Different traditions are changing ⏳🌍

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Different traditions are changing in our society and cultures. Something that’s actually normal, but not during just one year?

In general there’s always some small changes because we are so many different people living together from different countries, cultures and with different traditions. An slowly we do “adopt” traditions from each other. But during the last year the different changes in our culture traditions have changed very fast, and not because of “adoption” from other people, cultures and traditions. But because of different restrictions.

Even society traditions like hugging and kissing on the cheek is not “allowed” or “reccomend”. Not even a polite handshake are recommended anymore.

In one way there’s not many cultures and society traditions left at the moment. That’s a bit sad.

At the same time we still have some “few” left like sessions and Holyday decorations and different food traditions during the different seasons and holydays. And we can keep up some traditions in our private homes too. But there’s still many traditions, special traditions that in it’s own way “connected” the people together and created a kind of affiliation between the people in the different cultures and countries. This are in a way a bit “gone”. For a while or forever?

The different traditions is a part of the culture, and when different traditions “disappear” also a part of the culture “disappear” too. As well as the feeling of “belong” to a society.

Already last Spring the Easter traditions in Spain changed from big parades to web- religious service. Weddings- celebration are changing, and funerals are changing too. Baptism and confirmation celebrations are changing as well. Parties and celebrations of different kinds are allowed, but with different restrictions.

The big celebration of San Juan, the 23. June, in Spain, last summer did change, and the celebration of the Constitution Day, 17 May, in Norway did change as well. Like I mention, the big Easter traditions and celebration in Spain changed last year, and what about the Three Holy Kings celebration? There will not be any parade this year where the three Holy Kings are given out sweets, or funny figures with a lots of candy to the people who watching the parade.

Most of us also needed to change the Christmas- celebration and traditions as well as the New Year celebration last year.

The different changes is based on different restrictions we need to follow during this coronavirus- time. And we are changing too. The people, the humanity are changing because of the traditions and cultures are changing. Because of the restrictions we need to follow.

Traditions and cultures are a part of the society, and that part is not very much left off during this days, weeks and months we have been living with the different restrictions and the coronavirus in our society. Will our different traditions be the same after this coronavirus- situation? Will the different cultures be the same? And will the people, the humanity and society be the same?

I don’t know. I don’t have the answers, unfortunately, I have just the questions at the moment. And I will probably not have the answers either.

But I think it’s sad tha so many culture traditions and social traditions are changing so fast. It does “something” eith both the society, the people, the traditions, the culture and the feeling of affiliation to “something”. “Something” that’s in its own way are not there at the moment, or at least not in the way we are use too.

Like I mention,- it’s natural that traditions and cultures are changing, it’s actually a part of the history, but not so fast as now, and in general not because of different restrictions either.

At the same time,- people have been living together during wars and under other pandemi, and manage to keep up many traditions in their cultures and their society. So maybe it’s a tiny bit of hope that we will see the Three Holy Kings parade again one day? Or be able to give each other a “allowed” hug, or walk in the Norwegian Constitution parade? Or maybe celebrate the San Juan at the beach again or shake the hand to someone in a polite manner?

I hope so. I hope this is just “a break” and “a timeout” before we can continue our different traditions in the different cultures and our society.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😚

A Christmas star decoration in the centre where I live- the Christmas- decorations haven’t changed (yet…..) 🌹

Traditions in different countries and cultures are changing, and the changes has happen just under a year ⏳. The changes does something with the people, the society and the feeling of affiliation. Hopefully this changes is just a “timeout”, and we will be able to walk in the Norwegian Constitution parade or watching the big Easter Parade in Spain very soon 🌹.

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Will there be a third corona- “wave” in the beginning of 2021 ? 🌊

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We are a bit lucky during the Christmas- time, at least in Andalucia, one of the provinces in Spain. Two of my children and me are living in Andalucia 🌏. We are lucky because the restrictions are loosens up a bit during the Christmas- time 🎄. At the same time it is not just lucky that the restrictions are loosens up, because the consequences can be a third wave of the coronavirus and Covid19.

The boarders between the towns and cities are open up, the opening hours in the stores will be a bit longer. Even the restaurants, cafes and bars can have open a bit longer.

For me and my children that means we are “allowed” to celebrate Christmas together, but just family. I’m not sure how they (the government, police and military) will be able to have any control over this new “Christmas restriction”, and also the maximum restrictions about how many people there’s allowed to be together in a private home during Christmas time and for the next weeks.

