I can do this another day…. 📷😊🎨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I know I’m not the best “blogger” or writer the world at the moment 📝, but I will update you in a couple of days with “a why”. or maybe “a what”, is probably more correctly, I haven’t had the best time to keep my blog and texts “updated” during the last days, weeks or month. And it’s also something I can do another day, write in my blog- isn’t it? 😉

But I think I just start with some “easy” posts/ textes first, maybe even a bit boring posts first 😅 now in the end of November- and before I will “take you through my daughter’s story” in a couple of days.

So today it is about painting, painted glassbottles I really need to be better to just be “totally” finish with, when a bottle is finish painted – and not just “wait to another day ” with the totally finish, the last, “easy” rest- like take some video and do a tiny little “photo shoot” of the finish painted glassbottle 🎨 .

With that means- it means to be better to “organize” my finish painted glassbottles- take the photos and movies I want to take, and put on a title note on the bottle too, and special on the bottles I’m going to “put out” for sale one day. Because that’s a part of my plan, to give my bottles a name and put them “out there” for sale. But they just “disappear” a bit faster then I had in my mind now and then – so there’s still no one for sale yet 😅.

It doesn’t takes to much time, to make this videos, take the photos and put in a tittle note, but it still takes a bit of time, and to be honest,- I think like many of us do – “I can do this an other day, it’s not in a hurry”. But obviously, like I mention, I really need to be better to just finish a bottle when it’s actually is finish 😊.

It’s not just the photo session of my glassbottles I think like this- “I can do this another day” – also for example when it comes to clean my home- I wait because it’s not sooo dirty or messy around me. But if I get guests I get still a bit stressed because I want it to be clean and nice 😊. If I have not “delayed” my “house cleaning day” , I didn’t need to be a bit stressed out 😅. Or wash some clothes as long as I have clean clothes I can be a bit good to wait a bit more days before I to put on a washing machine with clothes. Or do some food shopping if I actually have some kind of food in my fridge, I’m actually not running to the store to buy some more. I wait until it’s more necessary.

So it’s true- many things in our life we actually can do another day, at the same time as there are many things we just can’t wait to do either. Like what I have used ny time during the last month. It’s not all things in life that can be put “on hold”- but my glassbottles actually can. It’s not a big “crises”- it’s just makes it a bit more difficult for me to get a good “photo shoot” of my glassbottles after I have give them away 😅 – if I put the photo session of my finish painted glassbottles a bit “on hold” 😊.

Finished glassbottles- but not for sale- gifts to my family in Norway 🎁

It’s not the first time I just in a sudden are given away or selling a glassbottle or more, I wasn’t prepared on to give away or sell at in that moment. And of course I haven’t took any video or good photos of the bottle or bottles before they suddenly belongs to someone else 😅. Like for example with the 24- 25 bottles I did deliver the Casa Barella/ Natasja, or the one I gave to Irene or just some weeks ago, when 3 bottles was just sold in a hurry 😅.

The blue one I was actually totally finish with and have also shared in my blog, at Facebook and Instagramas well, but the two other once …well this is the only photos I have from them- in their new home 😅

I need to admit I get both supriced and very happy when someone like my painted glassbottles. Actually like them so much that they just not want to buy one, two or three, but actually order some as well 😊.

So I have taking videos and photos this weekend, created a “not for sale” table and a “for sale” shelf, and of course have a desk with different glassbottles “under process and production”. And made a plan over my photo sessions when every bottle is finish 😅📸

I like to paint and I like my glassbottles “production”- it has just been a couple of “challenges ” lately- my time has not been to much available to paint lately. But hopefully things in life will “calm a bit down” now in December.

Do you think “I can do this tomorrow, or another day” when it come to different things in your life? Or do you do your things “there and then” no matter what it is?

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

I’m trying to organize my glassbottles a bit 😊 Finish gifts to my family, ready for sale and under process and production

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Let’s the time be growing and flowering ⏳🕰🥀

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

In between my jobs I have also managed to paint a painting on a canvas to Natasja’s birthday 🎁. And also got the pleasure to be invited to her birthday party, and celebrate her together with her friends 😊🎈🎉.

I called the painting “Let’s the time be growing and flowering ” ⏳🥀. And it’s more then one reason for both the title as well as the illustration in the painting.

“Let’s the time be growing and flowering”- size 40*40 cm. Art.nr : LSA 084

It’s a clock because for some reason Natasja really likes clocks. And it’s mainly in pink, also because she loves the colour pink, and the flowers,- well,- she actually like them too 😅. And if you look a bit closely at the painting you can see that some of the numbers, four of them to be correctly, are painted in an other colour. Can you imagine why? And what the numbers stands for? It’s not very difficult 😊.

