Oppsss….a little “overeager” with my workout today 😅🚴‍♀️

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧡

It’s important to do some workout and exercises as regular as possible. Special when we are in days like we all are going through at the moment,- and we more and less are staying at home 24/7 🧡.

A happy and healthy body gives a happy and healthy mind. A happy and healthy body can handle infections and illness much better, and a happy and healthy mind can handle changes and challenges so much better. For one thing is for sure,- we all are going through as well as into new challenges and new changes in our life. And most of us don’t know what we can except for the future when everything around the coronavirus has calm down. But just let me remind you that challenges are not any negative things,- it can just feel negative because it is something new and different 💚.

One thing is the changes and challenges we have at the moment ,- to stay home 24/7, an totally other challenges and changes are when we are allowed to walk out from our home again. We actually don’t know what we can expect. But a healthy and happy body and mind can and will handle the different changes and challenges, better,- if the body and mind are strong enough. Exercises and workout does both the body and mind healthy, happy and strong 😊.

I’m not an workout guru or exercises expert,- so I will and can’t give to many good advices in this area,- except from my own experiences 🚴‍♀️. Something I can share with you an other day 😊. All I can say,- regular workout and exercises are healthy 💚. And I haven’t been working out on regular basis either for the lasts months, so I’m not good at that either,- but I’m trying and have a goal to get workout and exercises as regular as possible into my weekly life and routines again 😊. Just because I know it’s healthy for the body and the mind for several reasons 😊. But,- I was obviously a bit ” overeager” with my workout today 😅.

When I was walking and walking, listen to the music and walking a bit more on my step machine in my own perfect speed, and when I had just 5 minutes left from my “step/walking- exercises” I did suddenly heard a big crash and closely fall of my stepping/ walking machine 😅. First I was very surprised, and then a bit sad because I thought my step machine was broken 😔. But,- lucky for me it was a easy thing to fix 😊. And lucky for me I’m a bit more “handywoman” then most people around me don’t think,- so could fix this on my own 😉.

It’s a lots of things I can’t do, but also many things I can fix, or find a solution to fix. I’m a bit more practical (working) person then a theoretic person. And I also know I’m a bit vain , and I know that, so there’s some souls that think I can’t get “dirty under my nails” 😉. But my children and me did live on a farm for closely 10 year, and there was not many “helping man hands” around, except from my small sons, and my dad. But my dad couldn’t help me with “all and everything” all the time. He was travelling in his work as well as had (and still have) his own life together with my mam 😊. Then it was to just try to fix things on my own, and most of the times I actually did manage actually that, – fix things on my own 😊. I have suprices some souls over what I actually can be able to both fix, make and create some “handystuff” 😊.

If you give me the choice between building a bird- box to hang up in a tree, or find a solution for some other people (costumers/ not my own- I can “handle” them) invoices 5 years back in time, I will happily build this bird- box for the tree instead 😊.

Anyway,- I thought I would manage to fix my step machine too. Or that’s not totally true, my first thought was “Oppsss….no one are allowed to come into our home at the moment because of the quarantine and curfew. So no one can help me fix this at the moment“. Then I did take a look what’s actually had happen with my step machine, and did find out it was a easy thing to fix, special if I had the correct tools 😊. And,- I did have the correct tools, I like tools 🛠🔩.

What happened with my step machine was just that one foot blade had come out as I walked and walked, stepped and stepped, eager to get back into shape 😅. The screws had just turned out, so I actually just needed a wrench and an Allen key. Is the Allen key the correct English word? 🤔(umbraco- key). And I have them both in my home, and even a bit more tools then that too 😊. So it was a quick fix actually, and a bit relieved me too, to be honest ,- then I can continue with my exercises on my step/walking machine 😁. It hasn’t been any “problem” if I didn’t manage to fix it, I have some stairs in my home I can walk up and down for a while, in case 😊.

