Some finished painted orders 😊🎨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine and you 🧡

Like some of you know I have been working with some painted orders during the lasts weeks,- and now I’m finish, and actually very pleased with the results too 😊. The three costumers have already got a tiny little peek, and also seems to be pleasant with the result,- so then I can show it to you too 😊.

” A “touch” of Norway” 🏞

This winebottle was actually the most difficult to paint because I haven’t painted anything like this on a glassbottle before 🏞. I have painted and drawing mountains and ocean before, but just on canvas and paper- not around a bottle 🎨. But the costumer had a wish, and then I try my best to paint that. He/ she wanted Norwegian mountains and fjords/ sea. And mainly the colours blue and white.

I’m going to paint some more of this, because when I found out how to do it, how to create mountains and ocean it wasn’t to bad at all, actually quite fun 🏔😊.

Here you can see the painted winebottle from different directions 🏔🎨
“Red happiness”
“Blue happiness”

All this three is to one costumer. The costumer have chosen the colours and the images, and yes,- I did also painted a tiny suprice to the costumer as a “Thank you for the trust”- but I can’t show you that one today 😊. Of course I feel grateful for the trust someone gives me when they ask me to paint something specific for them 🧡.

“A touch of summer”
“Blue secret”

This two are to another costumer,- and they become so sweet and summery 🤗🌞. The colours and images are also chosen by the costumer, and I have put a tiny little painted secret to this one too 🎨, for the same reasons as the first one,- feeling so grateful for the trust 🤗.

Four different canvas,- colours chosen by the costumer 😊,- and image chosen by me 😊. Size 20×20 cm.

My third costumer order 6 canvas,- four in one size, and two in another size. The four small canvas the costumer was not sure what imagination he/ she wanted, but the colours. So I have tried my best to paint something that I in a way “imagine” the costumer 😊. And yes,- the different images have different meanings- but that’s for my costumer to know 😊 . And of course there’s a tiny painted suprice to this costumer as well 😊.

So as you can see,- I haven’t been bored during the lasts weeks,- but enjoying painting and creating 🎨😊.

And new “projects” and “products” are already placed on my painting table,- and some keywords are “glassbottles for men”. Actually something someone asked me for,- so then I try my very best to create something like that 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

The two last canvas for my third costumer- colours and image chosen by the costumer 😊. Size : 20× 50 cm

I’m going to have a tiny bit of “weekend” off from painting this weekend 🌞. I’m finish with three different painted orders,- two orders on glassbottles and one order on canvas 🎨. A really fun and creative challenge,- and the results became not to bad at all 😊🎨. Pleasant painter and pleasant costumers 🥰.

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I bought myself a ladder 😊🏗

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

At my 30 years birthday a good friend of my bought me a ladder to me as my birthday present 🏗. I remember is so well, and I was so happy and grateful for the ladder too 😊.

Sounds maybe a bit strange to be a woman in age 30 and be happy for a ladder to a birthday present,- but I’m actually a bit handy woman, so with a ladder I was able to do more different things in and outside the home on my own at our Prairie 😊.

I couldn’t take the ladder with me to Spain, so I gave it to an other friend of my that needed a ladder.

But now I have bought myself a new ladder. I need a ladder, and I don’t have any neighbours here in the area I can borrow a ladder from either.

Me with my new ladder 😊🏗 a ladder I need and know I’m going to use a bit “here and there” too 😊

I needed a ladder because the the awning that I can pull over the roof terrace has been destroyed by the wind this winter.  When it blows here on the sunny coast, it blows at full strength as well 🌬🌪.  The wind even moves on the summer furniture if they are not placed safely for the wind.  There is a lot of sun on the roof terrace during the summer, and I need a new roof over the terrace so that it is possible to enjoy the summer time up there. If not it’s actually not possible to use the terrace, it will be to warm and very uncomfortable 🌡🔥.