But in a way that’s not my problem actually. For me it’s so fine to just be able to celebrate the Christmas eve together with two (of my three) children that are living here in Spain 🥰. We will just be us 3 together so I know that’s allowed, but to be honest I don’t remember the maximum number of people together.

The restrictions are changing “all the time” so its not easy to follow up all the time this different changes. It has been a lots of restrictions changes during this year. I just try to follow them as best as I can, even when I not sure about all if them anymore. But if or when Ikm unsure about the different new restrictions I just ask my oldest son because he has a bit more control then me.

We had the first “wave” of flowering of the coronavirus early this Spring. Then we had the second “wave” during this Autumn, after the summertime and when many people were suddenly more “rekaxed” to this “new” situation. During the summertime there was more parties and people together, a bit less restrictions for a while too. And of course then it come a new “wave” after a bit looser summertime.

And I think there will be a third one early next year. During January or February I think there’s will be a new flowering of the coronavirus again. But of course I can be wrong.

Why I think there will be a new wave? Because of the restrictions that are loosens up a bit for 3- 4 weeks during this December and the first week in January 2021. The restrictions are loosens up now, then the people also are loosens up, and more people will be more together during the Christmas- time, during the New year eve and also during The three Holy Kings day (5.- 6. January).

The restrictions we have at the moment are going to be finish 6. January 2021. We know that, but what kind of new restrictions we will get in January I don’t know. I only know that one of our ministers (I don’t remember his name) did speak in the news that this “loosens up” during the next 3- 4 weeks also would probably have consequences for the people after. One of the consequences is probably a new “virus- wave” and an other will probably be new restrictions.

The people in Spain like the celebrate, and they like to kiss and hug, and they like to be a lots of people together as well. And, like I mention, I don’t know how the government, police or military will be able to control the different restrictions in the different private home during this time. The Christmas- time, new year and the three Holy Kings celebration.

There are vaccine for the coronavirus under process and production, but I have some challenges and doubts to believe in a “hurry up created” vaccine.

I need to admit I don’t quite understand the “corona- situation and concept” at all. But I actually think there is a kind of “concept” behind “all this”. I just don’t know what kind of “concept”. I know it is a virus. I know many people get the virus. I know some gets really sick of the virus and I know some people are dying because of the coronavirus or Covid19. But,- in my mind it’s still something I can’t define but still there’s “something” I “feel” and think it’s very strange with the whole “corona- situation”.

If the different governments around in the world knew in front, like they have obviously have done, about the different “waves” of the coronavirus. Why do they handle as they do? Because both the government in Norway as well in Spain told “us” already early this year that it would come a wave number 2 during this Autumn. And in my tiny little logic head and mind the same will happen again in January and February after the Christmas- and New Year celebrations. But then why open up as they did during the summertime and as they are doing now during the Christmas- time?

I don’t understand why open up when they already know the different negative consequences for doing it? In my mind it’s not logic. But maybe my mind it’s not very logic when it comes to my different thoughts about the “corona- situation”?

I haven’t read or heard very much about “a wave” number 3 yet. But to be honest I haven’t read, listen or watch the different news either during the lasts weeks. I have had some very other different things on my mind. Not even very much Christmas has been on my mind lately.

If I understand the little of news I have been able to “catch up” during the last weeks it seems that the corona- numbers” are just started to go slowly down now. So why then get the numbers up again with loosens up the restrictions, for then again give new restrictions and get higher numbers again?

Well, well,- as I say,- I can be wrong when it comes to a third virus- wave. Its just one thing to do. Wait and see what’s happen during the next weeks and months, and do the best of it.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A clementine Christmas coronavirus 🌊🍊

I think, unfortunately, there will be a third coronavirus wave after this Christmas, new year and the three Holy Kings celebration 🌊. The restrictions are loosens up a bit during the Christmas- time, but how positive effect that will have? It’s just to wait and see 👀.

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I just drove home instead 🚗😳👮‍♂️

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Some few people are actually laughing a bit about me because I really don’t want to drive through the different city borders at the moment. There’s always someone that think restrictions are just for fun, and nothing to follow. Probably one of many reasons why the coronavirus are still “flowering” in our society.

But the city borders are closed, they are being controlled by the police and military. And you never know when or where there’s a control either. I know there’s less controls between the borders in smaller cities, but not in the city where Im living in.

When my oldest son was here last week he was very suprice over how many and how much controls there actually was and is in the area I’m living in. He is living in the mountains, and they have very few controls between the city borders “up there”. But as closer he come to the “bigger” cities in the area as more city borders controls he met.