Just a screw that loosed a bit under today’s exercise- session. Easy to fix with the correct tools 😁.

When my step machine was finished fixed I did start over again with my “stepping/ walking”, from the start, just to be sure I got my walking minutes for the day 😊. And, of course, continue with my weights exercises and yoga exercises to the end of my today’s “workout” session 🤸‍♀️.

So today,- I had both a nice workout session as well as a bit handiwork- session. Now at days is the daily small “events”, “happenings” and “suprices” that’s count 😊. Actually it’s the small daily “events” ,”happenings” and “suprices” that are the life,- in general, not just now because we are in quarantine and curfew,- but we recognize this small, daily “events”, “happenings” and “suprices” much, much better now,- and we have a habit to forget them during our busy days and weeks…..before coronavirus made us all “stopp up a bit”.

Are you working out or do some different exercises in your home now at days? In case, is it easy to keep up the routine? And do you have tiny small “events”, “happenings” or “suprices” during your day that you didn’t give to many thoughts about before “the corona timeage”?

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Tske care, stay safe, stay home and enjoy the small “events”, “happenings” and “suprices” in your home 🧡. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

My step/ walking machine in my bedroom- fixed and ready for use again 😊

I was obviously a bit overerage over starting up again with my workout and exercises 😅. So my step/ walking machine did broke this morning when I was walking my in my best speed 🙄. Lucky for me it was easy to fix 🔩. A small “events”, “happening” and “suprice” during my 24/7 life at home at the moment 😊. That’s the way life is at the moment 😊.

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It’s just to “kick start” my body again 😳🤸‍♀️😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧡

Well,- obviously I can’t just “wait and wait and wait” to the “correct time” to start with my different exercises and workout again, that’s for sure 😊. So it was just to “kick start” my body again this week, and get it “up and running” agsin, moving out the different muscles here and there and everywhere 🤸‍♀️. And it was so hard 😳. Oh my 😅, but oh! So great feeling after when I’m finish “toubling” around there in my bedroom and bathroom 🤸‍♀️.

2- 3 months ago I did my exercises and workout 3 to 5 times a week, and then around 1 to 1,5 hour per time. How many times a week I did exercise did depended a bit how I was working, and some other things that’s happening in life. But when my oldest son and his friend did move in I actually did stop working out on regular basis. I started walking to my job instead.

The reason why I stopped working out on my regular basis was because my “workout room” is/ was one of my guest room. And the plan was anyway that the boys just should stay here for around 1 month. And I could “survive” one month without my “workout room” 😊.

Well, it has been a bit longer then one month 😳. I also did stopp walking to my job a bit before the coronavirus became big news in Spain, that’s because I had a couple of appointments to reach before or after my job where I did needed to use my car. Actually some “lazy” excuses, because I probably could have managed to pressed in a bit exercises and workout. Anyway,- I didn’t, and I did regret that a bit this Monday to be honest, when I did “kick start” my body again 😅. Oh my,- it was so hard to start working out again 🤸‍♀️.

I’m lucky because I have a bit workout – equipment that’s my own in my home. And now at days there’s also so many good ideas and suggestions online, both on Facebook, Instagram and more too, for how to do the workout and exercises at home….when you are in quarantine and curfew, for example 🤸‍♀️. But a tiny bit space is necessary to do some of the different exercises. And space is not to much of in my home at the moment. Just because the different furnitures that was standing in both of the guests rooms are stable a bit around here and there other places in my home, so there should be space and place to “the boy’s” different things and stuffs in the guests rooms 😊.

Now I have my walking machine in my bedroom. It was a tiny little space between my bed and the balcony door. My weights are in my bathroom, and I also need to do the weights exercises in my bathroom, and my yoga exercises,- well,- I’m doing them in between my bedroom and my bathroom. It all worked out fine, it was just me that was not quite in the same “tipp- topp quality” as I was 3 months ago 😅. I also have some stairs to go up and down too in my home, just to get some more and various exercises,- if I feel for doing that 😊.

