On “food- haunting” 🏹 😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s Sunday, and Sundays are my daughter and me on “food- haunting” 🏹. Sounds very serious? 😊 It’s actually not so seriously as it’s sounds like. We are actually using an app called “ToGoodToGo”, and buy food from different bakeries, cafeterias an restaurants, actually also from gas stations. The food they are selling out are to good to throw away, but at the same time not to good to sell for full price anymore. But for us it’s tasty and well fully edible, and cheap food.

The food is like the name on the app,- it is to good to go. Simple and easy. And the app is not complicated to use either 😊. I’m not the biggest fan of app’s, but I have and use some few, and one of them is “ToGoodToGo”.

I have actually been waiting for this app to be available here in Spain for the last 4 years. Because it’s around 4 years since the first time I heard about the app from a friend of my in Norway. She recommended me to use this app, but unfortunately it took a bit time before this app did “travel” to Spain ✈.

Of course we can use the app and go on “food- haunting” every day during the week, but we are both working, me and my daughter, and we are not always working at the same time. So we decided to use the Sundays for “food- haunting” as well as a day where we are having a good and long walk together.

My daughter and me in “food- haunting” and a good walk together as well.

On this Sundays we get some quality time together, and even some exercise.  On such a trip we actually walk more or less 10,000 steps. My daughter is counting 😊. I don’t care how much steps I’m walking,- it’s a nice walk anyway, fresh air, as well as a kind of exercise together with some food- shopping. And of course some great time together with my daughter 🥰.

Even we live together at the moment, also both are working from home now at days, and we are sourrende by each other more and less 24 hours every day, it’s nice to have and spend a bit different kind of time together then just the time we are use together in our home 🥰. And it’s nice to do something “different” too 😊. And I don’t mind to save some money either and buy cheap food.

In general we never know what kind of food we are buying or get, but so fare so good. We have been lucky and got food we actually do like and enjoy to eat. But it is more like “suprice bags” of food, and that can be fun too 😊.

Here in Spain we can see on the app what kind of store that’s have “ToGoodToGo” food to sell, what price it’s and what time we can pick up the food.

So my daughter and me are taking a look at the app, making plans where to start the “food- haunting” and where to stop, and where we can pick up inbetween 😊. Then we reserve, order and pay for the food, and pick it up between the hours we should.

We are using around 10 to 15 euro on our “food- haunting”, and then we in general get one or two breakfast- kind of food, two to four lunches and two to four dinners. That’s not to bad at all. We get good food, tasty food and fully edible food, and cheap as well 😊. The stores don’t need to throw the food away, and they actually earn a bit money instead. And a bit money is more then no money.

It’s still not to many bakeries, cafeterias, restaurants or gas stations that’s using the app here in the area yet, but hopefully there will be more little by little, I hope so. I hope so, not just because then it’s more stores for us to choose between, but of course that will not be a to bad thing 😊, but I think the different stores that’s using this app are not at least losing money, even they don’t maybe earn to much money either, with using this app. And people get great food for not to much money as well 😊.

I’m not sure how many countries in Europe or other places in the world where this app is available, but I do recommend both bakeries, cafeterias, restaurants and even food stores to start use it as well as people to start to buy food during this app. The store don’t need to throw away full functional food, but maybe even earn some money instead, and people has the opportunity to buy cheap and tasty food as well 😊. In my mind it’s a win- win for both the stores and the buyers 😊.

And maybe this is even more a win- win now at days when the corona- situation turning so many peoples, stores, cafeterias and restaurants into a challenged economic situation?

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

Our “ToGoodToGo” food from our one of Sunday “food- haunting ” 😊

It’s sounds a bit serous to go on “food- haunting”,- but it’s actually a bit fun 😊. And on Sundays me and my daughter have a “food- haunting” day “spiced” up with a nice long walk 😊. It’s a nice way to both get cheap food, some exercises and some quality time together 🥰.

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I think I’m a tiny bit in love 🥰 🐕

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

There are “people- persons”, and there are “animal- persons”. I’m a “people- person”. But my children has been growing up with different animals because I think, or believe, that to grow up with animals can have good and positive effect on a child 💚.

In general they learn to take care of and they learn responsibility for others then just them self.

My children had been sourrende by horses, cows, sheep, cats, rabbits, aquarium- fishes, hamsters and guinea pigs 🐾.

