7 months is not even the Spanish “manana manana” 😳😅 ….or? 🤔

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Things takes time in Spain. Not all things, but actually still a lot, special when it comes to different constructing- works, public office work and a bit more. Also sometimes just standing in the line in the store can take a bit time. Let me put it this way,- I’m become a bit good to accept to wait for things here in Spain. As means also accepting that things probably never will happen,- like get a fiber net into my home. I at least thought 🙄.

As some of you know I’m teaching some Spanish students to learn Norwegian, and I’m using ordinary Norwegian teaching books and teaching materials.

In one of the books I’m using we are at the moment in the subject area of “studies, education and work”. And one of the questions in the capital we are going through was about different works- culture and traditions in different countries.

I needed to laugh a bit when my student told my that the work- culture in Spain was a bit “manana manana”,- because that’s so true 😅. It means “tomorrow tomorrow”. “We do it tomorrow”, “we will finish it tomorrow”,- and then it’s a new “tomorrow” again and again 🙄.

I have this experience in different areas myself when it come to waiting and “manana” here in Spain. Waiting for a new washing machine for severals weeks, or waiting for new wheels to my car, waiting for students to show up, waiting for money after doing some work, waiting for a date on a cafe, waiting for the bathroom to be fixed, waiting…. waiting….and waiting a bit more on and at different levels, things, stuffs 🙄. And I’m still not use to or comfortable with this “manana manana”. I still think its disrespected and I don’t like this part of the Spanish culture,- to be honest.

I have tried to change my internet for a while as some of you know, and the plan was actually to get fiber net into my home last summer. Jepp,- last summer. That never happen, and after 4 months of waiting I just cancelled the whole fiber net contract.

Different techniques and fitters come and went again without doing anything. Some said it wasn’t possible and some said “manana”. So to the end I did cancel the contract and order my own internet instead. A stable internet service, good connection and very functional everywhere as long as there are 4G in the area.

And yes it’s my own internet, in a way, because I can use it all over Spain and it’s not connected to any special company. I need to pay for the monthly use, of course, and I also needed to buy the internet box and sim- card. But it still in it’s own way my internet ,- and it’s in function 😊.

I’m working from my home and then a functional and stable internet it’s a must. If not I can’t do my work. No work, no income.

But suddenly last week I got an text message on my phone that the plan was to install fiber internett into my home. The technique actually did call me too. But to be honest, I actually didn’t believe it, or him. And I didn’t care very much about the message or time or appointment or nothing either. I have heard this so many times during the last months already 😅.

But,- the technique did actually come 🙄. And started to plug cables and move around my stuff in the livingroom. He was even under my working- desk when I was working 😅. I’m actually a bit happy no one did see that, because that “situation” could easily been a bit misunderstood 🤭.

And “vola” after 3 hours of work from the technique I got the fiber internett I order 7 months ago 😅. I think that’s the longest “manana manana” I have experienced so fare here in Spain 😅.

After having a unstable and expensive internet for to long- I have suddenly two different and very functional internet in my home 😅…and not to expensive either.

Well,- I actually don’t need two different internet in my home, but it’s not to bad to have a internet “back up” either 😊. Special after the different not best internet experiences I have had during the last years. But I should probably had this solution last year when we was around three persons who had home- office in my home for several months.

Well,- it’s an expression that say “better late then never”,- and I can be agree about that. And maybe I can work twice as much now since I have two different internet connections and solutions in my home? 😊

Like I mention,- I’m not the biggest fan of this “manana manana” attitude many have here in Spain, but what to do? It’s to find solutions on your own, or accept the things for what it is 😊. Or maybe hope that this “manana manana ” attitude will change one day? I’m not sure about that, because it’s, unfortunately, a part of the culture here in Spain. But it’s always allowed to hope 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

A bit work both outside and inside my home to manage to get the fiber internett,- but it’s in good function now 😊.

It’s different cultures and traditions in different countries all over the world 🌏,- also when it comes to the work- situation and the work- culture 🛠. Spain is a bit “famous” for the “manana manana” work- culture and attitude 🙄. A kind of “culture” and attitude I’m not the biggest fan of to be honest….special not when the “manana” takes 7 months 😅.

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I choose to wait a bit to greet the Irish leprechaun 🧚‍♂️😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Most countries have folk tales and legends, and also their own trolls, elves and various mysterious creatures of various kinds. Also Ireland 🧚‍♂️.

In Ireland they have this tiny little man, he is actually not more then around 75 cm high and looks like a man at the same time a bit like troll. He is called a leprechaun, and I have actually been writing some small articles about him now and then when a client has requested it. So in many ways I have “encountered” a leprechaun and two in my own texts and through research.

