April is over 🐣and May has already started🌹

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

April is already a finish “capital” and May has already started. And like I feel the other months so fare this year went a bit fast, April did too.

In April we, or more correctly, Mathilde had the first roof terrace party in my, or again more correctly at that time, our home. A party thst went very well 🎉😊. But still I’m not going to have a party like that on the terrace.

It was Easter as well in April, and Mathilde did “leave the building” straight after and started on her new adventures in Bali 🏖. And so fare so very well, she is enjoying her new life in a new and very different place from Spain, and Norway too. She is very good to put out different posts both on Instagram as well as Snap chat. And it’s nice, funny and exciting to follow her and in a way be a part of her daily life. A tiny part, but still a part 😊.

I got some painting orders too in April, something I think are both exciting, a funny creative challenge as well as it gives me a bit ” performance anxiety”. Something that’s also good because I get more aware of how I paint and not least the customer’s wishes, as well as do my best to create the performance and illustrations that the customer wants to have painted 🎨. It’s a very new challenge for me, but a challenge I really like, a creative demanding challenge.  Demanding in a positive way 😊.

And my oldest son became 28 years old too during April, and he also got a new job, a job he wanted 💛🙏. I’m incredibly grateful and happy for that 🙏💛.

I have used my time after Mathilde moved to organize the home in a way I like it and want to have it. I have also baked some cakes to have in my fridge for guests that’s dropping by 😊.

I’m in general not bored 😅. A creative soul have in general always something to do 😅.

Last Saturday, that means two days ago, I got a text from one of my colleagues. He needed a place to stay for 3 nights, until we get our salary into our bank accounts. I said yes to that question, but I was also very clear- it’s just then for three nights, because I knew the question would come- to stay here longer when he was “well installed” in the guests room. But that’s not a option for me now, not at all.

I can’t and I don’t want to live together with anyone now. Not even for money. I choose rather to work more hours every day then live together with someone. I really need this time on my own now. To get to know “me”. Some will both think and say I’m selfish,- I actually don’t care very much about that. It’s not correct for me to live together with anyone at the moment. I’m not there in my life now. I need to find my place in my life, and I can just do that when I’m just with my self.

So why did he, this colleague, need a place to stay for just some nights? Because our salary get paid out the 1.every month. And yesterday was both a Sunday and 1. May. So the salary button will not be pressed before today. And then some will have their salary into their bank account today, others tomorrow. I will probably have my salary into my bank account tomorrow.

He is inbetween apartments, but couldn’t move into the other apartment before he have paid for the deposit, and he needed to be out of the other apartment because someone else was going to move in there yesterday, the 1.of the month.

Who is this colleague of mine?  He is a nice young man, about the same age as my eldest son. He is originally from Somalia.  moved to Norway with his siblings and mother when he was 11 years old.  And moved to Spain this Autumn to try some new adventures in life.

And why did I say yes to have a more and less foreign person in my home? My first thought was that as a mother I would have greatly appreciated if someone had helped my child in such a situation.  My second thought was that I myself have received so much help from other people when I have been in a difficult situation. So of course,- if I can help for some few days I do that.

Of course the question did came to rent the guests room, but my answer was and still is no. It’s not going to change. It’s not a option for me now,- then I prefer to work more hours every day. I need this time to just be me, find out who am I when I’m not in the mammi- role, and to be honest,- I need to handle this new period in my life too that’s “knocking on my door” called menopause, without to many people around me.

To setting boundaries and saying no was and is a good and liberated experience for me, and something I will do more in the future, and a word that I will become better at using. It made me actually happy to learn to be able to use “no” without feeling guilty 😊.

I’m very grateful for what April have “teaceh” me,- like it’s possible to have a kind of big party in my home, but that’s nothing for me. My daughter handle her new life in Bali so fare very well,- something I’m incredibly grateful for 💛. My oldest son got a new job he wanted, and Im so happy for that 🙏💛 . I have got some creative challenges, something that’s a new and exciting experience for me, and I know very well that I can’t live together with anyone at the moment, but I can help out for a tiny little while 😊. To be more clear about this last one,- I did say no because that’s correct for me, but it’s very new for me to say no to someone else because it’s actually correct for me to say no. In general I say yes,- even when I don’t want to say yes. I’m actually learning to say no to things I don’t want or can do. Things that is not correct and don’t feel correct for me to do. I’m not use to that- but it feels not to bad at all to actually say no, and do something that’s just for me and myself, and feels good and correct for just me. (Obviously I’m growing up too, and learning to use the word no 😅).

