What is it with this banana “show off” thing? 🍌📱🤔

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

Well,- my “days” at Tinder is over for a while 😅. That didn’t last very long,- it became to much “banana show off photos” for me 😅. And I’m not ready to run around and date either,- special not when it so much focus on “the banana” and not so much focus on the person 🍌😳.

I don’t mind a banan, but I do mind it very much when I get a banana I haven’t ask for 🙄.

I know I can write penis instead of banana, and vagina instead of orchid,- and if I had have a conversation about this, not a written text, I have also probably use the words penis and vagina,- but in my textes I prefer to find a nice synonym for this two 🍌🌺. Why? Well,- why not ? 😊. But it is because I don’t know who are reading my textes,- and I like to try to take a little bit consideration for my readers. Because not everyone likes words like the penis and vagina are used – regardless of how natural (and different!) a vagina is on a female body and a penis is on a male body. My text get also a “nicer touch”, in my mind at least, when I use some nicer and funnier words for this 😊.

I have been writing about this before, – this “need” many,- not all,- but many men have to send a photo of their banana, and then especially even when I haven’t asked for such a picture 😳. And it’s not just to me,- they like to send this photos to many other and different women too. Some women do ask for a picture of the banana,- fine,- but why send it to the once that did ask for it, and even didn’t want it? 🤔


For me,- when I get a photo like that, all my interest for that man just disappear in a second. It doesn’t matter if I was a tiny little interested or much, all my interest is gone,- and in general it doesn’t come back either.

Let me give you 3 example from this few days I was on Tinder,- and no,- I’m not going to show or share the photos, – they are already deleted 😅. But I will tell you what I got and the messenge,- it’s better that way,- and “nicer” too 😊.

First one was just a photo, nothing more nothing less, of a banana that was very ready to be “eaten”. I didn’t expect that photo at all because our conversation was about something else, but nothing special. But suddenly I got this photo. With a messenge that he was very “fruity” on me. How could he be that? I think he was in general “fruity” and had a “need” to send this photo to me. It hasn’t anything with me to do. I did stopped the conversation, and blocked him as well. Not of my interest.

The next one I had a conversation with did the same,- but he also did asked me for one back. A photo from my orchid. Because he felt he did “deserved” it after showing me his “fruity” banana. I told him I hadn’t ask for a photo like this from him,- and he didn’t “deserved” anything from me. Then block and delete.

The third one I did early understood was very proud of his banana. He did brag very much about the fact that I really was going to enjoy and like his banana. He was pretty sure his banana was going to satisfy me in a way I never has been satisfied before 🙄. I did reply with “it doesn’t matter how big your banana is as long as you don’t have a clue how to use it”. A stupid answer from me,- I realise that after…. 🙄. And “boooom”,- of course I got a photo of his banana too 🙄. And yes,- the banana was big, so big that I actually felt pain inside me,- because I knew it could have been a very painful process to “put” that banana inside my orchid 😳. But maybe men don’t think about that? That a big banana is not necessary very “attractive”, good or satisfying for a woman? At least not for all women,- there’s of course women that prefer “bigger is better”,- even when it is like the world’s largest python snake 🐍. It’s not even a close to a tasty banana 🍌😳.

Well,- my interest for him did despair too,- and I know I haven’t managed to have sex with that “snake” he showed me either,- even if I haven’t lost the interest 😳.

Any way, – why this need to send photos like this? I know a man’s banana is his “friend”,- and I know some men even give their banana a name. But what I don’t understand, and probably are never going to understand, is why send a photo like this to a woman you don’t know? Why do a man think this “photo” will “sell him in”? And why send it to someone who doesn’t want a photo like this and haven’t even ask for it? 🤔

For me it’s not very attractive or sensual,- it’s just “simple”. And it really doesn’t “turn me on” or makes me “fruity”. Its more the opposite.

Another tiny little thing,- “the banana size”. Of course the size matters, but in general not in the way a man think and believe. It’s good to be able to feel the banana inside the orchid, and in general most bananas, in different sizes and forms actually manage to do that, have that “possibility” to actually “fill” up the orchid in a satisfying way. The challenge is actually with a to big banana, and also when a man have not a clue how to use his banana in the orchid,- no matter of what size it have 🙄.

And like men are different women are different too,- we have different orchids that manage different “things”. I know what my orchid manage, and I know what’s satisfying me,- a man doesn’t know that as long as I haven’t told him. But,- it seems that many men thinks that women in general like the same thing when it comes to erotic, sex and banana. It’s not like that,- women like sex and bananas differently too, as men like sex differently and also have different bananas.

