It was a cozy celebration 🎁🥰

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

The days goes fast at the moment, and they are filled up with two of my three my young adults children “in the home” now at days 🥰. Something I’m enjoying at the same time as the time just “fly away” a bit to fast 🛩.

It was my birthday on Thursday, and I’m now 49 years young 😊. And it was a very nice and cozy birthday celebration together with my three children and Andreas too, Marius’s good friend. Exactly the way I wanted it 🥰.

I’m not use to celebrate my birthday. Or that’s not totally true. I did celebrate my birthday before I moved to Spain together with my family in Norway 😊. But there wasn’t to many birthday celebrations the lasts years before I moved to Spain, and not very much after I/ we moved to Spain,- natural enough 😊.

My plan was not to celebrate this birthday either, but that was before I knew Ruben was going to be here in Spain at my birthday 🥰. Then I wanted to at least celebrate a tiny bit together with my children 🥰.

My beautiful children and a very proud mammi – 27.01.22 🥰

But my birthday didn’t start to good, and I thought for a tiny little while that maybe I just should cancel my birthday as well as all my birthday in the future too 😅. ( You can say a tiny bit drama queen there for a second and two 😂).

Like I mention,- I’m not use to very much celebrations at my birthdays. In Norway it was in general a nice and cozy family celebration together with my children, my parents and my sister’s and their families. Not any big parties of any kind, just nice and cozy celebration with the closest 🧡.

A couple of times I did try to create a kind of birthday party with my friends, but in general I needed to cancel the party. Because most of my friends couldn’t come to the party for different reasons. So after a couple of “tries”, I gave up that “birthday party project” on my birthday 😊. And family celebrations was and still is a nice, relaxing and cozy way to celebrate my birthday 🥰.

Thursday, my birthday, started with that Mathilde’s best friend’s family dog during many years died 💔. And then his whole family tested positive for Covid19 as well, and more and less all of them are sick with headache and fever and so on 😳. Hopefully they all will recover soon 🥀🤞.

Then my oldest son, Marius, called me and told me he wasn’t sure he could be a part of my tiny birthday celebration because he was on the road to the mountains and Andreas. Because Andreas’ s cat suddenly died too 😳.

Uff,- not a very good start on “my day” 😳. And I know some will say it was “just” a cat and a dog, but for those who had this dog and this cat it was like to lose a dear family member 💔.

Marius’s dog, Zorro is like a family member for us, special for Marius 😊

But still it became and was the nicest and most cozy birthday I have had for some years 🥰. We all was together in Marius’ s home and just order some tasty take away food. I think it’s the best burgers I’ve tasted. But of course Andreas burger was 20 minutes late for some reason- but we all got tasty food, and was happy and filled up in our stomachs 🍔😊.

Just the way I wanted my 49 year’s birthday to be 😊. We did eat well, watched a old movie, “Big Mama”, and had some great conversations too 😊. A nice, cozy and relaxed time together 🥰. The perfect Quality time together with my family 🥰.

And some good laughs too 😅

And I got nice many congratulations both on my Facebook as well as on Teams from my colleagues too 🎁😊.

For some my birthday celebration maybe seems not very special, maybe even boring- but for me it was very special and fantastic birthday celebration 🥰. It’s not often I can spend some time together with all my three children at the same time anymore. So I presage every little second, and I’m so proud and grateful for being this three young adults’ s mammi ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

My three beautiful and amazing young adults children ❤ The love of my life 💙💙❤

My birthday celebration this week became exactly the way I wished and wanted it to be 🎁. To celebrate together with my amazing children 💙💙❤. But for a tiny little second I thought it was not going to be any celebration at all 😳.

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Dating ? What’s that?🥂😉

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m not sure if dating is something for me, or maybe it’s not the “correct” time in my life to date? Or maybe it is that I haven’t met the “correct” one to date? Someone I want to date and use, spend and share my time together with?

Or can it be I have met a couple of men that was not good for me? So I have a mental barrier when it comes to men and dating? Or I do “meet” and chat with to many a bit , sorry for my expression, stupid men, in my freelance online chat job? Or maybe it something else? Or maybe I have just become too old, critical and demanding? 😅

I think maybe it is a combination of all, because I’m not very stressed out about the dating and I don’t feel of any kind of miss when it comes to the dating either, or miss a man in my lifet. I’m perfectly fine with my “civil” situation, status and life at the moment. I don’t want to date. I don’t want to have a boyfriend, and a lots of different commitments and demand I need to try to do my best to follow.

