I’m sorry- “it’s so not sorry for you ” 🎄🎁

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m actually a bit tired of reading all the “headlines” and articles in diffenert Norwegian media about “bhuhu 😭- I’m going to be alone this Christmas because I’m with Covid/ Omikron and need to be in quarantine“. Actually I don’t read them- I just read the headlines and think “Phu- another one “bhuhu- it’s so sorry for me”- story- and I don’t understand why it is so incredibly important to tell “the whole world” that it so sorry for you because you are going to be alone during the Christmas time. Or is it because you are in quarantine it’s so sorry for you?

Actually the point with this kind of articles are probably to tell all and everyone how many people who are in quarantine during the Christmas- time- so “take the vaccine, be careful, keep distance and so on”. The articles are probably more about “the corona- situation”- and I have no problems with understanding that one- but still I think it’s a shame to use this “Bhuhu- I’m alone during the Christmas- time”. In my eyes it’s like mocking about people who actually are alone during the Christmas- time for real.

Like I mention,- I understand that the whole “article concept” is to bring out how many must be quarantined due to positive Coronatest and Omikron.  I understand that the essence of this is- “see so many people the Christmas celebration was broken for due to Covid” (take vaccine, use, face mask ect.) But that is not the way I read it/ this, I don’t read the corona- situation- I read “It’s so sorry for me “.

I read- “bhuhu- I’m the only person in the whole world that are going to spend the Christmas- time alone- please feel sorry for me”. But you are not the one and only “alone soul” during the Christmas celebration.

I’m tired of this “Bhuhu- I’m alone this Christmas” – so what? Sorry- but you are not the only one that spend the Christmas- time alone, not the first one that spent it alone and not the last one either. There are so many people that spend their Christmas time alone- every year- without being in any quarantine- they are actually alone,- what about them? It’s actually much more sorry for them then you.

What about the sick children in the hospitals now at days- in their own way so alone in the Christmas- time? What about all the people that can’t effort the Christmas- celebration? Or buy Christmas gifts to their children and family?

Do you really think about what such a headline and article does to those who are actually alone, Christmas after Christmas?  Do you think about how mocking such an article is for them who is alone on Christmas Eve- for real? Why is it so much more sorry for you then all the others that spend their Christmas time alone?

I just repit myself a bit again, I know- because, yes, of course I understand the “writing concept”, “the media concept” about all this articles. But this is actually just a lots whining- nothing else in my mind.

And you, that are sitting there in your quarantine alone, you will probably or maybe still spend the Christmas- evening together with your family during a kind of facetime channel like Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp or something else. So you in one way will actually not be alone even you are alone in your home- because you are in quarantine.

In my mind I feel so much more sorry for all that actually for real are alone during the Christmas- time,- and not you because you are actually “just” in quarantine. And I’m sorry- but I don’t feel sorry for you.

I don’t feel sorry for you because you are alone at Christmas evening or during the Christmas- time. You are just in quarantine during the Christmas- time, and yes, it is a “special” event and time this season of the year, but still nothing to whine about like ” bhuhu- it’s so sorry for me”- you are not the only one.

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Why is it so important to tell “all and everyone” that it’s so sorry for you because you are going to be alone in quarantine this Christmas time? Ok- I know- it’s a part of this “corona- situation and media channels- concept”. But still??

I have spent some of Christmas- evenings alone, more then one, that’s for sure, and been just me during both the Christmas- time and New Year eve,- several times, and without any kind of social media channels where I was a kind if a part of a Christmas celebration either.

The first Christmas I was alone I did feel really sad and sorry for myself. I did even cry- but that didn’t help very much- I was still alone and I still felt very lonely.

But after a couple of Christmas celebrations alone I started to actually celebrate alone too– in my own way. Accepted the situation and did the best of it. And had a really good time during the totally alone Christmas time. I actually started to like my Christmas celebration alone 😊.

I have also invited people to my home in the Christmas- time so they didn’t need to be alone. And I have went out to the streets and shared Christmas cakes with people who was living on the street. Norwegian homemade Christmas cakes to Spanish people living on the street, together with a knitted hat and scarf.

I have also been in the situation for several years where I couldn’t effort to buy any Christmas gifts to my children or my family- so I know how bad that feeling is. It’s a not very good feeling at all. You feel like a big failure and loser.

Hopefully you there in your quarantine during the Christmas- time could at least buy your children, family or friends a Christmas gift and at least be happy for that?