Here you can see the roof terrace before I’m starting to fix me a bamboo roof 🌴😊

So I bought me a ladder and I bought a bamboo root to put over the terrace too 🌴. I need to admit it was a bit of a job, and it took a bit of time a well. And I’m actually a bit worried for hights too, so I did have some struggling with the high, special when I was close to the the railing and looked down into my backyard cafe. Phu,- I was a bit worried to fall over the railing and down, and be destroyed, even maybe die 😳. But it all went very well.

I’m actually a bit proud over my job,- it became so nice and cozy,- and it’s comfortable to “hide” a bit from the sun under the bamboo roof. And,- yes,- I did it all on my own. No help at all from anyone.

Look how cozy and nice it became 😊.
A tiny video too from my terrace and the job I did 😊

I have also put up lights in the roof, but not quite the lighting I wanted 😅. I wanted white lights, but it was just possible the get lights with colours 😅. But okay,- it’s better then nothing, and it gives the terrace a cozy evening atmosphere anyway.

Look at this,- not to bad? 😊

I’m just a bit worried about one tiny thing,- and that’s the wind 🌬🌪. Will my bamboo roof manage to stay? Or will it blow away with the Autumn and winter wind, I know will come? Cross fingers that it all will stay there “on the roof” for a long, long time 🤞🙏.

I’m looking forward to spend both sunny summerdays as well as soft summer evenings both alone and together with family and friends up here on the roof 🥰. Barbecue, just be in the sun, drink a glass of cold and tasty white wine, have some nice conversations, read a good book, listen to music, just enjoy the the view to the beach and so on. Just spend a lots of great quality time during the summertime, days and evenings 🌞🌛.

So yes,- I am a bit proud over my roof terrace job,- all done by myself and without any kind of help 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Hopefully I will spend some great time together with both family and friends during the summertime here,- both during the days as well as the evenings 🥰

Believe it or not,- but I’m actually a tiny bit of a handy woman,- and manage to fix a bit here and there on my own 😊. And now I have bought me a ladder because I needed to fix something, get something ready for long and warm sunny summerdays as well as soft and sweet summer evenings 🌞🌛. And proud? Yes,- of course I’m 😁. You will find out why in my post 😋😁.

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The beach is getting ready for some holiday guests 🏖🐣

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

The firs week in March I had nice morning walks at the beach every morning before my work 🚶‍♀️🏖. A really good start on the day. But then the rain came, and it has more and less raining for closely 3 weeks ☔. The last week the sun has showed up, and it’s more and more Spring in the air, but the wind and the rain has still dropped by a bit now and then.

Today I have a bit Easier Holiday, and actually a kind of Saturday feeling, even its Thursday 😊 , and I started the day with a relaxing and nice walk on the beach this morning 🏖. No wind, no rain. Just so peaceful and no people either. Just me, the beach, the sunrise, the ocean and some beach umbrellas that was getting ready for the holiday guests 🏖.

The beach, the beach umbrellas and the sunrise 🌞

It was a great start on the Easter to have this relaxing walk, feel the silent and just be so totally alone on the beach 😊. It’s not for very long, because the Easter holiday guests are just around the corner to the beach 😊.

I’m not going to have any holiday guests this Easter. It’s actually some years since there was holiday guests during the Easter in my home, actually holiday guests in general, not just in the Easter,- but that’s because of this pandemi. Last Easter I’m not even sure if I remember 😅. Is it like that for you? Like 2020 and 2021 is a bit foggy in the memories? The Easter 2020 we was living with curfew here in Spain so it was a bit difficult to have any guests. But in one way I had two guests that Easter 2020,- because my oldest son and his friend, Andreas, was “stuck” together with me in my home under the curfew that year 😅.

I’m not going to have any Easter holiday guests this year, but my daughter have a guest for a couple of days 🐣. I’m actually not sure if there will come any holiday guests to my home this year at all. One thing is the pandemi, but this war in Ukraine are also something that keeps people think twice before they choose to travel to fare now at days. It’s unfortunately not easy to make to many or to much plans now at days because of both the war and the pandemi.