A leprechaun is neither evil nor good, but a little prankster who can just as easily trick you a little as to help you.

He comes from a mysterious land, perhaps a land under the sea, and often his job is a shoemaker.  It is said that he is quite rich, and has a pot full of gold coins at the end of the rainbow.  But it is not so easy to meet a leprechaun, because he likes it best at dawn or at dusk.  A leprechaun is nice, welcoming and hospitable, it is said.  And if you are lucky enough to meet him then he is required to tell you where the gold is, and maybe he will give you a wallet of money that never runs out.

I do like this little mystery man, at least what I do know about him during textes and research. And in my mind I think that the people in Ireland are maybe a bit like an leprechaun? Nice, welcoming and hospitable, and also a good helper with a touch of humor? At kesdt the people I actually have met from Ireland are like this 😊.

Last week I got a job offer from Ireland/ Cork, with the possibility for maybe meeting a leprechaun- if I choose to take the job and move to Ireland. Not because the job is about leprechaun, but because the job is in Ireland 😅. And the salary was quite okay too, for me it’s seems like a tiny little pot of gold coins. Well,- not quite, but a salary a bit better and more then I have at the moment, that’s for sure.

The job offer sounds, to be honest, incredibly interesting. It’s about healthcare and medicine, but I need to move to Ireland. And I’m not sure how ready I’m for moving to another country during an pandemi.

It’s feels actually challenges enough to live in Spain during an pandemi, so how will it be to move to another country where I don’t know anyone, and also need to work in a home office because of the pandemi? And where there’s even higher red corona- numbers then here in Spain?

I don’t think my daughter is quite ready to let me move to fare away from her yet either. But little by little and step by step she will soon live on her own again, and the situation will be different.

And I have also something else I feel I need to find out a tiny bit about before I maybe choose to leave Spain one day,- and that is actually something with a man. It’s difficult to explain, because I’m not quite sure what I feel, think or believe anymore when it comes to relationship, and this boyfriend/ girlfriend- thing. I’m actually not sure if I want to be in, or have any relationship again. Or even believe in relationship anymore. I’m not sure if it’s worth it,- but still I’m a bit curious about this man for reasons I can’t explain at the moment.

Not the best reason for not take this job offe in Ireland, but yes, I need to admit I actually want to try to find out why I have this man on my mind now and then. (…okay, maybe he is a bit more on my mind then now and then 😊).

TBut still the main reason why I didn’t took this job offer in Ireland this time is the pandemi and all the different challenges and restrictions that are following the pandemi and are around this situation, and also my children, my daughter. I can’t move away from her yet.

At the same time I need to admit that if things had been different, if there hasn’t been any pandemi and I knew my daughter was ready, I have probably said yes to this job offer and moved to Ireland. I don’t think the choice has been very difficult. Because the job sounds very interesting, and the salary was not to bad either, and a fare as I know, Ireland, under normal circumstances, can be very interesting to live in and explore 😊.

Free shiping over 69$

I should really wish I could do the job from Spain,- but unfortunately I can’t. And that’s the way it is at the moment. That’s a part of the life, that’s life.

Anyway,- I’m very happy and grateful for get this job offer, even I didn’t say yes,- and maybe one day in the future, when the pandemi is over and things are a bit more “calm down”,- who knows,- maybe I move to Ireland and meet the leprechaun? And also maybe do some exacting and interesting work as well😊 ? With a pot of gold coins as my salary? I don’t know, but it is nothing wrong to have some dreams 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

I didn’t have any “real” leprechaun in my home,- this are the closest ones I will come a leprechaun for awhile and his tiny pot of gold coins in the end of the rainbow at the moment 🧚‍♂️😊

It’s not the easiest time for some moving to a new and other country now at days, not even when a interesting job offer drops up during an pandemi 📝,- and maybe even the possibility for meeting a nice and polite leprechaun 🧚‍♂️. So I choose to wait a bit, and continue my life in Spain for a while 😊.

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One year and 50 % at home 😊 🎧

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Last week was one year since I started in the costumer service agent job I’m working at now. One year, and it has went so fast.

I remember my first day very well, it felt a bit like coming home. But that’s because I have been working for this company before, just in an other department. And I also did enjoy working for this company at that time as well as I do now. So I think that’s also a reason why it felt a bit like “coming home” because it was just not a familiar place, but also a place where I like to be and work 😊.

