My daughter’s story

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I know it is some days between my posts and it’s a reason for that- called “the life”. Things and situations in life that affects us and our time in different forms, shapes and area. Like my daughter’s story. And then it’s not easy to manage “all and everything”,- at least I don’t manage to do “all and everything” like, unfortunately, use my time to write in my blog at the moment, and a couple of more things 😔.

Her story, my daughter’s story, the story about why she is back in my nest she, me, we together has chosen to share it with you. But in our own way, splitted up on a couple of textes and posts. Something that means you will gets different parts of her story. Why we choose to share it part by part it’s because in general a story is in parts, but we often don’t think about it or see it. In one story it can be several small stories.

Just a tiny little “hands up”- of course there will be some “repit repit” in the different stories, just so you know. But that’s because they are natural enough connected to each other. At the same time it was a bit to much to tell you all in once, also for me as the writer and her mammi as well as for my daughter as the “story teller” and the one who have really lived and experience the story.

And by the way, she didn’t moved into my home in the end of October or the beginning of November when I posted she was back in my nest. She moved in closely straight after I was finish with my students and their exams in the middle of October.

But we needed to sort things out, organize, get an overview and also a get kind of distance before we, special she, was ready to share her story. But like I mention- share her story in our own way.

When my daughter moved back home to me she come pretty much “empty handed”, except from a couple of bags with clothes, some shoes and her toilet bag, and her job computer. When I write “empty handed” she had left different things in the apartment she did share with her, now, ex boyfriend, because the plan was to pick up this things a bit later. And it’s also a limit for how much she could manage to carry on her own as well as put in a taxi. I was working so I couldn’t help her- and she knew that. But I could pay the taxi for her and also help her out when I was off from work.

We have manage to pick up most of her things- but that’s a story in an other text.

“Empty handed” means also she had lost all her money. Not just lost them, her ex boyfriend, I’m going to continue call him NC- his name is Nathaniel (Caprino) Engbråten; had actually used her money little by little, but also stolen her money as well as misused her bank account information.

All her savings was gone, even all the cents she had put away in a box did he took. He had actually empty her for more and less all the cents she had in her box- except from 25 cent I did find a bit “here and there” when I did cleaned up the apartment they did rent. Also coming up in another text.

When I say used her savings little by little he used her money for food and Uber, and drinks and fun ( and probably drugs too) and with a promise to pay her back, because he was also working. Or was he actually working? 🤔 It’s difficult to know what’s true or not true when it comes to this man.

Like some of you know my daughter was very sick with Covid19 this summer so, unfortunately, it was easy for him to get her credit card information. And unfortunately not so easy for her to have control or to do to much at that time with the situation because she was to sick. And now she is struggling with this long Covid as well.

When she moved in to my home, she cried and what she said was that she felt NC has not just stolen all her money, but her whole life. Imagine what kind of feeling to feel that someone have stolen your life. I know exactly how that feels- because I have my own experiences when it comes to feel that someone actually steal your life.

She did felt on guilt and shame and that all her dignity was gone. And she is very frustrated over the situation, more frustrated and sad then angry. She feels on a very big lost. Her life. Not the boyfriend- she’s very happy he is an ex boyfriend. Me too- very, very happy for that.

Guilt because she “let” him do this. But like I told her- she was sick, and she does still struggling with long Covid19, so it’s a limit for how much she could manage to do.

She felt on shame because she did believed him, believed his stories. Trusted him when he “promised” to pay her back for what he did “borrow” when she was laying down filled up with fever and a virus tumbling around in her body.

And her dignity- she is a young woman with a pretty good economic control, but suddenly she didn’t had any control at all over her own money. And she had worked so hard to put of savings to a new passport, and for a train trip to the Norwegian Embassy in Madrid, dentist, plane ticket to Norway, spending money to her holiday in Norway and a new mobile phone. All was gone, every little cent was gone. So at the moment,- no new passport yet, no train ticket to Madrid, no holiday to Norway, no dentist, no spending money, no mobile phone. But we need to fix this passport as soon as possible as well as train ticket to Madrid and a new mobile phone to her. I’m trying my very best to help her at the same time as I support her.

