Something strange has happened to my clothes 😳

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Yes,- it’s true- something very strange has happened to my clothes lately 😳. Many of my clothes doesn’t fit me anymore. They are actually to small 😳. How did that happen without me notice it? 🤔

Or….maybe it’s me, and not my clothes something strange has happened too?

I know it is a kind of joke to say the wardrobe shrunk the clothes. But you should not ignore the fact that something like this actually happens when you reach a certain age. The wardrobe act strange too during menopause. That’s for sure,- even my do.

One of ny favourite shorts for the Spring and summer,- and last summer I needed to use a belt in this. This summer I can’t even button it together.

I have noticed during the last months that some of my winter clothes was started to be a bit thigh “here and there”. But to be honest I thought maybe it was because I had wash them a bit to much, or in to to high temperature or something like that. And new washed and clean clothes also sometimes have the habit to be a bit to thigh in the beginning. But it’s not my clothes that has changed- it’s my body.

I found my clothes for the summer and….wow….there was at least half of them that was to small, to thigh. Didn’t fit my body at all and anymore. I can’t actually not use them. I can’t actually not get some of them on my body even when I’m trying, and if I get them on I had big challenge to get them of me, it felt like they was glued into my body 😳. It’s shorts and dresses, tops and trousers, even blouses and skirts. Phu! I was seriously not prepared for this.

And one of my favourite skirts,- I didn’t even manage to “move” it over my hips,- and last time I used this was in October 2021.

I know it is natural that the body is changing and also to put on some weight when we comes to a certain age,- but I was not quite yet prepared for this 😅. Like I mention I’m in the pre perimenopause, not menopause, and thought maybe this body changes came in the menopause, or after. But obviously not.

Last time I was on my bathroom weight I was a place between 56- 58 kilos, and I think that was maybe in December or January. I don’t remember, but it’s a while ago. And today I’m 63, 5 kilos. Where did they come from? I know it’s not much, but for my body it’s actually is. I have been over 60 kilos only 3 times in my life,- and that was during my pregnancies.

I’m not crying (yet) to put on weight. I was just a bit surprised over my thighs and hips, stomach and breasts, even my arms have increased in size without me even noticing it. And it all are a bit “rounder” in the “fashion” too. Even my ass has changed.  Or maybe it’s the hips?

I do take a look at my self in the mirror closely every day, as well as I see myself in photos too….but I haven’t notice this changes very much. But I can promise you I notice the changes when I was trying to find some summer clothes to put on my body……and couldn’t even manage to button them together. Or get them of my body when I had really squeezed my body into them.

I’m fine with this changes at the moment. But this is a bit new for me, the body, the weight, even to have clothes in my wardrobe that doesn’t fit me. So I need to get a bit use to this body changes,- and also for seriously start to work out. Not just mornings walks, and steps walks to the train station,- but now it is for real “back to business” to my earlier work out and exercises I did before.

Since my body “spreads out” a bit “here and there”, and my clothes shrink, I had to stop by a pharmacy today to check that I have not shrunk in height, that that one also had changed,- fortunately I am still 170 cm, and then I think 63,  5 kilos divided by the number of centimeters is perfectly ok.  Although there are obviously a few extra pounds over my thighs, hips, stomach and breasts.

I’m not sad over this body changes, actually the opposite,- because I have for so many years struggling with my weight and have to little kilos on my body. But I’m a bit sad over all the clothes that doesn’t fit me anymore. To get a new “summer wardrobe” is actually really not on my budget this summer. And I was not prepared for this body changes yet. But okay,- it is what it is 😊. I’m growing up to be a grown up and mature woman,- and I’m actually happy with my “new” body. I know it is not for all women during menopause to be happy for the extra pounds/ kilos that “shows up”,- but I allowed me to be happy for mine 😊.

I know some maybe think I shouldn’t be- but at the moment I need to admit that I do like this changes and like this kilos,- but I don’t need to put on to much more. It is “heavier” to “carry”,- I also notice that, so my body needs to be stronger now 😊. And luckily it is different second hand clothes stores in the area , so I can visit and see if I can find some new summer clothes for my summer wardrobe 🌞.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Yes,- the dress looks nice, button be honest, I actually can’t even walk or move in it- and to get it off,- phu! Seriously stress.

