And then it was my oldest son’s birthday 🎉🎁💙

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s a bit empty in my home now at days. I’m miss my daughter’s sounds, her energies, her nice smell, her company, her voice, her hugs, her “Haallooo” when she was coming home ❤, but not her mess 😅. It’s actually the same with Ruben,- I miss him to,- everything with him, except for the mess they both could and can manage to create around them with socks and plates, glasses and different things and stuffs 😅. Marius is “just around the corner” so I don’t miss him in the same way. We can still meets now and then, something we also does 💙. Like for example yesterday 🥰.

Luckily for me it has been some busy days after Mathilde did “leave the buildig”, so I haven’t had to much time to “feel” to much on the “emptyness” after her in my home yet.

My oldest son was 28 year yesterday 💙- so I have been a bit busy with both my work, my painting- planning and of course baking “mammi’s “famous” birthday chocolate cake” to my son and his girlfriend 🎂. Well,- I can at least “believe” for myself that my chocolate cake is “famous”, but more correctly it’s probably to say it’s a favourite cake for and to my children instead 😊.

And I have not started to “clean up” the mess after Mathilde yet, I haven’t had the time. But her things and stuffs, clothes and so on needs to be put in boxes. And I will probably start with that this weekend 😊.

And I can’t quite understand that that my oldest son is already 28 years old 🤔. That must mean that I’m probably older then I’m feeling too?😅😉

If he’s getting older, means that I’m getting older as well. Hmmm….well,- something I can think a bit more about another day 😊. Today I’m thinking a bit about this young man that made me a mammi for the first time in my life,- something I’m incredibly grateful for and proud of 🥰 💙.

Marius,- my oldest and a proud mammi 🥰

My plan was to maybe just have not more then two kids,- but for some reason I was so lucky I got three healthy children. Marius is my first born, and I was “just” 21 years old when he was born. I felt so much in love with that tiny little baby boy, I’m still felt up with unconditional love for him, but he is not so tiny and small anymore 😅.

I really need to stretch me a bit to give him some squeezing hugs now- I didn’t need to do that 28 years ago 😅.

A happy son and a happy mammi- life is good 🥰.

Like I mention,- it has been some busy days after Mathilde travel to Bali, and yesterday wasn’t any exception. But I did manage to drop by to Marius and Irene and celebrate Marius a bit with some chocolate cake and just spend some time together with them for a while 😊. Very nice and cozy 🥰. And it seems that they two turtlebirds are going good together,- something that makes a mammi heart really happy 💙❤. They haven’t been able to spent so much time together the lasts months,- so it was nice to see how good they was together yesterday 🥰.

Marius is working from home, something he have done for a while now. And in general it seems that he like to work that way he does- and that’s good. But I know he is looking for some other position, possibilities and challenges now when it comes to work,- and I really hope he will manage to both go for his dreams as well as get his dreams 💛🧡. I think he will, but as we all know it’s not always about ourselves if and when we manage to reach our dreams- mostly things around us are also effected by other happenings. So I cross my fingers for him, for them both 🤞🙏💛.

They are going to Madrid for some days next month, and asked me to look after Zorro,- his dog,- something I of course do with happiness for him and they both 🥰.

And my “dreams” at the moment is to get the home a bit more “in order” during the next days. It’s not done in “a swoop” because things needs to be washed, organized and put a way in different boxes so it’s easier for Mathilde to find her things the day she is back in Spain again, as well as I have a “organized” home too during the next weeks and months 😊. I like to have thing in order, organized and a bit clean too 😁. Now I have the possibility to have my home in my way for a while, the way Ilike it- and that’s exactly what I’m going to do and have too 😁.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

And the chocolate cake made as muffins- because it was easier for me to bring the cake with me on the train that way 😊.

The days fly by- yesterday was my oldest son already 28 years old 😳😊💙. Imagine that I have a son that old? It means that maybe I’m getting older too?😅 Of course I dropped by my son and his girlfriend with some chocolate cake and hugs for his birthday 🎁. And as always it’s so nice to be together with both him and his Irene 🧡.