But of course all “this” can change one day, and suddenly I’m both want to date and feel more ready for dating too. You never know 😊. But at the moment I’m not in a rush for any dating or get a boyfriend or be in a relationship,- I’m perfectly fine where I’m in my life 😊.

But obviously other, special men I meet, are a bit “busy” with my civil status= single life. I’m not sure why- but it seems to bother some manly souls that Im single by my own choice 😅. Some of them try really hard to convince me that I actually need a date, a man I my life. And as more they try to convince me, as less interest I get. And some are even telling my both how and what I both need and need to feel, and how and what will be the best for me to use my time on. Then my intressert gets not even on zero, but on a minus interest for men like that.

I did “hang out” a bit together with my “old” neighbour for a “short second” last Autumn, before my daughter moved back home. I told him I thought maybe she was going to move back home too, because I knew she was not in a healthy relationship.

I haven’t heard very much from him/ my old neighbour after that. After my daughter moved back home.

I did suggest that we could “date” or meet up for a coffee or something like that on a cafe. I also gave him a couple of dates we could meet. But I haven’t heard anything more from him. And I’m actually fine with that.

I don’t feel sad that I haven’t heard very much more from him. He is a nice and pleasant man, attractive man too, but I don’t feel any intim or sexual attractive to him anymore. To be honest I “lost” that kind of attraction already after our first intim and sexual meeting this Autumn. Because “something” was changed- and my experiences was- not to the better, that’s for sure.

But I did meet him a couple of times more. I did try my very best “to find” my intim and sexual attraction for him, the sexual attraction I had before- but it’s gone. And of course that can be a reason why I haven’t heard very much more from him. Maybe, or actually probably, he did “recognize” my “losing sexual attraction” for him.

To be honest,- he did recognize it. I know exactly what happened. And what I’m going to tell you now some will feel I’m given to much intim information, and some will be affected of it- but okay,- that’s the way it is. I’m going to tell you what or why I “lost” my intim and sexual attraction for him as nice and smoothy as I can.

But he had actually “stashed” up his penis with 5 piercings since last time we was sexually together 😳. And that was not very comfortable to get or have inside me. One of the piercings he could remove, and he actually needed to do that. But the 4 other ones was 4 small metal ball under his skin.

Inserted from the root in a row …. under the skin.  The first was a ring, which I mentioned, attached to the skin of the tip, that is, the foreskin. So that was easy to remove “under the intim act”, but the 4 metal balls needed to be removed during some kind of surgery.

It was not a very comfortable experience, to be honest. I did try my very best to enjoy it, but, unfortunately, this piercings was a big turn off for me. And I didn’t even like “the look” at his penis with this piercings,- for me it looks more like a kind of sneak or a sea worm or a dragon or something like that 🐍🐉.

And he actually did ask me if I liked it- and I had some challenges to find the correct words to not hurt him, because obviously he was a bit proud over this piercings.

But what to say? And do you say to or tell someone that “the sex with you are not the best sex I have had”? Isn’t that a bit rude? But I did struggle to find the correct words, and of course he did recognize that. Special because I didn’t find the correct words to say 😳😅.

What have you done? Or said in a situation like this?

Of course someone else, some other women, can really like and enjoy piercings like this,- but it was nothing for me- that’s for sure. And I know that him and me can’t just be friends and hang around together like friends- then it’s better this way. And it’s also something called “out of sight, out of mind”. So since we are not neighbours anymore, and don’t see each other on not daily, weekly or monthly basis, the thoughts of him will smoothly fly away with the wind. And probably also in the opposite direction too- his thoughts for me will disappear too 😊.

Well,- that was the closest in the “dating- area” I was last year,- and that’s fine 😊. Maybe there will be some changes in “the dating6 area” during this year? I have not a clue 😅😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

I’m single and I’m perfectly fine with my “civil status ” 😊 (ps- I’m still not good in this “selfie thing”- I actually need to exercise a bit more on that one 😅

I’m not very much into this dating things. And it doesn’t bother me 😊. Maybe dating isn’t very much for me? Or I just haven’t met “the special one” I will and want to use and share my time together with? At the moment I’m perfectly fine in my situation and doesn’t stress very much about dating or men at all. Maybe it will change one day? Or maybe not? Or maybe I’m just become too old, critical and demanding? 😅

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Maybe it’s time to say Thank you to December and Welcome to January too? 😊❄☃️

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

December is over and we have already both started on a new month as well as a new year 🍾. And that feels very good 😊. So fare January has been peaceful, just the way I hope the rest of the month will be, actually the rest of the year, to be honest 😊.