But it’s more “behind” this painting then just the colours and illustrations painted just because Natasja likes it. In my mind when I painted the painting this is also about “the time”, the time we have,- every second, minute, hour, day (and so on). The times goes no matter what, it doesn’t stand still or stops, even it can feels like that sometimes.

So let’s try to create a tiny good and positive memory in our time, the hour or the day 🧡. Then the time will get another value then just be ” the time”. Because it’s important to value the time we have,- and we do not know how much time we have.

If you look a bit closer one more time at the painting you will see that theres one big a large pointer on the number 12, and 12 smaller pointer.  One refers to each number, one refers to each hour. Each hour in a day ⏳. It’s for the same reason,- the value of the time. Our value we give our time, our day 🌹. Can you see the time is actually sparkling in the watch?

The time changes also, all the time. It can be small changes and it can be big changes. It can even be some challenges, as well, in our time, our day. Challenges are sometimes some hard knowledge to learn by, but not always. And the time gives us knowledge as well, all the time, even when we don’t notice it 😊. The changes does it to, but maybe in a different way?

In my imagination this watch also is a kind of dream catcher. Not all and everyone can see that, but I can- and it’s a dream catcher to Natasja. A dream catcher that will send out all her good dreams, wishes and goals, and create them to reality in it’s own way in her life, in their life 🏵. Because it’s not always our dreams, wishes and goals comes through in the way we did or does have in our imagination, in our mind- just because that probably wasn’t the best for us to have it quite that way or that moment- but in some or another way they actually comes through- it’s just difficult to see it,- because we did had another image about how it should be 🧡.

The flowers are growing and flowering around the clock, the watch, the time. They are growing and flowering around the watch the way I really wish the time, the changes, the challenges, the knowledge, the different opportunities, the different experiences will be flowering and growing in a positive, exciting and marvelous way and direction for and in Natasja’s life, and of course also, her husband, Klaus too 🧡. In all their era in their life, not just for their cafe Case Barella, but in every era,- like love, their home, their health and so much more 🧡.

And to the end,- the flowers are growing around the watch, like they are taking care of the time. Can you see that? It’s because I really hope and wish that there will be growing and flowering so much great things in their life as well as I really hope and wish that they will take good care about the time, the memories, the knowledge, the experiences, the opportunities they have, and I also know they will get in their future 🧡.

This is the way I see the painting, this is what I did try to paint into the painting,- but it’s not sure you see it? Maybe you see something else and something different from this? Just because we see things in life differently 😊🧡. And also because we can’t see the whole picture at the same time, we see different things and parts, and little by little we put them together to a picture that in it’s own way makes sense for us, our mind and soul and thoughts, our time- and what we see and feel 😊.

We will always use and understand the time differently, but it doesn’t matter as long as the time in some or another way gives value in our life 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you- it’s your time 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Some parts of the painting,- maybe a dream catcher or maybe just some arrows?

I have manage to paint a painting inbetween busy days,- and I have called it “Let’s the time be growing and flowering” ⏳🥀. And it’s a reason for that- we use our time differently, we fill up our time with different things too, and we understand the time differently as well ⏳. Even this painting will we see and understand differently 😊.

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Do I have a plan? 🤔😊🥀

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I have got this question- “Do you have a plan?” a bit more then just a couple of times now after my children moved out from my home.

I’m not sure why I get this question ? 🤔 Don’t we all have one or another kind of a plan or three, maybe even more in and for our life? I had a plan before I became a mammi, some other plans in my life when I raised up my children, and some new plans now. But, yes, my different plans has changed a bit during both the years as well as when different things has happen in my life, as well as in our society. I think that’s normal? This changing in our plans? And it’s not even always we are changing our plans either, but things around us happens so the plans just changes a bit “on their own”.

So yes I had a plan, and I have a kind of a new plan too. Actually more then just one 😊. I just don’t like this question ” Do you have a plan?” to much, but that’s probably because I have got it a lot during the lasts months. And I can’t give any other good questions either, then just “Yes, I do- I do have plans, I just need to sort out a couple of things first”. But sometimes this can be a bit irritating question to get 🙄.

My plans at the moment goes a bit from day to day and not very much longer then one week at the time. Because the plan I had was not included any kind of moving this year, but obviously “someone” else had that plan for me.

So at the moment I feel I need to find a new “foothold” in a way in my life before I can start to work with to many and to “big” plans in my life. I felt I lost my “foothold”, the kind of “foothold” I had both when my children moved out as well as when I needed to move from one place to another too. It’s not there anymore, the “foothold” I had, but my “plans” are, my dreams, goals and wishes too. I just need to find a new and other way to try to “reach” them as well as work for them.