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Today it’s my daughter’s day 🎈🎉🥰

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

The time flies 🛫. Today it’s 21 years since I hold my daughter in my arms for the first time 🥰. My third and last little baby duck is not so much baby duck anymore,- she is actually a young woman at the age of 21.

She was like a tiny little doll when she was born, the sweetest baby girl I have ever seen 🥰. And she was mine, and of course her daddy’s , little girl too. She was born in the same birth room at the same hospital that her oldest brother, but not on the same date or time. Or all my three children are actually born on a Friday for some reason.

I remember the new year evening in 1999 when we turned into 2000, my ex husband, me, my/ our sons and his two older daughters was standing outside and looked at the beautiful and colorful fireworks that brought us from 1999 to 2000. I stood and thought of everyone who wanted a “2000 child”, “a millennium year baby”, and I felt that I was so happy and glad I was not “there” anymore, that I was very happy and grateful for my two healthy, wild, lovely, fantastic and imaginative sons 💙💙.

But still for some reasons more and less 11 months later I did have this “a millennium year baby” I was so happy for I was not going to “struggle” to be pregnant with during 2000 😅. Probably she should in her own way “complete” the family – and I can just say I/ we did wish her so very, very welcome into our life, and I/ we are so incredibly grateful for this very, very sweet and nice “suprice” in 2000 ❤.

She has always been a very quiet, nice and smiling girl. Not a lots of crying and not a lots of challenges when she grew up. Maybe the biggest “challenge” when she did grew up was her selective mutisme? But she managed to “deal” with that one in her own way, little by little, and step by step, and of course also with some help from professionals in the field too.

She was a bit worried for her birthday this year, today. That it shouldn’t be a too nice day, something I can understand. The last year, last 11- 12 months hasn’t been the easiest for her and have given her some bit of challenges in her young life. But out from the different challenges there’s also growing up a strong, young woman who maybe have a bit more experiences in life, a bit more life experiences then other people at her age. And from life experiences there also grows up knowledge and wisdom 💛.

It is during different challenges we also learn about the life and about our self, how to handle and deal with different things, stuffs and situations in life, and also different people we meet on our “road”.

But of course as her mammi I can say I should really wish she was without some of the different challenges and experiences she has been through, at the same time as I know the different changes, challenges and experiences in my daughter’s life also has given her strength, knowledge and wisdom 💛.

It was a happy birthday “girl” I brought in some chocolate cake and a gift to this morning 🥰. She was happy because she was remembered from her friends “here and there and every where”, as well as her family both in Norway as well as in Spain remember her today 😊. And of course I choose to believe that the birthday chocolate cake I did “served” to her in her bed this morning, like I did when she was younger, also “made” her day a tiny bit 😊.

My daughter is 21 year today- it’s her birthday,- and she started her “celebration” with some congratulations from friends, family and colleagues at different social media channels as well as a tiny gift and some chocolate cake from me as a “birthday breakfast” in her bed 🎊🎁

My daughter is a very sweet girl, has a big good heart for both animals and people. She always try to see the good thing in a person as well as help both animals and people in the ways she has the possibility to do. She is a quiet young  woman, with a very good  sense of justice. And she is a young hardworking  woman too. She have different goals in her life and she works hard to get them. And I mean hard. She is “just” 21 year old, and she can easily work  12 hours shift on a Saturday instead of going to a party because she knows that that will bring her closer to her goals. But of course she spent time together with her friends as well in the weekends.

She is going to celebrate her birthday today together with good friends and colleagues this afternoon, and I know she will get an amazing time together with them all 🥰.

My daughter when she was around 5 years old- a sweet , healthy and happy little girl ❤

I’m so grateful for the nice surprise 2000 brought into my life ❤. My love to her is unconditional- and I know she knows that 🧡. I feel so rich and lucky to have her in my life and to be her mammi, and I’m so proud of her and how she handles the different challenges and experiences in her life. And I’m so proud ot being her mammi ❤.

