Maybe there is something with these colors and clothes? 😅 🎨👗

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Like some of you know I was in the theater this weekend, and I did dressed up a bit too 👗.

And an other thing some of you also maybe know,- I’m getting older and something strange has happened to my clothes (or my body….) 😳. Many of my clothes doesn’t fit me anymore, they are actually and very suddenly become to small for me,- thigh and uncomfortable 😳 Something that means I haven’t so much to choose between in my wardrobe anymore either 😅. But I did try my very best to dress up with something that wasn’t to small, and didn’t felt to uncomfortable to use, and in a way didn’t look to bad either 😊.

I’m dressed up and ready to got to the theater 👗🎭

Before I was going to meet up with Natasja, I did dropped by Marius and Irene to pick up a key to my home 🔑. Because I’m actually going to get a holiday guest this week and then it’s good for the guest to have to possibility to lock her self in and out to my home when it’s suits her.

Both Marius and Irene thought I looked nice 😍. But there’s always a possibility to “upgrade” 😅,- and that’s was exactly what Irene asked me if she could do,- “upgrade” me, and my dress a tiny bit, make me a tiny bit “fresher” 😊. I agree with that one,- even I was not sure that was possible 😅. But obviously it was 😳.

She found a blue dress in her wardrobe, more correctly, I think the colour is called king blue, or clear blue? 👗 I didn’t even new that that kind of colour did suit me,- but obviously it did, and does 😊.

And then my oldest son, Marius, told me that I looked so nice and freshed up in the new colour and dress,- and he even told me that I should start to use a bit more colours on my clothes,- so I looked fresher 😳 😅. I did try to “defend” myself a tiny bit that I’m actually using clothes with colours,- because I do. The dress I did showed up in was blue that one too, just a bit more dark soft blue. But Marius, and Irene as well, thought I should start to use a bit more clothing with a little more clear and fresh colors, Rather diffuse, dark and some bright colors I’m normally using.

So are there actually something about this colours and clothes and menopause and getting older ? A real thing? 🤔 I do not really need to be so visible in the way of clothes.  I thought it was and is perfectly fine to be invisible in my clothes.  But I must admit that I felt a little more well and nice and stylish and fresher too in the blue dress Irene gave/ borrowed me 😊. So maybe I should give more colours in my clothes a tiny little try? A chance? I need to buy some new clothes anyway,- so why not try and go for a bit more colours 🎨 ?

And maybe I need to start to use lipstick too? 💄

A couple of things are for sure,- I like colours and I like to dress up, feel well, nice and pretty, but I still don’t have the biggest need to be “visible”. I’m getting older, and I’m not always “the best friend” with menopause- mood,- but by using some colourful clothes I in my own way try to give a tiny shit in the bad menopause days. In a way embracing something that can be a bit difficult to embrace some days. Because menopause mood days are not very much to yell “Hipp Hurra” for,- but for some reason this days feels a bit better when I use a bit colours. It’s like my mind get a bit fresher and a bit more coloured up too. So maybe that’s why women in and around my age starting using more colours “here and there”? On the nails and lips and eyes and clothes? I think maybe that can actually be a thing 😊. So I’m not to strange anymore to “colour up” myself a bit 🎨😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Not the best photo,- but still you get a fresher imagination around me 😊😅.

I mention in a post that many women during the menopause starting to use more colours “here and there”,- something I at that point didn’t quite understood 🤔🎨. But after Irene did “dress” me up this weekend in a bit fresher colour then I showed up in,- I can start to understand why colours can be very effective on “the not to good menopause mood” days 😊🎨💄.

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Some finished painted orders 😊🎨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine and you 🧡

Like some of you know I have been working with some painted orders during the lasts weeks,- and now I’m finish, and actually very pleased with the results too 😊. The three costumers have already got a tiny little peek, and also seems to be pleasant with the result,- so then I can show it to you too 😊.

” A “touch” of Norway” 🏞

This winebottle was actually the most difficult to paint because I haven’t painted anything like this on a glassbottle before 🏞. I have painted and drawing mountains and ocean before, but just on canvas and paper- not around a bottle 🎨. But the costumer had a wish, and then I try my best to paint that. He/ she wanted Norwegian mountains and fjords/ sea. And mainly the colours blue and white.

I’m going to paint some more of this, because when I found out how to do it, how to create mountains and ocean it wasn’t to bad at all, actually quite fun 🏔😊.

Here you can see the painted winebottle from different directions 🏔🎨
“Red happiness”
“Blue happiness”

All this three is to one costumer. The costumer have chosen the colours and the images, and yes,- I did also painted a tiny suprice to the costumer as a “Thank you for the trust”- but I can’t show you that one today 😊. Of course I feel grateful for the trust someone gives me when they ask me to paint something specific for them 🧡.

