A chronic disorders is in general invisible 😴🤕

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

I have a chronic disorders, but most people I’m sourrende by don’t know that,- because in general I’m actually fine and it doesn’t “shows” outside at my body that I have a chronic disorders either. And in general I actually don’t talk or tell to much about the disease, and the disease doesn’t bother me to much, in general.

You can’t see the disease on me on daily basis, and in general it doesn’t effect me to much on daily basis either, so in it’s own way it is “invisibl”, except from when Im not very well. And,- when I’m “sick” I’m actually home in my bed. Because it’s “knock me” totally out. Natural enough.

An other thing is that I don’t want to be the illness, I just have it and for me that’s quite a bit different. Many people have this tiny bad habit to not be able to see the difference between be and have. I’m not the disease, I have it,- and in general I’m actually not very sick anymore,- but there are days and periods I still do struggle with the disease. Like I have done in July and August this year. I can “brag” about that I have priority my children, and that’s also true,- but I have also priority my children because I can’t priority “everything” at the moment. I’m actually not to well at the moment, but I’m trying my best to be well 😊.

In general I manage my work and my daily life, but then sometimes,- like I mention,- it’s totally knocks me out 🙄. And lately it has knocked me very much out, but I have still managed my work,- but that’s more and less what I actually have manage too. And I do feel like I’m a squeezed orange now, and soon it’s not very much juice to squeeze out anymore. I don’t like that feeling to be honest 😔.

Many call the illness I have for ME/CFS, also called for PEM. And for 14 years ago it I was probably in that category. I was in my bed for “just” 6 months, something that’s not to bad with this kind of disease. And last time the disease “knocked me” totally out was for about 6 years ago, and I “enjoyed” my bed for around 3 months. In general I have been very well, and had just bad days or shorter periods, and very good years, lately 😊.

I can quickly become very exhausted and burnt out, but I often know what is causing it to happen. Mostly I manage to be in control so that I do not get tired of fatigue and burnout, but not always. 

As most of us know, we can not always control external events.  And this year there have been various outside events that I have not been able to control, which in turn has led to me having a very low energy level now, – or “flat battery” as I call it. Or maybe like an empty ballon 🎈 .

And it’s low, my battery, very low, but lucky for me, still not empty…….yet. But it can soon be empty now, so I’m very careful with what I’m using my energy and “body battery” on at the moment. I need to do some priority so I don’t get totally empty. Because if I come there where I’m totally empty, there’s no battery left it will takes a bit longer time to “refill” it,- if I can explain it that way. And I don’t want that.

It can actually take months, maybe even years to “refill” up my battery and energy level,- and I don’t want that. I really like my bed 😊,- but for more normal sleep and maybe some other fun activities 😉. But not to stay there, in my bed, like “forever”.

I have enough “battery” to manage my work at the office, and also a bit in my home, and also be a taxi driver for my young adults children at the moment. And do the most important things in our home. My children are helping me, because they know how it “all is” when I m on a “low level”.

But,- that’s more and less what I have manage the, maybe, two last months now. And I know I need to be very careful now,- if not, if I m not careful now, I can’t be able to work, but be on a sick leave,- and in bed with pain. I really don’t want that to happen. I have been there,- and that was not very fun at all.

A chronic disorders sounds very serious,- and of course it in general is. But at the same time,- it’s completely possible to live a “normal” life with a chronic disorders. It’s not like you are sick all the time. It depends on what kind of disease it is. I’m in general not sick anymore, but then it comes days or periods where I’m struggling. Like now.

Its pain in my body, all over, and I feel like I’m burning under my skin, or like I have fever, but I still don’t have any fever. I’m very, very tired and I can’t manage to much or to many things. Noises and sounds is not very good, and the light from lights can be “a pain in the ass” too 😅. For some strang reasons are not the light from the sun to bad.

It’s feels like I have “the day after” without drinking any alcohol and without the headache, or hangover. Just feel like my body has been “knocked down”. And sometimes even to go to the toilet can be a bit of a “travel” 😅.