Anyway,- I should wish a man, that has this need to send a photo from his banana “here and there and everywhere” had a tiny bit of respect for a woman,- and at least didn’t just sending a photo like this unmotivated to a woman, or at least ask if she wants such a picture, and respect if she says no thanks. My experience is that photos like this are just “jumping up” no matter what,- and I really don’t want it or like it.

Like I mention,- I will probably never understand why a man have this need to send a photo from his banana to a woman he don’t know. It is was it is,,a and it’s going to continue too 🙄.


But what I know,- and that is a bit different from this/my “banana- thoughts”,- is that before I did “close down” my profile at Tinder I actually got in contact with two men. Both from UK, one in the same age as me, the other one 10 years older than me 😊. And I have had normal and pleasant chat- conversations with them both.

I actually just “need” one man ( and one banana) 😅,- but I don’t know what kind of man before I get to know the man a bit better. So,- I see,- maybe the contact will disappear between both men very soon, or maybe I will get a bit better contact with one of them. I don’t know at the moment 😊. What I do know, – at this point I have contact with them both, because I don’t know them yet 😊. Wrong or right? I actually don’t do anything wrong, and maybe not right either, in some people’s ” eyes”. But its, at least, nothing wrong to get to know someone 😊.

It was just some few thoughts about banana and unwanted photos, but I think I can’t do to much with it,- except from delete,- and try to accept that that’s the way it is,- some men have a need to send pictures of their banana “here and there and everywhere” for some reason I probably never is going to understand.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

One of my cactus,- with different “shapes and sizes” like most bananas comes in too 🍌

I didn’t had any banana in my home today,- but this picture of my cactus in my patio is also a good “picture” at that bananas comes in different forms, sizes and shapes,- but it’s not necessarily that “bigger is better”. To big can actually feel like a cactus too 🌵. And,- it’s not necessary to send photos of a man’s banana to someone that doesn’t want to photo like that 🙄😳.

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An engagement ring on the finger, or 12 pairs of gloves? 💍🧤

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

And then it was 29. February, and leap year, the day that only appears on the calendar every four years. Leap year has been around ever since Caesar’s time, but at that time on a slightly different calendar than the one we have today. So it’s some old traditions and myths to this day 😊. In Norway, the leap year has been on the calendar since March 1, 1700.

We have leap years to get the number of days the earth goes around the sun during a year will be more and less “correct”.  The earth spends a little more than an average of 365 days on a round trip around the sun, though with an extra day a year, every four years the average of the earth’s orbit around the sun goes up slightly 🌏 🌞.

There are several different myths and traditions around February 29, and one of them is about the woman’s right to ask her boyfriend to marry her 💏. I always knew about the leap year, but the first time I did heard about this proposal “tradition” was in 1988, and I was just 15 years old 😊. A mammi to a child I was babysitting at that time did ask me if I had someone I would ask to “married” me. Imagine how suprice I was 😅. I didn’t even had a boyfriend at that time, either haven’t got my first kiss 😅. But I do remember that I should not forget “this opportunity” to ask a boyfriend or man to married me if he was worth to use a great opportunity like that 🌹,- and if I got that possibility some day as well 🥰. Well,- that “opportunity” is today, – or maybe I need to wait 4 new year 😉 ?

According to old traditions, the woman’s boyfriend would give her 12 pairs of gloves if he said no to her proposal.  A pair of gloves for each month, so no one would and could see that she had no engagementrinng on her finger 💍 🧤.

In the UK and Scotland was a refusal of such a marriage actually “punishable”.  The man had to buy a pair of leather gloves for the woman, a rose, kiss her and pay a fine of 1 pound 💷.

Some believe it was good luck to get married on this day, while others thought it meant divorce.

Legend tells that it was St. Bridgit who asked St. Patrick if he could not introduce such a proposal day for women.  The reason for the proposal day was because she thought so many men were cowardly, insecure and seemed afraid to propose.  So, some of this “proposal- right” had to be given to women as well.  St. Bridgit granted her wish, and St. Patrick gave the women on February 29 as their own “proposal day” 💞.