“A touch of summer”
“Blue secret”

This two are to another costumer,- and they become so sweet and summery 🤗🌞. The colours and images are also chosen by the costumer, and I have put a tiny little painted secret to this one too 🎨, for the same reasons as the first one,- feeling so grateful for the trust 🤗.

Four different canvas,- colours chosen by the costumer 😊,- and image chosen by me 😊. Size 20×20 cm.

My third costumer order 6 canvas,- four in one size, and two in another size. The four small canvas the costumer was not sure what imagination he/ she wanted, but the colours. So I have tried my best to paint something that I in a way “imagine” the costumer 😊. And yes,- the different images have different meanings- but that’s for my costumer to know 😊 . And of course there’s a tiny painted suprice to this costumer as well 😊.

So as you can see,- I haven’t been bored during the lasts weeks,- but enjoying painting and creating 🎨😊.

And new “projects” and “products” are already placed on my painting table,- and some keywords are “glassbottles for men”. Actually something someone asked me for,- so then I try my very best to create something like that 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

The two last canvas for my third costumer- colours and image chosen by the costumer 😊. Size : 20× 50 cm

I’m going to have a tiny bit of “weekend” off from painting this weekend 🌞. I’m finish with three different painted orders,- two orders on glassbottles and one order on canvas 🎨. A really fun and creative challenge,- and the results became not to bad at all 😊🎨. Pleasant painter and pleasant costumers 🥰.

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I get a little “performance anxiety” 🎨😌

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I have got some few orders on both canvas as well as painted glassbottles, and I need to admit I get a tiny little bit “performance anxiety” 😅. One thing is to paint what’s “jump into my mind”, another thing when people tell me what they want me to paint for them…. and on top of that it’s also a paying order 😳. Then the painted product really need to be as perfect as possible.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of Mathilde order two painted glassbottles, and she just gave me some few keywords to work with and paint from.

The first painted glassbottle she wanted the “theme” spontaneity, and the colours orange and brown.

Hmmm? How to solve that? Paint it? 🤔 I needed a couple of days to think about that one before I started, but the results was not to bad at all 😊. And Mathilde’s friend was very pleased with the glassbottle, something that was the most important thing 😊. What do you think about the painted result?

Spontaneity coloured in orange and brown 🎨
And without lights inside,- pretty cool glassbottles 😊

I thought it was so cool so I actually painted one similar to my self as well. They are not identical,- because I don’t manage to do that. Just more and less similar. So you can say all my painted glassbottles are one of a kind and unique in their own way. Personal, decorative art, even “handmade”, or at least hand painted 😀.

The next glassbottle she gave me the “theme” sweet indiflowers and the colours pink and violet. Indiflowers are not the most difficult to paint, but sweet? 🤔

I did try “to solve” that one too as best as I could ,- and lucky for me “the new owner” of the glassbottle was very pleased with the results on that glassbottle too 😊.

Sweet indiflowers in pink and violet painted on order to a friend of Mathilde 😊.
And the glassbottle without lights inside 💡

The owner is happy then I’m happy too. And to be honest,- I’m actually a bit proud how I “solved” to paint something from just a few keywords. I was nervous and I had “performance anxiety,- but it became a couple of not to bad oil painted glassbottles at all 🥰. At the same time as I like this kind of creative challenge to paint on order,- it gives me a nervous, but very sharped mind to made a perfect and personal product for my costumer as possible 💛.

Last weekend I got some new oil painting order,- and this is a bit bigger and a bit more “challenging” then the last one,- but I believe I will manage to paint more and less what my “customers” have order 🤞.

It’s actually not one single order, it’s three orders to three different women. One order for 3 painted winebottles, of course with different colours, and different illustrations as well. The next order is two middle size glassbottles, one with blue and green colours, and one with a kind of pink colour, and some green too. The third order is oilpainted canvas, 4 or 6 in size 20×20 cm, and 20×50 cm. I have got some “signal” about what kind of illustrations they want, at the same time I need to use my creativity 💡🎨.

I will probably manage to “solve” all this painting orders too, but I have used some days to think a bit about how and what, and also felt about on this “performance anxiety”. But I did start the painting process yesterday,- and I’m looking forward to create something hopefully my customers will be very, very happy and pleased for 🤞🥰. I like this kind of creative challenge, but of course I do feel a bit much about this “performance anxiety” as well, and that I want to do my best so they will be happy….but I don’t know that before I’m finish with the painting job 🎨.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

I actually got so inspired by Mathilde’s friend “Spontaneity with orange and brown- so I painted one for my self as well,- as canvas as well as at a glassbottle 🎨

Sometimes there dropping by an order and two for glassbottles and canvas,- and then the customer have some more and less specific wishes for what they want me to paint 🎨😊. I like that,- it gives me a creative challenge, at the same time as I get both nervous and a bit of a kind of “performance anxiety”. Because what if the costumer doesn’t like or are pleased with the what I have painted for them?😳🎨 At the same time,- it’s really fun to paint like this 😊🎨.