It’s so much better to explain how it “all” feels when I’m “not on top”,- but when I’m not “on top”, I haven’t very much energy to write or talk. So,- then it’s difficult to explain it at that time too 😊. But I’m trying my best here to explain,- because I know in general you can’t see I’m not feel very well. And I know that. (…. and I’m vain too 😅, so I try my best to look okay even at not my best days. Of course I can forget to be vain on my worst days, but I have some days that are a bit comsi comsa,, and that days I do my best to “believe” I’m okay and be as vain as I can 😊. )

I’m not sure why I got this chronic disease, but probably I did pressed my body, my brain, my limit fare over the limit 14- 15 years ago, and then I got an pneumonia,- and that’s was probably enough for my body and my immune system. It couldn’t handle anything more and put me on a big break and timeout.

In general the doctors and other health professionals do not fully agree on the cause of the disease.  It is researched, written, documented.  For me it is no longer important to know why I got sick, for me it is important to know how I can avoid getting so sick again that I stay in bed for weeks and months.

I know like shopping centre is not a very good thing for me to stay to long, or at big parties and events with a lots of people and noises and sounds. To much alcohol is not good either, so I don’t drink alcohol very ofte or to much,- but yes I take a glass of wine now and then, even more if I have a good period 😊.

I need to have in general about 8 hours sleep, but can manage less for a couple of days. I need to eat regularly, and I also need to do some kind of workout regularly too.

Today it’s one of the better days during this “not to good period”,- and that’s why I’m able to write too 😊.

I think I m not “on top” at the moment because of the situation we are living in. It has been people in my home since February,- and then not just my kids. It has been different kinds of changes and challenges, small as well as big during this corona- situation.

I have helped to move out and in many times during this last months,- and just not into my home, but also helped other people with their moving.

It’s not “silent” in my home anymore,- and I’m in general never alone 😊. At the office it’s a lots of music and different noises and sounds,- something that really are a “energy eater”. Well for me at least 😊.

I have asked the company about working from my home again for a while, just until Im a bit better, because it was a bit better for me to work from my home, special when it comes to all the different sounds and noises as are the office at the moment. I don’t know if the company will allowed it, but I hope so. Because I know it will help me to be better sooner 😊.

And at the moment I need to priority what I can do and can’t do/ can use my energy on/ can not use it on. And I don’t like that to much.

For example I don’t priority my friends now, not in Spain, not in Norway, – and that’s not just because it’s a lots of traffic in my home, and my priority is my children,- but also because I have no energy to do it. Chat up or meet up, or even texting.

But okay that’s the way it is,- I know that if I’m not going to empty my battery totally now,- this is, unfortunately, one if the things I can’t use my energy on. One of several things I can’t priority if I want to be better. It doesn’t feels very well, but that’s the way it is. Hopefully I have some few friends left when I have a bit more energy and battery then I have at the moment.

It’s so much more I could and probably should “explain” about this disease and how it is when I have this “not to good days at all”. But like I mention,- it’s not so easy to explain it “all” when I do feel okay, because then I feel fine and in some strange way can’t (or just don’t want) to remember the not to good days.

So,- that’s also why I haven’t been writing to much lately,- it’s not just because of the priority to my children, but also because I haven’t been feeling very well,- and needed to choose to not use any energy on my blog too, unfortunately.

Hopefully I will be better day by day,- and “chat up” with my readers as well as my friends 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon, – I hope 😊.

Me,- not on my best day, but not on my worst either with a “low battery level”.

I’m not complaining, but trying to explaing how it is when I’m on a flat battery level 😊. I know I’m actually very lucky and have in general most “normal” days with a “flat battery disease ” 🥰. But lately it has been very low power 😅, but I’m trying to “refresh” my bodymotor as best as I can 😊.

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Isn’t dental health health too? 😁💚😷

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

In this time we are in, the corona- time, a pandemi- time, the focus is about health, of course. Not the health in general at the same time, the health in general. The focus is to find a vaccine, and some kind of protect as well as a kind of cure, as well as why some became more sick from the Covid19 the others, and why some actually don’t get sick at all even they have the virus, and then again, some are actually also are immune for the coronavirus and Covid19.

My text today is not about the coronavirus or Covid19, to be honest, even there’s written so much about both the virus and the illness I still do feel I have to little fact information to write my own post about it. The reason is actually very easy,- it’s not because I don’t read about the virus or the sickness, it’s because it’s so much different information. Yes, different information. So I’m not always sure what’s true and what’s not true. But in general I think I have got the “picture” I need about the world- situation, the virus and the sickness.