I hope that’s normal, and I hope that’s also okay that I don’t have “all and everything” in my new life and lifesituation “sorted out” at the moment?

I have plans,- a lots of plans too, in different forms and shapes and sizes and also area in my life 😊. But at the moment I choose to get my breath a bit back before I “get to work” with to much and to big plans 😊. Is that okay?

I have even created my own vision board some years ago with different goals, dreams, plans and wishes I do my best to reach in one or another way 🎨🤞🙏. And now and then I need to change something there, the plan, the goal or the way to reach what I want to reach 😊. But that’s fine, that’s okay, that’s the way it is. Then I try to create a new plan for my dreams, goals and wishes 😊.

Do you get this question a lot “Do you have any plans?” If you do,- do you tell “all and everyone” your different plans? Or do you just say “Yes, I do” or “No, I don’t”? And do you like to get this question? I’m fine with the question in general, but for some reason I have got it a lot the last months, so I’m a bit tired of it, special when my plans are in their own way are changing a bit too without to much help from me 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

My vision board – filled up with plans, goals and wishes I do my best to reach little by little, step by step 😊

I have different plans in my life, dreams, goals and wishes, but sometimes they are changing a bit to yo another direction then I had in my mind 😊. Then it’s just to try to “follow up” as best as I can 😊. I have even my own vision board so I can work as consciously I manage to reach my goals, plans, wishes and dreams 😊.

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Cheers and Congratulations to the 17 candidates and finalists 😊🍾🍇🍷

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Today I want to say cheers and Congratulations to the 17 finalists and candidates who have been selected for the interviews at Murphy Goode Winery in California 🍾🎉.  Well done, and so deserved 🍷🍇. And no,- I’m not one of this 17 finalists and candidates,- and that’s fine 😊. But I was one of the over 5000 that’s applied for the job 😊🍷.

Of course I really should wish I was one of the finalists 😊, – but wow🎉 ,- when I have seen what the different finalists can offer and their creative and incredibly good video applications I understand why exactly those was chosen 😊🍾. So Congratulations and all the best wishes for the interviews 🧡. They have some very exacting days and weeks in front of them 😊. And one of them even a more exacting year 🍾🍇🍷.

The painted white wine bottle with red wine grapes I used in my video application 🍷🍇.

But it was fun for me to create a imagination, illusion and dream around this job,- and I did actually learn a couple of things about myself under the process too 😊. And it was exacting to be a tiny part of the process even it was a very tiny part 😊.

I’m not so “worried” anymore to take video of myself and share it online. And I also know I just need to keep up my dreams, wishes and hopes and work as best as I can to reach them 😊.

One of my dreams is to create, see a result, progression and product of my work. In one way I’m already doing that when I’m teaching, because I in general see progress in my students. But I’m not sure for how long I want to continue teaching. I’m more in the create and creative “corner” in my life now, – a “corner” where I have a tiny little wish for something else I can’t explain….but it’s a feeling “inside” me ….. that I want to do and work with something else now, something new and different then before. But maybe this is just the menopause “talking” too? 😳 ( ….because this menopause has a bad habit to confuse me a bit now and then….🙄😳). I don’t know, but I will probably find out one day 😊.

I did also see progress, not always of course, when I was working in the home nursery, but to be honest, after being a costumer service agent on the phone for around 1,5 years for elderly ladies now…….. rude, very rude elderly ladies, I’m not very tempted to go back to the home nursery job again 🙄. Sorry, but that’s true. We can talk about young people’s not always to good behaviour, but there’s many elderly people who can’t behave very well either 😳.

My first plan now is to find peace in my new home, and slowly find out who am I when it’s just me in my life and no children to take care of anymore. I have some months in front of me now to “sort things out”,- and that feels actually very good too 😊. I’m relaxed, and in it’s own way a bit relieved too. It has been some hectic months, but now I can get my breath a bit back again 😊.

I thought and hoped that I maybe could be a wine- maker of any kind in California 🍇🍷, but obviously the destiny have something different and else for me somewhere there in the future 😊. At least I choose to believe so 😊.

Maybe it’s painting colourful and creative “one of a kind” winebottles instead of tasty wine making?😊🍇🎨

Anyway,- Congratulations to the 17 finalist at Murphy Goode Winery 🍾🍇. Good luck to them all 🍷🧡. And I,- I take one step at the time, or maybe even two know and then, and then the “road” in front of me will probably and hopefully be open, little by little 😊🛣.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

This winebottle is a gift to someone in Norway,- and its soon ready for a “travel” to Norway and the one I painted it too 😊🍷🍇. I just needed to borrowed it for my application 😊.