I need to admit that something very strange has happened to my wardrobe during the last months 😳. And obviously my body “spreads” a bit “here and there” too. Hips are changing, stomach too. Or maybe it is actually the clothes and not me ? 👗

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Oh,- this is so cool and different 😊🎨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I find it very liberating to paint, and I’m getting braver and bolder when it comes to painting new things.  Try something new – such as something very abstract and maybe even a touch of Picasso? Just let my pencil and brushes really play with the different colours on the canvas 🎨. Like I did with this painting:

It’s so cool,- and different from my other paintings 🎨 And is fun to paint 😁 Can you see the lady that’s dancing?💃

Oh,- it became so cool and so different then from other things I have painted. And it gave me a new liberating feeling when I did paint it. It’s fun to try something new,- and it doesn’t “scare” me anymore either. It’s like I’m getting braver and braver with my paintings 🎨. It’s a bit like I’m exploring my painting abilities, and I really like it 🥰.

I like this painting,- very much,- and it’s actually a bit funny too. I didn’t paint it in the direction did I show you in my first photo. But it felt more “correct” for me to have it in that direction, but it’s not sure for others. I can see a lady that’s dancing . Can you?

I painted on the canvas in this direction:

I did paint this painting in this direction- and there can be different kinds of images or illustrations in this direction too 😊 In this direction I can see a moose face. Can you? Or maybe the month to a crocodile? Or a wolf?

In a painting we see different things and different images and illustrations. Maybe you see something I don’t see?

The painting can also be in this direction,- if you prefer that 😊 Maybe the lady are swimming when I have the painting this way?

I did paint it on impulse,- very impulse,- if I can say it that way? I didn’t have any special kind of imagination or illustrations in my mind or head when I started to paint, not even when I was finish. I just painted, and suddenly it was a funny, cool and colourful result that I’m very pleased with 😊.

Maybe some prefer the painting like this? Maybe there’s the face of an elephant here? Or a fox? Or dog?

I prefer to have the painting like I showed you in my first photo,- but it’s not sure that’s correct for someone else. And that’s one of the great things with this painting,- there’s nothing wrong or correct, and there can be different imagination and illustrations, it’s just depends how you look at it.

What do you think? Maybe a bit confusing painting? And a bit happy too?

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

The painting in “correct” direction for me,- and the title? “Just on impulse” 🎨😊

I’m getting braver and bolder when it comes to my painting- process 🎨. I’m not afraid to try something “new”, and on my first impulse it became this cool, funny, colourful and happy abstract painting “Just on impulse” 😊. Can you see what the illustrations are?🧐😊

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Me and my trolleys 😊🛒

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

As some of you know I haven’t any car at the moment. I haven’t actually had my own car for, I think, around 1, 5 year or something like that. I haven’t had very much use for a car during this corona- situation. But now and then I have been lucky and could borrow a car from good friends if I actually really need to use a car for some of reasons. Or Marius help me out and drive me around a bit “here and there” 🚘. His car is to fancy for me, so I don’t take the chance to borrow it 😅. If I had I have probably bumped into something and destroyed the car, and I don’t want to do that.

But in general I manage to do what I need to do with using my trolleys and my two legs and the train 😊🛒.

Me and my “food shopping trolley”- and a couple of bags too….with food after a tiny food shopping errand 😊🛒.

And it’s actually not very practical to have a car here where I live either, because during the Spring, Summer and Autumn it’s a bit difficult to find a parking place 🚗. It’s not a private parking place to the house, but in general a lots of free parking places to choose between during the early Spring and late Autumn, and of course during the wintertime. The parking places are free all the year around- that’s why it’s so difficult to find a parking place. And because it’s so close to the beach so many people use the parking places in this area 🚘🚗.

I also live so close to the train station it’s actually more practical, and takes shorter time to take the train to the different places where I have some errands to do, then drive a car, and find a parkingplace.