So, yes,- it actually felt as I did “kick start” my body again after a to long “holiday” 😅. But at the same time it felt so great after, when I was finish with my different exercises. So the good thing is,- I also did “kick started” my mind again to get back in my regular workout routines 😊. And I know it will not be to difficult to get my workout routines “back on track”. It’s probably my body that’s need a bit longer time to be back on track after some months without to much exercises. At the same time, it will take shorter time to be where I was in form and shape 3 months ago, then when I first did started with my regular workout from my home for about 1,5 – 2 years ago 🤸‍♀️.

I have made a workout plan, I’m using most of the different exercises from my last workout routines and plan, I just need to start on a bit lower level then I was at 3 months ago 😊. But that’s my own “mistake”, and my own “excuses” to “wait a bit”/ “put my exercises on hold” for a while because of different reasons. I know that even if I need to put my exercises “on hold” in the future for different reasons, it’s still always some movements it’s possible to do to just “keep the body up and running” 😊. It’s better to do a bit then nothing at all. And I do work out for some various reasons.

I know to do work out will keep my weight up as long as I work out and do exercises on regular basis, – and of course at as well 😅. I do exercises because I don’t want to loose weight. I also know a strong body handle sickness much better, and also the aging process much better too 😊. And a happy and healthy body created also a happy and healthy mind. Something that’s maybe even more important during this period we all are in this days then it has been before 😊.

Monday and Tuesday this week was hard to do the workout and exercises,- but for every day it gets a bit easier 😊. And that’s a great feeling just to feel that,- okay, a couple of months without to much exercises haven’t done to much “harm” for my body, even it felt like a “kick start” on Monday and Tuesday this week. It has probably been much harder if this was my first workout sessions for much more then 3 months ago.

So fare I have managed to start up again with some of my good routines for my body, like working out and do some exercises, and hopefully I will manage to keep it this way now, even therefore different reasons will be days and weeks where I’m “out of my routines”,- but hopefully not for 3 months one more time 😊.

I have also manage to eat my 10 blueberries every day for almost a year now, as well as a carrot every day to avoid sun eczema when it is time to start sunbathing again. And this week I have also been taking a lemon shot with a bit honey every morning, as well as eating a bit oatmeal soup before my workout sessions 🤸‍♀️.

But it takes more then 5 days to work in good and healthy routines in my life, I know that 😊. So,- I can “brag” a bit more about my healthy and good routines after a bit more then a month or two, I think. If I’m then still doing my different exercises, workout and also some healthy food routines like lemon shot and oatmeal, and probably a bit more, I can “brag” a bit more over good routines then today 😊. It takes in general 21 days to change a habit, get new routines in life, and around 90 days to get a new lifestyle. This 21 days to change a habit is a thrut with modification, because research shows it takes 66 days to change a habit,- more and less.

We all have good and bad habits,- one of my “bad” habits is this “need” for a clean kitchen and bathroom 😉,- a habit I’m not going to even try to change, even my kitchen has not been cleaned up the way I wanted to have it for the more and less 2 months 😊. My bathroom is fine because I’m the only one that’s using it. I have also some other bad habits, but I think I will try to change a couple of them with put in some new and good habits in my lifestyle instead 😊. For me, as the person I’m, – it seems easier to get some new, healthy and good habits and routines in my life and then the not to good and not to healthy will actually disappear slowly just because of that 😊.

So let’s see where I’m in around 2,5 and 3 months when it comes to changing habits, get some new habits and a new lifestyle 😊. Now at days it’s difficult to plan to much anyway for most of us 💚. But one thing is for sure,- to keep our body moving now at days when most of us are “locked down” and inside our homes is more important then before, – for both our body as well as our mind 💚.