She is really starting on zero again. The “lucky” thing is that it’s at least zero and not on a minus. But there has been, very natural enough, some tears fallen from my daughter’s eyes during the firsts weeks she moved back home to me. And many tears in my mammi heart because it’s hard to see your child in so much mental pain and it’s not very much I can do to remove her pain either. The money is probably long gone- she will never see them again. But I’m trying my very best to help her with what I can help her with.

She did manage to call into the bank and try to stop the transactions, but because of a delay in the system he – NC- actually manage to empty a bit more 😳. It was a delay between her call to her bank account and when her bank account actually was closed. This is- phu- something she also can show to the police and the bank- the time when she did call in for stopping the transactions and the time all was stopped, closed down.

And the police,- yes! This time she did went to the police and reported him. It’s going to be a court case in the beginning of December. And she is though now- I don’t think any man can fool around with her anymore.

And the police treated her so well. Also when she explained about the different mental issues NC has exposed her for the police took her very seriously and also had a back up team for women that also has been exposed for mental violence and not just physical violence.

We have been visiting the police station a couple of times during the lasts weeks 👮‍♂️. But I hope it will be a time before I need to call the emergency number again 😳. But a good thing is that my daughter’s limit to contact the police now is very low. It doesn’t cost her anything to call in something that’s not correct, right or not legal when it come to her, her life and things that’s happen in her life or around her.

But the thing is,- she isn’t so alone in this situation and this story as she first believed. Really not. But she is one of very few that went to the police and reported NC- maybe it will comes more police reports now? After she went to the police suddenly more and more stories about NC “rolled up”. Stories that have happen 3 years ago, maybe even more.

Young girls and young boys that had the same experiences, but they didn’t went to the police because of the shame, because of their lost dignity, because they felt stupid and alone in their situation. Something they are not. But to meet an manipulator does something not very good your mind and soul,- I know.

And even it’s a sad situation for this young girls and boys- I’m actually glad they have each other. It’s just a comfort to actually know you are not alone and the only one in this situation.

My daughter did loose totally “only” around 5000 euro, and there’s many other girls and boys that have lost their money “because” of him, as well as their dignity. Because of the ways he use their credit card information and bank account information, and because of all his lies and not true stories. The way he treated them.

He is police reported now- and my daughter feel relieved because the police took her so seriously and because she is absolutely not alone in this sad- bad economic situation. But there’s still many steps to walk.

This was a short summary of this part of my daughter’s story. It’s, unfortunately, closely impossible to write it all down. But I, we, will try our best to tell you it all – in a short summary version, little by little,- step by step, day by day 📝.

I’m proud of my daughter that went to the police and I’m proud of her for the way she deals with the situation at the same time as she also still struggling with long Covid19 and do her work as best as she can. And she doing good, very good- but I will come back to that story too – an other day 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

My daughter’s box where she sampled and save her cent for “better days” was also empty 😔

Imagine how it feels if someone steel all your money? It wouldn’t be a very good feeling. Then imagine how if feels if you feel someone have stolen your whole life from you 💔.

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Can this help against hair loss? 🦱🥕🌶

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I know there’s different side effects after having the illness Covid19.

These side effects can include fatigue and exhaustion, coughing, headaches, heavy breathing and even breathing problems.  These side effects can last from three to six months after recovering from Covid19.  That is, you do not test negative on the Corona test after being ill and starting feeling better after the disease.

To be honest,- I don’t know “all and everything” about neither how it is to be sick with Covid19 or how it feels or it is to live with the different side effects when you are testing negative on a Covid19 test, and are in way “healthy” or “free” from the virus and the illness. So when it comes to my “knowledge” about side effects after being diagnosed and sick with Covid19 I have actually googled it as well as talk with people who had been with Covid19 😷.

So fare I have manage to avoid the coronavirus and Covid19,- and cross fingers for that that will continue 🤞. But my daughter was very sick with Covid19 during this summer, not so sick that she was in the hospital, but still so sick that she couldn’t manage very much and had very high fever. It was some days a bit difficult to get in contact with her on the phone, and that’s in general not very difficult,- something I didn’t liked very much. And I couldn’t visit her either because she had Covid19.