This Christmas I feel incredibly grateful, happy and lucky because I’m not going to eat my Christmas- dinner alone, but together with two of my three children. And I feel incredibly grateful, lucky and happy because this year I actually could effort to buy the traditional Norwegian Christmas- dinner I have grown up with as well as give my children and my family something for Christmas too this year- the first year for a very long time- but that’s after working 12 hours shift, 7 days a week, for several weeks- not just because to be able to buy the traditional Norwegian Christmas-dinner and something to my children and family in Norway- but yes- that has been one of my Christmas- goals this year. And I did manage it too 😊.

We are going to eat a, hopefully, tasty, homemade traditional Norwegian Christmas- dinner this evening together,- and not so much more then that. But I’m still looking forward to this evening together with two of my children and enjoying a tasteful meal together. We are actually just going to eat together and that’s it. But still it is something to look forward too 😊. And do you know what- our Christmas will not be the way we did planned either- and that’s life 😊.

And I really hope you will get a very nice and cozy, great and good Christmas celebration even you are alone in the quarantine ❤. ( but stop the whining- it doesn’t suits you very much 😘)

I wish all and everyone a so good Christmas time as possible during the life- and living situation you are in ❤. I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

This little one is also spending the Christmas- evening together with us. Her name is Zoey- and under the dinner she needs to stay in her own “quarantine”.

I really hope the people who are spending the Christmas- time in quarantine will get a very nice and cozy, great and good Christmas celebration even you are alone in the quarantine ❤. But stop the whining- it doesn’t suits you very much 😘, and you are not the only one or the first one that’s spend the Christmas- time alone.

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It all can happen to you too….😳🌾

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Why do we- my daughter and me choose to tell her your story? Because this can also happen to you- so be careful with the judging.

Everything that can happen to everyone else can actually happen to you too- and why shouldn’t it? In general no one is more “protected” then everyone else from more and less everything or anything.

In general all and everyone are more and less “exposed” for the same things, stuffs, happenings in life.

We can all get cancer or Covid19, or any other disease. Be in a car accident, loose our hope. We can all meet bad people in our life and even let them into our life without knowing- the abuser, the sociopath, the psychopath, the manipulator, the thief, the liar and so on.

So I’m so so tired to hear that “I’m blue eyed” , or “that had or could never happen to me because..bla bla bla” or “I trust people to easy” , “you are so gullible/ believe to good about people “, “you are so stupid”, “you are so easy to fool” or this “is it a pattern?” … and so on and so on and so on.

I choose to close my ears now when I hear things like that. Because I know- all and everything that can happen to everyone else can also happen to me and you. It doesn’t matter what it is- it can still happen.

An other thing,- why say things like this to a person who already have it though enough because of what’s had happen? It’s like beat someone who already is down.

Well,- my thoughts when I hear these things now is that maybe these things couldn’t happen to you because you are not strong enough to handle them? Because there’s a “saying” that you don’t get more then you can handle?

At the moment there’s over 40 young men and women that have contacted each other about Nathaniel (Caprino) Engbråten and what he had done against them, how he scammed them with his “tear dropping stories”. Crocodiles tears- all fake from the start to the end. How they did believe him, trusted him, felt sorry for him. But it’s not sorry for him, and his stories. It’s actually very difficult to believe anything he tells is true.

And the other reason why we choose to share my daughter’s story is to hopefully manage to avoid that more young men and young women will be exposed for Nathaniel Engbråten and his manipulated character and behaviour. I know he is “only” 23 years old- but age doesn’t matter if you are not a very good person and human. And he is not a very good human and person- and I’m actually feel sorry to say he is one of the worst people I have ever meet. I met one like him for around 10- 11 years ago- so I know what a person like him can do, can destroy.

I get so angry just to hear his name, and if I hear his voice or see his face I feel I’m going to explode 💣💥. My heart feels like it would jump straight out of my body of anger.

I did felt sorry for him in around 2 seconds- but I can promise you there’s nothing left of that. Nothing! To be honest,- and this is not a good thing to think, feel, say or write- but I feel a incredibly hate over this man and what he did to my daughter 👹. I feel sick, I want to throw up 🤮. And I’m not going to mention what I want to do with him if I see or meet him again. It’s not very nice at all.

But this bad feelings can also happen to you if you have any kind very bad experiences from an other person- it’s not just me that’s available to be so angry, or feel this things- all and everyone can feel on this too. Well,- maybe not all and everyone- I don’t think Nathaniel Engbråten have any kind of feelings at all. I think he is empty in so many ways. A empty person, empty heart, empty soul.

I know there’s a mammi out there- his mammi and I can’t even imagine how she must feel – because of him and the way he is, the way he treats other people. I am a mammi myself, to two young men- and I can, but at the same time not quite imagine how she have it- because of her son’s behaviour.