I haven’t been stopped yet, because I’m in general very careful, and I don’t drive to close to another city border either. I have no need for that. And the controls scares me a bit, and the police and military even more. And I can’t effort a fee, that’s for sure.

Yesterday I needed to wash my car, and it’s best to wash it in a car washing machine at a gas station. I can hand wash it in the car port, but in my mind it’s easier to just drive the car through a car washing machine ☔.

I have three gas stations close by me, and in the city Im living in. I don’t need to cross any city border for washing my car.

So I didn’t had in mind that it should be a “challenge” to wash the car 🚗. But it was 😳.

At the first gas station the car washing machine was closed. I don’t know why, but it was. So I decided to just vacuum the car inside instead at that gas station. Then I drove to the next one. That one was totally closed. Under reconstruction or something like that. So I chose to try the third one in my area then.

I drive happy on the road, but suddenly it was a queue of cars in front of me,- and the police and the city border control 👮‍♂️. The road I drove on belongs to the city I’m living, but the road on the opposite side belongs to the city close by.

When I did see the police and the control I actually felt like my breath stopped, and I was a bit nervous and worried. And,- of course I had forgotten closely all my paper in my home too. My passport, my NIE number, my rental contract. After the curfew was over in the end of April I haven’t had any need to carry this paper on my. But I had ny resident card yesterday. I always have my resident card with me, at least. But now at days, as more paper to show to the police as better.

And normally when I’m driving my car I actually don’t use the mask, but yesterday I did. Phu! I used because I was to lazy to put it in/off/ on between the gas stations 😅. And that’s the only reason why. The gas stations are close by each other, and I know myself so good, that if I have remove the mask I have probably forgot to put it on.

Of course I was stopped in the border control, everyone was stopped. Lucky for me the police just asked me about my adress and where I did live. Easy to answer, but I was actually shaking. And I didn’t felt very well either. Like I have mention,- the police scares me a bit, and this worries for the police started when the coronavirus changed our society. It’s like the virus also changed the police to be some bad, sad, angry men, that just want to use their “power” instead of being nice. But this is just me, my experience and my feelings. It’s not sure the police are like that. I cam be wrong.

Anyway,- I actually did try to drive to the third gas station after the control, and the car washing machine was actually open there. But,- there was a fine line with cars waiting for washing their cars. So I did just drove home. I felt I haven’t the energy to wait in an other line, even this line was a bit different and nicer from the first one this day. The police control line 👮‍♂️.

I went home and I did hand wash my car home there in the car port instead. Something that probably has been easier from the start 😅. In my mind I thought I should do the car wash easy by using a car washing machine, instead it became a bit more “difficult” then I had in mind 😊.

I know this is small daily “challenges” during the corona- situation we all are living in,- but it still challenges that I’m not use to. I’m not use to be worried for the police, feel like I can’t breathe when I see a police man or a police car. Be worried because I have forgot most of my papers in my home. And on top of that, be happy because I had remember to not remove my mask because I was to lazy to do that 😅. It’s s “confusing” situation we are living in, and a bit exhausting too, and sometimes stressful and also a bit like “stealing” our freedom from us in its own way.

So yes,- I just drove straight home, got my breath back and started hand washing my car instead of standing in a new line.

This was just a tiny little “happening” in my day and my life, and this is actually in a way our “normal” life now at days.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Me after hand washing my car yesterday. I didn’t take the chance to remove my mask- even I wanted 😷

We do met different small “challenges” under this corona- situation. In my yesterday was just a tiny little “happening” in my day and my life, and this is actually in a way our “normal” life now at days.

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Look at this little shameful fellow 😔💛

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s difficult to not write about the coronavirus, Covid19 and the situation around “this” and us. This is something that affects us all, daily, all over the world, in some or another way.

I read the Spanish news about the corona- situation in Spain as well as about the situation in Norway. And then I try to have a tiny “overview” over the situation in Europe as well as in the rest of the world. But mainly my focus are on Spain and Norway,- natural enough. I’m from Norway and I’m living in Spain.

The situation is not good, that’s for sure. The virus is “everywhere”, many are in infected by the coronavirus. But it’s not everyone that get sick, many just have the virus and don’t feel to bad at all. And, unfortunately, they actually don’t know they have the virus either. And then they, unfortunately again, can infected other people around them with the virus. Just because they didn’t knew they had the virus.