At the moment I’m very fine with not hosting holiday guests. But I think that’s because my daughter still lives here, and I feel or have a kind of need to be “just me” for a while before I can be a pleasant and caring hostess for friends and family from Norway. And when I first have some guests after so long time, actually years, without any holiday guests during the last years, I really want to be a good and caring hostess, and take good care of my guests 😊. Have the energy and time to and for them as well😊.

Ruben, my middle son, dropped by as a fantastic suprise and for a lovely visit in January this year, so there has been one guest. But he is my son, so it’s different. I don’t “count” him as a holiday guest 😊💙.

I haven’t ask many of my friends or family to visit me either yet,- because I know myself so good that I need a tiny little time to be a bit alone, be just me, and not a hostess after Mathilde has travelled. But of course I hope there will be some family and friends “souls” that’s dropping by my home during this year 🥰. But maybe not before after June? Then, after June, maybe it’s just not the beach that gets ready for holiday guests, but also me?😊 I don’t know,- wee see what’s happen 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Early this morning it was just me, the sunrise, and the sun umbrellas at the beach- but that’s not for very long 😊

I had a great start on the Easter this year with a nice walk at the beach early this morning. Nice and relaxing- it was just me, the beach, the sunrise and the ocean, and some sun umbrellas too ☂️. The beach was getting ready for some Easter guests 🐣🏖.

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The first party and the topic was 1920s🎉😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

My daughter had a party for her friends this weekend on our roof terrace 🎉. She is going to travel to Bali next week and wanted to have a kind of not “goodbye party”, but “see you when I’m back” party for her friends 🎉😊. But before that was possible it was necessary to clean and wash 🧼🧽🧹….a lot…. after all the yellow sand from Sahara. It wasn’t sand anymore, it was mud and clay 😅,- and not so easy to just wash and clean away either,- but we manage to “clean up” most of it…..after some days of work 😅🧼.

This was actually the first party that has been arranged on the terrace, actually in our home, after I/ we moved in here. So my daughter was the first one that had a party on the roof terrace 🎉,- and it wasn’t any kind of party either,- the topic was 1920s 💄😊. Of course- it’s around 100 years ago 😊. So all her guests included her self was so fabulous and classy dressed up like from 1920s 😊. So it was a bit important that the terrace was clean and all the tables and chairs as well.

Look at this two fancy friends 🥰. My daughter, Mathilde and her friend, Martine- so classy and fancy dressed up for the 1920s party 🎉

I think they had a great time there up on the roof, and I know they behave perfectly 🍾. There will not be any problems for me to let her have a party on the terrace together with her friends an other time- when she’s back from Bali 🏖.

I’m very impressed over my daughter’s friends,- they are a nice “bunch” of young people, behave well and did dress up so very well too, they looked all so cool in their 1920s clothes and costumes 🎩.

And Martine and Mathilde “in colours” 😊.

I have also fixed the dress Mathilde used on her party during the last days before the party. It’s a dress that my youngest sister got tailored to me when she was on a 3 month trip in the East, including to Asia and Indonesia for around 21 years ago.  The dress is in real silk, and as “old” as Mathilde, and not least, in fact Mathilde is also the first to wear the dress.

I have tried it on a couple of times, but did never had the “correct” event to use it in. This weekend was a perfect event to use it. Maybe a bit symbolic too? Because she is going to the East, the dress is from the East, the party was for her, the dress was made when she was a baby, and many, including myself, think Mathilde and my youngest sister look at bit similar when my sister was in the same age as Mathilde is now, and also when she was younger. I have actually sometimes now and then even called Mathilde with my sister’s name 😅.

Here she is- my brave daughter that are going to “turn her nose” to Bali for a while 😘

It wasn’t easy to get any photos of my daughter where she was smiling,- and she told me that the reason for that was because women in 1920s did have any rights to for example vote, or the same education as men, or same salary for the same work, or the possibility that she have,- travel to another part of the world, be a part of starting up a office there and be able to work there as well as get new experiences and knowledge. And that’s true- women have a bit more rights and possibilities now at days then 100 years ago.