The 17 finalists and candidates for this great fine wine job in California are know chosen 🍾🍇. And I’m not one off them, but in it’s own way this has been a very nice experience for me, both to apply, and the process before the application as well as after 😊. So Congratulations to the 17 finalists, and Good luck with the interviews 🧡🍾.

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To two of my neighbours 🏘😊🎨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Like some of you know I’m moving from the house that has been my children and my home during closely 7 years. Something that means that we also have had some good neighbours during this 7 years too 😊.

It’s mainly three neighbours I have had the best contact with, a couple and a man, and I really want to give them some thing for a good neighbour relation 🎨. And then it became some painted winebottles ( of course) 😅🎨.

I was actually not sure if I was going to manage finish the winebottles before I’m moving, but I actually did. Well, closely,- the painting in one of the bottles is still not totally dry. Hopefully it will try a bit during the next days.

But I started on two different winebottles first with different decorations, imagine and illustrations then the results is now. I had a imagination in my mind about what I wanted to paint, but when I was halfway the illustrations was not “correct”, (if I can explain it that way,) for the persons I’m going to give this bottles to. So then it was to start over again on two new bottles 😊🎨. And now they are the way I want them to be 😊.

One of the winebottle I’m going to give to one of my “old” neighbours 😊

The couple I have painted a winebottle too is a married couple. She is from UK and he is from Spain. They have a country house too, where they have different vegetables and fruits, and even hens. And I have got so much fruits, vegetables and eggs from then during this years, so I really want to give something back.

Well,- they have got something now and then like homemade cakes and cookies. Made by Norwegian recipe. And I have also knit a bit to them like hat, scarf and elf- socks 🧶.

They have two grandsons too, and I have knit hat and scarf to the boys as well 😊.

I like to give, and I like to show the people around me that I really presage them and also what they give me,- if it’s friendship or/ and fruits 😊.

This is to the married couple- 3 red roses with lights inside 🌹

I have packed this plate I use to turn the bottles around with. So it is what it is at the moment. But I hope you still will get a kind of impression how it looks like?

It’s this red roses winebottle that still have to dry a bit. Hopefully the next days will help a bit 😊.

A bit more from the red roses winebottle
And just some details 😊.

My other neighbour is living very close to me. He is Spanish, and he work as a policeman in Spain. We are actually living like “wall to wall”. I don’t think it’s possible to live closer to someone without living together in the same house.

I know his favourite colour is blue so then it became a winebottle with “the touch of blue” 😊.

The winebottle to my closest neighbour 😊

He has helped me a lot with different things in my home as well as actually been together with me to the doctor when I needed a translator. ( my family doctor speaks “andalucia” and he speaks incredibly fast too, so I have big problems with understand him 😅). And he has made olive oil to me and drove me “here and there” as well when I needed a driver now and then.

We was also close in the intim way for closely 3 years. More maybe like “friends with benefit”. But it was the 3 first years I was living here. The four last years we have just been neighbours. But….he has started flirting a bit with me again..(and yes I do flirt back a bit too- it’s actually a bit nice with the attention)… So maybe when I have moved into my new home we can be a bit “friends with benefit” again? We see what’s happen in that area- but to be honest, I don’t think I will mind to much to have him as a “friend with benefit” again. I see what’s happen. Im mot stressing “this” flirting at all. At the moment my focus and energy are work and moving 😊. ( ….but I’m still “allowed” to dream…😉).

Some details from the blue coloured winebottle 🎨.

The winebottles I started on, I still have them, and I’m going to finish them both as well. But probably not before I have moved.

And, – I have painted a bit more then this 4 winebottle during the last closely 6 weeks. Like I mention in a text for probably a month ago,- I wanted to give something back to Natasja too, just to show her how much I presage the opportunity for renting their holiday apartment. And I mention it could be in the colours of pink as well as “contain” winebottle or bottles 😉. But I needed to ask her first if “it” could be a gift she wanted. And she did…..I’m not telling very much more today, but I will tell you and show you when I’m finish 😊🎨.

Of course pink bags to Natasja 😅- but the gift is not quite finish yet, but soon 🎨

So as you can see,- inbetween packing and eating and sleeping and working during the last 6 weeks I have also been painting 🎨😊. It’s a incredibly good “timeout” for me to just paint and “calm down” a bit inbetween, better then I actually thought 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you as soon as possible 😊

The two winebottles I started on to my neighbours- they are not finish and the creations became “wrong” for the ones I wanted to give the bottles too 😊. They are going to be gifts to someone else when they are finish 😊.

I’m actually a bit surprised over myself and how much I have manage to paint during the last 6 weeks 🎨. But obviously it gives me more effective “timeout” and energy “refill” then I thought 😊. And the “Thank you for being so good neighbours”- gifts are closely finish and ready for “delivery” 🎨😊.

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