Health is in away the opposite of sickness,- and I try to be as healthy as I can, in a way that feels good and correct for me, my body and my mind. I try to eat healthy and be nice with my body, and when this pandemi started I also put a new “thing” into my “healthy- schedule”,- to drink a fresh lemon juice shot with a tiny touch of honey in every morning. The reason for this is very easy,- someone told me it will improve my immune system 🍋. And during the time we live in my immune system needs all the good things I can give 😊.

Health is a bit more and different then just a virus, and also a squeezed lemon 😊. It’s what we eat, it’s about moving the body a bit, it’s about our mind. WHO’ s short definition for health is: “A perfect state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of illness, or weakness.  Health is about the ability and capacity to cope and adapt to life’s inevitable difficulties, and to live a social and productive life. ”  and an impression of what health is and involves, even though we also have different perceptions of good health.

And in this we think food and workout, medical doctors and different treatments and so on for our body as well as our mind is health,- but I just wonder where does the dental health comes in?

I wonder about this because to visit a public doctor or a public hospital is more or less free in both Norway and Spain, and even various treatments are free, although there are some deductibles here and there.  But a “public” dentist costs money, a lot of money, both in Norway and Spain.  And a private one is even more expensive.  Besides, there is not really anything called “public” dentist.  Why are there this different viewed in an economic perspective? Why is it so expensive to visit the dentist, and not a doctoror a hospital?

I have heard arguments such as suffering and expensive education, expensive extermination, danger of infection, danger of injury ect – but all that applies to a medically trained doctor too?  So still, I do not understand why it is a high financial expense to go to the dentist? Special when our physical health actually starts in our mouth and with our teeth.

How and why starts our physical (and also mental) health in our mouth and teeth? Very easy,- it’s the first stop for our food. We can’t eat if we don’t put the food in our mouth and it is a bit difficult to swallow the food if we don’t chewing the food, and to chew the food we need teeth, healthy teeth and a gum without too many inflammations.


But if something happens with your teeth or you get in inflammation in your gum it can be difficult and even very painful to eat, to chew,- and then a visit to the dentist is necessary. But,- many, including me, can’t afford a visit to the dentist because of the experiences it actually is to visit a dentist. Then what to do?

It’s many people that actually just need to try to do the best of their teeth- situation, and just can’t visit a dentist. Some are able to save up some money and can go to the dentist a bit later, and some can actually visit the dentist right away.

And if the teeths are not in the best “condition” we don’t eat the food that will be best for our health, because to eat and chew can be a bit painful process. For example to eat an apple or a hot dinner, nuts or something else can be so painful that’s its easier to eat a bit softer Big Mac instead 🍔. (It’s just an example 😊).

To cold food, or to warm food, or to hard food, or to spice food can be painful to eat, and then we find other solutions for food, and maybe not to healthy either. The solution for some can even just be eating soup after a while because of the teeths “health”.

In short version, – when the selection of foods, healthy foods are narrowed in because the food has to be adjusted to the pain levels in the mouth and teeth, it can quickly become both unhealthy food, and malnutrition – and it goes beyond both physical and mental health and well-being.

And as longer time it also goes between the dentist visit, or with the different damages in the teeths and mouth as more expensive can a dentist visit be, and more damage can be done.

Of course, we have to take care of our teeth on our own, – it’s not the dentist’s responsibility.  We have to perform good dental hygiene ourselves to minimize damage to teeth and gums.  To brush teeth at least twice daily, use toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash to maintain good dental health, but nonetheless, damage can occur, gaps in the teeth and infection of the gums can occur. What to do then when you can afford a visit to the dentist?

And if you don’t go to the dentist the infection and inflammation in your gums can be worse and even create damage, inflammation and infection in other organs in your body.

So in my mind good health in general, also, starts in our mouth and teeth, not just the food we eat. And,- even when we practice good dental care in our home every day both damage and inflammation in our teeth and mouth can happen. But because of the experiences a visit to the dentist is, many people don’t visit the dentist, even they should because of infection and damage on their teeth or gums that’s again can create badly food health,- and so on.

Let me put it this way,- we eat and drink because our body and mind need food. But we can still be sick, a virus or infection can cause illness, or we can break a leg. We go to the medical centre, or hospital, we get help and treatment and in most cases we get well, and we feel well 💚.

If the teeths and gums are infected we also should be able to visit a dentist in the same way as we visit the hospital or a medical doctor,- but it’s not like that, special because of the experiences. So with a not to good dental health the quality of food can be less, and the body health can be infected too. And another thing,- if we don’t feel comfortable with our teeth we hide our beautiful smile, or even worse, stop smiling. And to smile, give and get a smile is also health, – health in the mental area.