So today I just want to say,- Congratulations with your 21. birthday my amazing and beautiful daughter, my third and last baby duck 🐣. I wish you all the best for every day in your life – for the day today and for all the days you have in front of you ❤. Must the stars shine on you like you shine on and in my days and life ❤🌟.

I wish you all a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Birthday- gift and some birthday chocolate cake to my daughter’s 21. Birthday- and a tiny photo dome years ago- her photo to her daily train ticket to her job 😊.

This is a fantastic day for me, and have been every year during the last 21 years,- because my daughter was born ❤. I’m so proud of her, and I feel so incredibly grateful for being this wonderful and fantastic young woman’s mammi ❤. Must the stars shine on you  every day in your life, like you every day shine on and in my days and life ❤🌟. All the best wishes to you from your proud mammi 🥰😘❤.

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He is already 24 years old 😳🎁😘💙

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I actually need to admit that I needed to count a bit today,- but yes,- my middle son is 24 years today 💙. It’s his birthday, his 24. birthday 😊🎁💙.

The time just flies away,- I still remember the first time I hold him in my arms, and he was so sweet and tiny. A beautiful, beautiful baby boy 💙. My beautiful baby boy 🥰. He is not a baby boy anymore, but a lovely and wonderful young man. But it doesn’t feels like it’s 24 years since that day, that day he was this beautiful, beautiful baby boy, but obviously it is 😊.

My handsome and fantastic son in the middle- already 24 years old 🥰💙.

This year is the third time I’m not celebrating his birthday together with him. But that’s life, and that’s the way it is when the children grows up, getting older, having their own life,- and special when we also are living in two different countries 😊. It feels strange anyway. It feels strange to not bake chocolate cake for him, hug him and kiss him. Well,- I can in a way do that on messenger and what’s up,- but it’s not quite the same 😊. But the chocolate cake needs to wait a bit 🎂. And his birthday presents I have send during the “air”, “the online air” 💰.

He’s living and working in Norway,- and I know he is happy in his life and with his different things in his life, and the goals he has in his life too 🥰. And he reach his different goals too. The different goals he set. Step by step 😊. I’m incredibly proud of him and his attitude, the way he handles the life and the different experiences and knowledge lifes gives him 🥰. And also the fantastic way he handles and take care of the people around him,- family and friends 🥰.

So as long he is fine, I’m fine too, even I do miss him and think about him every day 🥰. And I’m really looking forward to see him again, maybe and hopefully one time during the Spring 2022 🥰.

I did check the planes and if it was a tiny possibility to see each other before, to buy a plane ticket for him to Spain,- but unfortunately he doesn’t have any more holidays left from his job this year, so it’s a bit difficult to travel to Spain then. But I told him ( and his little sister and big brother too) that my wishes for this Christmas was to see, hug, kiss, hold around my son in the middle 🥰. I know it’s probably not going to happen,- but I still wish it 😊. Anyway,- I know we will meet during the Spring 2022- so I have something incredible fantastic to look forward too- my son in the middle 💙.

I wish him all the best,- for his birthday, with his dreams and goals, all and everything in his life 🥰.

I feel so rich and lucky to be his mammi. He has given me so much joy and happiness in my life, and he still does 🥰. And I’m so proud of him, the fantastic young man he has become, and so proud to be his mammi- it’s like I quite can’t understand that this marvellous young man is actually my son and I’m the lucky and grateful mammi 💙.

My love for him, my love to him is so unconditional- and I know he knows that ❤💙❤.

So today I just want to say,- Congratulations with your 24. birthday my fantastic and beautiful son in the middle 💙. I wish you all the best for every day in your life – for the day today and for all the days you have in front of you ❤. Must the stars shine on you like you shine on and in my days and life ❤🌟.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

My son in the middle- just a couple days old- my sweetheart and lovely baby boy 💙.

This is a fantastic day for me, and have been every year during the last 24 years,- because my son in the middle was born 💙. I’m so proud of him, and I feel so incredibly grateful for being this wonderful and fantastic young man’s mammi 💙. Must the stars shine on you every day in your life, like you every day shine on and in my days and life ❤🌟. All the best wishes to you from your proud mammi 🥰😘💙❤.

