First of all Thank you all so much ❤🌹

Hi ❣ I hope all is fine with you 🧡

First of all I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for different kinds of help during the last 2 weeks 🌹❤. It means a lot-more then I think you can imagen ❤,- and I hope I can Thank you all and everyone in a proper way one day ❤. I really presage all the help I have got,- mentally, physical and also the economic help ❤. I’m overwhelmed ❤. Really overwhelmed ❤.

I need to admit I’m not very good to ask for help or accept help.  I’m afraid I can not give the same help back, and that worries me.  I also do not want to bother others with my challenges or use / abuse others’ time. So I try to ask about help as little as possible, and try to find solutions on my own.

So yes,- I’m incredibly grateful for the help and overwhelmed- I don’t have any big enough or good enough word at the moment to explain and tell you, everyone, how much every kind of help I have got during the last two weeks means to me ❤. Hugs, a message, a text, a heart, economic, words, lifting things and stuffs for me, and more ❤

And when it comes to my text “And then it happened again…..10 years later 💸😳😔” I didn’t write that text to ask for help. I did write it because it happen, I needed to tell it- this fraud 10 years ago has been my “walk of shame” for so many years, and then it happens again- something I really didn’t had in my imagination could happen one more time in my life 😳. And I wrote that text as a reminder,- because most of the things that happens to other people can also happen to you. Please don’t forget that, and be careful with the judgments. Suddenly things you didn’t had in mind can happen to you. And the last reason why I did share my story was because it seems like as more different kinds of security situation and system we have as easier it seems to break through them. And that’s a scary thing.

So when Mathilde, my daughter, really wanted to help me in the way she could on the other side of the world, I said yes. She did ask me ,- “Now it’s time for some foundation help, mam?”. At that point I said yes,- I couldn’t think clear, feel clear, I felt so small, so weak, so useless to all and everything. My head felt like it was under the water, and me feet didn’t felt like touching the ground at all.

And I understand that she felt and feels helpless being on Bali when her mammi’s world feels like collapsing. And of course I’m incredibly grateful for the help she have organized, more grateful then I have any words for ❤- but I also asked her to not “promote” the foundation help anymore. Not because I’m not grateful for the help,- I really presage it all so much- both hers help as well as you other people- my, at this point- secret friends I didn’t knew I had- because i don’t know who have helped me yet ❤. But at the same time,- I feel incredibly stupid too,- there are so many people around in the world that needs so much more help then me. And to be honest,- I don’t know how to handle this kind of hjelp- but I’m going to thank you all one in a proper way. Just let me “put myself a bit more together” again first 🙏.

Because I will manage this too,- I just need a bit time to turn me around.

Mathilde did write in her “foundation text” that I did help her. And I did,- but I didn’t had any saved funds to help her with. I needed to help her in a bit other and different way.

I moved her back to my home so she could live and rest for free, sleep, relax, get a overview over herself. I did take care of her, cleaned her clothes, picked up her things, made food to her, did the shopping and I did work as shit. I had 3 jobs last Autumn. And I saved up money for my daughter. I didn’t manage to save up all she lost, but at least so much as she could breathe again and feel she could live a bit more independent again.

And I’m going do the same again, but for myself this time, during this summe. I have my costumer service agent on the phone job, I have my freelance online job as a creative writer, and I have got a job as a dishwasher every second weekend in a cafe (Casa Barella in La Cala ) for the next three months.

There will not be very much time off, but at least I will feel better to manage to fix this, fix the lost that the the fraudsters – the scammers did. Be able to pay, and be able to live and breathe again.

A friend of me told me that she thought I was the most unlucky person she have met. And maybe I’m? But it’s not something I want to be “best” in, or have most of in my life- to be unlucky.

And when I look around I have incredibly much to be grateful for and lucky for ❤. And my focus needs to be there- be grateful for all and everything I have ❤.

I have some amazing children that have done their best to keep my head over the water during the last two weeks ❤. I don’t have any words- they have helped me so much❤. Each one in their own way ❤. Thank you so much my three diamonds- you are the world for me ❤

I have some fantastic friends around me- I feel so incredibly lucky ❤. Thank you so much ❤.