I was not always to happy with this animals, and it happened that the animals became my responsibility now and then too. Even I felt I had more then enough with the responsibility for my 3 children 😊.

I was also allergic to all this cat- hair (and dog- hair) too. My face could actually swell up like a balloon if I wasn’t careful enough. But after living together with a dog for 3 months, last year. Actually around this time last year, in mysterious ways much of the allergy disappeared. Not all, I can still get very sneezy around a cat or dog, but not the way it was before.

Zorro,- my oldest son’s dog 🥰.

My oldest son have a dog, a dog he got from a rescue service senter, and his name is Zorro, because he looks a bit like a fox 🦊. They are best friends those two, and I really need to admit that I’m actually starting to fall a bit in love myself in this incredibly sweet and charming dog 🥰.

I think my daughter is going to get a tiny little cat when she moves into her own apartment during this Spring. And my son in the middle,- well,- he is a bit more like me,- we both can manage to live without any animals around us, just take care of and have the responsibility just for us self 😁.

I actually do miss him, Zorro. I don’t want to live together with him. I’m not sure if I want to live together with anyone when I can be living on my own again one day there in the future 😊. But I really like to spend time together with him 🥰.

He is just gorgeous 🥰.

And I actually think Zorro like to spend time together with me too 😊. He is very happy when he see me, jumping up and down, and try to kiss me 😘. I need to admit I don’t like his kisses very much, but except from that I think he is a very charming little guy with a lots of character. And,- he also knows where I do hide the “dog sweets” 😅.

If I ask him to sit, he sits down, and if I tell him to go to bed he goes to bed. He even gives me “high five” when I ask him. My son has teach him a trick and two, and raised his dog very well behaved 😊. It’s very difficult to not fall in love in someone who behave so great when he sees me 😁.

It’s some weeks since I have seen both Zorro and my oldest son now,- and I do miss them both, in different ways 😊. It’s this closed city borders that’s the reason why I haven’t seen them for a while. And unfortunately it will be some more weeks before we can meet up again too, because some new and even stricter restrictions starts around midnight here in South of Spain 😳.

Zorro is probably the first animal, the first dog, I miss, and I also like to be sourrende by. No harm feelings for “animal- people”,- it’s just that I’m in general a “people- person”, and that’s just the way it is 😊. Maybe I also like Zorro so much because he is my sons dog too? 😊 Not just because he is a very sweet and charming dog with the nicest eyes in the world, but also because he on his own way are a part of the family 😍. I think maybe there’s one or two of the reasons why I’m a tiny bit in love with the dog, the one and only Zorro- dog 😘.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Look at his nice eyes and sweet attention 🐾

Look at this sweet and charming little fellow 🐕. It’s very difficult to not fall a bit in love with him 😍. And he has the nicest eyes in the world 🥰. And he’s always happy to see too 😁.

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A funny way to get some new fashion in the closet 😊 🧥👗

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m not to biggest shopper in the world, even I actually do like clothes, fashion and like to use clothes too 😅. And,- yes, I do like to dress myself up as well 😊

I like to feel well- dressed in clothes I like to wear. I don’t care very much about the “name” of the clothes, to be honest. As long as I feel comfortable I the clothes I’m using and wearing I’m happy 😊.

And there’s one kind of “shopping” I, as well as my daughter, really enjoy 😊. And that’s “second hand” “shopping”, or it’s actually not shopping at all 😅. It’s actually when people “clean up” their closet for clothes they don’t use anymore and they want to give them away …. for example to my daughter and me 😊.

I’m not sure why I like this kind of “way” to get new clothes better then go to a fancy store, but for me it is actually more fun to get some bags with use clothes that people don’t want to have, use or ware anymore, then go to a fashion shop. It’s a bit like a “secret treasure chest” with surprise of various garments. And I don’t know what kind of clothes I will find either. In general it’s great clothes. Some fit, some do not fit, both in size and style.

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And to be honest, I do not do this, get “second hand clothes”, to save the environment, or in a way recycle, or save money, while that is exactly what I do.  But I like second hand clothes just because I like it.  Very simple and straightforward 🥰. I think it’s a very fun way to get new fashion and style in my wardrobe 😊.

