I think I’m a tiny bit in love 🥰 🐕

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

There are “people- persons”, and there are “animal- persons”. I’m a “people- person”. But my children has been growing up with different animals because I think, or believe, that to grow up with animals can have good and positive effect on a child 💚.

In general they learn to take care of and they learn responsibility for others then just them self.

My children had been sourrende by horses, cows, sheep, cats, rabbits, aquarium- fishes, hamsters and guinea pigs 🐾.

I was not always to happy with this animals, and it happened that the animals became my responsibility now and then too. Even I felt I had more then enough with the responsibility for my 3 children 😊.

I was also allergic to all this cat- hair (and dog- hair) too. My face could actually swell up like a balloon if I wasn’t careful enough. But after living together with a dog for 3 months, last year. Actually around this time last year, in mysterious ways much of the allergy disappeared. Not all, I can still get very sneezy around a cat or dog, but not the way it was before.

Zorro,- my oldest son’s dog 🥰.

My oldest son have a dog, a dog he got from a rescue service senter, and his name is Zorro, because he looks a bit like a fox 🦊. They are best friends those two, and I really need to admit that I’m actually starting to fall a bit in love myself in this incredibly sweet and charming dog 🥰.

I think my daughter is going to get a tiny little cat when she moves into her own apartment during this Spring. And my son in the middle,- well,- he is a bit more like me,- we both can manage to live without any animals around us, just take care of and have the responsibility just for us self 😁.

I actually do miss him, Zorro. I don’t want to live together with him. I’m not sure if I want to live together with anyone when I can be living on my own again one day there in the future 😊. But I really like to spend time together with him 🥰.

He is just gorgeous 🥰.

And I actually think Zorro like to spend time together with me too 😊. He is very happy when he see me, jumping up and down, and try to kiss me 😘. I need to admit I don’t like his kisses very much, but except from that I think he is a very charming little guy with a lots of character. And,- he also knows where I do hide the “dog sweets” 😅.

If I ask him to sit, he sits down, and if I tell him to go to bed he goes to bed. He even gives me “high five” when I ask him. My son has teach him a trick and two, and raised his dog very well behaved 😊. It’s very difficult to not fall in love in someone who behave so great when he sees me 😁.

It’s some weeks since I have seen both Zorro and my oldest son now,- and I do miss them both, in different ways 😊. It’s this closed city borders that’s the reason why I haven’t seen them for a while. And unfortunately it will be some more weeks before we can meet up again too, because some new and even stricter restrictions starts around midnight here in South of Spain 😳.

Zorro is probably the first animal, the first dog, I miss, and I also like to be sourrende by. No harm feelings for “animal- people”,- it’s just that I’m in general a “people- person”, and that’s just the way it is 😊. Maybe I also like Zorro so much because he is my sons dog too? 😊 Not just because he is a very sweet and charming dog with the nicest eyes in the world, but also because he on his own way are a part of the family 😍. I think maybe there’s one or two of the reasons why I’m a tiny bit in love with the dog, the one and only Zorro- dog 😘.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Look at his nice eyes and sweet attention 🐾

Look at this sweet and charming little fellow 🐕. It’s very difficult to not fall a bit in love with him 😍. And he has the nicest eyes in the world 🥰. And he’s always happy to see too 😁.

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