Thank you 2020, and Goodbye ❄. Very Welcome you sweet and unknown 2021 ❤

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I sneaked quietly out of the strange year 2020, and also sneaked quietly into the new and unknown year 2021. I actually slept out of 2020 and into 2021. Not because I thought 2020 was something to not celebrate, or something to not be grateful for, or not to say goodbye too 💛.  And the same is for this new and unknown 2021,- I really do welcome this new, sweet and unknown year, and it is also nice to celebrate a new year, a new start, a new beginning on it’s own way 😊. But I sneaked out of one year and sneaked into a new year simply because I was exhausted and so, so tried 😴.

It has been some of a year this 2020. A year that I think most of us not had in mind at all one year ago. I had different goals and plans, wishes and dreams, even some small hopes for 2020. And I need to admit I’m still not even close to reach them,- but I have at least started. Hopefully it will be better and more possible for me to try to reach them this year. This unknown 2021 I just whisper nice and softly Welcome to 💚.

I know many will probably not be grateful for 2020, and also think it’s strange that “someone”, like for example me, can be grateful for the year 2020. But I have different things to be grateful for during this very different year, a year with changes and challenges I didn’t see was coming at all one year ago. I knew it would be changes and challenges, new experiences, new possibilities and new knowledge, but I didn’t expected quite what it all was, and special not the way “it all” became. I don’t think most of us did . But still I choose to be grateful instead of feeling sad, disappointed or unhappy for this year that now has been.

It’s “showed” up a “new” virus that changed our lifesituation totally, not just in our home and life, but for the society in the whole world. It’s called a “pandemi”,- but I have some different thoughts about the whole situation around this pandemi, to be honest. And to be honest, – I really don’t like this new lifesituation we all are living in either. But I don’t think, unfortunately, there’s very much I can do about it. Except for trying to do my best of it.

It has been a very difficult year for most of us, but still I feel and know I have a lots of good things to be grateful for during this year, and I also choose to focus as best as I can on the good things during this year.

Even during the not to good days there can in a strange way a tiny positive thing or two. If we choose to take a good look, or just choose to turn things a bit around. Easy? No,- I really know it’s not easy. Sometimes it’s even a really “deep dive” “down under” or inside you for even trying to find a tiny little touch of something positive or “magical”. But in most cases and situations there’s always something you can turn around to something positive, just even a tiny little bit. But a tiny little bit of something positive is better and more then nothing 💚.

I have most of this year been living together with my children, not all three at the same time, but one or two of them together with one or two of their friends. That was not my plan for 2020. 2020 should actually, in my mind, be the first year in my adult life when I was going to live on my own. To “find me” and not just the “mammi me” 😊. It didn’t quite became that way 😊.

I feel and I know I have a lots to be grateful for when it comes to this “living together with my children again”- situation, even my children are young adults and should been able to live on their own. But the corona- situation did change some of my children’s plans too.

There’s so many that even have been able to see their children or grandchildren this year. I have been able to see my children, talk with them, hug them, and live together with all three of them ❤. I have been able to spend a lots of time together with my children, and their friends too 🧡. Something I’m very happy and grateful for, even there was time and days I was a bit tired of having so many people around me “all the time” 😊.

It has been a year filled up with restrictions. New restrictions all after how the green or red “corona- numbers” changed.

Sometimes it feels like living in a silent war. Sometimes it feels like our freedom is removed away from us. Well,- our freedom has been changing a lot during this year. But I need to admit that after closely 3 months with curfew during the Spring 2020 here in Spain, it’s actually felt like a kind of freedom to be able to walk a bit around “here and there”, even when we have bedtime- restrictions between 23.00 and 06.00 here in Spain at the moment.

I don’t like to use the mask, a mask I have restrictions for using all the time when I’m not in my home 😷. And we have actually lived with this mask- restriction for over 6 months now. But it still feels and is very unnatural for me to use a mask in this way. I’m not sure it’s going to be or feel natural for me either.

In its own way it has been a “silent” year with not to much “happenings”, but still some different “happenings” at the same time. And in a very strange way 2020 went very fast too.

We have been living in Spain for around 7,5 years now, but 2020 is the first year during all this years we didn’t have any holiday guests from Norway to visit us. No one. No friends. No family. At the same time I have had more people “living” in my home this year then other years.

I have no idea what 2021 will bring of mostly anything or nothing. I know there will be some new changes, some new challenges, but also new possibilities, new wisdom and new knowledge, even some new experiences in life too. There will also be a lots of July and happiness too ❤ But I have no idea what. It’s actually just to wait and see what’s happen, what’s comes up and try to handle it as best as possible 💚.