It is my kind of freedom to be able to live alone now. And I have family and friends I want use time together with in my home the way I want to use the time. That’s the way it is for me at the moment 😊.

May is very welcome,- even I don’t know very much what this new month will bring me 😊. I know I have a week holiday next week, and I’m going to use that week, that days to do what suits me best- no one else then me 🥰, just me, except from a couple of days when I’m going to look after Zorro,- my eldest son’s dog, but that will be a nice 😊. To have Zorro will be a nice relaxation in the days, and Zorro does not require much other than food and water in his bowls and some airing 🐕.

I’m going to continue painting in May, and do my work as well when I’m “back” from my holiday. And I’m actually going to deliver a basket with oilpainted glassbottles to Natasja and the Cafe Casa Barella in Mijas- glassbottles for sale with solar lights inside, a little more environmentally friendly light in other words than what I use now 💡🌞. And I know I’m going to spend some very nice and cozy time together with family as well as friends 💛. So yes,- I’m looking forward to meet, explore and experience May 🥰.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

May is already started with sunrise and nice and warm days- the summer is here 🌞

I’m grateful for the different experiences April gave me 💛. They was nice and gentle 😊,- and I learned to use the word “no” more for myself and more consciously than ever before.  A very liberated experience for me 💛.  May has already started, and I know I looking forward with pleasure to meet what May has to offer 💛🌹 .

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Mental health is also important health 🧡🥀

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Like I mention in one of my last post,- it has been a bit demanding period in our home lately. My daughter has been struggling a bit (a bit more then a bit) mentally with different feelings and thoughts. Like some of you know,- she wasn’t quite lucky with some choice of boyfriends and the two last one didn’t treat her very well. The first one did beat her up physically, while the last one was mentally “violent”, or more correctly, a manipulator.

She goes through some mentally hard periods sometimes, or maybe I can say we? Because when she have all this pain inside her I feel her pain too, and I also feel so incredibly helpless and I feel so, so sorry for her. It’s breaks my heart to see her like that 💔. And I don’t know how I can remove the pain she feels inside her either. It was so much easier to comfort her when she was 10 months or 10 years and had a bad day then this

Some periods is harder to handle then others,- and I need to admit that this time it has been a bit hard for my daughter, and then it’s hard for her mammi as well.

It’s ups and downs periods, and now it’s “lightning” up and I know she will have a good period for a while, we will have a good period in front of us 🥰. It’s getting a bit longer period between the really down periods now, and that feels great- at the same time,- it’s not very great when she “digging” her through the down periods and really try to find her strength, but can’t find it anywhere 😔. But when it’s lighting up and she have all her mentally strength “in order” if feels like a fantastic sunrise for a very long, warm, nice and sunny day.

It’s lighting up in my daughter’s mind like a nice sunrise in a soft Spring morning 🧡 ( the photo is taken from one of my morning trips)

Mental and physical health,- similar, yet different 🧡🥀. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for many people to understand that mental health problems and challenges can be as painful as a open, inflamed wound on the stomach, or a painful broken arm. But I think it is because you can’t see the mental challenges and pain inside a person like you can see the open inflamed wound or the broken arm.

It’s also therefore difficult to speak about mental health problems and challenges to some people, because they actually can’t understand. I have tried sometimes, but many times it’s not a point to try to explain, some just don’t understand anyway.

As it’s different ways to be physically sick, or have different physically challenging for a period, or illness or even a chronic illness. It’s also different ways to have mental challenges, problems and illnesses as well, also for a shorter or a longer period in life, or maybe even a kind of chronic mental illness. And both is normal,- both physically and mental, and that’s important to remember.