I’m not sure if you understand what I do mean and what I’m trying to tell you? It was so much easier to explain it all in my mind and head, then in written form and not even in my native language 😅.

Anyway,- what I want to say is that dental health and care is as important as physical and mental health because it is all linked together.  We need teeth and mouth so we can eat, and we need food for the body to function. But it’s a bit different to visit a dentist for help then visit a medical doctor, and the biggest difference is the economic expenses between a medical doctor and a dentist.

That was just some thoughts, my thoughts that there’s not to much different between the body health and the teeth health, but it is still a difference between the visit to a medical doctor and a dentist. And I just wonder why? Because in my mind dental health is health too, both physical and mental health 😁. And my experience is that to visit a dentist can be a unforeseen high costs, because it is expensive to get the necessary dental treatment.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😁

I’m trying my very best to take care of my teeth, mouth and gum 😁.

How and why starts our physical (and also mental) health in our mouth and teeth? Very easy,- it’s the first stop for our food. We can’t eat if we don’t put the food in our mouth and it is a bit difficult to swallow the food if we don’t chewing the food, and to chew the food we need teeth, healthy teeth and a gum without too many inflammations. So why is it then a difference between a visit to the medical doctor and the dentist?

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13 years of exclusion ⏳🍂🍃

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡.

Bullying other people can be done in different ways, with both silence and exclusion, or ugly words and even punches and kicks.  Both are bullying, just done in different ways.  Both of them hurt the victim of bullying,- badly,- maybe for life.

Why is someone being bullied?  Why do other bullies become?  I don’t have the right answer. I can only assume.

Bullying is happening all over the world, and both children and adults are being bullied.  There are also children who bully, and there are adults who bully.  There is bullying at school, there is bullying at work, and in different private areas too.

Who are the victims of the bullying?  What makes someone vulnerable to bullying while others get away?  Who are the bullies?  What causes some to bully others?  Is it envy?  Insecurity?  Words and conversations the bully has heard from the adults from home around the dinner table?


I don’t have the facet or the answers.  What I do know is that being subjected to bullying for a long time does something to a human mind, its thoughts about its self, its intrinsic value, and it’s not positive.

What I suppose may be the reason why others are bullied is insecurity, envy, and the difficulty of themselves, maybe different challenges in their home, with their parents? I don’t know, I can only assume.

What I do know is that being bullied destroys.  It destroys self-esteem, self-confidence, belief in oneself, belief in others.  Bullying can even kill. And have killed many young and adult hearts as well as lifes. But in some few cases being bullied can make a person incredibly strong too. If they did survived the years of bullying.

I don’t have many experiences of being bullied or bullied myself – but I know how difficult it can be to feel alone, to feel failure and to not fit in.  It is not a good experience. It’s not the same as being bullied for years, but I can recognize the feeling a bully victim experiences and has.  I write recognizing, because I don’t really know how unbelievably bad it is to be banned, kept outside the “group of friends” with silence, or exposed to hurtful words. I just can have an imagination about it, and the awful feelings its gives the one who experiences this.


I don’t know where a bully comes from.  I also don’t know why anyone is being bullied. I know that we do not like everyone, that we do not fit well with everyone. We’re all different, but that’s not reason enough to bully. But is seems to be more coincidence who becomes a bully victim, it is not quite so random who becomes a bully.  Something to think about.

Some people I like better than others, and so it is for all of us.  That’s the reality! But it gives no reason to bully, it gives reason to behave with respect and acceptance for the inequalities. Be polite and attentive. Neither more nor less.

I know about a young girl, she turns 19 this summer.  For 13 years, all the years she attended elementary school, junior high and high school, she has been kept out of the group of friends.  In fact, she doesn’t have a single good friend.  She has never been met with ugly words or punches, but she has been met with silence and austerity, lack of invitations to festivities and company.

She has even invited “friends” to parties and celebration in her home, even with various entertainment.  There have been movie nights and game nights in their garage ceiling.  Her mother has helped her make parties and fun friends evenings.  Her mother has done everything in her power to prevent her daughter from being lonely, being held outside, being shut up, being met with silence.  Her mother has recorded the graduation with teachers at the school, and with parents.  Her mum has also tried not to “interfere” and see if it helped.