First time I did also work as an customer service agent, but at that time for travels and trips. I liked that job, but because of the IS and all the “trouble” they manage to create around in the world it became less and less people that wanted to travel for a while, and then it was less work to do as well 😔.

Now I’m working as a costumer service agent for clothes, and I really like my job. In general nice and happy costumer, and a working schedule that suits me very well. I can combine this job with my teaching job and my online freelance work as well. And my hobbies too 😊. It feels for me like I can combine my jobs with my life 😊. Something I really enjoy to do.

It’s a bit busy days for me at the moment, but that’s because I need to save up money so I can manage to move my children and my stuff from Norway to Spain during one of the first months in 2021. And that’s just the way it is.

Except from this business because of my own online work I have at the moment, I feel I have the “perfect” working- situation for me. And special because I’m working from home …. again 😊. I so enjoy to work from home. I need to follow the working schedule and be on the phone at time, be at work on time, but still it feels like a freedom to just walk down from my bedroom and then straight to my livingroom and to my job 😊.

I do my daily morning routines like take a shower, dress up a bit and I eat my breakfast beforeI start working. In general do the things I did in the mornings when I was working at the office, but I have a bit shorter “walk” to my job now. I like that. And I can sleep a bit longer too. I like that as well. And in general I actually have a bit more time when I work from my home, then when I was working from the office. And who doesn’t like to have a bit more time? 😊 Well,- at least I do 😊.

Like I mention,- I have been working for this company one year now, and during this year I have been working over 50 % of the time from my home. The reason is called “the corona- situation”.

The “corona- situation” is not any “ideal” situation for most of us, but at the same time I need to admit, if it hasn’t been for the “corona- situation” I haven’t had this working from home situation that’s suits me so well.

So to be honest,- even I know some will think it’s not a good thing to be grateful for, “the corona- situation”, I’m in my own way grateful for having this opportunity to work from home. But,- it is because of the “corona- situation” Im working from my home. Something ( I’m repeating my self now 😅) but I’m actually very grateful and happy for this working from home opportunity. Special because I have more time and it’s even easier now to both combine my teaching job as well as my freelance online job. And yes, my hobbies 😊.

I do all my jobs on the computers. I have one computer from the company I’m working in as a costumer service agent, and then I use my private computer/ laptop for the teaching job and my freelance online works. I just need to turn around when I am finish at one job, and then I can do and continue my other work.

I’m teaching my students on Skype now, and even my students have found out that it’s “easier” for them to go to their laptop and have lessons together with me, then come to my home. They are saving time as well. They are even meeting up on time, and don’t miss lessons 📚.

In some or another way all my jobs are about costumer service in different ways and settings, but it is about “serve” the different costumers as best as I can. If it’s to take an order or answer questions about products, or write a text about some kind of information or “serve” my students some knowledge about the Norwegian language or satisfy costumers in other ways. It’s still a kind of costumer service and jobs I actually like to do. Happy costumers in or another way makes also my working day easier, and me happy as well. And to be able to do this from my home it’s perfect for me 😊.

But one year ago I didn’t imagine that I should been working from my home as much as I have done this year. I don’t think anyone did. And now at days many people are having home office because of “the corona- situation”. Some like it, some don’t. But we are all different. Something that suits someone it’s not sure suits someone else. Like in most cases and situations in life.

How my working situations will be next year is difficult to tell. But I think I’m going to work from home for a while because of the corona- situation. Hopefully 100 %, and during the whole year, just do all my work from home. That would be very nice 😊.

Even there maybe will be a vaccine for the coronavirus during next year, thing still takes time. Also and special to find out and see how this “speed up created” vaccine is working out. It’s not sure it has the effect the government and the health professionals think. So until then I think it will be for the best to just work from home all the time all next year 😊.

I do miss my colleagues, but I have them in Teams and What’s Up, and we do chat up there 😊. And when I’m not at work I’m in general not spending time together with most of my colleagues anyway, its mainly during the work, working hours, working day and working situation I’m together with my colleagues.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

My costumer service agent office in my home 😊🎧

I have been working for the same company a year now, and 50 % of this time I have been working from my home. For me it’s a perfect working situation as well as a life- and living situation 😊. I hope and wish for 100 % next year 😌. It makes me happy to work from my home 🥰.

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Oh,- I’m back in “my corner” again 😊💻

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m back home in “my corner” again, and it feels so great to be able to just work from home again- all the time, just not part time 😊.

I did work from home during this Spring too, because of the quarantine and curfew in Spain. But at that time it felt a bit different then now. This Spring didn’t quite felt the same way as it was for around 2 years ago either. When I also did work from home, in my homeoffice- corner as a freelancer writer 😊.