I have some secret friends too,- I didn’t knew that- and at the moment they are still secret friends- but wow- you all are some fantastic people ❤. Thank you so so much ❤.

I have the possibility to work, and work extra too- I’m grateful for that as well ❤.

I have a so nice and cozy home I can relax in- something I’m incredibly grateful for as well ❤.

I have so much to be grateful for- and it feels incredibly amazing to feel that when I at the same time still haven’t quite get my head totally over the water yet- but I’m on my way. Thanks to you❤.

So Thank you- Thank you all so so much ❤.

When the world around you collapses a little- and things can feel a little hopeless to both get through and to solve- I just want to say Thank you ❤- Thank you so much for the help and support- I am overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for the people I have in my life- I have even some secret friends I didn’t knew about ❤.

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A nice visit surprise 😊🛩🏖

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m actually getting a holiday guest this week,- something that is a very nice surprise 😊. Well,- it’s not a surprise since I know my friend is coming, but it is only 3 weeks since she asked me if I had time for a holiday visit this week. And of course I have,- but I need to do my work in between 🎧.

I’m really looking forward to see my friend from Norway again, it’s some years ago we have met. And I’m really looking forward to show her my “new” home so close to the beach and the sunrise 🌞

It’s actually around 2, 5 years since I have had any holiday guests,- except from my Ruben this January 🥰. But he is my child, my son, not a holiday guest,- so it’s a other kind of vist. He have still a kind of life here after living here for some years. He have friends he meets up with and doing different things together with when he is in Spain 😊.

This visit is a nice surprise also because I didn’t think anyone from Norway was going to visit me this year. I have asked some few family and friends from Norway if they wanted to visit me in Spain this year,- but in general I have got the answer “Nja, maybe next year, it’s still corona and also a war going on”.

I understand that,- and a other thing,- to be honest, I don’t think I can effort to host a lots of guests anyway. I don’t have the economy to have many guests to serve several meals per day rather.  It also costs some money to host guests. And I can’t have a free “holiday in” even I’m living in Spain.

I know I could probably ask more friends and family from Norway to visit me, but in a way I “gave up” when I got this answer, and also when I thought a bit about how much the economic cost can be for me to have several guests during the summertime and Autumn. I actually can’t effort it.

The prices are higher in Spain too, both the food, drinks, water, gas, electricity, but my salary is not higher. No changes on that one. Of course it feels a bit sad,- but it is what it is,- and it’s better to accept the fact and situation,- and do the best of it,- like really enjoying the visit I having (and can effort) 🥰.

I understand why people still are considering to travel or not. It has been some special years with the corona- situation, and now the war in Ukraine. So yes,- it was a very nice surprise that my friend asked me if she could visit me for some days 😊. I didn’t see that coming,- and I’m going to appreciate and take care of every moment 😊. Special because I think this will be more and less the only holiday guest that will drop by to me this year 🏖. And this guest doesn’t use me and my home as a “free holiday in” in Spain either,- she helps out. Something I’m really grateful for 🧡.

My friend did visit me several times a year before the corona- situation. She visited me so often that she have a bit clothes and private things here. She was actually the last guest before corona did “dropped by”. She visited me in October 2019 for a week, and now she also will be the first one that visit me after the corona- situation 😊.

We have been friends for many, many years. Actually since she was 6 years old and I was 7 years old. That’s a bit of some years 😊.

But I don’t remember what I do when I have holiday guests anymore 😅. It’s “just” 2,5 years since I had guests, but still….it’s feels like in an other “lifetime” after the corona- situation. And I have also moved into a new home. Lucky for me it’s a friend I know very well so I don’t need to stress to much with to much “entertainment”. I think beach and ocean, barbecue at my terrace and maybe a visit or two “here and there” will be fine 🏖.

But I need to admit I have thought a bit about that,- what do I do together with holiday guests? It’s good I can “exercise” a bit with a good friend now during the nexts days, because I’m actually not sure anymore what I do when I have holiday guests 😊. I’m a bit “out of training” when it comes to host holiday guests 😅.