So just remember when or if you continue reading the next stories in my blog the nexts days- all and everything that happens to everyone else can also happen to you- so be careful with your judgement!

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

To beat someone who already is lying down- how do you think that feels?

To say to someone who already is down- that “this could never happen to me”- is closely like beat a person who already is been beaten up. Let’s not forget that everything that can happen to everyone else also can happen to you.

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Then we try the dating again 😊🥂

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Two months after the planned date with my earlier neighbour we actually managed to have a date 😊. The date was delayed because he got the coronavirus and then became sick with Covid19 😔. But now he’s “back in business” again and healthy and feel well. And yes,- he got his two vaccines ling before he was infected by the coronavirus- in case you wonder 😊.

I’m actually not sure if I should call it a date or a meeting, because I have knew my “date” for seven years now, and we have in a way “dated” a bit before too. Four years ago we “dated” in our own way for around three years 😊. So we do know each other a bit.

To be honest,- I’m actually not sure what “dating” means,- but the way I do understand “dating” is when two people like or are interested in other each meet up and spend time together as well as do things together. In my mind a date doesn’t necessary means that we goes out for a drink or a dinner, but spend time together in some or another way 😊. But I think we can have different understanding for what a date is.

Me dressed up for a date- and this time no sickness and Covid19- so my date did showed up 😊

Since we do know each other, my date and me, we decided to have the date in my home,- with barbecue and red wine mixed with coca cola, because my date like the red wine best that way 🍷. And to be honest ,- the wine do taste good mixed with some coca cola. It’s not to bad at all 😊.

We had a very nice and cozy evening together. It was good to see him again, and very nice to talk with him too,- even we now and than can have some communication “challenges” because of the language, and maybe also because we are a woman and a man too 😊.

I like that we have different things to talk about and even some similar interests as well. He likes to paint and create too, and he likes to fish too. And he is a bit handyman as well, and can fix different things in- and outside the home. I like that.

I haven’t been fishing since I lived in Norway, and I did like to fish and I have now and then missed to stand there with the fishing rod, the sea, the silence, and maybe even some fishing luck too 🐟. And it’s a fishing pier very close to my home, a place where we can stand and fishing, and I actually want to go there and just be there and fish. Try to get a fish or two, but it’s nice to be together with someone else that have the same interests as my self. Like maybe my earlier neighbour. We see what’s happen. Maybe I’m going to go to the pier on my own too one day, I just need to get both fishing equipment and a fishing rod first 🐟😊.

My “date” also like to spend some time on the beach under the sun, like me, and maybe the best,- he actually like to spend time together with me, at the same time as he has actually respect for this need I have for use my own time, to be alone. Maybe because he actually also like to use his time in the same way?😊

We have decided to meet up now and then,- but what’s more that will happen I don’t know. I’m not stressing anything, and to be honest I Iike it this way,- that we meet up now and then and just spend some time together. Not stressing anything anywhere 😊.

And,- I’m still not in this “relationship” corner in my life,- so this kind of “deal” or agreement we have suits me actually very well 😊. And I’m very relaxed to “this” together with my earlier neighbour 😊.

But at least there was someone that manage to go on a kind of date with me 😅. And it was a really nice and cozy evening too,- and I’m looking forward to meet and see him again 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon I hope 😊

Creating a cozy atmosphere at my terrace for a nice and cozy meeting, or maybe some will call it a date 😊

I’m still not in the “dating- corner” in my life, or “relationship- corner” either,- but I did say yes to meet up on a kind of date together with someone I have knew for some years 😊🥀. And it was a nice and cozy evening that’s probably is going to be repited 😊🥀.

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2 weeks with training 🎧☎️😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m just finish 2 weeks of training in a new job. It’s still customer service agent on the phone, but for a new product and with some new CRM systems 📠.

It has been busy and hard, but not just because it’s a job for a new product, and I need to learn a bit about the product, and a new CRM system I need to learn to use too, but also because I’m actually older and learn in a bit different way then before. Maybe even in a other tempo as well.

And I needed to have the training at the office. I didn’t feel very comfortable with that. There’s a lots of good colleagues and people at the office, something that also means there’s a lots of different energies, and a possibility to be exposed for the coronavirus. And, unfortunately, I get very tired when it’s a mix of energies around me. And I have during the last year tried to do my best to avoid places where it’s a bigger chance to be exposed by the coronavirus. I have for example not been in a shopping centre since the Autumn 2019.