I’m going to try to do my best to continue with my exercises and workout, that also has been a big part of my weekly routines before. And I m going to do my best to continue with my morning my lemon shot, oatmeal and honey in my daily routines too. The blueberries and carrots are already a part of my daily routines for a while 😊. Then I see how the life is in around 3- 4 months.

Are you doing some exercises and workout during this time we all are going through? In case,- what are you doing in your home? And do you “believe” in this saying “it takes 21 days to change a habit, and 90 days to get a new lifestyle”? If you believe, then in case why? And if you don’t believe the saying has any function, why not? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Take care, stay home if you can- exception is life necessary work / or doings 🧡. I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts 🧡. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Me,- after my “home workout sessions” today, – my 5. “session” so fare this week 😊

To do some workout and exercises at home are even more important now at days then before 🤸‍♀️. A happy and healthy body creates also a happy and healthy mind 😊. I did started up again with my “workout sessions” in my home this week- it felt a bit like “kick start” for my body again,- it was very hard, but still so very good 😊.

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Turquoise for strength, courage and protection 🥰

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I have my own “believe” in the power of stones, minerals and crystals,- at the same time I’m not very good to use my “believe” in the power from stones, minerals and crystals can have for both the body and the mind. I’m more a mind- believer when in comes to the power they can have, but I also know both stones, minerals and crystals are use as and under a physical healing- process 💎.

I think there is a reason for why stones, minerals and crystals has been used under and in different processes in life for thousands of years, and in several different cultures and traditions.  The Indians are known for their use of various stones, minerals in crystals, the same is the East, but in different ways. I don’t think one way is more correct then the other, it’s just different. This believes in the power of stones, minerals and crystals are still used in different forms, areas and processes in life,- and I think it is a reason for that 🧡.

In Norway I have a small coffin with various stones, minerals and crystals.  The reason for that is because I have, for many years, been interested in this topic, as well as geography / geology.  I hope I will have the opportunity to pick up my coffin in Norway one day and take it with me to Spain 🥰. And in this little casket there are also stones, minerals and crystals that I got from my dad. He has worked in many honors in tunnels and mountains in Norway, and collected stones, minerals and crystals for me.  Another good reason for me to bring my coffin down to Spain 🥰.

I was born in the Aquarius zodiac, and according to this zodiac sign amethyst is “my” stone and crystal. Amethyst stands for faith, spirit and hope.  It should provide protection, tranquility and more energy.  The stone will help change, raise awareness, help make decisions and give clearer dreams. Amethyst should also help to understand that there is something more about us and strengthen the spiritual feeling.

My amethyst ring ny mammi gave me many, many years ago ❤. It’s need to be both fixed and the stone needs to fresh up a bit 😊.

My mammi gave my a ring with an amethyst stone in, many, many years ago. When I was a teenager. This ring is made of silver, and unfortunatel it broke some years ago. But before it broke I did use it every day for, I don’t know how many years I have had that ring in my finger, 10 years, 20 years? It’s not strange that it broke- it has been very well used 🥰. This ring mean and ment a lot for me,- and one day I will fix it so I can start using it again 🥰. Unfortunately it’s not the first thing on my “economic to do list” to fix,- but hopefully I will get there one day. I’m working on it 😊. Working on it to be able to do the different things that are on my “economic to do list” 😊. That’s also one of the reasons why I’m working so hard and so much 😊.

Last week Millie was sleeping over in my home, just for one night. She is moving back to Spain, but she and my son in the middle will not have any relationship anymore. They live their own lifes now,- but still she is a tiny bit “mine”,- and I’m helping her with the things I can help her with 🥰. And yesterday she did dropped by my home with a lovely present to me from her self and her mammi 🥰. I got some beautiful nickels and earrings, and also a bracelet made with turquoise stones 🥰. I’m actually not sure why I did get this beautiful present from them,- but it made me really happy and grateful 🧡.