It takes me around 4- 5 minutes to walk to the train from my home, and around 10 or 25 minutes to the different places/”destinations”. It’s depends of course a bit what kind of direction or destination I’m going to, or what I’m going to do, what kind of errands I have or need to do.

4- 5 minutes walk from my home to the train station- this train station 🚂

I didn’t like this “trolley- use” at all in the beginning when I moved to Spain. To be honest I felt a bit stupid when I walked around with my trolley the first times 🙄. Actually a bit shameful 🤭. But that’s because I wasn’t use to use any trolley in Norway 🛒. It’s not many people that use a trolley when they “runs errands” in Norway. Maybe some elderly people now and then, because it makes the shopping so much easier, special when you don’t have a car 🚘. But in general it’s not very often you see someone running around with a trolley “in tow” in Norway.

Here in Spain you see people “here and there and everywhere” walking around with their trolleys, and then it, of course, also felt a bit more natural and normal for me to walk around with my trolley too. And now I don’t care or give my “trolley use” many thoughts at all. It’s actually just one thing I’m thinking about when I’m walking around with my trolley- I can’t use high heels shoes 👢👠. That’s not very practical at all- I have tried 😅. And I like to use high heels, so it’s irritated me a bit for a tiny little while, but okay- it’s more important to get the food safe in the home then feel fancy on my feet 😊.

My trolley after a tiny shopping trip to IKEA 😊. I manage that one too- on my own- me and my trolley on the train 😊

The electricity is expensive here in Spain, and have for some reasons become more expensive during this corona- time 💡. It’s a bit cheaper during the weekend, so I do the clothes washing in the weekends- when the washing machine is in function 🙄. At the moment it’s not in function.

Lucky for me and Mathilde we in general just use the electricity to the lights, the oven, the television and our computer, and yes, of course charging our mobile, and the washing machine 📲.

But the hot water, the heat and the stove are on gas. So we use gas bottles to get hot water, heating up the home and cooking 🎛. For some reasons also the gas bottles are a bit more expensive then before, but it’s still much cheaper to use then the electricity 💡.

But gas bottles have a habit to be empty when they are in use. So I actually also use a trolley for the gas bottles too. Drag them with me to the gas station and change to some new 🔥. The gas station is not fare away either- the map says 400 meter, and a 5 minutes walk, and I think that’s correct too 😊.

I’m actually pretty good on this trolley-thing now 😊. I had never imagined that I should be that some years ago.

Look at this- a trolley for the gas bottle too 😊

Now at days I’m also using my trolley to the laundry because the washing machine is obviously “on strike”. I think it’s just a tiny connection with the “on- button” that’s the challenge- and hopefully not to expensive to fix. Hopefully the electrician can drop by next week and fix it 😊.

On the way back home with clean and dry clothes in my trolley 😊

So I’m using my trolley when I’m running different errands like shopping food or buy necessary boxes at IKEA, change the gas and wash our clothes. Hopefully the last trolley trip is soon over 😊. And it’s a bit exercise in this trolley trilling too. There’s some kilos I’m dragging around with me, that’s for sure 😊.

It’s a bit strange to think about- that I had never in my imagination thought I was going to trilling trolley on weekly basis to run different errands, or not feel stupid and shameful when I’m trolley trilling “here and there and everywhere”- but I’m not, I actually don’t care. I’m just happy and grateful for the trolley solution- it makes my different errands so much easier 😊🛒.

Do you do something necessary in your daily routines or on weekly basis you never had thought about you was going to do “ever never”?

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Look at my sweet food shopping trolley 😊. And yes- it’s a bit to carry with me when I’m shopping food, but Mathilde does help me carry something too, now and then when she can 😊. It’s a bit more food to buy when we are two in the home then one 😊

I had never in my imagination thought I was going to be a “trolley triller” 😅, and on top of that, be a happy “trolley trillet” too,- but I’m. I’m trilling trolleys a couple of times during the week, and I’m totally fine with the situation 😊 🛒. ( …except from one tiny little fact- I can’t use high heels on my trolley trilling trips- that’s very uncomfortable and not very practical at all 👠).

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