And what do I fill the fridge up with? What kind of food? What to drink? I myself live in a way very “simple” when it comes to food and drinks. In general I eat what’s in the fridge 😊. And buy just what I need. It’s not any kind of “gourmet” in my fridge, to be honest 😅. A couple of years ago I actually had a bit control and a kind of “overview” over that one too 😊. But okay,- it is what it is,- and I’m going to do my best so she will feel very welcome, and hopefully will visit me again 🌹.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Things are ready for my guest,- clean bed, towels and even some books she can read if she want 😊(ear- plugs?- it’s a bit more noisy here then where I lived before. I sleep well, but I don’t know if my friend will sleep well- so just in case,- ear- plugs to her 😊)

It’s some years since I had holiday guests in my home now,- actually closely 2, 5 year 🏖. It’s mainly because of the corona- situation. But now my first holiday guest is “on the way”,- something I really looking forward to 😊🛩.

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A “date” at the theater 🎭😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

This weekend I was on “a date”, and not just on a date “anywhere” or with “anyone”,- but on the theater “The Varietés Theatre” in Fuengirola/ Spain together with one of my best friends ,- Natasja 😊🎭. Okay,- maybe not a “real” date since it was together with my friend, but for me still a fantastic evening with marvellous entertainment and the best company 🥰.

Dressed up and ready for the theatre 🎭😊 ( but I did change my dress- tell you about that one in my next text 😅)

It was actually not a theater- play, but more like a theater musical,- and I just need to say “Wow” 😍. For a show, for a place, for a company and the artist, dancers and the music was fantastic. A really great entertainment for a Saturday evening 🤩.

A tiny bit from the theater musical 🎭

A place I really will reccomend to visit. There’s a lots of different and good entertainment going on in the theater, during the year,- but it will, unfortunately, be closed during the nexts three months because the theater building is a protected housing in Spain, so they need to keep closed down during the summer season 🌞.

The theater building 🎭

It’s a place I easily could, and hopefully would get the chance to take my holiday guests with me to visit for great entertainment 😊.

A cozy place for some drinks and snacks before, during and after the entertainment 🍷🥓

When Natasja asked me to company her to the theater I thought I was going to a Spanish language speaking theater,- but it all was in English. It’s some Scandinavian who runs the theater, so the language in the different shows are in English. To be more correctly a great couple from Denmark,- and one of theirs son was playing and singing in the musical. He is “only” 16 years old,- but what a talent 😊.

The ticket and a bit information about the show 🎭

And when I was sitting there in the theater and listening to the music and watching the dancing and entertainment I remember when Mathilde was younger and we did live in Norway she danced ballet, and I remember how much she did enjoyed it 💃. The dancing, the entertainment. And I actually think she would enjoy being in this theater too, be a part of the entertainment and a bit different environment then work as well 🎭. So maybe when she’s coming back home from Bali she will start to go on auditions there? I actually hope so, because I think that will give her very much as a hobby and interest in her life 🎭🥰. And it’s actually something she can take her friends with as well 😊. But of course it’s her choice,- I’m just her mammi and want what’s best for her……at least I think what’s best for her 😊.

Maybe a place my daughter will enjoy to be a part of when she’s back in Spain? 💃🎭

It’s actually the first time I have been to a theater musical since I moved to Spain. So two “new” things this week, both a bus trip and musical, closely three with the basket with some painted glassbottles for sale,- but I have sold a tiny bit paintings “here and there” before, not just the way I’m trying to sell in Case Barella at the moment 😊. I’m “exposing” 😅,- and I actually do like it 😊.

I have been at musicals before,- both in Norway and Spain, England too,- but not after I moved to Spain. This is something I absolutely is going to do again 😊. It was fun and fantastic, and super good entertainment, and gave me a great feeling of “living” a bit again,- something I’m going to do a bit more of 😊. And then I mean it’s so great to do something else and different now and then, then “just” meet up for a drink, great conversations and a tasty meal 😊.

So,- yes I really do recommend to visit “The Varietés Theatre” in Fuengirola 🎭. Of course during the seasons it’s open 😊.