First time someone gave me a form of turquoise stones was my oldest son when he was about 12 years old.  It was a jewelery necklace that I, of course, still have and that I have used on various occasions.  That time I got it because we lived on the Prairie, and turquoise is a stone the Indians used a lot.  And I got it because I’m his mum, and because he knows I’ve always been fascinated by Native American beliefs, culture, and spiritual attributes.

Turquoise gift to me from my oldest son when he was around 12 years old,- of course this is not “the real deal turquoise”, at the same it is- because its given to me from my son 💙

Before we moved to Spain, and when we still did lived at our Prairie I was member in a book and accessories called Energica. It was, and probably still is, a club with different and various spiritual things, books and stuff. And I got a little dream catcher as a nickles, from the club. Or to be honest,- I don’t remember if I did buy it or got it,- but I did bring it with me to Spain. And I have it on my night- table close to my bed 🌙🌟. This dream catcher nickles has also turquoise stones 🥰. Maybe it can catch the “bad” dreams and let my good ones flow? And give me strength, courage and protection ? 😊 I, in my own way do believe that,- at the same time, – I haven’t been very good to use my “spiritual or religious” beliefs the lasts years. I need to be much better to do that 💛.

My dream catcher nickles that I have on my night- table close to my bed 🥰. Because I, in my own way, have a kind of belief in this,- I have just not been very good to focus on my belief during the lasts years 💛.

Some years ago I was a norwegian teacher for a young boy. He was around 7 years when I started to teach him Norwegian, and I did teach him closely every Sunday for two years. He was a charming little boy,- and when I had my last Norwegian lesson together with him he gave me a beautiful present, that he had chosen on his own for me 🥰. He was so very proud because it was his first jewelry present he has chosen totally on his own, and it was to me 🥰. That was a nickles and a couple of earrings with turquoise stones 🥰. I know he did choose it because he really did like them,- but I have been thinking a bit if “someone” or “something” did help him choose those stones? Because turquoise has also a mission and meaning when it comes to the believe in the power of stones, minerals and crystals 💎.

Look at this lovely nickles and earrings with turquoise stones I did get from my little young, Norwegian student some years ago 🥰.

Jewelry with turquoise stones is found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 3000 years before the spring season count.  The stone was placed in the burial chamber as protection for the deceased on its journey to “the other side”.  The stone has also been used by the Persians, Aztecs and Indians.  Pray as jewelery and as protective ornaments on weapons and implements.

The Aztecs and Indians also used the turquoise stone as protection and to achieve happiness.  In the Christianity story of Adam and Eve, the turquoise stone stands for dignity, chastity and intrigue.  And in the Middle Ages, the turquoise stone was used to prepare restitution for illness, and to bestow upon the one who carried the stone wealth, honor and wisdom.

In its entirety, the turquoise stone stands for consciousness, natural power and healing.  The shine of the stone should have a soothing radiation, and is a stone of friendship.  The stone should be a master healer, and both balance, heal, provide strength and vitality.  It should increase self-awareness and one’s financial position.  It will bring together cohesion, love and inner strength.

And I did get this marvellous gift from Millie and her mammi yesterday ❤. A bracelet with turquoise stones 📿. But I actually got a bit more too 🥰. Two beautiful nickles and two lovely couple or earrings to use when I was going to a date 🥰. At least that was Millie told me,- and I’m probably going to use some of it next time I’m going to a date 😊. Just because she told me 🥰,- and just because I actually maybe have a tiny little date to meet as well 😉. But that one, the date I will tell you about another day 😉.

Do you believe in the power of stones, minerals and crystals? In case,- some special stones, minerals or crystals? Have you any positive experience with using stones, minerals and crystals? In case, what? And are there any you recommend more then others? 😊

I know I’m going to be much better to use my belief in the power of stones,minerals and crystals 🥰.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

The gift I did get from Millie and her mammi 🥰. Look at this,- its beautiful 🥰.