Like some of you maybe know, – Spain is at the moment a very “red” country on the map in Europe when it comes to the coronavirus. So I actually don’t need to do things on purpose to get the virus when it is like it is in the country at the moment. But when that’s said,- I’m not worried, I live my life, I enjoy my life and I meet up with my friends as well as testing out restaurants in the area, goes to the beach, goes to the stores and so on. But I’m careful and I follow the different restrictions, and I’m conscious about who, how, when and where 😊.

Most of the colleagues at my job are actually working from home at the moment. I think around 70 % are working from home, so of course there wasn’t to many people in the office, but still a bit. I’m working for a big company with many employees, so even when 70 % are working from home there’s still a bit of people left in the office. And a bit more people then I’m normally surrounded by.

I didn’t feel very comfortable with taking the train every morning either to my job and then back home again from my job. It’s a bit of people on the train too, and during this corona- situation I have tried my very best to avoid to be sourrende by to many people at the same time. Except from this two last weeks, and also last summer when I also worked at the office for a while. Like I mention, I’m very conscious about who, how many people and where I’m surrounded by people.

I actually did travel with a train 20 minutes earlier then I needed to travel with in the mornings just because I found out that the earlier train had less passengers then the train 20 minutes later 🚞.

I’m not the biggest fan of this coronavirus, and I try my very best to avoid to be exposed by the virus and the illness.

But okay,- sometimes it’s necessary to do what’s needed to keep up the flow,- like have a job 😊. And I’m very happy and grateful for this opportunity to still have a job and still be an employer for the company I’m working for 😊. And I’m going to continue to work from my home again too now, something I feel more comfortable to do even it’s a new job for a new product and CRM system, and I’m a very “newbie” in all of it, my “knowledge base” on the subject it’s not very much to brag about at the moment, but it will be better little by little, and I still feel healthy, just a bit tired 😅.

And, like I mention, I do different things in my time off from my job, I don’t live isolated or anything like that, I’m just more conscious now then before about when and where, who and how. And to be more conscious it’s not a problem or a challenge for me 😊.

I have actually learned to be more conscious about different things in my life and also about my self during this last “corona- year”.

And one of the things I’m more conscious about is my learning process. I learn differently now then before, and special when it’s something I need to learn but don’t have the most interest to learn 😅. I need to learn about this new product I’m customer service agent for, and I need to learn how to use the CRM system, but that’s because I’m interested to both do a good job as well as keep my job 😊. And I actually learn more when I’m working from my home and do the “studies” on my own with the possibility to ask for help if there’s something I don’t understand on the chatt platform Teams, then sit behind a desk in a environment together with other people and be teached.

When I sit in teaching environment I, unfortunately maybe, get bored and start to draw instead 😅. Drawing illustrations, images and different decorations I can use on the glassbottles or the canvas 🎨. I’m losing my focus. Maybe it’s the age ( my age) or maybe it’s the subject, I actually don’t know.

Like I mention, I have use the train to and back home from my job during the 2 last weeks. On purpose. It’s just a 5 minutes walk to the train station from my home, and it’s 2, 1 km to walk from the train station close to the office, and of course the same back again- but back again, it’s a bit up the hill walk 😅. I could used the bus too if I wanted. The bus stops just 1 minutes from my home and it’s stops closely outside the office.

When it comes to people in the bus or train it’s more and less the same.

When I use the train I can do some different errands in the town on my way back home, and I also get some exercise 🚶‍♀️🤸‍♀️. If I use the bus this is a bit more difficult to do. Of course I could do some exercises anyway when I was back home from the training, but after 8 hours with training I knew I was not going to do any kind of exercises. Maybe just a tiny walk or two at the beach. So then I choose “steps- and walk” exceriences instead to and back from my job 🚶‍♀️🤸‍♀️.

In the beginning I need to admit it was hard, special the “long” stairs up to the train station, and the “long” “up the hill- road” from the office 😳😊. But after some days it all went easier 😊. Maybe because I was getting a bit more “trained”, or maybe because I knew it was just less days left to take the stairs, and “up the hill” walk? I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter, because I felt good about myself with doing this “exercises” 😊. And, unfortunately, to do some exercises hasn’t been on my “priority list” for awhile even I know it’s so important, it has and is still on my “to do list”. But “to do” and “a priority”, then the priority comes first.

Exercises will come on my priority list very soon when the hottest summer heat is over in a couple of weeks 🌞 🌡.

So that’s actually more and less what I have been doing for the last two weeks,- been on training for a new job, done some stairs and walk exercises, eating and sleeping 😊.I haven’t had the energy to do so much more 😅. And missed my home office, of course- but I’m back home to my home office again now, and I will probably learn more about the new product I’m a customer service agent for and the new CRM system when I’m back in the “comfort zone” in my home 😊.

