Something for the cold🥃😋

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

The Autumn is here, something that means that’s it’s the time for some cold, sneezy noses and even maybe some tiny cactus in the throat 🧣🌵.

In general I use to drink a shot with fresh pressed lemon mixed with some honey and cinnamon every morning 🍋. Or more correctly I’m a bit better to make this shot and drink it every morning during the Autumn and Winter time then the Spring and Summer time. I drink it, but not every day, not even every second day either in the summer. It’s more now and then. But during the Autumn and Winter months I’m actually quite good to squeeze myself a lemon shot every day 🍋.

As some of you know my daughter is back in my home again, and she have had a bit of emotional stressful time. Something that also can makes the immune system a bit weak. She was also sick with Covid19 during this summer, and does still struggling a bit with her energy and also some coughing. She’s not Covid19 positive anymore, it’s just a very normal Autumn cold she have🧣.

But I thought that maybe I should “fresh up ” the lemon shot a bit to her, or maybe to both of us, because I red it in a book I have called “Bitch advice” ( the title sounds a bit awful in English 😅 ) that an “upspiced” drink really could “take care of the cold”.

The book contains various old advice and tips from “the old days” built on various ingredients from the nature.  There are various recipes, tips and tricks such as ginger mix for hair loss, or face mask that prevents pimples, tea that can be sleep-inducing – and among other things also a mixture that helps / reduces / can prevent colds.

So I wanted to try this “new” mixture I did find in my “old” book that could help prevent colds. But then I needed to buy in an extra ingredient I actually didn’t had in my home 😅. I actually didn’t think about this ingredient as “natural” either, but of course it is natural. It’s actually very natural too- just been “processed”. I’m just not use to the ingredient 🥃.

Well,- I have actually bought my first bottle of whisky- obviously a natural ingredient in my shot to prevent cold. Cheap whiskey? Yes,- the cheapest I could find 😅.

The rest of the ingredients I already had, because I in general use them on daily or weekly basis.

My basket with the different ingredients I need to make a “fresh” and “fast” processing drink for to prevent the cold for my daughter and my self.

I need to admit I’m not a very big fan of whiskey, or “brown” liqueur in general like cognac, acevit and so on. My stomach doesn’t like it. It’s like it’s burning in my stomach even with just a small taste. But for some reasons I really like chocolate with some kind of this mixture inside, and then my stomach doesn’t mind either 😊.

My “old bich advice” book with different recipes and tips with general just natural ingredients.

Well,- I made the mixture for preventing cold and coughing. Followed the recipe from top to bottom. Prepared a glass for my daughter and one for my self. Because this was a drink and not a shot.

It’s looked a tiny bit tasty?

The “cold’ prevent drink” did actually smell quite well. A mixture of lemon, ginger and mint leaves…..and some whiskey 🥃. But to be honest,- it tasted awful 😅. Not either me or my daughter managed to drink it,- and I’m not going to make this drink again. So it’s back to my squeezed lemon shot instead. So fare at least I feel and believe my lemon shot prevent, and so fare during the last years I haven’t had to much of coughing and sneezing, or a tiny cactus in my throat either.

I personally don’t “recommend” this “prevent cold drink” with whiskey, but that’s because I don’t like whiskey very much. But still maybe this is a good and tasty drink for someone else? 🥃

Do you use or take anything, maybe something natural, during the Autumn and Winter months to prevent colds, coughing and sneezing? 🧣

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 😊. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

My daily fresh pressed lemon shot during the Autumn and Winter months- and I prefer my natural lemon shot without any new natural ingredient like for example whiskey.

There’s different recipes, tips and tricks based on natural ingredients for trying to prevent colds, coughing and sneezing during the Autumn and Winter time 🧣. I prefer to continue my daily lemon shot without any kind of whiskey, that’s for sure 😅.

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It has been some cold showers lately 🚿😅

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It has been some cold showers lately, and that’s literally too 🚿. An other ti y challenge that just “dropped up” in March 😊.

The last weekend in March when I was going to take a shower Saturday morning ( happy it was on a Saturday 😅) it was just cold, fresh water in the shower. And it was cold too, at least it felt like freezing cold because in my mind I was prepared for a nice, hot shower ❄. But I can promise it wasn’t very hot and warm that morning shower 😅❄.