And I know I will try my very best to reach my different goals and dreams, plans, wishes and hopes this year. But I felt a bit like I was taken a bit with suprice in 2020 and the new “lifesituation”, the different restrictions and the a bit unexpected changes in my life. So I in away lost a bit focus on my “things and stuffs” for a while. And it’s not easy to find your own dynamic either when you share your days and weeks, even months with “new” people, “new” habits 😊.

softies home pajamas

I have no New Year’s resolutions, but ….. :

I hope, wish, dream, will work for, create plans for and do my best for to reach my dreams and goals: I hope I will manage to get my children and my things and stuffs from Norway to Spain this year. And I also hope I will manage to renew my driving licence and buy my own car. I hope I will manage to save up enough money to go to the dentist, as well as pay back money I have borrowed from my friend. I hope I will manage to work a bit more with my textes and blog, and maybe even earn some money in it. And I hope I will manage to paint creative paintings and fancy and nice glassbottles that’s “touch” people’s souls in some or another way. Maybe even be able to sell some of them? I hope I can live in this home to the Spring 2022. And I hope I’m “back in business” with my workout, and I hope I will still have “all” my jobes too. And maybe even “the love of my life” will shows up during this year? And I hope I will manage to save up enough money to maybe find a new home during the Spring 2022.

Anyway, – what I do know is that I just can do my very, very best to reach my dreams and wishes, goals and hopes. But I also know that thing can change “on the road”. Like it did in 2021. So I need to admit that I have that in my mind too. That also this year can be different from what I have in my mind at the moment.

And I hope, wish, dreams that my children will continue to be happy in their life with whatever they want to do and like to do 💙💙❤.

And I wish you all the best for 2021 🧡. Try to find and focus on the positive things during your days. I know it can be difficult, and I know a day can have more negative things then positive now and then too. But a positive focus gives in general a positive attitude, results and responses 💚.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡

See you soon 😊

I have this in my livingroom- and for me it’s stands for positive focus….in case I do forget now and then I just take a look and remember why I put and created it this way 💛.

Thank you strange and different 2020. Thank you for all the great time I have shared together with my children as well as their friends ❤. Thank you for the changes and challenges, knowledge and experiences during this year 2020 🧡. Welcome sweet, soft, lovely and so very unknown 2021🌹. I don’t know what you will bring of anything yet,- but I still whisper you a soft and nice welcome 🌹❤.

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Thank you December 💙, and welcome the winter month January ❄ 🧡.

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

And then this December is soon over, and we can turn over to a new month and a new year very soon 💛. Hopefully a bit different year then this 2020 has been.

Not just became this year, 2020, a bit different for me and my children, but also December became not quite the way I had in my mind when I welcome the month a month ago.

Welcome sweet December 🧡. The Christmas- month 🎄. The month for family, friends and traditions, culture and history, religion, celebration, joy and happiness, and maybe even some touch of magic and love ?” 🌠❣

This was my thoughts around December. Not to much, but still it became a bit different then I had in my mind. It came with changes and challenges I hadn’t in my mind at all, but so fare we actually did manage to handle them in a good way 😊.

Close family and good and close friends are priceless, that’s for sure 🧡. And December showed us that, nice and easy, but still so magical in it’s own way 💛. My friends as well as my children’s friends have been helping us in different ways this month. Some did the most important Christmas- shopping for me, like the Christmas- dinner. And others helped my daughter to move her back home to me. Some has borrowed their ears and given away a lots of hugs when we needed someone to talk to, or just a hug because things in life felt a bit challenging for a tiny little while.

Traditions, culture and history around the Christmas- time. What can I say? The only Christmas- traditions I manage to do this year was the Christmas- dinner and create a cozy, nice and relaxing atmosphere as possible. But at least I manage that 😊. And traditions are anyway changing at the moment, because of the situation around the coronavirus.

Culture? I haven’t given that to much thoughts during this December, but we are from one culture and does live in another one. And it’s also seems that the culture in general are changing all over the world because of this coronavirus.

History? Well,- at least my daughter’s relationship is history and I think that’s for the best for her (as well as for my mammi heart ).

Religion? Yes,- I have turned to my religion a couple of times this month 🙏. For my daughter, for my children, for myself, for our future. I have turn to the religion with questions as well as gratefulness 🧡. And with hope, wishes and dreams as well as with Thankfulness 🧡.

Celebration, joy and happiness? Yes,- all in all we manage to celebrate the Christmas- eve, we manage to feel both joy and happiness, for the Christmas- time as well as for our family and friends 🧡.

Some touch of magic and love? In the relationship area, no not to much. But in the family and friends area,- oh yes- a lot ❤.