I’m so incredibly grateful, lucky and happy ❤. I got a gift yesterday from two people that means something special for me in my life 🥰. A gift that means more for me that I think they actually know 🥰. A gift with powerful stones as well as a gift for using on a sweet date 😉. I’m very grateful for this incredible gift. Thank you so much ❤. And it’s more about this powerful stones in my post 😊.

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A nice walk to and back from my work today has at least two missions for me 😊👟🤸‍♀️

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡.

It’s getting a bit more wintertime here in Southern of Spain now,- and with that means it’s bit more weet 💧, a bit more windy 🌬 , a bit colder,- even the degrees shows more and less the same temperature as last week,- around 8- 10 degrees ( Celsius) it feels colder,- and the sun is hiding behind the clouds 🌥.

So fare we had a nice winter with no wind and a lots of sun,- but it is necessary with some rain too ☔, like it or not,- to the people and for the nature, and for the upcoming tourists season as well. The tourists – special the Scandinavian ones, like to use a lots of water and don’t think to much about that it actually cost a bit here in southern of Spain for us that’s lives here 😅. And as less water it is in the water tanks, as more cost it for us that lives here to use the water 💧.

I did consider to take and use the car to my job today,- but I did choose to use my feet instead,- even it’s not the nicest weather at the moment for a morning walk or afternoon walk either 🌬🍂. It’s,- like I mention,- wet, windy and cold,- and in the mornings it’s a bit dark to some places where I walk 👣. But I did choose to use my feet for a couple of reasons anyway 😊. And I’m going to do that tomorrow as well,- even it’s going to be more rain then today ☔💧

And,- ps- to you my Norwegian and Scandinavian readers, – “up there in north” we are use to use reflex west,- well,- there’s not very much of that here,- that’s for sure. But absolutely something that could be used a bit more in the darkness here 😊 🧨

Early in the morning on my way to work,- with my feet 👣,- and if feels like the whole towns are sleeping 😊. It’s a bit cold, dark and a kind of Norwegian Autumn feeling 🍂🍃

I did think “exercises” and moving my body. I did think saving gasoline. And I did think “support” my son in the middle and his friends because I know they also have a tiny walk to the job from their home. But the main reasons is “the exercise”- reason 🤸‍♀️ and not using gasoline ⛽.

At the moment I need to use a bit more focus on my work from home then my original plan was,- well,- because as you know,- 3 weeks without to much functional internet in my home. That means I don’t have the time to do the “exercises” I normally do. My “exercises- plan” takes in general more then one hour pr time. At the same time I use around 20- 25 minutes one way walking to my job from my home, and around20- 25 minutes back to then 😊. That means more and less 1 hour with a bit “walking- exercise” at least 😊 🤸‍♀️. Yepsi,- so I did “pressed” a bit “exercises” in my life that way then 😊. Not the ultimate,- but absolutely much better then not very much “moving my body” around at all 😊.

And,- well,- I’m not “a rich bitch”,- even many think so because I’m from Norway 😳. Well,- about Norway and the economy, – one thing is the good, fine and nice “impression” you get from “the new”,- and other thing is the the reality. And,- my reality is, – I need to save money as best as I can, and earn money as best as I can to. So that’s my other reason why I did/ do walk to and back home from my job. To save gasoline ⛽ . And save money 💰. I do even plan my driving- trips, like shopping food or other things, and how to use as less gasoline as possible 😊.

I could also said that I let my car stay in the garage because I’m thinking about the environment. But that’s not true at all. To be honest I didn’t offer the environment one tiny little thought when I choose to walk to my job 😊 🍂. It was all about me, my self my health, my economi and my life 💛. That’s it,- and also a tiny “comfort and a kind of company” to my son in the middle,- even we don’t live together anymore. But can he walk to his job, then I also can 😊.