I did like to work from my home, in my corner two years ago. It was just a tiny big challenge in the end,- it was not to much freelance work to get over a longer period. And with no work there are either no income. So then I needed to find another job. Salary and income it’s a bit important as we all know. Food, electricity, water and a place, hopefully a home, to sleep and stay costs money.

During this Spring when we “all” from the office was moved home to work from home, because of the quarantine and curfew, it felt a bit different to work from home. It was still good to work from home, but different.

My oldest son and his friend also was working from home, in my home, at that time. Because we all lived together at that moment. And our “freedom” to be able to go outside was very “amputated” too. The situation felt differently at that time. Probably because it was a new situation, and also not a choice. We didn’t had any choice. We was not allowed to move outside except for buying food, and a very few other situations. And it was the same with the work- situation, we was not allowed to work at the office under the curfew and quarantine.

I did work at the office one week under the curfew and quarantine. The first week, and it felt a bit like freedom to just be able to go to work, go outside the door for a tiny little while. So the freedom to work from home now and during this Spring are a bit different, because the situation is different. I’m working from my home, there’s no one else around me, just me 😊.

During this summer we was moved back to the main office, and it was great to meet and see my colleagues again 😊. But the office environment was a bit noisy to work in,- so I didn’t enjoyed it to much to be back at the office, except from meeting my colleagues 😊.

Now it feels like freedom to be able to work from home again, in my lovely working corner in my livingroom 😊. Its nice, its cozy and its silent,- so it’s a bit better and easier to get the correct focus on my job, and the different taskes that needs to be done, instead of being disturb by a lots of noise 📢.

And,- I also need to admit that, even I when I really like most of my colleagues, there are some “souls” that’s fine to have a distance to, and now I have 😊. We are all different, and there are some people we do connect better with then others, and that’s the way it is.

I have more time too, now when I’m working from home, and I like that 😊. Even I need to be on the phone and online during my schedule working hours, I still have more time. I don’t need to drive to work and back from work, for example 🚗.

The atmosphere is more relaxed and then I get more relaxed too, as well as I slowly feel like I get more energy back 🤸‍♀️.

It feels also like freedom to be able to do closely what ever I want after work as well. No one else to be responsible for then just myself, no kids that needs to be “picked up” “here and there”. But there are still some restrictions to follow,- like I need to be home before 23.00 and Im not allowed to move out from the provincen Andalucia, and I need to remember to use my mask. I can meet friends in the area, go to the store or just a nice walk in the park if I want 😊. It’s a good feeling, this “freedom- feeling”. At the same time as I’m very careful now at days to move to much around, because it’s high positive “corona- numbers” here in Spain at the moment.

I’m not sure for how long we are going to work from home this time, but because of the coronavirus and the corona- situation in Spain, the high positive corona- numbers and also high numbers of the Covid19 illness, I think at least we are going to be working from home for the rest of this year. This strange 2020 year. But I don’t know. Things can change very fast.

I hope I can be in “my home office corner” for a while now. I like to work here, it’s peaceful, and I also don’t need to be exposed for the coronavirus to much either when I’m working from home.

I do follow the different restrictions like wearing my mask, are home before 23.00 in the night, I don’t travel out of Andalucia province when Im not home, but I don’t visiting to many different places at the moment, just the necessary ones 😊.

All I can say, one more time,- it feels great to be back in “my corner” 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Me ,- enjoying to be back home in “my corner” 😊

The corona- situation in Spain are not good, the infection continues to increase, and we are back to the home office again 🎧. I’m very happy to be back in “my corner”, my own home office in a corner in my livingroom 😊.

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A holiday with sun and rain both mental and physical 💧🏖

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I have one week holiday at the moment,- and I’m enjoying every second of it, actually I do 🌞.

So fare it has been an very nice holiday at the same time a bit strange. It has been sunshine and it has been rain,- both in my soul and outside the door. I have been thinking a lot about the life and what I want to do. It’s not easy to manage “all and everything” at ones, but some days ago I really felt I was in “a rush” to live it all on the same time.

Manage dreams, goals, wishes,- but that’s not impossible. A friend from my teenages years just passed away some days ago, just 48 years old,- and it was probably by a heartache. Then a lost of thoughts dropped by my mind, natural enough. Thoughts about the life. What to fill the life up with? What’s important in life, my life, for me,- and not my life for all and everyone else. ( …because many of us have a “bad” habit to satisfy all and everyone else, and do things that’s not correct for them just to “please” others- I have been there myself….).