And a big “Thank you” to Natasja that invited me to be together with her to this fantastic entertainment ❤. I enjoyed every second 🥰. And also a very, very cozy evening together with some other great people as well 🥰.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊.

A entertainment evening “gold” worthy 🎭🧡 ( it’s a statue outside the theatre)

This weekend was a great weekend with fantastic entertainment and super good company 🎭🧡. I really recommend to visit “#The Varietés Theatre” in Fuengirola 🎭. Marvellous entertainment, fantastic artists and a really cozy place to enjoy a drink or to together with some snacks and great company 😊🧡.

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The first party and the topic was 1920s🎉😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

My daughter had a party for her friends this weekend on our roof terrace 🎉. She is going to travel to Bali next week and wanted to have a kind of not “goodbye party”, but “see you when I’m back” party for her friends 🎉😊. But before that was possible it was necessary to clean and wash 🧼🧽🧹….a lot…. after all the yellow sand from Sahara. It wasn’t sand anymore, it was mud and clay 😅,- and not so easy to just wash and clean away either,- but we manage to “clean up” most of it…..after some days of work 😅🧼.

This was actually the first party that has been arranged on the terrace, actually in our home, after I/ we moved in here. So my daughter was the first one that had a party on the roof terrace 🎉,- and it wasn’t any kind of party either,- the topic was 1920s 💄😊. Of course- it’s around 100 years ago 😊. So all her guests included her self was so fabulous and classy dressed up like from 1920s 😊. So it was a bit important that the terrace was clean and all the tables and chairs as well.

Look at this two fancy friends 🥰. My daughter, Mathilde and her friend, Martine- so classy and fancy dressed up for the 1920s party 🎉

I think they had a great time there up on the roof, and I know they behave perfectly 🍾. There will not be any problems for me to let her have a party on the terrace together with her friends an other time- when she’s back from Bali 🏖.

I’m very impressed over my daughter’s friends,- they are a nice “bunch” of young people, behave well and did dress up so very well too, they looked all so cool in their 1920s clothes and costumes 🎩.

And Martine and Mathilde “in colours” 😊.

I have also fixed the dress Mathilde used on her party during the last days before the party. It’s a dress that my youngest sister got tailored to me when she was on a 3 month trip in the East, including to Asia and Indonesia for around 21 years ago.  The dress is in real silk, and as “old” as Mathilde, and not least, in fact Mathilde is also the first to wear the dress.

I have tried it on a couple of times, but did never had the “correct” event to use it in. This weekend was a perfect event to use it. Maybe a bit symbolic too? Because she is going to the East, the dress is from the East, the party was for her, the dress was made when she was a baby, and many, including myself, think Mathilde and my youngest sister look at bit similar when my sister was in the same age as Mathilde is now, and also when she was younger. I have actually sometimes now and then even called Mathilde with my sister’s name 😅.

Here she is- my brave daughter that are going to “turn her nose” to Bali for a while 😘

It wasn’t easy to get any photos of my daughter where she was smiling,- and she told me that the reason for that was because women in 1920s did have any rights to for example vote, or the same education as men, or same salary for the same work, or the possibility that she have,- travel to another part of the world, be a part of starting up a office there and be able to work there as well as get new experiences and knowledge. And that’s true- women have a bit more rights and possibilities now at days then 100 years ago.

And the party place became ready and nice too. To be honest I was not sure if we would manage it,- because it was a lot to clean up. More and less everything needed a tiny bit of a wash 🧼. But look at this:

The party terrace is ready for my daughter’s friends and the 1920s party 🎉 Not to bad at all- but imagen most of this was with mud and clay before we started cleaning up 🧼😊. I’m very impressed over my daughter and my job 😊.

And me,- well I enjoyed my own company in my cozy backyard cafe this weekend,- not a bad place at all 🥰.

Look at this- not to bad to be “banished” to a backyard when it looks like this 😊

I’m very happy that it was my daughter that had the first roof terrace party in this home 🥰. And I’m grateful for her friends 🧡.