December- the Christmas- month 🎄. It didn’t quite felt very much like Christmas time this year (either), but it still became Christmas with a tasteful traditional Norwegian Christmas- dinner too 😊. I manage to send some Christmas gifts to my family in Norway this year as well 🎁. And that feels so great.

The Christmas gifts are just something I have made and created to my family, something personal, but it cost a bit to sent it all up to Norway,- and to manage that was one of my goals in December- and I manage that one 😊.

I’m going to show you what I have created to my family in Norway in my next posts 😊.

December was a fine month with some “touch” of stress, but not the “normal” Christmas-stress. I didn’t manage to stress my self up with that one too 😅. Not very much homemade Norwegian Christmas- cakes and cookies this year, not very much Christmas decorations in the home either 🎄. It was what it was,- and I’m fine with that 😊. It became a nice Christmas celebration anyway 😊.

I did manage more and less the different private goals I had for December and I’m happy and grateful for that 😊. Some very few is just a couple of weeks delayed 😊.

So I actually just want to say Thank you December 2021- all in all- it wasn’t to bad at all 😊.

And Welcome to January 2022 🧡. My birthday month actually- but I’m not going to do very much out of my birthday this year either 🎁. And the winter month too. A winter filled with rain or sun, or even maybe snow? It was snowing last year here South in Spain, but I’m not sure if it was in January or February?

At the moment the days are a bit cold, but still sunny, and without any snow ….. and wind 🌞❄.

Some winterbottels I have painted ❄ , they are “sourrende” by sand and not snow 😊

I’m not sure what I can expect from January. I haven’t made to many plans. I think I’m going to focus at my (3 😳) jobs and my painting 🎨. Be a mammi for my daughter, and of course my two sons too 💙, but they are not living in my home so I’m “mammi-ing” for them in a bit different way 😊. And maybe I’m going to socialize a bit with friends too? It haven’t been very much time, or energy, for to much social life the 3 last months during last year 😔. Hopefully there will be a bit more time for that during the next weeks and months 😊.

I can tell you why I have 3 jobs at the moment. My plan was to save up money to different things I both need and want. But as most of you know I suddenly got an extra month to feed in October, so my extra money has been to help my daughter as much as I could. Now, maybe, I can have the possibility to put away some extra cents, even euro to and for myself? 😊

But to be able to get and have extra money I also need to work a bit extra. My costumer service agent job on the phone- (that’s my real job)-, do cover all my living expenses like houeserent, household, food and so on. So then to try to manage to save up some extra money I have 2 different freelance jobs as well 😊.

I need to go to the dentist, so there’s one “saving goal”, and it would be nice to be able travel to Norway too. I really miss my middle son and it could be nice to visit him. I also want to get our last things in Norway moved to Spain, and a couple of more things too, I want to do. But then I need to work a bit extra so I can be able to do some, or maybe even all of it 🥰.

Like I mention in my last post,- at the moment I just take things a bit day by day, and week by week. I didn’t manage to do to much of all the different plans I had for 2021, so I start a bit careful with not to many and to much plans this year, and then see how things goes and take it from there 😊. But of course I have some different plans and goals, I just don’t take the chance to do to much out of it yet 😊. Or tell or talk about it to much either, because I know thing can change fast and different challenges can “show up”, and then I need to change and reorganize my plans and focus a bit too.

At the moment things seems to be peaceful in January, but I don’t know what can “show up ” or happen 😊. But still January 2022 is very welcome with the different suprices of different kinds, but hopefully not to much and many at the moment 🤞😊. And I really like to write 2022- I’m not sure why- but it feels just so great to write it ✒.

I wish you all a wonderful January- and I will try my very best to drop by with more textes this year then I did last year 🤞✒😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

A bit more painted snowflakes on bottles ❄. My wintertime bottles 😊❄

So fare January has been soft, nice and peaceful- and I really hope this will continue 🧡. December 2021 was what it was,- but after all not to bad at all 😊🎄. So Thank you and Goodbye December, and Welcome to January, one of the winter months and so fare a good start on the new year ❄.

