡. I know she will manage it. I know she will “survive”, I even know she will try her best to do the best of it with a smile….even when she doesn’t feel to good and to happy in her heart.

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I know she will have a good time together with her boyfriend during the Christmas- eve, but I know it is not the Christmas she had in mind or was looking forward too.

It’s something special with the Christmas- time and to be together with the closest ones 🧡. At the same time as there are people who have no one to celebrate the Christmas together with.

But for many people the Christmas- time is about family and friends, celebration, traditions and cultures. Except from this year. Probably will there be a bit less of celebration together with family and friends, a bit less of cultures and traditions too, the Christmas 2020 🎉.

So what to do about that? 🌲 Hopefully most will manage to do the best of this different Christmas celebration this year 🎅.

I know my daughter and my oldest son has “a just in case ticket in their arm” in case there will be the same restrictions as now in the Christmas- time too. They are both registered in my adresse and I’m their mammi 🧾. They can use this paper at Christmas, in case, but its mainly created for emergency situations. And it depends a bit about what kind of police or military person who are stopping them on their way to my home during the Christmas-time. Some will accept the paper, some will not. And of course, it depends also about my children if they take the chance to use this paper. It’s actually not an emergency situation to celebrate or not celebrate the Christmas together with their mammi 😊. And I really do understand if they choose to not try to use this paper during the Christmas- time. It’s not sure it’s worth the risk.

I’m actually not sure if I should start baking some of Christmas cakes or not 🥨. My plan was not to bake cakes this year, because I was going to not celebrate Christmas anyway. But maybe I can bake a bit? In case? Or just for myself?😊 I see what I will do, and decide. It’s still one month to Christmas- eve, and different things and changes can happen during the nexts weeks 😊. We are starting to get use to changes now at days. Different restrictions changes that in some or another way affects our life, our society, our culture and traditions too 😊.

It will be Christmas anyway in some or another way, together with my children or not, with homemade Christmas cookies or not 😊🥨🎅. It’s just to wait and see what’s happen, and do the best of it 🌲. Maybe Santa Claus has some special nice surprises this year? 🎁 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡.

See you soon 😊

I’m not sure how this Christmas 2020 will be 🌲. The plan was to not celebrate Christmas at all, but then the corona- situation changed that plan a bit to maybe celebrate together with two of my children 🥰. And then there come some new restrictions …. again, and they maybe did change the plans…. again 🎅. So it’s just to wait and see, and try to do the best of it 🎁.

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And it’s Halloween again 🎃

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like that 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s Halloween again, but this year it will be a different celebration then it has been before, at least here in Spain 🎃.

This year we are not allowed to be more then six people together. Not in our home, not in public, not at a table in a restaurant. And we need to be in our home at 23.00 in the evening, not a minute later, and we are not allowed to go out from our home before 06.00 in the morning 🌟. There’s just a few exceptions and that’s if you are on your way to or from work, or if it’s an emergency situation. Even the restaurants and bars need to be closed at 23.00, the guests need to start moving home at 22.30.

All this is actually not a very big challenge or problem for me. But I need to admit it has been nice to be able to choose myself when I want to go home, how many guests I want to invite to my home and when my guests should go home. I can’t choose that, my guests can’t choose that either. Or,- if we want to have a fee, if course, we can ignore the different restrictions.

Like yesterday evening I was visiting my friend Natasja, and I did look at my watch all the time so I was not going to be to late back home.

It was a very cozy evening, and incredibly great to see her again 🥰, but at the same time I didn’t relax totally, because I was a bit worried to be home to late 😅. I feel a bit like a child,- be back home before midnight 😅.

But look what I got from Natasja yesterday, – the sweetest mask ever 🥰. ( …and I also got a very tasty cupcake too 🧁). And of course I did use the mask at work today too. By the way,- it was my last day at the office today for a while. I was moved back home for home office this evening. I think there’s a new lock down and curfew “on the way”,- like that one we had this Spring. But I think, if there comes a new lock down and curfew, it will last longer then it was during this Spring 😔.

Me with my new, sweet Halloween mask 😷

I’m not going to do to much special this Halloween. At the same, during the time we are in, it’s a bit “special” to just be able to see and meet your friends 😊.

I’m going to work during this Halloween weekend, but a friend of my is also going to visit me tomorrow evening 😊. It will be so great to see her again. I haven’t seen her since before the first lock down in Spain.

We are both working in the same company, and we even live in the same city. But she has had home office since the first lock down, and hasn’t been back at the office after. And we also meet up differently now at days then just a year ago. And the last thing,- I have had people, my children and their friends living together with me in my home most of the time this year, and you live, well at least I do,- live different when I live together with someone else, then when I live more and less on my own. Anyway,- it would be great to see her again,- like it has been with all of my friends during the lasts weeks 😊. Even she need to go home before 23.00 tomorrow evening 🌙.

softies home pajamas

And we probably need to try to meet up now before we maybe goes into a new, totally curfew and lock down 😊.

Halloween is a celebration of the family and friends that has passed away, but because of a illness and a virus that actually are killing people all over the world, we cant celebrate the Halloween in the “traditional” way. Not even All Saints’ Day ⚱.

Culture and traditions are changing during this corona- time, not just in Spain, but all over the world. But,- culture and traditions has actually always been changing, just not so fast as now at days.

I hope and wish you all will get a very nice Halloween celebration wherever in the world you are 🎃. Try to do the best of it 🎃.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

The tasty cupcake and the sweet mask I got from my friend Natasja yesterday 🥰

It’s Halloween again, but the culture and traditions are changing, and that’s a bit fast too 🎃 This Halloween celebration will be a bit different this year then earlier years 🎃, and some of the reasons are different restrictions we need to follow during this corona- situation and time we are living in 🎃 🔐. Ps- do you want to see me wearing my sweet Halloween mask? 😊 You will find a photo in my text 😊.

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