And the party place became ready and nice too. To be honest I was not sure if we would manage it,- because it was a lot to clean up. More and less everything needed a tiny bit of a wash 🧼. But look at this:

The party terrace is ready for my daughter’s friends and the 1920s party 🎉 Not to bad at all- but imagen most of this was with mud and clay before we started cleaning up 🧼😊. I’m very impressed over my daughter and my job 😊.

And me,- well I enjoyed my own company in my cozy backyard cafe this weekend,- not a bad place at all 🥰.

Look at this- not to bad to be “banished” to a backyard when it looks like this 😊

I’m very happy that it was my daughter that had the first roof terrace party in this home 🥰. And I’m grateful for her friends 🧡.

I’m not sure if I’m going to have a roof terrace party like this with my friends, not with any 1920s topic either. I’m not very good to host “big” parties,- the few times I have tried I needed to cancel the parties because in general the guests did chancel or didn’t answer my invitation. But I’m going to use the roof terrace to spend great times together with my children and friends during the summer 🌞. Just some few good friends at the time, not like any kind of party, just more like small gatherings 😊. Because I’m very good to host small and cozy gatherings 😊.

So that’s actually what our closely 2 first weeks in April has been used to,- preparing the first root terrace party with the 1920s as topic, fixing the dress to Mathilde, get different paper work Mathilde needed ready for her travel to Bali, and of course doing our jobs as well inbetween as “normal” things like shopping food, washing clothes, preparing food, cleaning the home outside as well as inside. It’s not a challenge to “fill up” the days, that’s for sure 😊. And yes,- I have been a bit good to socializing with some friends and colleagues too inbetween “all this” 😊. Tried? Yes,- I’m.

And now the Easter is soon “just around the corner” too. I need to admit I’m looking forward to a couple of extra days to just don’t do to much now 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon as possible 😊

Two good friends- enjoying each other’s company and friendship as well as looking forward to a stylish 1920s party 🎉

My daughter’s getting ready for her trip to Bali, and this weekend she had a terrace party together with her friends 🎉. Topic 1920s 🎩. And all of her friends was so cool and classy dressed up 🥰. The days flies a bit to fast, and there’s not a big challenge to “fill up” the days either at the moment 😊.

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A good cup of tea with honey 🍵🍯

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

A good cup of tea with honey can “fix” different things, like for example a good, “old” and very normal cold 🧣😊.

This weekend had been a “silent” weekend for me, relaxing and taking a bit care of myself 🍵. The weekend has contain a bit freelance creative writing work, a bit more painting, even some “photo shoots” of some of my painted glassbottles 📸, and watching some movies, and of course drinking some cups tea with honey ( not just drinking tea- I have eating food too 😅). Actually a nice and relaxing weekend just for me and myself 😊. A bit “lazy” weekend 😊.

I should meet some friends for a dinner Saturday afternoon, but I didn’t took the chance to meet up because I had a tiny cold 🧣. So I didn’t went to the dinner 😔. But I had probably went to the dinner with my friends and the cold, if we haven’t had this corona- situation around us. But now at days it’s better to be careful one time to much then one time to less 😊.

And I’m so much better with the cold too. It took just a couple of days to be “back in business” and with out any sneezing and “runny” nose too 🤧. A cup or three tea with honey can help for different things- also a good, “old” and very normal cold 🤧🧣🍵.

No sneezing and no stuffy, and at the same time, “runny” nose 🤧. And I’m pretty sure it’s the nice mix of tea with honey and just a relaxing “timeout” weekend that’s fixed that very, good “old” cold 🧣. Because it’s possible to just have a very normal and ordinary “good” old cold now at days too. Luckily not “all” sneezing is with the “touch” of a variant or two of the coronavirus 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

My favourite tea cup with my favourite tea (mint tea), a touch or thred with honey “spiced” up with some garlic and ginger 🍵🍯

A cup and two of tea with honey can be very good for “fixing” a very normal, “good old” cold 🧣🍵. Just in a couple of days my “good old sneezing” cold was gone 🤧😊.

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