It’s a time for everything 😊📝

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I have decided that I’m going to stop “blogging” next year, more precisely in January or February 2023. It’s a time for everything- it’s a time to try something new as well as stop something when it feels it’s the time for that as well 😊. This is not a decision I have made today, I have actually thought about it for a while,- but I needed to be sure about me decision before I shared it.

My life it’s not so exciting either 😅,- and I can’t imagine it will be after I have turned 50 either 😊. And in the end of January next year I’m actually going to be 50 😳. It feels strange to think about,- but that’s hopefully life- that I will be so lucky that I will be 50 and 60 and hopefully 70 too, and maybe even a bit more years then that as well 😊.

Of course I can’t know I’m going to be 50, because we haven’t any guarantees for anything in life,- but I hope so 🧡. And I think it can be a good thing for me to “end” my 40’s together with the blogging, and start my 50’s without 😊. For me it feels correct, and I’m very comfortable and in a way relived over my decision 😊. In a way I feel like the blogging for me have done it’s “mission” in my life. And it has been very helpful in it’s own way for me.

I like to write, and to write my blog have given me a lot. I’m not so sure it have given the readers the same. What I do know is that at least the readers have followed me during some ups and downs,- and to write a bit during “the down time” have at least given me a possibility to get a kind of distance to things in life that didn’t felt to good at the moment.

It’s like I have shared my different challenges together with a kind of friend when I’m writing in my blog, even I in general don’t get any “solutions” or answer how to handle different kinds of challenges in life, it’s still a kind of help to just put some words on the paper,- if you understand what I mean? So it has been a bit helpful for me, a kind of therapy, this blogging- process during the last years, but maybe, and probably, not for my readers 😊.

It takes time to write a blog too, and I also have bad conscience when I do not write in my blog, especially when there are many days between each time I write. And when I’m starting to feel a bit on this bad conscience it’s time to do something with that,- and for me the best solution is to stop writing instead of try to write even more. Because then I’m stressing myself unnecessary. And if it’s something I don’t like very much in my life anymore it’s stress. Then it’s best to remove the stress that’s possible to remove 😊.

So why doesn’t I just stop writing in my blog now? Because I have a “couple” of more texts and things I want to write about, and maybe even share 😊. And like I mention,- for me it feels a bit “correct” to walk out of my 40’s in the blog, and into my 50’s without 😊.

In many ways, this blogging is something I have done most for myself, while sharing myself. At the same time as I hope it has been a bit okay for the readers to read a bit a about a very ordinary life. The ups and downs,- and that it’s quite okay to just have a ordinary life too,- with ups and downs 😊. It’s actually that that’s in general the most “normal” life I think.

I need to be honest and say when I started blogging I did hope it was a bit money to earn in the blogging era too- and of course it is possible,- but not for me. And I also started to blog, like I mention, because I like to write and for me writing is a part of the processing process of various events in my daily life and life in general.  Eventually now maybe it’s time to go back to writing my private diary instead?  It works just as well as a processing process in a blog, while at the same time I do not feel guilty that I do not have the time or capacity to write, or in fact and even nothing exciting to write about.

So why do I tell you about this today? Because it’s still a couple of more months until next year, and until Im going to stop blogging. But when I have made a decision I feel it can be okay to tell, just so you know.

My time as a hobby blogger is over in a couple of months,- and that feels as a good decision to take 😊. It’s a time for everything, and to blog has been a great experience as well as a kind of therapy for me, but it’s maybe time for me to use my time to something else, and in a different way 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon as possible 😊

I’m going to stop blogging in a couple of months- and that feels actually quite okay😊.

It’s a time for everything- and I have for a while though about to stop blogging. It feels a bit like that “time” in my life it’s over,- it have done it’s “mission” for me. But I’m going to continue a tiny bit more,- and stop around the time I have decided, just because 😊.

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I don’t read to much news at the moment 🗞

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I needed to take a tiny break from both reading and watching the news, visiting different social media channels as well as write in my blog this weekend. The situation in Ukraine affects my heart, soul and mind,- and I just starts to cry – so I needed to get a bit of distance to it 😥.

When I do read and see the all the different news, the photos and movies from Ukraine and the war,- and think about all the innocent people who this war affects. The children, the babies, the parents, the elderly, the men, the women, the teenagers, the adults, the young adults- I’m so so sorry they all need to go through all of this and there’s not even a good explanation or reason for the war. This is so incredibly meaningless.