So fare I haven’t had the opportunity to use this day, the 29. February as an “proposal-day” to a boyfriend. And I’m pretty sure I’m not going to use it this year either 😊. But maybe I will get the opportunity in 2024? You never know, either do I 😅. But there can be some interesting “stuff” going on in my life that maybe continue to 2014? 😉 I don’t know yet myself, so I’m “laying low” at the moment ,- and see what happens during the next weeks or months. There’s a couple of interesting “opportunities” “around me”,- so I just “flow a bit on the waves” at the moment when it comes to that area in my life, “my lovelife area”, “boyfriend- opportunities” that I’m not quite sure about myself yet, or what’s going on 😊. And, – I also choose to do as a good friend of mine has told me many times to do,- it is me that are choosing him,- I can choose who I want to be with, – and I don’t need to choose the first one that shows me some interest 😉. And that’s actually what I’m going to do,- use my time, and choose what’s best for me in my life 😊.

Well,- there will not be any engagement ring on my finger this year, and there will not be 12 gloves to cover my finger without any ring either 😊.

Have you some others myths or old traditions that belong to the 29. February then this “old proposal” tradition ? 💍🧤 Or maybe you have some sweet plans to propose to your boyfriend (or girlfriend)? 💞 In case so,- I hope you don’t get 12 gloves 😉.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊.

If a woman did get a no to her proposal the 29. February she wouldn’t get any engagement ring, but 12 pairs of gloves instead 💍🧤.

Do you think I will get an engagement ring or 12 pairs of gloves today? 💍🧤 Or maybe non of it? 😊 What about you? Will there be a ring or a couple of gloves? 😉 ….or maybe you are not going to “use” the opportunity the 29. February “gives” a woman? 💞

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A nice and relaxing Valentine’s day ❣

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, and my day off from work as well 😊. And it became a very nice and relaxing day at the daytime, and a very cozy evening out in the city centre together with some colleagues too 😊. A day with not to much “happenings” in, but still very good day 😊.

I actually didn’t do to much yesterday, I had decided to take yesterday day so much “off” as possible 😊. Sometimes that’s necessary too 😊. But I did some couple of things like my weekly shopping, and I did clean a bit in my home. It’s not the easiest thing to do when there are 3 adults people living and moving around,- but it’s something that needs to be done anyway. I can take “the big house- wash” when my son and his friend has moved out. I think that’s better, then wash and vacuum clean to much in between 4 legs that’s moves around 😊. In the meantime, do the best of it 😊.

After a bit necessary “to do thing” yesterday, I just did enjoy the sun, knitting and was just relaxing 😊. And I actually needed it, I feel I have a bit more energy again after a couple of busy weeks at my job,- and are ready for a new busy turn at my job the next week now 😊.

In the evening yesterday I did meet some colleagues of mine in the city centre for a tasty small dish, and a glass of wine. I even got a red rose 🌹,- and I also know theres a Valentine’s card on my desk at my job from my daughter witing for me on Monday 🥰. So I feel very lucky 🥰.

I was also invited home to this American man I have told you about, yesterday evening, – but the invitation did came so late in the afternoon and I already had made planes togheter with my colleagues 😊. I’m actually not sure if had met him anyway if I haven’t had any plans yesterday 😊. Maybe another day, maybe tomorrow, – I don’t know. I have a bit mixed feelings in that “area” when it comes to him 😊.

Yesterday was not a day “filled” up with a lots “romance”, but at the same time on it’s own way “romantic”. A sweet Valentine’s card from my daughter and a red rose from a colleague has it’s own “romantic” charm 🌹. And it was a very cozy and tasteful small meal in the evening in the centre as well, together with good colleagues and good conversations 😊. It was all in all a very good nice, relaxing and cozy Valentine’s day for a single soul as me 😊.

I hope you had a very nice Valentine’s day yesterday too,- with it’s own romantic charm 🌹.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A sweet Valentine’s card from my daughter, a nice red rose from a colleague and a nice and tasty small dish together with some good colleagues and with good conversations has it’s own romantic charm at Valentine’s day yesterday 😊🌹.

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Dumped on Valentine’s day 🌹🙄

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Today it’s Valentine’s day 💞,- and I hope you are luckier with your Valentine’s day and also your Valentine’s date, if you have some, that I was with mine last year 😅.

My Valentine’s day in general was okay last year, it was more and less like a normal day, but I was invited out to a Valentine’s date for the evening 😊. I think it has to be one of the very few Valentine’s date invitations I have had in my life so fare, so I was a bit excited and also a bit happy. It’s not normal for me to be invited out by a man on Valentine’s Day itself 😊.

I had been meeting this man for some weeks and we did have a easy tone between us, the talking went easy and we in general had a nice time when we did met up. Sometimes we just went for a walk, other time out for a tiny meal and we had also been meeting in his apartment a couple of times. And sometimes he did cxl the meetings too, because his alzheimers sick mam needed him.