On my way back home from my job,- a bit lighter then in the morning, – but still a bit “grey”- it’s wintertime in Spain 🍃💧🍂

And,- I also did find out that I have even the correct “fashion” shoes to walk in 👟. I don’t remember where I did read about this new fashion shoes,- but somewhere I did find out that mountain shoes are “on the way” in again, and a bit “hip” 😊. So I even felt a bit “fashion and hip” there on the road to my job in my old Norwegian mountain shoes ⛰🥾. And I actually have another pair too 😁. Not similar – but still fashion style mountain shoes 😊.

Do you think I did feel very fashion and stylish when I did walk to and back from my job today? In my Norwegian mountain shoes? 😅. Nope,- I did just felt very practical 😊.

Do you use any small or big “daily tricks” to save money or do exercises? ⛽ 🤸‍♀️ 💰

I need to keep my body in “moving” (as older get as more important is it😊) ,- so at the moment to walk to my job and back home is an good “exercise” solution for me. And I do need to save money where I can,- and I do when I use my feet, – they still do work perfectly fine for free 😁.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Look at my fashion, fancy and stylish ( and even old) Norwegian mountain shoes ⛰. Very useful and practical to use when I walk to and back home from my job in the wintertime here in Spain 🥾. But do you think I did felt very “fashion and stylish”? 😉 I do walk to my job for two other reasons then be fancy and stylish 😊.

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A dry month,- “a month for healthy “drying out” ” 😊 🍷

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊. I hope all is fine with you 🧡

First time I did heard about “a dry month” or like they call it in Norway, – “a white month” ,- I actually didn’t know what is was 😅. A month with snow or what? 😅

I actually needed to ask a friend of my what it was 😅. And, of course, I did get a good explanation too 😊. And I knew what it was,- the “name” was just “knew” for me at that time. It’s just a periode without any kind, or as little as possible, alcohol, so the body can get a break as well as a bit time to recover a bit 😊.

I’m reading a bit about “a dry/ white” month in the media now at days. It’s special a bit focus on and in the media, at least in the Norwegian media, and in different contexts after the Christmas- season 🎄.

For some strange reasons its not so much about “dry or white months” after the Easter or after a long summer holiday 🤔. I think the alcohol consum for some people is/can be a bit “high” in those seasons too 🍸.

But in the Christmas- time, at least in Norway, the food can be a bit more “heavy” with calories and different kinds of fat, then maybe it is during the Easter and summer- season? And,- it’s a bit “heavy combination” for a body to “consume and take care of” all this food as well as the alcohol at the same time.

The combination of both can be a bit “heavy work” for the body’s different organs as well. That’s not a secret. And it’s not a secret that alcohol contains a very good doze of calories too. And as older we get as more “work and time” need our body to consume all the calories it gets,- that’s in the alcohol as well. (Its one of this “bad habits” with getting older,- some things getting slower,- and other things are “speeding up”- like the kilos 🙄 ).

During the Easter and summer holiday maybe it’s not “consumed” so much food with a lots of “fat and calories” as in the Christmas- time? 🤔 But,- at the same time,- the body should probably had a “timeout” from alcohol after a Easter and Summer holiday season too 😊. Because it’s still a good doze of a calories that’s been “consumed” in the drinking- process during this seasons.

In some periods in my life I’m losing weight,- and I don’t like losing weight 🙄. And I did find out that one of the “fastest” way for me to put on weight again ( as well as regular exercises does for me), or try to keep the weight a bit “stable” is to drink a bit of alcohol. I have always struggled with putting on weight,- and unfortunately for me, not the opposite- loose weight,- it is a very easy process for me to loose weight 😔.

I do drink a box, glass or a small bottle of beer now and then in this periods where I’m losing weight, just because I know I get a good “doze” of calories then, and I don’t loose to much weight either 🍺. It’s calories my body need. But,- I often take a beer without any alcohol in,- it’s still good enough with the calories my body need in a “stressing” situations ( and of course I do eat food too) 😊. I don’t like to lose weight,- not yet …. but I have no idea how that will be when I’m a bit older then I’m now (understand it as menopause 😳).