The clothes who not fit in style or size we actually deliver to second hand stores, so hopefully some other people can have some joy with the clothes we are not going to use 😊. Hopefully some other people will have the same fun and joy with the second hand clothes as we have 😊.

Since I was a child I have really enjoyed this way of “shopping”. I remember I had some cousins that was a bit older then me, and when they gave away clothes and shoes they didn’t use anymore because it all was to small, I was so excited to take a look in the different bags. And in general there was always a lots of nice clothes and shoes I wanted to weare and use 😊. I remember my mam called it for ” to inherit clothes or take over used clothes”, –  and that’s actually exactly what it is. And why not do that, use clothes like that, when the clothes are still in good fashion, stylish, function and good shape 😊 ?

Also when I became older and my friends had a “clean up” in their closet with clothes they didn’t want to use anymore, they “delivered” bags with clothes to me. Loved it, and I still love it 🥰.

When my daughter became older she started to have the same joy and enthusiasm as me to get used clothes from friends and family 😊. I’m not sure why, but maybe because she did grow up with me and did see my joy for “second hand clothes” ? 😊 Any way,- I’m actually very happy she feel the same enthusiasm for second hand clothes as I do 😊.

I’m not sure why I like to get bags with used/ second hand clothes so much, but I really do. Maybe because I don’t need to go to the store? And I can try out the outfits home in peace? 😊 And because it feels like “suprice bags” with clothes? Well,- it’s actually “suprice bags” with clothes,- and I like nice surprises 🥰.


I think around half of my clothes in my closet are probably “second hand” clothes. Clothes I have “inherit clothes or take over used clothes” from other people, friends or family 😊.

Some days ago a colleague of my daughter did deliver a couple of bags with second hand clothes to her, and me and my daughter had fun and cozy “fashion shopping” in our living room 😊. And we both got some new both winter- clothes and summer- clothes. We felt both so happy, lucky and grateful 😊. It’s just so fun to get new fashion in my closet this way, and it’s actually fun that me daughter enjoy this kind of get “new” clothes too 😊.

My lovely daughter, Mathilde,- sourrende with “second hand” clothes in our living room 😊

I’m a bit more sceptical now at days to take over used shoes then when I was younger. But not because of fashion or style, but because of use and a “responsibility” I have for my back, legs and feet. But if the shoes hasn’t been used very much and they suits me, I’m very grateful for a couple of shoes or three too as long as I can use them and they are doing me feet, back and body well 👠👢.

Do you like to get new fashion and style, “new” clothes to your wardrobe this way? Second hand clothes, “old” clothes that are still in good fashion, stylish, function and good shape 😊 ? For me this is the funniest way to “renew” my wardrobe, get some “new” fashion and stylish clothes 😊. But I do shop clothes too, now and then 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡

See you soon 😊

Most of the “second hand” clothes I did got or found in the “second hand bags” my daughter brought home 😊,- and my daughter got her part too 😊.

Some days ago my daughter brought home a couple of bags with “inherit clothes or take over used clothes”, or “second hand clothes” if you prefer 🥰. And to be honest,- to get bags with second hand clothes it’s a very funny way to get “new” fashion in the wardrobe. Well,- at least for me and my daughter. And why not,- when the clothes are still in good fashion, stylish, function and good shap 🥰.

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Look at those two handsome fellows 💙🐕🧣

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Last year I did knit a scarf to my oldest son that he really enjoyed and was very happy for, but unfortunately, he did loose it somewhere during the moving process last Spring, and he did felt a bit sad over that🧣.

So when I was waiting for my internet to be up and running again I did knit two scarfs to him. Just in case he lost one again 😊. But he also wanted a similar to his dog, Zorro. So they have similar scarfs, like two handsome fellows 😊.

Zorro with one of his fancy, knit and handmade “one of a kind” scarf 🧣

And look at Zorro, he actually looks a bit proud on this photo 😊. So sweet with his own scarf 🧣. I think he like it a bit.

And it’s actually the first time I have knit “clothes” to a dog, but maybe it will be more knitted dog clothes in the future by me? I’m not sure yet, but it can happen 🧶🐕.

My oldest son, Marius and his dog Zorro with fancy similar scarfs 🧣

They look pretty cool together 🥰. But of course I think that,- I’m his very proud mammi …… and probably “grandma” to Zorro then too 💙.