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There was a tiny little thought behind each gift 🎁😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Yesterday I was invited to a birthday party,- and not to anyone (for me at least ), – but to Natasja 🥰. And it was a very nice and cozy birthday party in her and her husband’s cafe- Casa Barella 🥀.

For me she is a very special friend, and a special friend needs also some special thoughts behind the gifts 🥰.

My birthday gift to Natasja 🎁

Natasja like pink, and for some reason she likes clocks, or maybe it’s just “the time” she like? 😊 I know she likes both the clocks and the time, but in two different ways ⏳. And she like wine too 🍷. And she likes flowers as well 🥀. So I tried to “create” a birthday gift to her that’s in a way gave her those things she like 🎁.

It became a pink flower plant called Cala 🥀. Why? Because it was pink and because she lives in La Cala as well has her (their) dream is there, in La Cala- their own cozy cafe- Casa Barella 🍵.

Then it was a pink wine, still because she likes both pink and wine 🍷. And I did put two snack bowls together with the wine. One in the same green colours that’s are in the cafe, and of course, one in the colour of pink. The wine bottle I put in a paper bag with the text “success and successfulness”,- just because she is a success,- even she does think so herself. And I wish them all the best success for their cozy cafe 🥰.

Of course she also got a birthday card with pink flowers- Rose’s to be more correctly. Still because of the colour pink, and because she is a strong and elegant woman, like the roses are 🌹.

And to the end,- I did paint a painting to her in the colours she loves so much with the illustrations she also like very much,- the clock and the time, and some flowers too ⏳🥀. I’m going to tell you a bit more about this painting in my next post,- because it’s “just” not only a painting 🎨.

Unfortunately the painting was drying a bit to slow after my mind 😳. So I couldn’t wrap it in wrapping paper 😅. Then it was just to try my best to bring it with me on the train and in the taxi without any paper, as well as avoid that any people got in “touch” with the painting. Both so the illustrations was intact as well as to avoid that people got oil painting on their clothes 🎨.

It all went well,- but I need to admit I felt s bit stupid on the train, walking around in my highest heels 👠, and to be honest, not quite my longest dress either 😅, and a bit no to dry painting 🖼. And the dress- it was a gift from Natasja so it felt like a suitable dress to use it. It’s a very nice dress, it’s the safe colour black, it’s short (I need to admit I like it short…or very long- nothing in between), and it was also a special event and evening,- a birthday party, and it was from Natasja 😊.

Me dressed up for Natasja’s birthday party 🎁 My high heels and my short dress- but I actually felt a bit pretty 😊.

Hopefully Natasja liked the gifts, most of them she in some or another way can “use”. About the painting is another thing,- but then it’s just to hide it away 😊.

Beautiful flowers and delicious food 🥰.

It was a great party and celebration- just the way like Natasja is 🥰. The food was, of course, made by the chef in the cafe, and tasted delicious 🥰. I think we got 5 or 7 different flavor dishes.  I do not quite remember because there was so much good food, and so many exciting flavors.

I’m very grateful for the invitation and I had a fantastic evening together with Natasja, her lovely husband, Klaus, and her/ their friends 🥰.

So inbetween my jobs I do something else too, now and then 😅😘.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Look at this cozy cafe in La Cala- Casa Barella- ready and decorated to a celebration for my lovely and fantastic friend Natasja on her birthday 🎁

I was in a great birthday party this weekend 🎈. I did try my best to give the gift some thoughts 🎁. I even did dressed up in a short, nice, black dress and high heels 👠. Want to take a look? 😁 And I had a not very dry painting under my arms on the train too 😅. It was a great party with tasty food for a fantastic bestfriend 🥰.

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It feels like the time just flies away 💙🎈🎁

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Today it’s 27 year since I became a mammi for the first time in my life,- to a lovely baby boy. The most fantastic, sweetest and gorgeous baby boy I have ever seen 💙. It was a marvellous moment, and in it’s own way still is 💙.