Her mom has arranged more for her daughter than I ever did for my 3 kids together.  Just to help her daughter “on her way” to “create” some kind of friendship with others children, and later, teenagers.

I admire her mom for her endeavor, and I admire her daughter who has not “puked out” just because of exclusion and silence from “friends” for 13 years.

And the “friends” has also “shown up” at the different events she and her mammi has created, but not for spending time with her,- just to have a place to be for a while. Have fun for a while, just not with her.

There is nothing “wrong” with this young girl at all.  She is smart, school-savvy, she does not have a “weird” look, rather terse, she is a beautiful girl.  She has various interests and hobbies – fortunately, and she is engaged in her interests and hobbies too.  She has managed to get her driverlince, and she got a little extra job at a gas station too. She is a silent, young girl, but whom hasn’t been that after 13 years with “silent” from “friends”. She doesn’t take up very much place in a room, like some has a habit to do,- but that’s no reason to keep her “outside”.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t find a single good reason for this young girl to be bullied and extorted, and met with silence.

I’m impressed with her, her courage.

And her courage really came to light last Sunday.  All her school friends have had different parties and events this spring to celebrate that 13 years of schooling are now over. Parties and events that she has not been invited to.  She even asks about joining, being allowed to participate, and being met with silence, met with lies and met with no answers, but she has seen the various events through various social media channels, which  a spectator.  For some reason, she was still invited to champagne, breakfast on Sunday, May 17th.  And she showed up!  I had never shown up – simply because I hadn’t dared to even sit down to hear about yesterday’s fun party that I wasn’t invited to, and also because of the feeling of being excluded all the time, during so many years.

This is the very, very short version,- 13 years is a long time. And I could probably have told you so much more, and written down so many examples.

Now, finally, a new chapter in her life begins, a new opportunity to make friends.  In the Autumn this year she starts at university, in a place where no one knows her.  Something that gives her the opportunity for a fresh, new start – and the opportunity to “escape” from all those who, for one or the other strange reasons, have kept her banned from the group of friends, met her with silence.

I’m not sure how I have handle this, 13 years with trying to create friendship, trying to get some friends,- but just be met with silence. But like she says, – you actually and unfortunately, get use to it. That’s the sad thing, and at the same time,- this life experience she has got because of this exclusion has probably made her stronger in a way I don’t understand.

She will “survive”, and she will manage different challenges in life perfectly. She have strong parents behind her back too. But,- unfortunately there are so many children, teenagers and adults that who can’t manage the different challenges that bullying makes, and don’t survive.

I don’t know why some is being bullied and others become a bully.  But bullying damages, destroys.  I also do not know how we can prevent anyone from being bullied and avoid creating bullies.

We are all created different, we are all different, we all will be accepted for who we are. So why just accept the difference instead? Easy to say, easy to write,- not always easy to live by,- but it should be easy to treat each with politeness and respect, and accept for the difference between us. And not bullied anyone because of the differences.

This is just one girl who has been met with silence and exclusion, but there are so many children, teenagers and adults that experience bullying every day. Why? What can we do to stop it?

Like I did mention,- I don’t have the answers. The only thing I can do is to meet people with politeness and respect, and I try my very best to do that too,- even its not easy to meet all with politeness and respect. Special not a bully, and a couple of more.

My thoughts today goes to all the people/ victims who has “survive” to be bullied in some or and other way. You all are incredibly strong 🧡. Be proud of your self 🧡. And my thoughts goes to all that have lost someone because of bullying.  I have no words to describe their loss.  Words become few and poor. 😔 🧡. I just can send you all my love 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 . Be nice to each other 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊.

Today, my thoughts go to those who are somehow bullied, either by being excluded, or being met with hurtful words and kicks.  There are children, teenagers and adults who meet with bullying of some kind every day.  I admire their courage to meet bullies every day at school, work or private.  Today, my thoughts also go to those who have lost loved ones because of what bullying does with another person’s self-esteem.  I have no words to describe their loss 🧡.

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Eating carrots daily did not worked as I wished – but still it’s a healthy vegetable 🥕💚

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

I’m in general eating healthy and with that I mean I’m eating different food and meals every day, as well as fruits and vegetables. But I’m not a “health- guru”. I eat the food I want to eat, I eat because I’m hungry and because I like food in general 😊. At the same time there are a couple of things I do eat more and less daily because of healthy reasons 😊.