I didn’t had any big “crush” on him, but he was nice to be together with and spend some time together with as well. My interest for him was, in the beginning, just as a friend, but after spending some time together with him, I did think there maybe could be some potential for me to “fall for him”. Maybe….

So when he did invited me home to his house at Valentine’s day on a Valentine’s date last year I did I appreciated that gesture, and did say “yes, thank you”. I also did buy some “sweet valentine’s gifts ” to him,- but still not to sweet since my feelings for him was quite not there, still not sweet. But a nice gesture also need to get some nice attention.

I did work some night shift on a private hospital in this period, and then for an English family, and I did look after and did take care off a sick familymember for them during the nights, – and I was going to be at night shift the 14. February too. At this time this night shift was an very welcome and necessary income for me. But since it’s rarity that I get a lot of attention or even more rarely, is invited out on date on Valentine’s day I did ask for changing my night shift. I’m a tiny bit romantic soul,- and I also did feel a bit lucky that actually got some attention for this Valentine’s day, or at least a Valentine’s date , and wanted to use my time on my date 😊.

I was lucky and managed to change my shift as well. In general I don’t like to change shifts or anything like that, I’m trying to make my private plans in my private time. But of course there are days and times that’s necessary to change, or switch shifts. This evening, the 14. February, was not any “necessary” private plans,- but like I did mention, – I m a tiny romantic soul, and I really appreciated to be invited on a Valentine’s date 😊.

And like I did mention, I also had bought a tiny little attention, not to sweet, but still with a sweet touch 😊. And I did “prepare” my self as well, as best as I could. Did try to make myself “pretty” for the evening with using some face masks, take a hair- cure, did my nails, and also did find some nice clothes to put on, and started to get my self ready for a nice Valentine’s date 💄👗. I’m just a woman and I like to feel a bit pretty on a date 😊.

Just a couple of hours before we should meet he did texted me and cxl the Valentine’s date 🙄. This time with not to many reasons, he just didn’t felt very well, and that’s it. In general when he did cxl is was because his alzheimers sick mam “was on the run”,- but this time without to many reasons or explanations. Well,- what to do? I had even switched my shift for him, for using my time to meet him.

It wasn’t much to do with that, but yes I need to admit I was a bit disappointed, and also a bit angry about myself that had changed my shift for a man who did cxl the Valentine’s date 🙄. Someone that was obviously even not worth losing my really needed income for 😅. Valentine’s day in general don’t mean to much to me, but at the same time it does. It’s a bit difficult to explain actually 😊. But it’s probably because I’m a romantic soul, and then I in away do like Valentine’s day 💞🌹.

But and because, – The next day after the Valentine’s day, he did actually texted me and told me he did regret the cxl of our Valentine’s date with out any good explanation for why,- and asked me if we could meet up for an new date an other day 🙄. He did write he “regret” the cxl 🙄. Well,- I did meet him an other day and gave him the Valentine’s gift, did ask him again why he did regret and why he cxl’ed 😅. I didn’t get any good explanations or answers. And then I just went back home again. I do think he had another and maybe more “excited” date that Valentine’s day,- so he cxl me. Obviously that date didn’t went to well, since he did “regret” the cxl, wanted to meet me again, and also because he hadn’t any good “explanation” for the cxl when I did ask him again why he did cxl, except from this “didn’t feel very well” in the cxl- messenge he did sent me some hours before the Valentine’s date. But I can be wrong, it’s just my thoughts and feelings. Well, well,- that’s life. I’m not using to much of my time on men like that, that’s for sure 😊.

This Valentine’s day I have more and less just Valentine’s plans for my self 🥰. I haven’t bought any sweet gifts or created any sweet attentions to anyone this year. I could done it to my children and some very close friends, or someone else I do have in my mind 😉,- but my children are young adults now, and I think it’s more fun for them to get an Valentine’s gifts from someone a bit more special then the mammi 😊. It was a bit different when they was younger 😊. My friends, – I can show them how much I care for them another day then this day 🥰. And this “someone else” I have in my mind,- is just maybe “someone” else at the moment, and maybe not worth using to much attention to either, – I don’t know 😊. And at this point it’s not important either 😊. We see what the future brings 😊.

Maybe I’m going to meet a colleague of mine for a glass of wine this afternoon 🍷. That would be very nice and cozy 😊. We see,- it can be cxl as well,- you never know 😁. But still I feeling happy, lucky and grateful ,- this day will be an excellent day off from work and just to speel and spend on myself 🧡. My own Valentine’s day for just taking care of myself 🥰.