Because one thing is for sure, the menopause and “the midlife crisis”,- the different changes in both a woman’s and a man’s body are changing after turned 45,- and so does the “weight- and kilo” – process too. The hormones slows down, the kilos speeds up.

I haven’t been focus very much on “a dry or white” month for my body or health (or mind) very much. Because I have both weeks and months without drinking any alcohol 😊. It’s different reasons why I’m not drinking to much alcohol,- not every evening, every weekend or every month,- and I’m going come back to that in some other textes where the subject is “alcohol” 😊.

With that means,- I have this “dry or white” weeks or months a bit “now and then” during a year 😊. But I really do understand the focus in the media about why it’s important with “dry or white” months, for the health and body focus,- and also when it comes to losing weight. It’s a bit like “drying out” both the different dioxide from the body after a while with a lots of alcohol, as well as “drying out” some kilos for those who want to loose some weight.

The body actually need a break, “a timeout” now and then too, to actually just recover a bit,- even it can be “fun”, “relaxing”, “social”, “because I deserve a glass of wine” and so on to drink and enjoy alcohol. But maybe the body and the organs also just need a bit “relaxing and resting- time”, “deserve” a “timeout” from the calories-consum that’s are in the alcohol? The “heavy work”? 😊

I think it’s “relaxing” and cozy with a glass of wine or three now and then, and I like the taste of a good glass of wine as well, – so don’t misunderstand me 😊. This is not a text about “teaching” in health and alcohol, – just some small thoughts about health and alcohol, losing weight and don’t consume calories someone don’t want to have 😊. And just let the body have a bit “recovery time” now and then. It’s just my thoughts and opinions.

That’s also why I did mention that I actually drink a glass of beer when I’m losing weight,- because then the kilos “still stays on a bit” 😊. Alcohol is calories. A lots of calories. So,- if someone want to loose a bit weight it can be a good idea to drop the glass of wine or three for a tiny while. And at the same time give the body a possibility to recover a bit too after a Christmas- time ( or Easter or summer holiday) with a lots of good food and some extra glasses of alcohol as well 😊.

A “dry/ white” week or month now and then have a very good effect on the health, the body’s different organs and the “losing-weight” process too 😊. As older we get, special when we have turned 45 and up,- the calories, the weight get a bit more heavy to remove from the body, and it’s actually doesn’t help to “just” eat healthy if there’s no healthy drinking too 😊. Some can say that a glass of wine during the day is healthy, – and yes,- absolutely, – a glass of wine,- but not three, special if we are counting calories too 😊. And thinking a bit about the health and the different organs in our body.

It’s actually doesn’t help to loose weight with just to eat an apple and then drink two glasses of wine at the same time. The calories are then still there,- in the two glasses of wine. So if someone really want to loose weight,- then also take a tiny look at the calories that’s been drinking 😊. Just a suggestion to loose weight a bit faster then eating an apple and still drink two glasses of wine 😊. And yes,- also,- a “dry” week or two, or even a month will not just change the weight, but also the health 😊. And of course, – exercises too,- but that was not the “main” subject today 😊.

So,- all in all,- I think this focus on a “dry/ white” week or two or even a month is a good idea,- for the health in general as well as for those who want to loose a bit weight too 😊.

Or what do you think about this? A “dry periode” from alcohol for some weeks or a month? Do you think it will have a healthy effect? Also in the “losing weight process” ?

I just let it be with this,- and wish all the ones that are “going” for “a dry/ white ” periode all the best- it’s for the best- for the body- for a while 😊.

And say as I normally say,- I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A #colourful basket full of empty #calories, and in this #context it’s literally a #basket full of empty calories/ bottles 😊. But the #bottles has at the same time, one time, been filled up with a lots of calories 😊. A “dry/ white period” can be a #good #idea for the #health as well as when it comes to the #focus of #losing #weight 😊. And as older we get,- something slows down and other things speeds up 😊.