I eat my daily blueberries because they taste so good and because they have a lots of antioxidants. I drink my fresh lemon shot with honey every morning because it’s antibacterial. I drink ginger tea now and then because the ginger helps my system to get rid of different waste materials in the body. I could probably drink this tea every morning too, but I don’t. I also drink ginger when I’m nauseous because it actually helps to get rid of the nausea 🍵.

I eat paprika, tomato, cauliflower and broccoli too, as well as potatoes, onions and carrots, advocate and more, but not every day because I vary between different vegetables and what I eat for example for dinner.  Some vegetables are suitable for meat, while others are perfect for chicken or fish.  And the sauce, I love the sauce at my dinner, different, tasty and sauces with a tiny little touch or two with cream mixed into 🍛.

I also eat oatmeal soup or oatmeal mixed in my yogurt, closely every morning, with a tiny touch of honey and cinnamon 🥣.

And now and then I do really enjoy to eat chips and snacks, drink coca cola, eat chocolate and icecream with the best conscience in the world 😊. And I eat icecream more then one time during the week 😊.

Different food, fruits and vegetables contains various vitamins, minerals and various trace elements needed by the body. Some food, fruits and vegetables can be a good idea for the body to eat every day, other a few times during the week.

I have been even bothered to get sun eczema the first time I spend in the sun after a winter without letting the sun shine on my body.  To avoid sun eczema, I started taking betacarotena tablets a few weeks before the sun season began, and it has helped tremendously.  Since I started taking beta-carotene tablets, I have not had sun eczema for the first few days or the first time in the sun after the wintertime. But then I did read that the betacarotena tablets can be a bit “heavy stuff” for my liver. And I actually don’t want that either. I don’t want to get sun eczema or that my liver “struggling” a bit because of the betacarotena tablets.

So I did started reading about betacarotena and did find out that carrots could be a very good replacement for the betacarotena tablets. I did knew that’s there are a lot of betacarotena in carrots, but it’s good to have a “refreshment” too what else the carrots could be good for 🥕,- and that’s different things,- its actually also good for the eyes and eyesight.


Anyway,- last Spring I did started to eat a fresh carrot every day, not just for dinner but more as a snacks too, and of course with the “purpose” of give my skin enough betacarotena to handle the first the sunbeams that shine on my winter white body lubricated with factor 30 this Spring. (I always use factor 30 in the sun and in the summer, both on my face and on my body during all the summer, all the time I’m in the sun). And hopefully I would not get any sun eczema this Spring and summer the first time and days I did spent in the sun 🌞.

But that didn’t happen, unfortunately 😔. Last Saturday I did spent a couple of hours, it was less then 2 hours ( half time on my front and halftime on my back) in the sun, and had also factor 30 both in my face and my body,- but the sun eczema did “popped up” this year😔. So my daily carrots snacks consume during this last year didn’t have any special effects for the betacarotena, my skin and the sun eczema 😔. But still it has been good for my health to eat carrots, just not with the “mission” I had in my mind 😊🌞🥕.

This is sun eczema under my breast- but I have already also starting “scratching” on the eczema before I did take this photo, – so it looks even worse because of the “scratching” too.

But I actually did recognized an other positive effect with eating this daily carrot snacks during the last year,- and that’s I for some reasons don’t need to use my glasses in so many situations as I did a year ago. I still need to use my glasses when I’m writing at my computer or my phone, but I actually don’t need to use them when I’m doing my work as a costumer service agent any more. And not either when I’m reading books. I’m not sure if it’s the “daily carrot eating” that’s the reason for this,- but I know carrots can be,- as I mention, good for the eyes and eyesight. So in my imagination I think the carrots snacks did have a tiny good effect on my eyes and eyesight 🤓.

An other good things,- I didn’t became a rabbit or a carrot 🐇. Someone told me “you became what you eat”, – so when I did carrot snacks every day I maybe could been a rabbit or a carrot? 😳 Just kidding, – I didn’t believe that 😅,- but it’s true someone actually told me that I was going to be a rabbit if I continue eating so much carrots every day 🥕.

Anyway,- my daily carrot snacks during the last year didn’t had the effect I did eat it for,- to protect my skin for sun eczema. But I still think it was healthy to eat a carrot a day for my body, and I’m going to continue with my carrot snacks, maybe not daily, but very often. 😊. And,- yes,- even my liver is not to happy with betacarotena tablets I did went to the farmacia and bought some. I’m going to use betacarotena tablets some weeks before the sun starts shining just to avoid to get the sun eczema. I think my liver will handle some weeks with this tablets, special if I try to drink more ginger tea every day, special during the betacarotena tablets periode 😊.