Yesterday I told you about my “lemon shot” that I take more and less every day during the Autumn and Winter time, for trying to avoid cold, cough, sneezing and cactus in the throat 🍋🌵. And since my daughter is coughing we did try to “spice” up the lemon shot with some whiskey, and it became a not very tasty drink at all. So we are just going to continue with the lemon shot.

When it comes to the different side effects after being diagnosed and sick with Covid19 some of the side effects are coughing. So it’s probably some of the reasons why my daughter is coughing. She is going to the doctor on Monday to just check “all and everything” , and hopefully all and everything is fine.

But there’s one side effect after being sick with Covid19 it’s not written to much about, and that’s actually hair loss 🦱. I have been taking with some souls that actually are losing a lots of hair some months after had Covid19, and one of those people is my daughter 👸.

She had long thick hair before she was sick, but now more and more falls off. And it’s a lot. And of course she’s not to happy for that 😔. She doesn’t feel very comfortable with the hair loss, so at least I can try my best to help her a bit to get her hair growing back.

So I have been reading in my books, both my “Bitch Advice” book as well also a book called “Right Food- Better Health”, and of course Google a bit too, for trying to find different advice to help her get her hair back.

Some “ingredients” that can help to grow back some of the hair after having hair loss.

Some of the “ingredients” is egg, carrot, different types of nuts, peppers, fish, liver pate and sweet potatoes. So I have filled up both the frigd, freezer and our food closet with different kinds of ingredients that can help my daughter to avoid more hair loss and hopefully get her thick hair grow back again.

But of course all in moderate and sensible amounts. To much isn’t good either, not even healthy.

At least she can try to make a kind of diet out of this, and try it out for around 3 months and see what’s happen. As well as I have also made some ginger tea water to her . This she shall rinse and massage in her hair with after she has washed it, and it should not be rinsed out.  This was a tip I found in the book “Bitch advice”. ( I’m laughing at bit every time I write this books name in English- it’s sounds a bit awful 😅). So we see if that can help too 😊.

And just in case I also did buy some vitamins and minerals tablets to my daughter too. But of course, just for using in moderate amounts, just one “pill” every day for the next 3 months, and then 3 months “break” and maybe there will be some positive and growing “hair changes”? A bit more then it is at the moment? 😊 It’s just to wait and see, one day and one step at the time 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

The vitamins and minerals to my daughter- 3 months at the time and then 3 months with a break and we see if her hair will grow thicker again 🦱😊

I didn’t knew that hair loss could be one of the siden effects after being diagnosed and sick with Covid19, but obviously it is 🦱. So now I have filled up my/ our freezer, fridge and food closet with different “ingredients” to my daughter and her hair loss after being diagnosed and sick with Covid19 🦱🌶🥕😊. So now she’s going to start a 3 months “growing hair back” diet, and then we see if this can help 👸.

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July is over 🏝 and August is already started 🏖

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

We have already started on August, and July is already history. The days, weeks and months goes very fast, I think. So I in my own way, like to have this “summary” where I take a tiny look at the month that’s finish just to see that I actually have done a bit of different things during the month even when it feels like the time fly so fast that I sometimes feel I didn’t manage to do “anything” during the last month. But I did,- also in July 🌞.

I also like to be grateful for the different things and experiences the month has brought into my life in one or another way 🧡. As well as try to look forward to some new and unknown for the upcoming month, – like August will bring this time 🌞.

It’s in general always something to be grateful for, and in general it’s also something to look forward too,- even when we don’t know what it is always 🧡.

The ocean- photo taken from one of my walks in July 😊

I have had some really nice walks in the area, both in some mornings as well as evenings. It’s nice to “get to know” the area I’m living in, and a nice walk close to the beach isn’t to bad to do at all 😊.

I have been creative in July too, – both finish and delivered 25 painted glassbottles to Natasja and their cafe Case Barella in La Cala Mijas, as well as finish a knitted baby blanket, and also created me a creative corner outside on the roof terrace 🎨. I really like to spend time in “my outside corner”,- it’s a kind of luxury to be able to and have the possibility to paint outside under the sun 🌞🎨. And one of the glassbottles I painted to Natasja was obviously so nice that it actually was stolen 😋.