I still remember that day, 27 years ago, and it’s a day I’m probably going to remember with joy and happiness for the rest of my life 💙. I was so proud, and still is 🥰.

A so proud mammi to my first born child 27 years  ago- a friend of my in Norway did take this photo when she visited us in the hospital 💙

The feeling to hold him in my arms for the first time was fantastic 🥰. I felt so deeply in love with this little baby boy it felt like my heart was going to explode 💖. And this love has not became any less during the years, not at all ❤. Just bigger and stronger for very day 💙.

The love I feel for him is so strong, so unconditional- it’s impossible for me to explain with any words. There’s no words big enough to manage explain my love for him, and how incredibly proud I’m to be his mammi 💙. And how incredibly proud I’m of my son, my oldest son, my first born child 💙.

He is not a baby or child anymore, he is a young adult man. I do forget that sometimes, actually a bit often now and then too. He will probably always be my child, no matter how old he is 💙.

He goes his own ways in life, and that’s so fine 🥰. I see he is happy in his life, he works hard, and he reach the different goals he want to reach. He loves to entertain, something he always has liked to do.

He is helpful, and help out as best as he can if anyone close to him need some help of any kind 😊. And he really love to live close to the nature, and enjoys his life in the mountains 😊.

It’s getting a bit more difficult to find good and useful birthday presents to him as older he get 🎁. He manage to buy what he need on his own now 😊. But I really want to give him something that in it’s own way represent the love I feel for him. The proud. The best wishes for him in his life.

If I could, I have probably given him what ever he wanted and wish for, but I can’t. I can give him my unconditional love, and something that shows my love for him 💙. So this year it became a painted winebottle, but not a empty winebottle. A winebottle with wine inside. A winebottle, one of a kind, just like my oldest son 💙.

It’s the first time I have painted on a winebottle with wine inside. It was a bit different to paint, because the bottle was heavier and the different reflections became different then I’m use to. And I was so worried to loose the bottle when I painted. I really didn’t want it to break.

I have actually looked around in different stores to find a winebottle colour with blue glass, and lucky for me I did manage to fine one after a while 💙.

In case I could not remove the label on the bottle I took a picture of it to be able to show my son what wine is inside the bottle.

I did manage to remove the label, and put it together with his birthday card 😊.

The birthday- card to my oldest son- with the label from the wine too 😊

I have been working with this winebottle for a while, but still I was a bit worried I shouldn’t manage to get finish to my son’s birthday. But I did 😊.

Some few details from the winebottle to my oldest son 💙
The winebottle in different “environment” 😊.

And of course I wanted to try to made the present so “special” as I can and have the possibility to do,- so I found a bit cool winebox to the painted winebottle too 🎁.

Look ,- a bit cool ,- isn’t it? 💙

And of course I made the favourite chocolate cake I always makes to my children’s birthdays 😊🎁

The chocolate cake/ birthday cake and the birthday gift to my oldest son at his 27 years birthday 🎁💙.
And here you can see the winebottle “all around ” 💙

I should actually painted the winebottle in different violet colours, because that’s my oldest son favourite colour 🎨. But since the kids was small I have “created” things and stuffs, like for example clothes in different blue colours to my oldest, in different green colours to my middle son, and my daughter, – she was a bit “luckier” with the colours because I switched a bit between red, pink and violet in different varieties 😊. So then it became blue winebottle to my oldest son 💙.

And my oldest son has got some different knitted things in different violet colours so I think he know I know what’s his favourite colour anyway, and they all three know I have this “habit” to still give them things “touched” with the colours from their childhood 🥰.

So it’s actually and really 27 years since I became a mammi for the first time today 🥰. It feels incredible, – the time just flies away. I feel so incredibly grateful and lucky, and so proud 💙.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

It was not easy to put lights inside a not open bottle, so then it became a bit lights around the the bottle instead 💙

Imagen it’s 27 years since I had this tiny little baby boy in my arms and felt so deeply in love 💙. He will probably always in a way be my child no matter how old he is 💙. In my post you will find my birthday gift to him this year, and if you want to take a look, you are welcome to do 🥰.

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