I wish you a great Valentine’s day, and maybe even with a sweet and romantic Valentine’s date too🍷💞. I hope you will be more lucky with your Valentine’s date then I was with mine last year,- if you have a Valentine’s date 😊.

And,- I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡,- with or without any Valentine’s plans at all 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

My Valentine’s gift to my Valentine’s date last year,- not to sweet, but still with a touch of sweetness…..but not given with very much “sweetness” some days after the Valentine’s day 😅.

I wish you a great Valentine’s day today, – with or without any Valentine’s plans or Valentine’s date 💞. And if you have a Valentine’s date, – I hope you are a bit luckier with your date, then I was with mine last year 😊 🧡. Enjoy this day,- the day of love, hearts and sweet feelings, – and maybe with some tiny bit sweet attentions too,- attentions just to and for your self, or for someone that’s a bit special for you in one or another way 💞.

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What is it about this sweet Valentine’s day ? 🌹

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine and I 🧡

Soon it’s time for some romantic,- it’s the Valentine’s Day just around the corner 🧡. This sweet day that’s celebrate love and romance 🌹. The day is also called “the love day” and “all the hearts day” 💞. And I’m not growing up with to celebrate this day in Norway,- but in way I like this day. In Norway this celebration comes from USA as some other different “traditions” does.

The custom of celebrating Valentine’s day started in full force at the turn of the 16th century, and then in English-taking countries such as the UK and the US, but also a bit from France.  There are various legends and stories about how this custom and tradition started 📖. At that time, it was a popular belief that the birds mated on February 14, which led to the celebration of fertility and love 🕊💕.

But it is also possible that this sweet and romantic custom has Roman origins based on the goddess Juno who represented women, fertility and marriage. where the celebration in a way did started the 14. February, and the celebrated did continue on February 15. Almost like Christmas Eve and Easter Eve, and the holy 1st days.

I like both this stories about Valentine’s Day celebrations 💞 🕊.

The most famous legend of the origin of the celebration of Valentine’s day is the legend of the Roman priest Valentin who lived about 270 according to our time.  He was imprisoned for devoting soldiers and did not devote himself to Christianity as was desired in the then church faith and tradition.  Before hsn was retrieved, he wrote a love letter to his dear Julia which he signed “from your Valentine”.  It is also said that Valentine healed the guardian, Asterius, her daughter 📜 💕.

Today, Valentine’s day is marked in both ecclesiastical and popular contexts.  Little gifts are given to “the dear ones of their heart” or a man they like very well.  There are gifts such as flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, small hearts, and sweet little gifts sim an inspired by romance, sweet feelings and love ❤🌹.

After my divorce I did gave my children sweet valentine’s gifts. They will in their own way always be my Valentine’s in the name of “the unconditional love ” as a mammi feel for her children 💙💙❤.

I have, now and then, got some flowers or some chocolate from some sweet souls. And I have also given some flowers or chocolate back,- to very good friends or maybe even a man if there was a man one place there in “the horizon” in my life 🥰. But I haven’t “celebrate” Valentine’s day very much more than that yet 😊.

I like the idea of Valentine’s day, and I need to admit that I like the two first stories and legends I did tell you about the origin about Valentine’s day. For me, as the person I’m, I think they are more romantic than one about the bishop 😊. But that’s me 🥰.


I like the idea of Valentine’s day, a own celebration for love, romantic and sweet feelings 🥰. But,- I like even much more and much better to be able “celebrate” love, romance, sweet feelings in the daily life ❤. I’m not sure how my Valentine’s day will be this year,- maybe very normal as a normal day 🥰. No,- that’s not totally true, – tomorrow is my only day off from work this month 😍. I’m not going to be working at the office and I haven’t any online shift either 😊. I like both my jobs,- so don’t misunderstand me,- but it’s nice to have a day totally off, a day to use to whatever I want to use it too 🥰. So tomorrow is “my day”, maybe a bit “taking care of my self day”? We see what tomorrow brings 😊.

Are you going to celebrate valentine’s day or give some one special in your life and heart some sweet attentions this day? ❤ I hope you do, and I hope you also will get some sweet attentions back too 💞.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Valentine’s day is a kind of celebration for the love and the romance in life 🌹. There are some various legends and stories about how this custom and tradition started 💞. My favourite is actually not the most famous story and legend about how the celebration of Valentine’s day started 🥰. What’s your favourite legend about valentine’s day? 💕

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