I have visited a good friend of my and her newborn baby girl at the hospital, and hopefully I will manage to visit them again in their home next weekend 🥰.

I have really tested out my kitchen with different kinds of food and baking. And the mini oven in my kitchen manage to bake both tasty dinners and cakes 🥮.

I have had nice guests too, both in the afternoons, evenings and even some “holiday guests” for some nights too. So the guest room is now tested out as well 😊. And I have “created” my own “private backyard cafe”, a nice place to spend time together with my family and friends 🧡.

And the coronavirus and Covid19 did “dropped” by my family too this month, and my poor little daughter ( ….well, little- she is 20, 5 years old now) was sick for closely 3 weeks 😔. And I couldn’t visit her because of the coronavirus. And,- just in case,- “my” date also got the coronavirus and became sick too with Covid19. Well,- “my date” was maybe to take a little good in, but he had invited me on a date that had to be canceled due to illness and risk of infection. But maybe he will be my date one day? I don’t know at the moment 😊.

In the end of July was also the end of my job as a costumer service agent on the phone for one company. But already on Monday 2. August I did started in a new company as an customer service agent on the phone 😊.

So changes and challenges during July, yes. New experiences and knowledge, yes to that too 😊.

And I have a lots to be grateful for during July 🧡,- great friends, and my sweet daughter is getting much, much better, my lovely sons doing well in their life. I’m enjoying my life in the new home, and the possibility for a nice walk on the beach when I want 🏖.

I’m looking forward to August 🌞. I know it will be some very warm summer days and nights, but that’s fine 🏖. I’m already started in a new job, and I’m actually slowly started to create my self a kind of “what do I want to do with my life- my “just me” life “- plan, and is it possible to manage what I want, and in case, how to do it?

I have not to many ideas about what August will bring me, but I know it will be changes, maybe just some small ones, but a new job is a change in it’s own way 😊. I know there will be some challenges, but hopefully not to big, and to many 🤞🙏. I know there will be some new experiences and knowledge too 😊.

So,- Thank you July for what you gave me in my life, for new knowledge, nice walks and new experiences 🧡. And Welcome August with a new job, and with some new, small “adventures” in my life that I at the moment have on idea what is or are 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

I’m so lucky and so grateful for this opportunity to live so close to the beach,- a beautiful and various beach with sand, as well as with lovely stones close by 🥰

I like to take a tiny look at every month that has “passed by” and just “stop up” a bit, and think through the moments, and the months different experiences I have had during the last month, as well as be grateful for the different moments 🧡. And it’s also nice to just “feel a bit” on the unknown that’s infront of me in a new month 🧡🙏🧡.

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I have actually said yes to a date 🥀😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

My plan was actually not to date for a while, and it has also been a very long time since I have been on a date too. But I did say yes to a date this weekend. I still don’t feel very “ready” for dating, but I have known this man for seven years, and I know we have different things to talk about too, something that’s good to have when you are on a date. And we, in our own way, did “date” for around three years before we stopped dating four years ago.

So that’s one of the reason why I said “Yes, I want to go out on a date with you”. Because I know him, we can talk together and have different things to talk about too. And the other reason,- well,- to be honest, it could be nice to be hugged and cuddled a bit with, and get some nice and positive attention too 😊. And dress myself up a bit as well. And at least I know “what I get” from him, this date, both in the positive directions as well as the bit less positive directions too 😊.

And yes,- it’s my “old” neighbour, the Spanish policeman who asked me out for a date 😊. He is actually not “old”,- I think he is maybe 6 or 7 years younger then me to be honest. So I’m the “old” one here 😅.

He is, as I mention, a policeman, and in his job he is in contact with a lots of different people ….. people with and without the coronavirus too 😳. And he has got thise two “magical” vaccines related to the coronavirus and Covid19 as well, just because of his job, but still he needed to cancel our date this weekend and be in 10 days of quarantine because of the contact with a person who had the coronavirus 😳.