As we can break a arm for different reasons and in general “everyone” understand why the arm is broken and feel sorry for you. But if you break your mental health for a while for different reasons, or more correctly, bad experiences in life, very few have and show very much understanding for that. Strange,- isn’t? Or maybe it’s like I mention,- people can’t see this kind of break, the mental break? Or the pain? They can’t associate or understand the mental pain?

One thing is for sure,- mental health and physically health is both very important to take as good care of as possible,- and now and then also take or have a kind of treatment if necessary.

I have my self needed mental help to sort out things in my mind. And to be honest I felt ashamed for that for many, many years,- ashamed that I was a so weak mental person that needed help from someone else. But we get help, and even medicine, from the doctor if we have for example sore throat, to get better. So what’s the different?

We all also reacts differently to different negative happenings in our life, and handle them differently too. Natural enough because we are all more and less different. Something that’s not to bad for some people can be really bad for other.

I know there’s three important things to do to try to keep the mind as healthy as possible,- and that’s a good night sleep, healthy food and moving. Go for a walk, take some steps, do some yoga. But that’s not always easy to manage to do,- special if there’s many different thoughts in your mind when you’re going to bed. And to go for a walk when you haven’t sleeping very well can be a challenge. And food,- well if you feel physical nausea and discomfort it’s not easy to put some food in your stomach either. But to try manage or do two of three, the third one will come too….but sometimes it can take a tiny while. Be patient with yourself 🧡. And special be nice with your self during not to good period in your life 🧡. And to find something, even the smallest tiny positive thing to focus on actually can help the mind to be positive better too 🧡.

Good conversations, or just someone that’s is a good listener is also many times like the best medicine for the mind and soul. But it’s not conversations like this you can have with “all and everyone”,- because it’s not for “all and everyone” to understand different mental challenges.

My daughter rode off the high and difficult emotional waves this time as well.  She’s good, she’s tough and she’s strong ❤.  They were quite big this time, but now the waves have calmed down and the days are heading towards calmer waves for a while. I think she is so, so brave, and also open about this mental challenges when they “shows up” 🧡.

And I’m tired now, I feel my body and my mind have been in a kind of stretch bench the last period.  I have physical pain in my arms and legs 😅 – but Im very good and warm in my heart after riding the storm, if you understand what I mean?

Please just remember that if someone have a kind of mental challenges you can’t understand ,- please just try to associate to with a painful broken arm and just accept the fact that it’s a painful process to go through mental challenges as well as be better,- just like with the broken arm 🦴. Or just be honest and say you don’t understand,- that’s many times okay too, but you can listen., or just be there.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

The emotional waves on our home are calmed down,- hopefully for a while 🤞🧡

I know it’s not for “all and everyone” to understand mental health, special not mental challenges of different kinds and for different reasons 🥀. But mental challenges can be and are as painful as a open inflamed sore on your stomach. Try to remember that if you can’t understand the mental pain inside someone that’s struggling a bit with some mental challenges 🧡.

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It’s small for a reason 🎨😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I have shown you three different “mental health processing ” paintings during the last days,- but I didn’t use three days or three weeks or three months to paint those paintings. I started on the paintings in the Easter 2021. And the Easter last year was in the end of March/ beginning of April- so it’s a couple of months ago, and I was finish with the paintings in the beginning of February this year 😊.

It took a bit of time to manage finish the paintings because it also have been a mental processes progress for me, a process and progress that not always was easy to be in or work through,- but when I was ready to finish the paintings I was finish with so much more than just the paintings 😊.

Three “mental health” paintings- the mental health in positive progress and process 🧡

As you can see the dark painting is the smallest one, and it’s a reason for that. I didn’t want to put to much “attention” on the part that was in it’s own way, painful- but still I needed to “work myself through it”, and put the feelings, thoughts and emotions on the canvas instead of carrying them around with me. In a way “get rid of them” in my own way. But I didn’t think it was worth to much space and place either- but still it needed to be done 🍂.

The blue one, with the broken blue glassbottle, is a bit bigger, and that’s because I made space for the more good feelings, thoughts and emotions- I broke the bad ones, let them be free and made space for the good ones 🧡. I’m more ready for letting something new and good in my life and let other, old, not to good things “be free”, fly away, not be kept inside the glassbottle, or inside me. If you understand what I mean?