But I do read in the Norwegian news that people feel ashamed over be sick with Covid19, and ashamed over being infected by the coronavirus. And,- the worst part, in my mind and head at least, people are bad to each other. Behave bad, says and write bad things to people who are infected by the coronavirus. Why? Why be ashamed, and even a bigger why, why behave bad?

The virus are all over the world. It can infect me and it can infect you, and we don’t always know when, how or where, even infection tracking and focus on “close contacts” is one of several measures that have been put in place and implemented. And even we use mask and try to keep distance, as well as washing our hands in a proper way.

I can be infected when I’m at the store, or even when I’m sourrende by my “close contacts”. And I don’t get the infection on porpoise, like I choose to believe that most of the people who are infected with the coronavirus haven’t done this in porpoise. And if I get the coronavirus I don’t think someone infected me on porpoise either.

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But, of course I can be wrong,- there’s a lots of different kinds of people “out there in the world”. There will always be an stupid soul and three “out there”, a “badass”, we all know that. But I don’t think most of us, and people in general get an infection on porpoise and “just for fun”, and then “give” the infection to someone else, just for fun. So why the be ashamed, and why behave bad?

Of course there has been some different mistakes during this period. Cruise ship in Norway that kept the coronavirus situation a bit secret, and different kinds of events that shouldn’t have been completed,- religious event as well as different other events and celebrations. But it is what it is,- the virus is in our society. It will not disappear much faster if we blame on each other.

And aren’t we in a time where we actually should care a bit more about each other then even create more distance to and from each other?

The coronavirus and Covid19 situation creates distance between us already with all the different restrictions, and when we “goes around” and feel about shame and on top of that, also people behave bad, we are creating even more distance.

We can all blame at each other. I can blame the person in the store that use the mask under the nose instead of over and cover both mouth and nose. I can blame one of my “close contacts” to not be to careful, and I can blame you because you didn’t see any needs for washing your hands after a toilet visit. But how will all this “blaming” help?

I read about foreigners in Norway that gets the blame, and teenagers that have secret parties, and I read about secret parties here in Spain too, so “we” aren’t any better South here. I read about people who dont want take the coronavirus test because they are worried for the result, and that an positive test can create bad behaviour when it comes to people around this person. This is, in my head, not good!

We are actually in this situation all of us, it’s affecting all of us, and it doesn’t help to be bad or blame someone else. The virus will not disappear for that reason. And there is probably a reason and two that it is such a big “flourishing” of the virus …. again ….and even more then during this Spring?

Mistakes can happen, this is a very new “situation” for all of us. To both live in in our society with a coronavirus, as we as live with so many new and different restrictions. It’s not easy for no one to “learn” all this at once, and to learn to live with “it all” as well.

And it’s not just the secret party in Madrid or Oslo that is the reason. And it’s not just the foreign that had this meeting, and it is not just this person who using the mask wrong and so on, and so on. That’s not the only reason for why the virus is “flourishing” so much again. It’s a bit more behind the “flourishing” then “just then this and that”.

The coronavirus will not disappear when we walks around and blame each other either. The virus is in our society for now, and, unfortunately, that’s the way it is. Be nice to each other instead. And don’t walk around with any kind of shame because you are positive with the virus. Maybe you feel ashame because you have been on a secret party, and maybe you got the virus from ther. But you can actually not know it for sure. Because maybe you also got it from someone in your family or your close contacts?

It’s important to follow the different restrictions as good as possible, and be nice to each other, including each other as best as possible during a difficult time. Instead of creating even more distance and a feeling of shame fulness.

I hope you are well, doing well and feel well 🧡. I hope you are following the different restrictions where ever you are,- even you feel they are “stupid”, or minimizing your “freedom” in one or another way 💚. The situation is more and less the same for “all and everyone”,- like the possibility for being affected by the coronavirus is more and less the same for “all and everyone” too.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Many people feel ashamed because they have got the coronavirus. And the reason why they feel ashamed is because of other peoples bad behaviour 😔. In the time we all are going through, I hope we can be more nice to each other instead of create even more distance that we already have. The different restrictions do already create distance. Do we need more distance then this?

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Feeling of discouragement 🥀😌 in a “new normal”…

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through 🧡

The infection of the coronavirus and the illness Covid19 continues to increase, in Spain, in Norway, in France, in Sweden, more and less all over the world 🌏. Some countries look down the borders again, and introduces curfew, others new and stricter restrictions.

People losing friends and family. People losing their jobs and income. People losing their homes and safety net. People are losing their hopes. It’s a feeling of discouragement 😔.

