And then it was my oldest son’s birthday 🎉🎁💙

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s a bit empty in my home now at days. I’m miss my daughter’s sounds, her energies, her nice smell, her company, her voice, her hugs, her “Haallooo” when she was coming home ❤, but not her mess 😅. It’s actually the same with Ruben,- I miss him to,- everything with him, except for the mess they both could and can manage to create around them with socks and plates, glasses and different things and stuffs 😅. Marius is “just around the corner” so I don’t miss him in the same way. We can still meets now and then, something we also does 💙. Like for example yesterday 🥰.

Luckily for me it has been some busy days after Mathilde did “leave the buildig”, so I haven’t had to much time to “feel” to much on the “emptyness” after her in my home yet.

My oldest son was 28 year yesterday 💙- so I have been a bit busy with both my work, my painting- planning and of course baking “mammi’s “famous” birthday chocolate cake” to my son and his girlfriend 🎂. Well,- I can at least “believe” for myself that my chocolate cake is “famous”, but more correctly it’s probably to say it’s a favourite cake for and to my children instead 😊.

And I have not started to “clean up” the mess after Mathilde yet, I haven’t had the time. But her things and stuffs, clothes and so on needs to be put in boxes. And I will probably start with that this weekend 😊.

And I can’t quite understand that that my oldest son is already 28 years old 🤔. That must mean that I’m probably older then I’m feeling too?😅😉

If he’s getting older, means that I’m getting older as well. Hmmm….well,- something I can think a bit more about another day 😊. Today I’m thinking a bit about this young man that made me a mammi for the first time in my life,- something I’m incredibly grateful for and proud of 🥰 💙.

Marius,- my oldest and a proud mammi 🥰

My plan was to maybe just have not more then two kids,- but for some reason I was so lucky I got three healthy children. Marius is my first born, and I was “just” 21 years old when he was born. I felt so much in love with that tiny little baby boy, I’m still felt up with unconditional love for him, but he is not so tiny and small anymore 😅.

I really need to stretch me a bit to give him some squeezing hugs now- I didn’t need to do that 28 years ago 😅.

A happy son and a happy mammi- life is good 🥰.

Like I mention,- it has been some busy days after Mathilde travel to Bali, and yesterday wasn’t any exception. But I did manage to drop by to Marius and Irene and celebrate Marius a bit with some chocolate cake and just spend some time together with them for a while 😊. Very nice and cozy 🥰. And it seems that they two turtlebirds are going good together,- something that makes a mammi heart really happy 💙❤. They haven’t been able to spent so much time together the lasts months,- so it was nice to see how good they was together yesterday 🥰.

Marius is working from home, something he have done for a while now. And in general it seems that he like to work that way he does- and that’s good. But I know he is looking for some other position, possibilities and challenges now when it comes to work,- and I really hope he will manage to both go for his dreams as well as get his dreams 💛🧡. I think he will, but as we all know it’s not always about ourselves if and when we manage to reach our dreams- mostly things around us are also effected by other happenings. So I cross my fingers for him, for them both 🤞🙏💛.

They are going to Madrid for some days next month, and asked me to look after Zorro,- his dog,- something I of course do with happiness for him and they both 🥰.

And my “dreams” at the moment is to get the home a bit more “in order” during the next days. It’s not done in “a swoop” because things needs to be washed, organized and put a way in different boxes so it’s easier for Mathilde to find her things the day she is back in Spain again, as well as I have a “organized” home too during the next weeks and months 😊. I like to have thing in order, organized and a bit clean too 😁. Now I have the possibility to have my home in my way for a while, the way Ilike it- and that’s exactly what I’m going to do and have too 😁.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

And the chocolate cake made as muffins- because it was easier for me to bring the cake with me on the train that way 😊.

The days fly by- yesterday was my oldest son already 28 years old 😳😊💙. Imagine that I have a son that old? It means that maybe I’m getting older too?😅 Of course I dropped by my son and his girlfriend with some chocolate cake and hugs for his birthday 🎁. And as always it’s so nice to be together with both him and his Irene 🧡.

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