My hot water is heated with gas from an external gas tank which I have to replace when it is empty of gas.  But this tank is new, and contains gas for many warmed showers at the moment.

But pipes and wires from the external gas tank and up to the box that heats the water can eventually become clogged due to the bellows that settle on the inside.  And then there must be a worker who can perform this job – cleaning pipes and wires.

As some of you know, – thing can take a bit time now and then here in Spain 😳. And even longer time when it’s Easter time 🤭. This “clogged pipes” for the heating tank took place, of course, the Palm weekend, just before Easter.  Do you think it has been easy to get someone to fix this during the last 10 days or so, then? Nope 😅

A really cold shower speed up the “waking up” process in the morning- that’s for sure 😅
Maybe it’s not to complicated to “open up the pipes”- but I don’t take the chance to do this on my own 😊

I’m actually not sure how long time it will take before this will be fixed either. But if I should assume something, out from my experiences, I think I probably will continue have a cold shower in the morning for at least for maybe a week or two more 🚿.

The first days it closely felt a bit like “work” to take a shower, because I was not actually looking forward to it 😅. I needed to motivate myself to prepare me for a cold, fresh shower and start on the day. But I found some “solutions” so it’s actually not to bad either now 😊. But I’m happy it’s just me in the home at the moment.

I feel actually “cleaner” and “fresher” after this “cold kick start” at my day then before, but at the same time I need to admit, I’m looking forward to have “ordinary” warm water back in my shower one day ( hopefully not to long there in the future 😊).

It’s also good it’s not to cold weather anymore, like cold winter weather, because the weather affects the houses too here South in Spain. Cold outside even colder inside.

At the moment I’m heating up the bathroom, and then I boil water in a pot and two. And then I’m “dropping” into the cold shower, get some fresh water on my body. Turn the water off, soap in my body, and then “back to business” in the cold water for a bit longer shower so I can get all the soap off from my body again, and then I actually I empty a pot and two of hot water over my body so that I do not become an “ice lolly” ❄.

My hair I wash separately at the moment, not when I’m in my fast, cold, fresh, clean shower. And I only use cold water for washing hair. It’s actually not to bad as long as it’s just my head and hair 😊.

Heating up my bedroom, holding the hit water hot, and have a bit cold water in it to so I’m not going to burn my skin either in “the process” 😊

It sounds maybe like a “complicated process”,- but it’s not. I got a kind ot “routine” on my “shower process” now 😅.

I’m a bit surprised over how cold the water feels at my stomach and back, neck and breast, but not so cold at my arms and legs, and yes, “the intim parts” of my body. And it feels not so cold when I’m washing my hair either. I’m not sure why it is like that to be honest. Maybe because the skin is different? And maybe because I have more and different organs in my stomach and that area of my body? 🤔

And I’m actually a bit surprised over how “fresh”, in both body and mind, I feel after this “cold kick start” at my day.

I need to admit I’m looking forward to get my normal heat water shower back, hopefully soon, but I’m maybe going to have a tiny “cold kick start” with cold, fresh water then too, because it does something “fresh” for both my body and mind,- and I actually like this “start” on my day- but it will be even nicer to have this kind of start on my day when I can choose to use hot/ cold water from the shower 😊.

So that was an other tiny challenge I “meet on” in March,- cold showers every morning 😅. But like I mention,- it’s possible to fix, and it will be fixed too, I’m just not sure when yet 😊. And it’s possible to find a kind of “be clean and take a shower” solution in the meantime 🚿. A bit cold one, yes, and a probably a bit shorter shower too, then I normally use when I have warm, nice water 😊.

But as long as I have a fine solution that’s functional for me to get “clean, fresh and ready” for the day, I’m fine…..for a while 😊.

I think I save the environment for both a bit soap and water at the moment, so that’s a good thing too 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

I’m “kick starting” my body in the mornings at the moment with a fresh, cold shower 🚿😊

A good “kick start” at the morning can be a fresh, cold shower 🚿. I didn’t actually planned to start my mornings with a “kick start” like this,- but I have found a kind of “solution”, and it’s not to bad when I get use to it 😊🚿. I feel clean, fresh and really awake,- that’s for sure 😊.

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