People can’t meet up with their family and friends like they want to either. In Spain we are just allowed to be maximum 6 person in a group… at the moment, butvthst can change from one day to another. We need to be home at 23.00 in the evening. Or actually I think this will be changed to 22.00 very soon. The police and military are looking after us so this restrictions are followed. We need to use masks all the time when we are not in our home 😷.

People can’t, or are recommended to not travel outside a country’s border, for visiting families and friends. In Andalucia the borders to other provinces are closed down at the moment.

The coronavirus and Covid19- situation are more and less the same all over the world. Some places less, some places more. And then this feeling of discouragement on top of it.

I have friends that haven’t seen their children and grandchildren this year. I have friends that are struggling with keeping their cafe “up and running”. I have friends that have lost their jobs. I have friends that have started to find daily peace in a bottle or two of wine. I have friends that are struggling with moving their butt from the sofa. I have friends that think they would not survive the virus or the life situation they are in. And I can really understand their feelings of discouragement.

How to manage keep the discouragement away in a situation like this? How can this be a “new normal”? It’s nothing “normal” with this situation.

Paiting nr 1: I did paint this in March 2020, and I did title it “From clear winter to growing Spring”. I thought maybe that was an possibility when I painted it in March. (The painting is 20*24 cm)

I did paint two paintings in March 2020. My plan was not to create them so colourless, and on top of that with sad colours too. But I didn’t manage to find the colours inside me. I tried to find hope and peace, but there’s a good touch of discouragement in both my paintings. I don’t like them very much, because they have the colours they have, and because they are a kind of a reminder about the start, the beginning of a difficult situation for so many people. The start and the beginning of “the corona- time”. And,- the colours in the paintings are not even “me” or “normal” for me and my paintings either. I even did try to title my paintings with a touch of hope, but they both should probably have a title with a touch of discouragement in instead.

I’m based in my home now at days. And Im very fine with that. I like to be home. I only goes out when I need to shop food or other necessary things. And now and then, not very often to meet some friends, or my children, but I actually prefer to invite my friends and children over to my home for a nice and cozy time instead. And I feel grateful, for in general I manage to keep this feeling of discouragement on distance. I try to focus on other things in life. Easy? Of course not,- the life, the society, everything around me, us all, reminds me and us, about the coronavirus, the Covid19, the difficult situation, the situation in the society and in the world.

I try my best to avoid to be infected by the coronavirus. I don’t want to be sick, and I don’t want anyone around me to be sick either.

But the whole situation feels unnatural for me. And I can’t see or understand that “this” will be “the new” normal. I don’t even know what “this new normal ” is. A feeling of discouragement can’t be a new normal.

Is using mask “all the time” a new normal? Or be sent home to bed at 23.00 in the evening? Or not hug the people you love? Or not be able to have a bigger “celebration” of any kind with more then 6 people? Or go around with a feeling of discouragement more and less all the time? Is it illness and sickness, worries and struggles, sadness and anxiety that are the “new normal”? Is changing of culture and traditions a new normal? Or not to be able to make plans? Just some few, small daily and maybe weekly plans?

I don’t hope so. I don’t hope this is the new normal. I hope that this “new normal” is something that will pass away, and bring us into a “normal” where there’s less of this different negative things and more positive directions for most of us 🍀. And much, much less feeling of discouragement for most people.

I’m not sure if I had this feeling of discouragement during March this year. I think I felt more unsure about the whole situation, the corona- situation, and the curfew, and the quarantine, and all the restrictions then discouragement. I did try to find a kind of hope in my paintings at that moment, instead I see today that both of my paintings actually reflects more discouragement then hope.

Hopefully there “something” good in thise two paintings, in one or and other way. Maybe at least in the wings and the titles? Maybe the wings fly away with the feeling of discouragement? I hope so 🧡.

After the rain comes the sun. I choose to believe that ☔ 🌞. I need to believe that 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are, – and I really hope you manage to remove the feeling of discouragement, even I know it’s difficult 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

Painting nr 2: I did title this painting “From colourful Autumn to shiny winter” ( size 18*24 cm). Can that be a possibility during this seasons? I’m not sure.

In the beginning of March we was suddenly in curfew and with very strict restrictions here in Spain. Our life was “turned” a bit “upside down”. I did paint two paintings in the beginning of the curfew. In my mind it was for hope. But now I can see it was a feeling of discouragement instead. I just didn’t knew that at that time. And ps- its not very often I say I don’t like my paintings,- but to honest I’m not the biggest fan of this two paintings at all. You can see the other painting in my text.

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