So I can say with peace in my heart,- Thank you so much dear, sweet December 🧡. You did showed us a lot, and you did open up some new doors in life too 🗝. Or, not open them totally up, but at least let us turn the keys around so it’s just for us to open up and move on when we are ready in one or another way 🔐 💛 🔑. There has been some changes and challenges this month, but not “bigger” then we could handle them with good help from the people around us 🧡.

Snd it’s soon to say: Welcome the first month in a new year, the cold and sparkling winter month,- January ❄ 💚. My birthday month 🎁. I have no idea what you will bring of joy and happiness, but I choose to believe there will be some ❤. And I choose to believe it will be peace and strength, nice surprises and maybe even a bit fun too 😊.

I know my daughter is going to be here, live here for a tiny little while, and I know I will get my neon paint in the beginning of the month. Neon colours I’m going to try to paint on different glass bottles. I think that will be fun to do 🎨. Except from that I don’t know very much about January yet,- but I welcome you with a open heart and mind, and will try to do my best of what the days will bring me 🧡. I’m looking forward to meet you, January, with a open mind and peace in my heart ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A December rose from our patio. Flowering so nice the 15.12.2020- a flower with hope, joy and love ❤🌹

Thank you so much, December 🌹. You didn’t quite became like I had in my mind,- but still you gave us new experiences in life in your own way. At the same time there had been so much joy, happiness and love too ❤. And soon it’s just to Welcome the cold and sparkling winter month, January ❄💚. I don’t know what you will bring of joy and happiness, but I’m looking forward to meet you with a open mind ❤.

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Thank you all so much 🌹

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

Today I just want to say a big Thank you so much to you all 🌹. To all that has been reading my blog and textes so fare this year 🌹. A big Thank you to all my followers 🌹. And a big Thank you for all the “likes” and great comments as well during this year 🌹. You are all so amazing and you “do my day” in my blog 🤗.

I really presage it all, both from my Facebook- page, likes and comments there, and “all” that’s happen directly on my blog 🌹.

I’m going to continue write and post in my blog next year too 😊. And of course a lot of the inspiration to continue writing are because of you all 😊🌹. Just that some read my blog and my textes gives me inspiration, new followers too, and “like” and comments as well 😊. And also because I like to write, so that is also inspiration for me, of course 😊.

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It’s not always there comes super interesting textes from me, but that’s the way it is now and then 😊. And we all are interested in different things too, so something that’s interest someone is not sure is very interesting for someone else 😊.

And hopefully I have a bit more time on my own next year so I can use more time on my blog during 2021. That was actually my plan for 2020 too, but as we all know, 2020 probably didn’t went the way most of us had in mind a year ago, or did planned.

I also write much better, more creative and more when I’m alone. Something I haven’t been very much this year 😅. The plan was to be living alone, more and less most of this year. Instead I have been living alone for around 4 months totally, the rest has been filled up with my children and some of their friends 😊. But okay,- that’s the way this year became, and I have learned a couple of things too, both about myself and about the people I have been surrounded by 😊. And mostly just positive things as well 💚.

I have some plans for my blog, and hopefully I will manage to be able to do at least some of them in the upcoming year 😊. Maybe change the name, and get contact information so people can contact me if they want. And hopefully I will get some new and more banners/ brands to use in my blog as well 😊. (I wish for some banners and brands that give me some income, that would be nice, to be honest, but I see what’s happen 😊 💛). And I think I need to be a bit better to use different social media channels too for my textes and blog, not just Facebook 😊.

I’m still going to just “be me” in my blog, no specific niche, topic or genre. I think “me” is more then enough 😚. And I’m going to continue to use most and mainly my own photos like I have done so fare 📸 🎞 .

I should wish I could give you all and everyone a big “Thank you so much- hug” 🤗. I know we are not “allowed” to hug “all and everyone” now at days, but I’m a “hugger” and Im going to continue be a “hugger” with or without the coronavirus 🤗, ( and to be honest I still do hug my family and friends when I meet them). And actually I think we even need a hug now and then more during this days and time, then before 🤗. So if you feel a soft wind on your face or cheek today it’s a soft hug filled up with gratefulness from me to you because of all the positive attention that you have given me, my textes and my blog this year. Attention during reading my textes, during “like” and comments, and during following my blog. Thank you so much ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 🤗

A bit tired, but very Grateful me at Christmas evening the 24.12.2020

Thank you all so much for your attention to my blog and for dropping by my textes during this year🌹. If you feel a soft wind on your cheek today it’s a soft hug filled up with gratefulness from me to you 🤗 because of all the positive attention that you all have given me, my textes and my blog this year 🧡. Attention during reading my textes, during “like” and comments, and during following my blog. Thank you 🧡.

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Thank you “normal” November 💚, and welcome to you sweet unknown December 🌲❣

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

So November is over too, and it’s strange how fast the time go at the same time as there’s not much that actually happens. Because we are living in a “new” normal at the moment. A “normal” with different restrictions.

