The blue ocean on some glassbottles 🏝🌊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

In between my work I have manage to paint a bit. I need to paint a bit to get a tiny little bit of a kind of a timeout, get my mind and thoughts away, just let my head in it’s own way relax and rest a bit🎨. But it, unfortunately, haven’t been so much time for the painting either as I wanted, but I did manage to paint some glassbottles with the blue ocean on 🏝🌊.

So why did it became the blue ocean? Because the bottles or bottle was to Irene, my oldest son’s girlfriend 😊. She has helped me with a couple of things and I wanted to give her something personal as a “Thank you” for the help- gift 🧡.

I did ask her what her favourite colour was and her favourite images or illustrations was. And it was blue and the ocean 🌊.

I was actually not sure how to do that one,- but in some way I did manage it 😅.

I did paint three different bottles, and she could choose all three if she wanted, or just one, or actually non if she didn’t like anyone of them 😊. I don’t expect “all and everyone” to like my glassbottles even I like them 😊.

Three different glassbottles with the “touch” of blue and ocean in some or another way 🌊🏝

Irene did choose the one in the middle, the one with the waves,- and to be honest I actually did though so too. That one was the most difficult to paint, even that one has “less” kind of “illustrations” and colours on. But in some way I needed to try to get the waves “move” a bit, give them a kind of “life”. And to manage that I needed to paint a couple of times before the painting was to dry, , and also use different colours of the blue combination 🌊.

An othe direction from the photos I did send to Irene when the bottles was finish.

Of course Irene did see all the bottles “live” before she did choose one, but at the same time she already have did up her mind after the different photos I did send her 😊. And of course she got the stinght light too put inside her bottle 💡. It’s just me that forgot to take some good photos from the glassbottles this time 😳.

Irene’s bottle in her glass cabinets in her home 😊. Taken by my son or Irene- I’m not sure😊 Not the best photo,- but better then no photo at all 😊

I’m going to paint some more glassbottles with waves on,- even it was a bit difficult to get the correct “touch” of the waves, it was fun to paint, and I did like the results of the painted waves too 😊. And maybe next time when I’m visiting Irene I will remember to take a better photo of her glassbottle with the waves too, and show you 😊

So even it has been some busy days and weeks lately because of a lots of work, I do manage something else in between working, eating and sleeping, and sometimes even socializing 😅. And little by little I will manage more things too,- it’s just not easy to turn around into a new routine or change the routines I have,- but I’m working on it. Step by step 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡.

See you soon I hope 😊.

An other different direction from the glassbottles with blue ocean in some or another way 🌊🏝.

In between busy days I have manage to paint some glassbottles with the “touch” of blue and the ocean in some or another way 🏝🌊. To paint the waves and give them some kind of “life” was not the easiest painting I have done,- but still really fun. And I’m going to paint some more glassbottles “touched” by the ocean and the waves one day … very soon I hope 🌊🏝😊.

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“Decorating” the tables in cafe Casa Barella/ La Cala 🎨 🍾💡

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I have been so lucky to able to rent my friend, Natasja and her husband’s, and their family’s holiday home, abd this holiday home is very close to the beach too 🏖. It’s a nice and cozy place, and I can easily imagine myself enjoying staying here for a while 🥰. I’m not sure for how long I’m going to stay,- it depends a bit on a application I did send in some weeks ago 😀. But if that one doesn’t goes in my “direction” I m probably going to rent here until March or April next year (2022) , and then hopefully this holiday home will be filled up with other happy holiday guests 🏖.

I’m so so grateful for this opportunity to rent this holiday home that I wanted to give something back as a kind of “Thank you so much”- gift 🥰.

Natasja and her husband have a really nice and cozy cafe in La Cala/ Mijas, very close to the beach- and the name is Casa Barella 🍖🍷. There you can order and eat some delicious food, both breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even cakes if you want. And there’s also possibility for “take away” if you want that 🥡. Soft drinks, warm drinks, cold drinks,- the choice is yours 🍺🥤☕.

I asked Natasja if I could give her some painted glassbottles with string lights inside to put on the tables in the cafe as a “Thank you” – gift 🕯🎁. I need to ask her because there’s around 12 tables in the cafe and it was absolutely not sure she wanted 12 painted glassbottles, painted by me around on her tables 😅.

One or two painted glassbottles as a gift you can have the possibility to hide if you don’t like the bottle and the gift, but 12 can be a challenge 🙂. And to be honest, I didn’t want to start painting 12 glassbottles either if she didn’t want to have them,- but she wanted 😊🎨🍾. So then I started to paint 😊🎨. And of course all and everyone are “touched” with the favourite colour of her,- pink 😀.

One of the bottles I have painted to Casa Barella in La Cala/ Mijas- one of my favourites 😊

But….it was a bit difficult to stop the painting 😅. For some reason the painting during the last months has been my really time out and a kind of space to relax during busy days. And I also wanted to paint so many different images and illustrations on the bottles too. So….it became 25 glassbottles instead of 12 😅. Now she/ they can have 2 glassbottles on every table, or just have some in case there’s glassbottles that’s breaks. Lights to the bottles are also order, and will hopefully be delivered in a couple of days 💡.

This 25 glassbottles are not in the same size as a normal 75 cl winebottle is, just so you know. It’s smaller bottles, and of course it takes a bit less time to paint on a small bottle then a bigger one 🎨.

I haven’t took photos of the glassbottles in the same way like I normally do, but I have still taken some photos, so I can give you a kind of impression how the different glassbottles looks like.

Here are some of them,- I hope they will “lighten” up the tables a bit together with the delicious food in Casa Barella 😊.

And three flamencodancer was a bit “necessary” too,- and they are a bit cool. Flowers and dancers, or dancer and flowers, it depends a bit what direction you are looking at the bottle 😊.

I think the cafe Case Barella has a bit to choose between now when it come to table decorations 😊. Like you have a bit to choose between when you are looking at the cafe’s tasty menu 🍹🍖.

If you want to have a better look at the different bottles it’s probably best to visit Casa Barella for a nice and tasty meal, and take a tiny look at the bottles then when you are enjoying the food 😊.

So it became a tiny little bottle exhibition today. But as I mention, if you want to have a better look at the glassbottles just visit Casa Barella in La Cala/ Mijas, order a delicious meal and some drinks, enjoy the atmosphere and food, the life and maybe some glass bottle art too.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

And some more glassbottles, – the last ones 🎨

There’s something to choose between in the cafe Casa Barella in La Cala/ Mijas 🥡🍖. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, even some cakes if you want 🎂. Cold drinks, soft drinks, warm drinks, the choice is yours 🍺🍹🥤. And there’s even some painted glassbottles in Case Barella too,- all and everyone “touched” by the colour pink. Do you want to take a tiny look at them ? 😊

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