This was my experience with the betacarotena and carrots, but it’s not sure others will have the same experience that I had 😊. We are different and we and our body and mind react differently 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

Me and my carrots, and some advocates too 😊

I have been eating carrots as snacks every day during the last year, because I wanted to try out the betacarotena effect from the carrots and if it could help a bit for sun eczema 🌞. But it didn’t had the effect I wanted this daily carrots snacks during the last year 🥕. But,- I’m still going to eat carrots as snacks, maybe not just every day 😊.

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4 weeks, 5 days a week is not to bad 😊🤸‍♀️

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days, weeks and months we all are going through,- together 🧡

I’m a bit proud of myself 😁. During the 4 last weeks I have manage to do my work out and exercises 5 days a week 😊. That’s not to bad 😊. But if the 21/ 90 rule “count”,- and 21 days are actually 66 days I have some more days left before I can “brag” a bit, snd say that work out and exercises are a part of my weekly routines, and a part of my life 😊.

I’m not sure if you have heard about or read about this “21/90- rule”? It’s “says” it takes 21 days to change a habit and 90 days to change a lifestyle 😊. Well,- when I’m thinking about 90 days and changing a lifestyle we are a “couple” of people here in Spain that’s soon closely over half way to change a lifestyle then 😅. A lifestyle I hope we not will change our life into,- and that’s “to stay home, stay inside, be inside” 🏡. In my writing moment we are in day 37 of our “lock down” in Spain 😳. And it will be “lock down” to maybe around 10. May 🌻. That will totally “count” around 57 days……that’s a “couples” of days,- that’s for sure. And then it could be, very close to change “a lifestyle” too 🤔.

When that’s said, – I don’t think that will happen, and I really don’t hope that will happen. That all the people in Spain are changing their lifestyle because of the “lock down”. At the same time,- there will be many changes for many people who have or will, or need to change their “lifestyle” just because of their different experiences in the lock down. And it’s actually not sure because they want to change their life, lifesituation or lifestyle, but because they have to, need to.

And there will be people’s lifes, lifesituations and lifestyles are changing because of the social effects the lock down has on the society. Good or bad changes and challenges? I think there will be, unfortunately, a combination of both. But this is a subject for an other day, – the changes and challenges the “lock down” will have for many people, and the society.

My subject for today’s text was more about work out and exercises, and a kind of lifestyle changing in that area …. for me 😊.

And,- as I told you,- I have been learning that it takes 21 days to change a habit…..but research “tells/says” it takes 66 days before “this” habit actually are changed for “real” 😊. But also this number 66 is in general. It all depends on what kind of habit that’s going to be change, and what kind of person and personality that’s trying to change a habit 😊. And, well,- what “time” we do live in as well….like now,- we live in a quarantine and curfew time 🏡.

At this point I’m “working” to change my workout and exercises “habit”, and with that means,- I’m trying to “put” this habit into my life 🤸‍♀️. My a bit daily life and my weekly routines 😊. I have been working out on regular basis before. Before I became a mammi ( oh my, – that’s a “couple” of years ago now…..😳) I did work out regular. Then “the mammi” took a bit over my life, and after a while, there was “just” 3 children to be a mammi for, – and the time for “me and my stuff” wasn’t my first priority anymore and not for many years either 😊. It was my children, my priority and mainly focus was my children ❤. And has been my mainly focus and priority for over 20 years now 🥰. I don’t regret that focus and priority at all,- but now it’s time to change that focus and priority to a bit more about “me”, “my time”, “my things and stuff”, and my dreams and wishes as well 😊.

I did started up again with regular workout and exercises closely 2 years ago, and then, this autumn ( 2019) “put” it a bit ” on hold” …..again…..😅. My “excuses” and “explanations” was work, job, holiday guests, and during the last months, has also been that my oldest son and his friend lives here 😊. So when they are living here with all theirs things and stuffs together with my things and stuffs it’s a bit less space and place in my home to do work out and exercises at and on. But I did find a solution on that one. A tiny solution,- but still enough space and place to do most of my different work out exercises on, at least 😊.