And the yellow one- “Breaking out in freedom”- of course that one need to be bigger, take more space and room, get more attention- because that’s also what I want to take more space and place in my life, give more attention too 😊.

I can’t and shouldn’t complain to much over the ten last years in my life, know I have done that now and then, -but it hasn’t been sunshine and a dance on roses. At the same time I have got a lost of different and new experiences then from Norway, and some very good friendship too 🧡.

It has been hard work, and just try to do the best of it😊. Hard work mentally because there have been so many things I didn’t understood and needed to work through as well as just learn to accept the situation, to let go. Learn to let go, and also a lots of hard economic work,- because I was “left” in a not very good economic situation after the relationship I was in in Norway.

That one is also starting to be better, my economic situation- but it doesn’t come “for free”- it’s a lots of hours with work behind me, and it will be a lots of more hours with work in front of me too. But I don’t mind when I see and feel and get the experiences that my hard work “gives fruits” 🍎. But I’m in the more economic correct way then I also have been during the last ten years- also that is a kind of big freedom for me, freedom to feel I’m on “the road” I want to be, and want to continue 🥰. And I’m in a more correct direction in my life when it comes to let go of what I can’t do anything with- like the past 🍂🍃.

So the black painful, “chains painting” is small for a reason- I want it to be small, I don’t want it to take more time, space and place in my life, thoughts, mind and emotions then just like a tiny black memorie behind there in the past 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

On the way in the correct direction 😊

The size of my paintings is a conscious choice too- not just the colour and illustrations. I want the good in life to take up a lot of space, and the less good in life to take up less, as little space as possible 🧡😊.

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The “captivating” gentleman 🎩😳

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I did write about “the gentleman” in my last post,- and some years ago, in Norway, I met a “captivating” gentleman- and “captivating” in not a good and positive way….after a while. In the beginning, around the first 6 months I was treated like a woman, like a princess by a gentleman, closely every time we met. He did follow the “descriptions” for what a gentleman is and how he should be and behave.. And I need to admit I really did like it. I really enjoyed it to be treated like that.

But I didn’t enjoyed the changes so much, they made me actually very uncomfortable, unsure and confused. He wasn’t to happy with me, and wanted to change me, fix me. And I really did try, did follow the different things and recommendations he ment I needed to work with and do. But it was hard, I lost myself in all this “fixing” and it took a bit of a while to “find” “me” again. “The me” I did like before I meet him. And I lost the faith and believe in men, the gentleman, relationship.

It just took a bit of time for me to get distance from the not very nice gentleman I met many years ago.  Or that’s actually not correct- the man/ gentleman I manage to get distance to fast- but not the way he treated me. It took me a long time to get distance to that.  And it took even more time for me to forgive myself for  let this not very nice gentleman treat me the way he did. And also get this believe back- in “the gentleman”, the nice and caring gentleman, not the captiving😊.

Like I mention in one of my post the Autumn 2021,- the mental destroying is so much more difficult to explain and “show” to other people. To explain how it’s actually feels to be in a mental destroying situation and relationship. And my daughter went through something similar during last year as well. And she had an very good description how she felt to be together with someone how destroy you mentally- “it’s like he stole my life”.

I felt it closely in the same way, but also like I was in a kind of prison, chained with insecurity, low self-esteem, imprisoned inside even though I was out and free, I no longer felt free – just scared and watched. I felt so little, so small, so worthless, and so shameful because I didn’t had the courage to end the relationship either. I felt weak, useless. I felt mostly like everything was wrong with me. I felt like a horrible person. My clothes, the way I was happy, the way I talked in the phone, the way I made food…and more was wrong with me and needed to be fixed.

The changes from feeling be loved and liked unconditional for who I was, to not be good enough in so many things was difficult.

So instead of trying to explain I did paint. And it felt like this, and it feels like this when I remember back:

To be “Impriosend”- can you see little scared me in the painting?

