This was not my plan for the weekend 😅 🚂

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I get the question now and then if I have a plan….. Yes, I have a plan, actually more then just one plan too, but it’s not the easiest thing in the world to always try to follow up my plan and plans….because things around me changes. Haven’t you experienced that your self?

Let’s just take an example from this weekend. This is nothing “seriously”, but just a good example on how fast plans can change.

I had a plan for the Friday evening, the Saturday and the Sunday, my plans, just for me,- but in a “sudden” my plans did change and not because I did change them, but because of different circumstances around me changed and also then changed my plans.

This example is a kind of “a nut shell example” on why it’s not always so easy to keep up the good work to work on and follow my own plans. And why plans changes and also get a new “time limit”.

My daughter has been in Norway on holiday for two weeks, and she told me she was coming home, back to Spain, Sunday 13. February and her flight should be landing 10.00 in the morning in Spain 🛬. Okay- then I knew what I hade to “deal with” and how I could use the weekend on my plans.

But my plans,- I needed to change them….because on Friday afternoon my teamleder in my customer service agent job really needed some extra people on the phone Saturday afternoon. I could say “no”, but at the same time I also knew that they didn’t had anyone else to ask. So I said yes.

Still I thought I would be able to do some of my plans for the weekend, but nope. Friday afternoon my daughter texted me and told me she was coming home on Saturday 12. February, and her flight would be landing on the airport at 10.45 in the morning.

Ops,- that was not my plan. That was one day earlier then my plan 😳😅. But okay,- our plan was still that I was not going to pick her up at the airport, she should just take the train from the airport and home. I could meet her at our train station 🚂. So I could still do some of my plans,- but change them a tiny bit. And also drop some few of them to another day- I thought.

But,- that plan did also change, because my sweety pie of a daughter had forgotten her wallet in Norway 😳. Yes,- you read correctly,- her wallet was in Norway with her cash as well as her credit card. So she did travel to Spain without any money. Something that also ment that I actually needed to pick her up at the airport, because without any money or credit card she was not able to get very fare from the airport. Well,- she could walk home or use her “thumbs up to hitchhike” home 👍. But to walk home would take a bit of time, and to use the thumbs up to hitchhik is not the safest way to travel for a young adult woman.

Okay- new changes of my Saturday plans- I would not be able to do to anyone of them because I needed to use that time to travel to the airport.

But it doesn’t stop here,- my plan was to take the train from my home then 10.26 in the Saturday morning. Then I would be at the airport more and less at the same time as my daughter would be out from the airport. That didn’t happen,- 08.45 I got a text from my daughter,- her flight would arrive at 09.45…,- that’s one hour before I had in mind. And to be honest,- when I got that text I was still in my bathrobe and slippers 😳. Ops,- suddenly I should take the train in around a bit more then 30 minutes and not one hour and 30 minutes 😳. I did manage it 😊. And I did manage to pick up my daughter at the airport, and then not in bathrobe and slippers either 😅, but actually normal clothes, and get back in time to start at my work in my customer service agent job 🎧.

Like I mention,- this is actually just a tiny example, but still a “nut shell” example on how plans can change and you self are not always “in charge” of this changes. And then there also will be a change in the time limit for the plan,- plans changes and many times not because I choose to change them.

So still,- yes,- I have a plan, I have also plans, not just one plan,- and I also have a kind of “time limit” too, for when I hope to be able to reach my “goals” in ny plans – but as you maybe can “see” it’s not always so easy to follow “my plans”, because of different changes and challenges and circumstances around me. And you have probably, or maybe the same experiences when it comes to try to follow up your plans? It’s not always so easy, is it?

What my plans for this weekend was it’s not important, I didn’t manage to do to many of them anyway. But hopefully I will still manage to reach my goals 😊. This is just a tiny example on how fast just the simplest plans can change and it’s still not your plan to change the plan, but it still happens.

So,- one more time,- yes I have plans- but please- be a bit patient with me and my plans, because very often I can’t control the changes of my plans. Can you control different changes in your plans all the time?

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Me in the way to the airport Saturday morning- and not in bathrobe and slippers 😅

My plan for this weekend was actually not to go to the airport, but suddenly I needed to change that plan. And not just with one day, but suddenly one day and one hour too 😅. I have plans, but they changes, and many times not because I do the changes, but because of other circumstances, changes and also sometimes challenges around me 😊.

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