It’s a time for everything 😊📝

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I have decided that I’m going to stop “blogging” next year, more precisely in January or February 2023. It’s a time for everything- it’s a time to try something new as well as stop something when it feels it’s the time for that as well 😊. This is not a decision I have made today, I have actually thought about it for a while,- but I needed to be sure about me decision before I shared it.

My life it’s not so exciting either 😅,- and I can’t imagine it will be after I have turned 50 either 😊. And in the end of January next year I’m actually going to be 50 😳. It feels strange to think about,- but that’s hopefully life- that I will be so lucky that I will be 50 and 60 and hopefully 70 too, and maybe even a bit more years then that as well 😊.

Of course I can’t know I’m going to be 50, because we haven’t any guarantees for anything in life,- but I hope so 🧡. And I think it can be a good thing for me to “end” my 40’s together with the blogging, and start my 50’s without 😊. For me it feels correct, and I’m very comfortable and in a way relived over my decision 😊. In a way I feel like the blogging for me have done it’s “mission” in my life. And it has been very helpful in it’s own way for me.

I like to write, and to write my blog have given me a lot. I’m not so sure it have given the readers the same. What I do know is that at least the readers have followed me during some ups and downs,- and to write a bit during “the down time” have at least given me a possibility to get a kind of distance to things in life that didn’t felt to good at the moment.

It’s like I have shared my different challenges together with a kind of friend when I’m writing in my blog, even I in general don’t get any “solutions” or answer how to handle different kinds of challenges in life, it’s still a kind of help to just put some words on the paper,- if you understand what I mean? So it has been a bit helpful for me, a kind of therapy, this blogging- process during the last years, but maybe, and probably, not for my readers 😊.

It takes time to write a blog too, and I also have bad conscience when I do not write in my blog, especially when there are many days between each time I write. And when I’m starting to feel a bit on this bad conscience it’s time to do something with that,- and for me the best solution is to stop writing instead of try to write even more. Because then I’m stressing myself unnecessary. And if it’s something I don’t like very much in my life anymore it’s stress. Then it’s best to remove the stress that’s possible to remove 😊.

So why doesn’t I just stop writing in my blog now? Because I have a “couple” of more texts and things I want to write about, and maybe even share 😊. And like I mention,- for me it feels a bit “correct” to walk out of my 40’s in the blog, and into my 50’s without 😊.

In many ways, this blogging is something I have done most for myself, while sharing myself. At the same time as I hope it has been a bit okay for the readers to read a bit a about a very ordinary life. The ups and downs,- and that it’s quite okay to just have a ordinary life too,- with ups and downs 😊. It’s actually that that’s in general the most “normal” life I think.

I need to be honest and say when I started blogging I did hope it was a bit money to earn in the blogging era too- and of course it is possible,- but not for me. And I also started to blog, like I mention, because I like to write and for me writing is a part of the processing process of various events in my daily life and life in general.  Eventually now maybe it’s time to go back to writing my private diary instead?  It works just as well as a processing process in a blog, while at the same time I do not feel guilty that I do not have the time or capacity to write, or in fact and even nothing exciting to write about.

So why do I tell you about this today? Because it’s still a couple of more months until next year, and until Im going to stop blogging. But when I have made a decision I feel it can be okay to tell, just so you know.

My time as a hobby blogger is over in a couple of months,- and that feels as a good decision to take 😊. It’s a time for everything, and to blog has been a great experience as well as a kind of therapy for me, but it’s maybe time for me to use my time to something else, and in a different way 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon as possible 😊

I’m going to stop blogging in a couple of months- and that feels actually quite okay😊.

It’s a time for everything- and I have for a while though about to stop blogging. It feels a bit like that “time” in my life it’s over,- it have done it’s “mission” for me. But I’m going to continue a tiny bit more,- and stop around the time I have decided, just because 😊.

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A cozy evening in my “backyard cafe” 😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

As some of you know I have “created” my private backyard “cafe”. It’s not a real cafe, because I don’t sell anything, I don’t even have a menu,- it’s just a cozy place in my backyard to spend nice afternoons, or even some evenings alone or together with my family and friends 😊. I actually spend most of the time in my backyard together with someone, not very often alone 😊.

I’m, obviously, not the only one that think this place is cozy because I have family and friends dropping by here now and then during the week as well as weekends 😊.

I have put up some lights and candles in my backyard too, something that’s creates it’s to a even nicer place with a good atmosphere during the evenings 🕯💡.

And it’s good to have something to offer from my freezer like homemade muffins or cinnamon rolls or something else to offer my guests that’s dropping by 🥯.

Enjoying a cozy the evening in the backyard with good food and cozy lights 😊

But it’s not always it’s “suits” to serve cakes and cookies, special not after a warm summer day 🌞. So baked potatoes are a tasty and delicious meal too make, easy too, and “spiced” up with some ingredients like bacon, corn, some salad, dressing, butter, it’s actually a tiny meal.

So last time I had guests in my backyard I actually served baked potatoes together with different ingredients 🥔. Of course it takes a bit time to bake the potatoes in the oven, and even longer in my mini oven 😅. But then it’s just to enjoy for example the beach and the ocean in the meantime, or just the good company from family or friends 😊.

Baked potatoes with different ingredients I served to some of my guests one evening last week 😊.

Like I mention in an other text, it’s a bit of mosquitos in my backyard, and that can be a challenge. I have tried different kinds of things to keep the mosquitos away, and in general it helps for a tiny while. But then they are back again 😳🦟.

So I used Google, because I don’t like the company of the mosquitoes to much, I don’t think anyone actually do,- and there I did find something that, some “tips and advice” so fare, has kept the mosquitos away for more then just a tiny while 🦟.

It’s a very easy tips and tricks,- it’s coffee that is used in a coffee maker and barbecue chips that are used on the grill.  Put the coffee grounds in foil and put it in an ovenproof dish, place the tray on top, and light it.  The mosquito flies away because it does not like the smell. And they are not coming back before the coffee ground is burned up either. And it’s burn for a while too. Of course it’s depends of how big the “mix” is 😊.

I can’t say the smell from this “mix” is the most “flattering” smell I know, at the same time as it reminds me about Norway and barbecue at the beach. And it’s also so much better then be bitten by mosquitos 😳😊🦟. And the mosquitos don’t actually create a very cozy atmosphere either, more like a very annoying atmosphere actually.

Just a tiny tips to you from me,- if you want to try to keep the mosquitos away and don’t want to use to much “poison” from different sprays of any kind to keep them away 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

My “keep away the mosquitos” mix 🦟😊

My backyard it’s become a very cozy place where friends and family likes to drop by for some food, a cozy atmosphere, good conversations and great company (me 😅) 😊. Unfortunately the mosquitos also like my backyard a tiny bit to much, but I think I have found a solution and mix to use to keep them away for a while now. At least it’s function so fare 😊🦟.

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