The 2 different kinds of scarfs I knit to my oldest son and his dog to 🧣🧶

My son has packed down the second scarf I knitted for him and Zorro.  It is a little thicker and warmer than the dark violet scarf.  And they’re on the move again.  In a month and two they will move a little closer to where my daughter and I live, and also his friends.

He really enjoys living in the mountains, but its fare away from people, and during all this restrictions time we are living in and with, it’s a bit difficult to live so fare away from people.

I’m looking forward to get them both a bit closer, and hopefully the restrictions will “easy” up a bit in a couple of weeks so we can meet up again too 💙. And who knows,- maybe there will be knit some more dog- clothes too? 😊🧶

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

I really like this photo of Zorro with the handmade knit scarf 🧣. He looks so fancy and proud, and it’s both his own first scarf, as well as it is the first dog- scarf I have been knit too 🧶. He and my oldest son has similar scarfs now- made by me and made by love too 🧶😊 💙.

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Carbon is also diamonds 😌💎

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I haven’t forgot about my blog, my readers or to write,- but the last days and weeks has actually been filled up with a bit more carbon then diamonds 😅. And then I need to remind myself that carbon is actually diamonds. And try to focus as best as I can on the “carbon- process” becoming small diamonds instead of just carbon. As most of us know,- it’s under high “pressure” the carbon also becomes a diamond 💎. It’s not always easy to remember, but still it’s help a bit to turn the focus in that kind direction 😊.

It’s not always easy to do that, see that the carbon is diamonds, or try to focus on the positive things around you, and special when I feel there’s a new challenge jumping out and up closely every day. Challenges can be positive, but they can feel very negative in the beginning. I’m still not quite there where I feel that the different challenges I have met the last weeks are with a touch of magic and sparkling diamonds,- but I’m getting closer 😊.

My daughter handle the situation she was through one month ago very well. She is incredibly strong and braver ❤. I admire her guts. She is really like an diamond 💎. I’m actually taking the situation probably a bit harder then her. I can’t still understand that “someone” actually needed to “give” my daughter 2 bumps in the forehead, 2 bumps in the back of the head, cigarette mark on the cheek, swollen right shoulder, swollen lower back and tailbone, handcuffs on the left arm (then one must have held a hard grip in the arm to make handprints in the skin), swollen thumb.  Fortunately, it was not broken, not the back and tailbone either or the toe was broken.  Gripping marks on the left leg, like handprints, bruises on the right foot, and a swollen toe on the right foot. All this just during some few hours.

She was to the doctor again this Friday and are going to probably have the last check in around two weeks. And she’s doing very well. She meet up to work every day with joy and happiness. And she is smiling, using time together with her friends, and enjoying her life. It’s so great to see how she in a trun and two just “took back” her life again ❤. How she just “trun the carbon to diamond”. But yes,- its bothers me that I couldn’t protect her for this kind of “marks” in life 😔. I m not crying anymore, and it’s makes me incredibly happy to see my daughter without to much and to many scars on her body and her soul after this incident 🥰. And I know everything around this situation will be fine, it just take a bit time, but obviously shorter than I had in mind, and that’s a very good feeling 😊. But that’s also a kind of diamond in the situation- that all in all- things around this situation getting much better then expected 💚.

But then it’s just need to “jump” up and out some others tiny challenges/ carbon that’s needs to be handle 😅. Just in case.

It’s actually not a very “big deal” the different challenges during the last two weeks either,- but still when it comes to the “straws in an already empty wallet” for me it feels a little bit challenging to handle. For some reason I can handle a lots of different and difficult situations and challenges in my life, even the situation my daughter was through I have handle actually quite calm, sensible, with overview and care even when I was crying. But when it comes to my empty wallet I very fast can go “down in the basement”, and be very stressed about the situation 😳.

I know why- it is a bit from the past. “Happenings” for around 8- 9 years ago , after I met “the bump”, the ex that just dropped me off in Spain for 7,5 years ago. I just let it be with that. I can’t do anything with the past anyway. Unfortunately 😔.

It has been very much wintertime here South of Spain lately, and the houses and the electricity are not built for to much wintertime here in South of Spain. It has been stormy weather with a lots of wind, rain and even snow ❄.