I have never been in a war- something I’m incredibly grateful for 🙏,- but I can still imagine how awful and scary the situation for the people in the country is and must be. And as many together with me,- I have a so big challenges and problems to understand this war, the reason for this war? 🤔 ( actually for wars in general-). And to see all the people who losing so much- for what? Just because of very, very stupid and incredibly crazy and evil man in Russia? There must be something really wrong with his brain- that’s for sure 🤯. I think he have lost what’s was left of his mind. And yes,- of course I’m a bit worried that this stupid and thoughtless man can be able “to press the button”- unfortunately it seems he is crazy enough to do that too 😔🌋. But I think it’s just a try to scare us all a bit,- I at least hope so 🙏.

I did try to read some online news today during my breaks when I was working as a costumer service agent on the phone. I did try to update myself a bit about the situationen in Ukraine,- because, like I mention, during this weekend I have avoided everything- online news, television news, social media channels news, because I’m just crying. And I just started to cry again today too- and to answer the customer service agent phone and cry it’s not the best way to do my job. (I think this menopause does something with my brain and tears too….I have always been emotional- but not like this…).

Another thing,- this V.V.P doesn’t interest me very much. He is not worth very much of my attention or to use time to read very much about, write or talk very much about. And there’s a lots of information and articles and speculation just about and around this stupid, little man in the news, his political life and political vision, if we can call what’s he is doing for a vision?😳 ….and so on. So he gets a lots of attention already. He doesn’t need mine too. Of course I have read some stuff about him- but what’s so interesting with him? Obviously not very much- he needs to be “Put in” a place so all the people can be safe from him. He seems like a really boring, and crazy guy. He doesn’t even have a nice and charming look either,- and have obviously lift his eyes a bit as well (eye-lift,- theres not many wrinkles in his face mask 😳)- but maybe probably to much……since he doesn’t see or think very clear ?

I’m much more interested in to know how things are going in Ukraine and the development there, the different consequences this war has for all of us in different ways, and not least the people in the war, then V.V.P as a man and person. And not very interesting in a crazy man’s life and history.

People around me have tried to explain me the “why” and “what” reasons this V V.P are using as “argumen” for starting this war – but in my mind it doesn’t make any sense at all. Nothing with this war makes any sense for me- , I don’t understand it at all, and I’m not the only one. A war just because of some old history from the last century? Seriously? How stupid is that?🤔

I have also felt on this “selfish” feeling when it’s comes to my life, my blog and write about my life, my things and thoughts around my own life, my “big” problems and challenges that’s are not very big at all- when it all comes to all, and when I know what kind of challenges so many people actually have and goes through.

But at the same time,- I can’t stop living my life, do my things. So I’m going to continue with my “selfish” blogging about my life, my “this and that”. Maybe it can be okay for some to read about my “trivial” lifes now and then too? Maybe as a kind of break from other things? I don’t know- I just know I like to write so I’m going to continue with that.

I have thought the thought about whether I should volunteer for humanitarian work in Ukraine…. But as I write- I have thought the thought- I have not considered anything, or taken a position on anything- just thought.

I’m going to live my life, do my jobs, paint my paintings, work to reach my goals- one by one, and I’m going to continue write and share about my “trivial” things in my life in my blog, but I’m not going to read or watch anymore war- news in my breaks when I’m at work, or to much war- news at all, special not if it’s an articles about just V.V.P. -but read a bit to just keep me a bit updated during the day.

Instead I have started to read about some other things and stuffs,- like for example about the new “hair fashion trend” instead,- that’s “mushroom hair” at the moment. Something that’s obviously not a hairstyle or a haircut, but a hair colour – I thought it was a new look for the hair 😅🍄. So I do learn some other things and stuffs in the news at the moment,- that’s okay too 😊.

And in a bit during the day I’m also going to say Thanks for February and wish March very welcome 🥀🧡. And- there will maybe come a couple of textes and thoughts about this war- natural enough, because I live in Europe- and it does affects me, but I will not let it affects my life to much as long as it’s not necessary.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Mushrooms hairstyle- obviously not a new haircut, but a new hair colour 😅🍄…..and it’s not a purple colour either 😅

I needed to take a tiny break from different “news- and social media channels” this weekend. The war in Ukraine affects me a bit, and my tears have a habit to just jump out of my eyes at the moment 🇺🇦 😥. So I did learn a bit about mushroom hairstyle instead- and I thought it was a new haircut, but it isn’t 🍄.

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