I should probably had some professional help and advice from a psychologist after the breakup with this “captivating gentleman”, – but I did not quite know how to deal with it.  None of what I felt, thought about myself was shown on me, just inside me. And it’s so difficult to explain too.  And the few times I had tried to talk to some few friends about this in Norway I was rejected – “he seemed so handsome, nice, kind, yes, like a gentleman” 🎩.

I think this “healing process” from this relationship, this “Impriosend gentleman” maybe had happen a bit faster for me with professional help,- so I have reccomend my daughter to get professional help from a psychologist to help to deal with her experiences during the last year. And hopefully “recover” faster then I did.

Me- don’t know what to do, where to go, what to tell or how to explain.

I don’t want her to have the same challenges inside her like I had for so many years. I can’t help her the same way as a professional psychologist can. I can just be her mammi, love her unconditional and take as good care of her as I can.

Luckily I “landed” in Spain, even the “landing” in Spain was the way it was- with a crash landing ☄. Because I was in a really dark place during the last months when I was living in Norway.

The first time I really open up for how the relationship was and what it had done to my heart, soul, thoughts, mind was to Natasja and she didn’t rejected me, she did listen, asked questions and listen and listen for years 🧡.

And suddenly something has happen inside me during the lasts weeks- its like a big bobble that just on it’s own way “explode” and suddenly I felt free- free from my destruction and destroying thoughts, free from not best experience in life together with not the best gentleman in the world, and Im ready to “move on” with my life 😊.

I have been able to Forgive myself for not the best choice of a man in my life, and also accept the fact that – that’s life- that’s in the past, I  can’t do anything about it. I can just move on 😊. But it hasn’t been easy- to get rid of the shame that I could be so weak and excepted to be treated like that, and the bad mental treatment takes a bit time to get distance to, and recover from. And it’s difficult to explain and “show”.

I’m not sure if it’s the conversation with Natasja or the fact that my children are not angry because I chose to be together with a gentleman like him, and went into “a dark place” for a period? Or the fact that the years, the time just goes by? You get distance to different things as the times goes by. Or the painting? Or what’s happen to my daughter during this Autumn?

It doesn’t matter- the most important thing for me now it’s this feeling that I did in my own way manage to explain how it feels to be in a mental destroying relationship. I don’t need to explain anything anymore- I can just show and share the painting,- and hopefully most people will understand. It’s like I painted the bad feelings “off” me, and placed them on the canvas instead. Moved them to the canvas. Can that make any sense?

And,- To the end of the day- it is what it is. It’s in the past- and I’m here in the present on the way to my future -every day 😊. And it’s feels like “Breaking free”- I’m going to show you that one in my next post 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

It’s so incredibly good to not feel this inside me anymore 😊

To explain and “show” how it can feels inside you when you go through, and are in a mental destructive and destroying relationship is very difficult. No one can “see” how you are inside you, the feelings, thoughts. So I did try to paint “it all”- and hopefully the painting is an “explanation” enough.

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Me and my trolleys 😊🛒

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

As some of you know I haven’t any car at the moment. I haven’t actually had my own car for, I think, around 1, 5 year or something like that. I haven’t had very much use for a car during this corona- situation. But now and then I have been lucky and could borrow a car from good friends if I actually really need to use a car for some of reasons. Or Marius help me out and drive me around a bit “here and there” 🚘. His car is to fancy for me, so I don’t take the chance to borrow it 😅. If I had I have probably bumped into something and destroyed the car, and I don’t want to do that.

But in general I manage to do what I need to do with using my trolleys and my two legs and the train 😊🛒.

Me and my “food shopping trolley”- and a couple of bags too….with food after a tiny food shopping errand 😊🛒.

And it’s actually not very practical to have a car here where I live either, because during the Spring, Summer and Autumn it’s a bit difficult to find a parking place 🚗. It’s not a private parking place to the house, but in general a lots of free parking places to choose between during the early Spring and late Autumn, and of course during the wintertime. The parking places are free all the year around- that’s why it’s so difficult to find a parking place. And because it’s so close to the beach so many people use the parking places in this area 🚘🚗.

I also live so close to the train station it’s actually more practical, and takes shorter time to take the train to the different places where I have some errands to do, then drive a car, and find a parkingplace.