Look at this, – we had our own swimming pool in the patio 2 weeks ago 😳
And two days after the “swimming pool” in the patio we actually got snow on the beaches ❄

Our electricity collapsed, and three sockets in the house were destroyed. I have manage to fix one on my own ( something that’s good with having study physics a tiny bit). The two others I need to wait with fixing until the wintertime is getting a bit more like Spring time. The fridge and freezer, and also the stove got a bang.  Fortunately, only the fuses had to be replaced, but both the refrigerator, freezer and stove are so old that it “goes” for a little half a machine now.

And of course the internet collapsed too, so I didn’t had the possibility to work for some days either 😌.

I know it is homeowners’ job to fix the fridge, freezer, stove and sockets.  But things takes time in Spain.  And for a few years ago, the washing machine collapsed, and the homeowner spent “only” 7 weeks getting a new washing machine.  I could not take the chance of waiting 7 weeks for a new fridge, freezer or stove.  And things take even longer in this corona situation than “normal” in Spain. So I fixed myself instead and use the money I had in a already empty wallet. But at least we have fridge, freezer and a useful stove again 😊. It’s not all and everyone that have that now at days 😔. So that’s actually a tiny bit of a diamond instead of some carbon in my home 😊.

And I also did find another solution for my internet. I can’t be without the possibility to work. But it cost a bit that too. To change it all. But at least and hopefully the internet now will continue be stable and not as unstable as it has been before. So it’s a tiny little diamond to just have an functional internet actually.

And yesterday suddenly one of my grinders just broke when I was eating 😳. I know I need to fix that one, but there’s not very much to use to fix it with at the moment. I just cross my fingers that it would not be to painful until I have the possibility to go to a dentist 🤞. And to be honest,- I haven’t found the “diamond” in this case. I just hope the “diamond” for a while will be as less pain as possible.

So,- the carbon for the last two weeks are actually not to bad at all when I take a tiny overview. It’s just need to be fixed and that costs some money. And for me a empty wallet is big challenge. But at the same time I need to turn this around. I have at least the possibility to earn money, even it will take s bit time to save up the money I needed to use during the last two weeks. It’s not for all and everyone to have that possibility either. To earn money. To have a job now at days. That’s also a kind of diamond in my life,- to have the possibility to be working and earn money 😊.

The ironic in this situation is that I actually delivered back the car two months ago for saving money, and I have used twice as much as the car had cost me during the two last months in just one month now 😅. On the other hand,- if I haven’t delivered back the car I haven’t had the possibility for using my money to fix this different things that’s needed to be fixed during the last weeks 😊.

And I feel I haven’t done very much useful when I was whine and complain about unforeseen and high expenses. But I actually have done a couple of things. Positive things. Like small “diamonds” in the daily life 😊.

I have been painting. There are more painted glass bottles under “production”. All are gifts to friends that has helped me and my daughter during the last month. If the internet has been in function this glass bottles has been taken a bit longer time to paint, because I had use more time to do some freelance writing work on my computer.

Some more creative glass bottles are under “production” 🎨

I have been knitting. Two knitted thigths are finish to a friend of my, two scarfs to my oldest son and also two similar scarfs to his dog, Zorro, are finish as well. And if I have been able to do my job on the internet I haven’t been able to finish so much knit stuffs 🧶. Because then I had used more of my time on working instead 😊.

My knitting “products” done during the last two weeks.

And when the fridge, freezer and stove was fixed I actually did some baking too 😊. I just needed to be sure “all and everything” was fixed and in function. Try it out in a way 😊. So I made a very spicy “spice cake”, to spicy for me and my daughter, but perfect for my oldest son. And then cinnamon swirls and pizza swirls.  Both perfect for all three of us.  Then I have to fill up both my daughter and my freezer, and also my eldest son’s freezer with some baked goods. I’m not sure I have done that, at least not so much and so many if the freezer, fridge and stove has not been broken 😊. Then it became in a kind of “diamond- food” for all three of us 😊.

Cinnamon swirls and pizza swirls, and a bit to spicy “spice cake” 😊

So what I can say about the carbon I have been whined and complaining about during the last month and weeks is that there’s some sparkling diamonds just in front of my eyes 💎. I just need to take a good look, turns things around a bit and try to focus on the positive things around the situations 🥰. It’s not always easy to do that, but it makes things so much better when I manage to see the sparkling diamonds instead of all the black carbon 💎.

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