I’m not sure if I’m going to have a roof terrace party like this with my friends, not with any 1920s topic either. I’m not very good to host “big” parties,- the few times I have tried I needed to cancel the parties because in general the guests did chancel or didn’t answer my invitation. But I’m going to use the roof terrace to spend great times together with my children and friends during the summer 🌞. Just some few good friends at the time, not like any kind of party, just more like small gatherings 😊. Because I’m very good to host small and cozy gatherings 😊.

So that’s actually what our closely 2 first weeks in April has been used to,- preparing the first root terrace party with the 1920s as topic, fixing the dress to Mathilde, get different paper work Mathilde needed ready for her travel to Bali, and of course doing our jobs as well inbetween as “normal” things like shopping food, washing clothes, preparing food, cleaning the home outside as well as inside. It’s not a challenge to “fill up” the days, that’s for sure 😊. And yes,- I have been a bit good to socializing with some friends and colleagues too inbetween “all this” 😊. Tried? Yes,- I’m.

And now the Easter is soon “just around the corner” too. I need to admit I’m looking forward to a couple of extra days to just don’t do to much now 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon as possible 😊

Two good friends- enjoying each other’s company and friendship as well as looking forward to a stylish 1920s party 🎉

My daughter’s getting ready for her trip to Bali, and this weekend she had a terrace party together with her friends 🎉. Topic 1920s 🎩. And all of her friends was so cool and classy dressed up 🥰. The days flies a bit to fast, and there’s not a big challenge to “fill up” the days either at the moment 😊.

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A little baby knit for a little princess 🧶😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

In between work and job and a couple of unexpected other things I have manage to knit a bit clothes to a sweet little baby princess.

A very good friend of my got a baby girl some months ago, more exactly in the beginning of July this year. So this little baby girl starting to get older and a bit bigger too, and it’s also starting to be colder here in Spain. So hopefully some knitted clothes will keep her a bit warm during the wintertime? ….if they fits…😳😊

I’m not sure if the clothes actually will fit this “sweety pie” because she is growing up so fast and she is already soon closely 5 months, and I have been knitting in size 3- 6 months 🧶. Maybe it will be baby- doll clothes instead ?😊

Some knitted baby clothes for the wintertime to a sweet little baby girl 🥰.

And to be honest,- I have been a bit slowly with my knitting too because there has been a couple of other things then just work I needed to “deal” with to during the last months. It’s an other story and I’m going to tell you what has “kept” my time and days busy- when the time is right to tell.

A jacket, scarf, two hats in different sizes and trousers 🧣

I don’t think one of the hat will fit, not either the trousers, but probably the scarf and maybe the other hat and the jacket.

A yellow dress- maybe this will fit? 👗

My friend and her baby girl are in Norway at the moment and visiting their family and friends so it’s a bit difficult to try the clothes on her daughter too 😊.

She knows her daughter will get this clothes when they are back home in Spain. And she also know that maybe they can be to small.

I have started on something new to the baby princess – in size 6- 9 months…..just in case 😊

I do manage to do a couple of other things in between work, job and unexpected happenings in life- like knit and paint too. I need to – just to relax a bit in my mind, a tiny little timeout from “all and everything”.

A “cozy suit” for coldwinter days – maybe this will it-but I’m not sure.

The photos are maybe not the best, but I can’t manage “it all ” 😅.

And when it comes to the knit recipe- I’m using Norwegian recipes created mainly to use different kinds of Norwegian yarn. And I knitting with Spanish yarn at the moment. You should think it shouldn’t be any difference, but it actually are. Even when I’m trying my best to follow the knit recipe there’s some different changes when it comes to the size in the recipe I’m using and how the product is when it’s finish. And of course also the size of the knitting needles are also a crucial factor for the garment to be correct in size.

Do you have something you to when your mind and thoughts just need to rest a bit?

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon I hope 😊

A soft dress in pink ❄👗. The last one for this time is a soft dress in light pink. This one I actually think will fit the little baby princess 👸.

In between work, job and a bit unexpected happenings in life I need to take a “timeout” I need to just let my mind and thoughts rest for a tiny bit- and then it’s good to have some knittin needles and yarn to “play” a bit with 😊🧶.

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