He did tested negative on the first Covid19/ corona test, but positive on the second one, just two days after. So now it’s 10 days home alone together with his two cats for him instead of being on a nice and cozy date together with me 😅. …(…but I actually don’t understand the vaccine “concept” if it’s this way it’s in “function “?🤔)

So here I’m standing dressed up and ready for a cancelled date 😳. A date I actually was looking forward to. What to do then? 🤔 Send a online “request” “all over the world” and ask if someone else wants to date me a bit this weekend?😅😊

I’m just kidding,- he did let me know about the quarantine long before I did dressed up and got ready for dating 😊. I’m actually just dressed up for some shopping and fixing internet a bit, nothing more, nothing less 😊. It’s judt nice to dress up now and then even for some shopping too, and hopefully I can “charm” the internet guy so much that my internet speeds up a bit as well 😊.

So instead of dating this weekend I’m just going to work a bit with my freelance work, and enjoy the sun, the beach, the sand, the ocean, and my roof terrace as well, a lot 🌞🍷. Just relax and taking care of myself 🧡. Easy peacy 😘.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

I like to dress up a bit, maybe even more now then before 😊 Getting ready for a date… or just shopping 😉

So here I’m standing dressed up and ready for a date 😳….a cancelled date because of a positive corona test,- but it was not my test. What to do then? 🤔 I’m just going to relax and taking care of myself instead 🧡. Easy peacy 😘.

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I feel my face is in prison 😷😅 …but there’s some positive things too 🤭😷

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I don’t think I’m the only one that not is the biggest fan of this face masks use? 😷 But what to do? Hopefully this mask restrictions will be over one day and we all can show our beautiful smiles to each other again? 😁

To be honest,- I do feel my face is a bit in like a tiny prison, well,- at least my mouth when I’m using this mask 😷. And of course it feels like that, it’s very covered up 😷. And of course I can find some negative reasons and thoughts, and I can complain a lot too, of this mask use 😅. But will it help? Will it do me well? No, I don’t think so 😊. I need to use it anyway 😷.

So I started to think about some few positive (and actually stupid, but so what 🤭) things with this mask use, and then not just to avoid to be infected or infect other with this coronavirus.

You don’t need to use money on filler because no one sees it anyway 👄. And the lipstick it’s not very necessary either. No one sees that one either and ut will just colour off the inside of the mask.

If you forget to brush your teeth before you go out it’s only you that need to smell your not to good breath …. inside the mask 😷. And if there’s something between your teeth no one will notice that either 🤭. And your wrinkles, no needs to worried about them either, no one sees them under the mask.

And if you want to stretch your tongue / yawn to someone you think is a little stupid, or thst you are not the biggest fan of, no one sees you doing it under the mask 🤪. And if you see someone that’s a bit good “to rest your eyes” at, and maybe even what to send a tiny kiss to this person, but don’t take the chance. You can send him/ her a kiss under the mask if you want 💋. You can even make a fake smile under your mask, and no one will notice.

If you use a lost creams and foundation and so on ( to be honest I actually don’t know what all the different creams you can use in your face are called) in your face, you actually just use just the half of what you normally use, because the mask is covering the rest half of your face anyway 😷.

And the pimples and blackheads around the nose, mouth and chin are also hidden under the mask.

And if your nose is runny with snot, no one sees it either.  But, – it’s probably a little uncomfortable to feel it yourself.

And the mask is actually like a warm cover over the face during cold and windy days. You don’t need any scarf to cover your face on a cold day because you have the mask 🧣.

So there’s some tiny small positive things to think about and focus around when the irritating and negative thoughts about this mask use are coming crawling into my or yours mind 😷😊. But I still do feel my mouth is in a tiny prison anyway when I’m walking around with my mask. That’s the way it is 😊. And Im still looking forward to not use the mask in public one day 😷.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

I’m not the biggest fan of this mask usr- but I use it and tey to think about something positive around the mask use instead 😊😷.

There’s some tiny small positive things to think about and focus around when the irritating and negative thoughts about this mask use are coming crawling into my or yours mind 😷😊. But even with some few positive thoughts Im still looking forward to not use the mask in public one day in the future 😷.

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