I really hope you have had some very nice weeks with or without any training or exercises, but hopefully still with some new experiences and knowledge 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

The stairs up to the train station- and there’s actually a couple of more behind the corner 🚶‍♀️😊,- a good place for some “steps” exercises that’s for sure 😊

I have had two weeks of training in two different ways for the last to weeks 😊. One kind of training for a new job, and an other kind of training every day to get to and back home from the office as well 🚶‍♀️🤸‍♀️. “Exercises” both my body and my brain a bit 😊🤸‍♀️. It was a bit hard, I need to admit that- but that’s the way it is if you want to keep up the flow in different areas in life 😊💛.

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July is over 🏝 and August is already started 🏖

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

We have already started on August, and July is already history. The days, weeks and months goes very fast, I think. So I in my own way, like to have this “summary” where I take a tiny look at the month that’s finish just to see that I actually have done a bit of different things during the month even when it feels like the time fly so fast that I sometimes feel I didn’t manage to do “anything” during the last month. But I did,- also in July 🌞.

I also like to be grateful for the different things and experiences the month has brought into my life in one or another way 🧡. As well as try to look forward to some new and unknown for the upcoming month, – like August will bring this time 🌞.

It’s in general always something to be grateful for, and in general it’s also something to look forward too,- even when we don’t know what it is always 🧡.

The ocean- photo taken from one of my walks in July 😊

I have had some really nice walks in the area, both in some mornings as well as evenings. It’s nice to “get to know” the area I’m living in, and a nice walk close to the beach isn’t to bad to do at all 😊.

I have been creative in July too, – both finish and delivered 25 painted glassbottles to Natasja and their cafe Case Barella in La Cala Mijas, as well as finish a knitted baby blanket, and also created me a creative corner outside on the roof terrace 🎨. I really like to spend time in “my outside corner”,- it’s a kind of luxury to be able to and have the possibility to paint outside under the sun 🌞🎨. And one of the glassbottles I painted to Natasja was obviously so nice that it actually was stolen 😋.

I have visited a good friend of my and her newborn baby girl at the hospital, and hopefully I will manage to visit them again in their home next weekend 🥰.

I have really tested out my kitchen with different kinds of food and baking. And the mini oven in my kitchen manage to bake both tasty dinners and cakes 🥮.

I have had nice guests too, both in the afternoons, evenings and even some “holiday guests” for some nights too. So the guest room is now tested out as well 😊. And I have “created” my own “private backyard cafe”, a nice place to spend time together with my family and friends 🧡.

And the coronavirus and Covid19 did “dropped” by my family too this month, and my poor little daughter ( ….well, little- she is 20, 5 years old now) was sick for closely 3 weeks 😔. And I couldn’t visit her because of the coronavirus. And,- just in case,- “my” date also got the coronavirus and became sick too with Covid19. Well,- “my date” was maybe to take a little good in, but he had invited me on a date that had to be canceled due to illness and risk of infection. But maybe he will be my date one day? I don’t know at the moment 😊.

In the end of July was also the end of my job as a costumer service agent on the phone for one company. But already on Monday 2. August I did started in a new company as an customer service agent on the phone 😊.

So changes and challenges during July, yes. New experiences and knowledge, yes to that too 😊.

And I have a lots to be grateful for during July 🧡,- great friends, and my sweet daughter is getting much, much better, my lovely sons doing well in their life. I’m enjoying my life in the new home, and the possibility for a nice walk on the beach when I want 🏖.

I’m looking forward to August 🌞. I know it will be some very warm summer days and nights, but that’s fine 🏖. I’m already started in a new job, and I’m actually slowly started to create my self a kind of “what do I want to do with my life- my “just me” life “- plan, and is it possible to manage what I want, and in case, how to do it?

I have not to many ideas about what August will bring me, but I know it will be changes, maybe just some small ones, but a new job is a change in it’s own way 😊. I know there will be some challenges, but hopefully not to big, and to many 🤞🙏. I know there will be some new experiences and knowledge too 😊.

So,- Thank you July for what you gave me in my life, for new knowledge, nice walks and new experiences 🧡. And Welcome August with a new job, and with some new, small “adventures” in my life that I at the moment have on idea what is or are 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

I’m so lucky and so grateful for this opportunity to live so close to the beach,- a beautiful and various beach with sand, as well as with lovely stones close by 🥰

I like to take a tiny look at every month that has “passed by” and just “stop up” a bit, and think through the moments, and the months different experiences I have had during the last month, as well as be grateful for the different moments 🧡. And it’s also nice to just “feel a bit” on the unknown that’s infront of me in a new month 🧡🙏🧡.

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