It takes me around 4- 5 minutes to walk to the train from my home, and around 10 or 25 minutes to the different places/”destinations”. It’s depends of course a bit what kind of direction or destination I’m going to, or what I’m going to do, what kind of errands I have or need to do.

4- 5 minutes walk from my home to the train station- this train station 🚂

I didn’t like this “trolley- use” at all in the beginning when I moved to Spain. To be honest I felt a bit stupid when I walked around with my trolley the first times 🙄. Actually a bit shameful 🤭. But that’s because I wasn’t use to use any trolley in Norway 🛒. It’s not many people that use a trolley when they “runs errands” in Norway. Maybe some elderly people now and then, because it makes the shopping so much easier, special when you don’t have a car 🚘. But in general it’s not very often you see someone running around with a trolley “in tow” in Norway.

Here in Spain you see people “here and there and everywhere” walking around with their trolleys, and then it, of course, also felt a bit more natural and normal for me to walk around with my trolley too. And now I don’t care or give my “trolley use” many thoughts at all. It’s actually just one thing I’m thinking about when I’m walking around with my trolley- I can’t use high heels shoes 👢👠. That’s not very practical at all- I have tried 😅. And I like to use high heels, so it’s irritated me a bit for a tiny little while, but okay- it’s more important to get the food safe in the home then feel fancy on my feet 😊.

My trolley after a tiny shopping trip to IKEA 😊. I manage that one too- on my own- me and my trolley on the train 😊

The electricity is expensive here in Spain, and have for some reasons become more expensive during this corona- time 💡. It’s a bit cheaper during the weekend, so I do the clothes washing in the weekends- when the washing machine is in function 🙄. At the moment it’s not in function.

Lucky for me and Mathilde we in general just use the electricity to the lights, the oven, the television and our computer, and yes, of course charging our mobile, and the washing machine 📲.

But the hot water, the heat and the stove are on gas. So we use gas bottles to get hot water, heating up the home and cooking 🎛. For some reasons also the gas bottles are a bit more expensive then before, but it’s still much cheaper to use then the electricity 💡.

But gas bottles have a habit to be empty when they are in use. So I actually also use a trolley for the gas bottles too. Drag them with me to the gas station and change to some new 🔥. The gas station is not fare away either- the map says 400 meter, and a 5 minutes walk, and I think that’s correct too 😊.

I’m actually pretty good on this trolley-thing now 😊. I had never imagined that I should be that some years ago.

Look at this- a trolley for the gas bottle too 😊

Now at days I’m also using my trolley to the laundry because the washing machine is obviously “on strike”. I think it’s just a tiny connection with the “on- button” that’s the challenge- and hopefully not to expensive to fix. Hopefully the electrician can drop by next week and fix it 😊.

On the way back home with clean and dry clothes in my trolley 😊

So I’m using my trolley when I’m running different errands like shopping food or buy necessary boxes at IKEA, change the gas and wash our clothes. Hopefully the last trolley trip is soon over 😊. And it’s a bit exercise in this trolley trilling too. There’s some kilos I’m dragging around with me, that’s for sure 😊.

It’s a bit strange to think about- that I had never in my imagination thought I was going to trilling trolley on weekly basis to run different errands, or not feel stupid and shameful when I’m trolley trilling “here and there and everywhere”- but I’m not, I actually don’t care. I’m just happy and grateful for the trolley solution- it makes my different errands so much easier 😊🛒.

Do you do something necessary in your daily routines or on weekly basis you never had thought about you was going to do “ever never”?

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Look at my sweet food shopping trolley 😊. And yes- it’s a bit to carry with me when I’m shopping food, but Mathilde does help me carry something too, now and then when she can 😊. It’s a bit more food to buy when we are two in the home then one 😊

I had never in my imagination thought I was going to be a “trolley triller” 😅, and on top of that, be a happy “trolley trillet” too,- but I’m. I’m trilling trolleys a couple of times during the week, and I’m totally fine with the situation 😊 🛒. ( …except from one tiny little fact- I can’t use high heels on my trolley trilling trips- that’s very uncomfortable and not very practical at all 👠).

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