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Colours and canvas in our home 😊🎨🥰

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s colours and canvas in our home at the moment. Or that’s not totally correct,- it’s in general always colours like acrylic colour and oilcolour and canvas and glassbottles of different kinds in our home, but at the moment we have it of it “everywhere”, not just in my painting area 🎨.

My daughter did find her colours, and have both started to draw, colouring and painting on canvas 🎨. I prefer to paint with oilcolour, she prefer acrylic painting. And look at this beach she have painted and created:

Pretty cool painting painted by my daughter 🎨

It’s great to see her drawing and colouring and painting again 😊. Then I know things in the painful black hole inside her is starting to be filled up with colours instead of this painful emptiness 🎨.

So at the moment we have painting, canvas and glassbottles both in my painting area as well as a bit “here and there” around in our home 😊. Just the way it should be under a healthy healing process 🧡.

I have one of her paintings on the wall in our living room. I like her paintings, they are so beautiful and so different from my paintings,- also the way it should be 😊. Unique and individual art style 🎨.

This is on our wall in the livingroom- pretty cool painting 😊🎨 Painted by my daughter 🥰

And she have some under process too,- like I in general have 😅. More then one to be honest 😁.

One of my daughter’s painting under process- look at the colours- from darkness to brighten up 😊

In a way we live a bit like in a atelie at the moment. A bit big one too 😅. There’s painting, canvas and brushes both in our livingroom as well as in my daughter’s bedroom and also in my working area 🎨. But it’s just for a while it’s like this. I’m okay with having it like this for a tiny while, but it’s a bit messy too 😅. I like to have things around me in a bit more “order” then it is now at days. But it is what it is,- and I think it’s a bit important for my daughter to have it like this now at days 😊.

In a couple of weeks my daughter is moving to Bali for a while, so it’s good for her to have this creative healing process in her mind and soul in her home now. And when she is on her way to Bali I’m going to put her things away until she comes back to Spain again 😊. And then I can have the home in a bit more order and the way I prefer for a while too 😊.

We find different ways to heal inside when we have been exposed for some mental challenges,- and this painting process is a way for my daughter to heal 🧡. She fills up her mind and soul with colours- and that’s good 🥰.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

An other one of the paintings my daughter has painted 🎨

We all do heal in different ways after being exposed for some mental challenges in our life 🥀. In our home colours are one of the “healing process “,- and at the moment there’s bruches and canvas, colours and drawings a bit “here and there and everywhere”🎨😊

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The rain was more coloured up in red/ brown 💧☔🏜

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

After a very yellow/ orange coloured day the rain came,- and the rain did also came with colours,- but more like dark red and brown colours.

Look at the table outside- thexrain have “coloured up” the glass plat in a red/ brown colour. The floor as well.

This Sahara sand rain is normal on this time of the year here in Spain,- but it’s my first time to experience this yellowish and orange coloured light. And also this “blood rain” as the Spanish people call it. And yes it can looks a bit like blood.

It’s a bit red and brown here and there,- and it will be a bit to clean up too 😳…..if not there will come some bit fresher rain after this💧☔

My daughter tried to show you the different from the coloured rain in our backyard and how the “floor” normally looks like:

My daughter empty a bottle of clean water on the ground and you can see the different 😳

It’s a bit like Autumn here at the moment, but it’s good the plants at least get some water, actually a bit more then some too.

And we get some new “colours” here and there outside our home.

This for example is normally more like a black colour. Today it’s more a mix between red and brown 🎨.

It has raining a lot during the night, but it’s still some colours in the water. It will maybe be a bit to clean up and brush over when the rain has stopped and spring is slowly beginning to bloom. Even the windows probably need a tiny wash so I don’t get the “imagination” that the world outside is still coloured in dark yellow 🎨.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡

See you soon 😊

From our backyard this morning,- still a tiny “river” during the floor coloured up with re/ brown colours 🎨

After a bit yellow and orange coloured day, yesterday evening and this night was “coloured up” with a lots of rain, lightning and thunder.⛈….and the rain came with the colours more like dark red and brown 💧☔. So now our things outside for “real” have changed a bit colour for a while 🎨😊.

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