Because it’s very easy actually my life is my life- not anyone else. Selfish? I don’t think so,- but of course it depends a bit what you do in your life and how your acts actually affect other people around you in a good or a bad way 🧡.

This is my first holiday this year I can do what ever I want when ever I want without taking any other consideration then to myself.  I live alone now, and I enjoy every second of this alone time.  And I enjoy it even more now that I have a holiday 🏖.

I’m not doing very much, at the same time as I actually does 😊. But I do what I want in my own tempo. Like I mention in my last post,- I have been thinking a lot about the life, and also the new epoch in my life, and I have choose to believe that I’m standing on a new the start- line too, in my life 😊. If I’m not happy in my life, then I don’t think the people I’m sourrende by either will be happy, or even like to be together with and by me.

I have just been on my own for around 3 weeks. Living alone. It’s just three weeks since my last babyduck moved out. The first weekend without my daughter was a tiny little bit hard 😅. I did miss her so badly. I felt lonely and lonesome,- and it’s not very often in my life I do that. A tiny “new” experiences, and I even felt a bit restless, also something I dont feel very often 😊. But it didn’t last very long 😊.

I have plans and dreams, wishes and hopes, even some goals I want to try to reach,- and for to be able to do that I need to do something for it 😊. Create plans, create strategies, be structured and also targeted and purposeful 😊. And remember, – one step at the time 😊. So I have done a bit of that. I have also been writing some freelance articles, actuallybern working in my holiday, – something I really like to have and use my time on, to write.

I have made some teaching plans for my two students too. Yes,- that’s correct,- I’m a teacher and then it’s a bit difficult to just not teach, so it became two students instead of one 📚. I have some economic goals I want to reach too, so I’m going to work a bit extra during this autumn and winter. I’m not going to reach my goals if I don’t do something with them 😊.

My own Spanish language studies I’m going to start on in January. Like I mention, – on step at the time 😊. But to make good plans and strategies are a good start too. Even when I’m not going to start up with some of my plans before next year 😊.

I have created some small daily plans and goals I want to manage and reach every day, – and so fare so good. It’s easier to reach small goals, and just a couple at the time 😊 But I have some weekly and monthly goals too,- like I said,- step by step 😊.

I have been enjoying the sun and spent some hours with the pool. I have being watching some series at the television and also been knitting 🧶. Because it has also been raining during this holiday. And it has been a while since I had the possibility to knit,- so that was very nice to do, and relaxing as well 😊.

I had a really nice lunch together with a Spanish friend of my one of this days. Great and good talks actually, deep talk,- about the life. About dreams and wishes, and how to try to reach them 😊. Because we all have dreams and wishes in life,- I’m not an exception there 😉. And it felt also very good to talk with someone about my thoughts around this friend from my teenages years that just passed away.

I’m going to meet two other friends as well for sushi in my home,- something I’m really looking forward to. It’s a long time since I have seen them both, so it’s going to be so nice to see them again and have good talks with them both 😊.

And I’m going to visit my daughter too, something I’m looking forward to as well 🥰. It will be so good to see her again, hug her a bit too 🥰.

Next week I’m starting at work again and my plan is also to start up again with ny regular workout and exercises next week. Phu,- I know that one is going to be hard in the beginning,- but if I manage to keep it going regular now,- with out to many disturbances in my life, I know I will manage it 🤸‍♀️. But sometimes in life it’s more important to take care of the different “disturbances” that shows up in life, and put other things “on hold” for a while 😊. I don’t regret that I have put “my things and stuffs” “on hold” this year at all,- because I did it for my children,- and they are worth “it all” 🧡,- and actually not a disturbances either,- but I do think you know what I mean? 😊

It has so fare been an relaxing and refreshing holiday, both in my mind, soul and for the nature. The rain refresh the nature as the rain (deep thoughts ) inside my soul did refresh my mind in it is own way 💧🍀. To be at the pool and just enjoy the sun made me relaxed as well as when I see progress in my “work” in my homecorner- office too 😊. I’m actually “created” a bit like that,- I relax when I do work I’m enjoying, even it’s actually work 😊. But step by step,- I have learned that now,- I can’t rush to reach my goals,- just work and use the time it takes,- and hopefully reach what I’m working for one day 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Try to enjoy the small things in the days 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

From “my” pool one of the sunny days this week 🌞

It has so fare been an relaxing  and refreshing holiday, both in my mind, soul and for the nature. The rain refresh the nature as the rain (deep thoughts ) inside my soul did refresh my mind in it is own way 💧🍀. To be at the pool and just enjoy the sun made me relaxed as well as when I see progress in my “work” in my homecorner- office too 😊.

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