In Spain there’s different restrictions to follow, and high fee to get if you don’t follow them. And we got some new restrictions to follow in November too. One of then is to not cross the city borders. And another one is to be in bed between from 22.00 in the night 07.00 in the morning 🛏. Well, – that’s a tiny truth with modification, but we are not allowed to move outside our home between this time 🏡.

So because of this new restrictions I had my shortest trip to Malaga and my daughter ever, in November. Just for deliver some more things to her and her boyfriend. Because I’m actually not sure when I can cross over the city borders to Malaga again, or how long this new restrictions are going to last 🚂.

And because of the new restrictions I couldn’t celebration my daughter’s 20 years birthday either in November 🎁. Hopefully we can celebrate a bit extra then an other day … there in the future.

And because of the new city border regulations there are borders controls “everywhere” in my town, but I didn’t had in mind that I was going to be stopped by the police. But I did, in November, and even it went well, I didn’t like it very much 👮‍♂️.

And because of the new restrictions I did choose to deliver the car back. I don’t need a car very much at the moment. I really need to save money instead. And we also did move from the office and back to the home office in November, so I don’t need a car to my work at the moment either. I just need my feet, down the stairs, from my bedroom to my livingroom 👣😊. That’s a very nice, and a “new” normal I easy can continue to live with 🎧. And hopefully it will be home office for a loooong time now 💻 😊.

I can manage to live with the different “new” normal restrictions for a while. But just because I have to, not because I like them to much. But it is what it is, – a very strange “normal” and the way it is in our society at the moment. For how long it will be like this it’s difficult to say, but probably for the rest of 2020, and probably for a tiny little while into 2021 too.

softies home pajamas

I got a very nice and suprice sleepover in November. My oldest son and his dog, Zorro, was here for three days. My oldest son needs a new surgery, and he is going to have it close to the hospital where Im living. It all will be fine with him. He is a strong, young man 💙.

I did find back my painting, palette and canvas, and some glass bottles too in November 🎨,- and have some new “art- projects” “on the way” 🎨.

And then we have the menopause. This one has been nice in November, not to much “new” in that area, except from that I need to be a bit better to use my glasses when I’m using some “sosial media channels” so I can read my friends textes in a proper way 😅. And I’m very much Mrs. Buddha, that’s for sure. I know I need time to heal my heart, soul and mind very much and very well before I can start thinking about a relationship or boyfriend for a while ❣ Something that feels totally find for me at the moment 😊. I know I’m not ready for a serious relationship now, just maybe a friend with benefit for my own “pleasure and needs”. Maybe- maybe not. I don’t know that one for sure.

And,- yes,- I have also “clean up the air” between my summer flirt and me in November. So we can meet up as friends and have “normal” conversations together 😊. Something that feels very good 😊.

No-vember and No- rmal. Well,- I’m accepting the different restrictions, probably more in November then I have done before this year. But it will be not a new normal for me. I’m just accept the life- situation we are living in, and the restrictions we need to live by and with until our new normal are “back in business” in a new way 😊.

So, Thank you, November, for the small things in life, the “normal” things, like have my oldest son over for visit, and cleaning up the air with a friend, and finding my canvas and painting back 💛. Thank you, November for my home office and for the possibility for saving money 🍀. Thank you, November for teaching me to embrace small, different and new things and stuffs, events and happenings in life. I can’t say I like them all very much, but I trying to find something positive and something to embrace. Because it feels a bit better then not do it, and because I need to have something to embrace 🧡.

Welcome sweet December 🧡. The Christmas- month 🎄. The month for family, friends and traditions, culture and history, religion, celebration, joy and happiness, and maybe even some touch of magic and love ? 🌠❣

But I don’t know if there will be to much of those things this year. Hopefully some, even we do live with different restrictions, there will still be some Christmas, some family, some friends some history, culture and traditions, and some kind of celebration too. And some joy and happiness as well 🧡. How? I don’t know how, but I think and choose to believe, I actually really need to believe that there will be some touch of magic and love in December, in one or another way ❤🍀. Joy happiness and celebration, and hopefully a tiny bit Christmas together with two of my children, and even maybe some friends too? 😊🧡

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡.

See you soon 😊

My flower “Christmas joy” is starting flowering in my patio now at days,- and it’s give me a tiny touch of believe in magic and love, joy and happiness in December ❣

November is over, and the magic December is knocking on the door 🎄. I’m grateful for what November did showed me and learned me to embrace in a “normal restrictions” life during the time we are living in 🧡. And I hope sweet December will bring some magic and love, happiness and joy in our “normal restrictions” life 🥰❣

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