And,- yes,- regular workout and exercises and to get them in the daily life and weekly routines takes time, and to do the work out and exercises takes time too 😊. And there should be a tiny bit space and place to do the workout and exercises on a well 😊.

I’m “using” time on work out and exercises. That means again that I need to find time to do work out and exercises in my life, and in between other things I have in my life like my job and work, jobbys and hobbies, friends and family 😊. And then try my very best to make it all (the work out and exercises) as a part of my routines and at the same time have time to other things and stuff in my life too 😊.

In a quarantine and curfew time, a lock down time, this is not a very big issue. I’m home closely all the time anyway 😅. I can’t meet my friends and family anyway, and I’m doing all my job and work from my home too. My “challenge” will actually be to still continue to do my work out and exercises on a regular basis after the lock down. When we starts to “move out” from our home again, starting socializing again 😊. Because I like to socialize a bit as well, even I’m enjoying my time on my own too, very well 😊.

So to continue with doing my work out and exercises 5 days a week at the moment will not be the biggest challenge for me. My “challenge” will be when we are allowed to live our life outside from our home again, and then try to continue with my good work out and exercises routines 😊. I think I will manage to find a solution for that,- in general there’s a possibility to find solutions for different changes and challenges. It’s just not always easy to see them or find them ….in the beginning 😊.

The first week with work out and exercises this time, as in general for me, to start up again with the work out and exercises, was hard. My body was not in the best fit, form and shape 😅. The second week was much easier, but the third week I really needed to motivate myself every day to continue with my work out and exercises plan. And I manage to do that,- phu 🤸‍♀️. But it was hard. This last week has been easier,- and my body is also ready for some more work out and exercises challenges. I can press my body to do some more now, lift a bit more weights, walk a bit longer on my step machine and do some more and different yoga exercises too.

I will manage to both walk longer on my step machine and lift more weights, but I actually can’t do so very much more yoga exercises at the moment 🤸‍♀️. I have 3- 4 different yoga exercises that’s fits perfectly to the space and place I have to use and can use at 1,5 meter 😅. And that’s between my bed and my bathroom. What I can do is to just do the few yoga exercises I m doing at the moment a bit longer 😊.

Anyway,- my point with my text today is, – I m a bit proud of myself that have manage to do my work out and exercises on regular basis, 5 days a week during the 4 last weeks 😊. I can’t say on this point that I have manage to change a habit or put a new habit into my life. Because at the moment my life, more and less 98 % ( the 2 last % is when I m outside and in the store to shop food) of my life is in my home, every day. My changes and challenges will be to keep up my good work out and exercises routines when we are finally finish with this lock down, quarantine and curfew here in Spain. Because then I want to use my time outside to meet friends and family, and I’m probably on one point also move my home office back to the work office. That means, – there will be use time to get to the office as well as use time to get home 😊.

So,- some weeks out in June or July I probably can brag a bit more about my good work out and exercises weekly routines 😊. Because then I know how it actually will be in practice, in a bit more “normal” life. Because a “normal” life in general is not to spend more and less 24 hours every day inside your home for weeks,- like I’m doing at the moment, and many, many others are doing as well here in Spain 🏡.

So 21/90,- yes a good general “rule” for changing a habit and get a new lifestyle. In practice a bit more different because it depends on the habit that’s going to be changed, as well as on the person and personality that want to change the habit, and what “time” we do live in,- like at the moment many of us live in a quarantine and curfew time 🏡.

Have you changed some habits in your life during this quarantine and curfew time, during this coronavirus and Covid19 time? Then I mean some good changes for you, your life, mind or body? In case what kind of habit or habits are changed? And do you think you will manage to keep up the changes, to keep your good habit/ habits in your life when the quarantine and curfew time is over?

I will do my very best to keep my work out and exercises habit keep up running also in August, – and hopefully I will manage it as well. It’s just to try to do my best, and then I see what has happen when we turn to August 😊🤸‍♀️.

I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts 🧡. I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much to dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

Me after my 21 workout sessions, – so fare 4 weeks with 5 days a week work out and exercises 🤸‍♀️. Just started on my 5 week 😊

To change a habit during the quarantine and curfew time can be easy. The challenge for me, will be to keep up the good changes, to continue doing my regular work out and exercises on daily and weekly basis, for my body and my mind, after the quarantine and curfew time 😊 🤸‍♀️. So fare, so good,- but at the moment I’m home 98 % of my time 😊.

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