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Thank you 2021 🧡 Welcome unknown 2022 🤞🍾

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you so fare in this new year 2022 🧡

All is fine with me, I felt very relieved to be finish with 2021. To be honest I have actually been ready to finish 2021 since October 2021😅. But that was a bit difficult to do, so it was just to “hang in there” and try to do the best of it 😊.

I was alone the new year evening this year as well. I think it’s the 7. New year evening I’m spending alone here in Spain, so you can say I’m a bit use to it now, and I’m fine with “the alone on new year evening- situation” too 😊. I have spent some new year evenings alone when I was living in Norway as well, but the first one was the most difficult one. That was the new year evening from 2002 to 2003.

That day I learned that as a single person you don’t “fit in” in different “settings” and situations together with couples, not even together with your friends that are a couple. I’m fine with the situation now,- but it was a bit hard to find out at that time. But okay,- that’s the way it is. I’m not going to have a boyfriend for just “to fit in” in different “settings” and situations that’s for sure.

I had a very nice, cozy and relaxed new year evening together with my self. I had bought in some cheese and some nice ham, and a tiny bottle of cava. Nice and tasty, and I did watch at a serie I like to watch (The mentalist). And I went to bed a hour before we turned to 2022. Got a nice and good sleep and got ready for a new day in a new year with some new energy 😊.

My new year evening meal this year: a tiny bottle of cava, some fruits, cheese and ham 😊.

And the first day in this very unknown 2022 I actually did cleaned my home and did wash some clothes too. The electricity is a bit high at the moment here in Spain, but a bit lower in the weekends, so I do wash some clothes in general in the weekends now at days. And I did some work and painting too 🎨. For me a good start on the new year 😊.

I really needed this end on 2021 and this start on 2022 😊. It has been not quite the year I did had in my mind one year ago, it became a bit more turbulent the I had in mind😅 ,- but I have still a lots of things to be grateful for during 2021. I’m not going through all the things I’m grateful for,- because it is actually a bit 😊.

But I’m special grateful for my new home 🏡. I really enjoy to stay here and live here, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to actually be living here at least to March 2023 🧡.

And I’m very grateful for see that my daughter is slowly getting better both by the long Covid19 as well as getting a bit more distance to all the negative things that have happen in and around her in her life. And she spent the new year evening together with some good friends 😊.

And I’m very happy and grateful for my three children and that they are doing fine in their life ❤. And I’m so lucky and proud for being their mammi ❤.

I will just say Thank you 2021 for the different changes and challenges. The challenges have learned me a bit about myself and the fact that I can manage so many different things alone and on my own- even I need to admit that there has been days where it would and could be very nice and good with a warm hug from someone else. Not necessarily a boyfriend, just a good friend. But I know- when it comes to mental health and challenges it’s not always so easy to get the understanding for this kind of challenges. Or for that matter, actually explain them to someone else either.

And Thank you 2021 (and Natasja) for the cozy, nice and warm new home I got during the summer of 2021 🧡🏡.

Thank you so much for so many things during 2021- and Goodbye 2021 😊. Even I have many things to be grateful for I need to admit I’m very happy I’m finish with you too.

What I can expect for 2022 I have honestly no idea. I think I take things day by day and week by week at the moment. Not making to many or to big plans, they have a bad habit to change anyway 😅. But I do know I will try my very best to do the best with the different opportunities that in one or another way will “show up” during this year. It can be opportunities like changes or challenges of any kind, as well as other kinds of opportunities.

I don’t think there will be any holiday guests from Norway this year either, but I really hope I will meet and see and hug my Ruben, my middle son, this year ❤. I miss him so much, even we both chat/ texing and have some video chat too.

So the only thing I can say to 2022 is Welcome 🧡,- let’s do the best of it all 🧡.

I wish you a fantastic new year and I hope you will have the best time in your life so fare 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Already in October I was ready to wave Goodbye to 2021 😅. So ready that I actually bought all my calendars for 2022 in the end of October 2021.

I don’t know what I can expect for 2022, but I do know I will try to do the best of it all 🧡. What I do know is that I’m very grateful for what 2021 brought me, but also incredibly grateful for that 2021 is over now 🧡.

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The time is running out for 2021 ⌛😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

The time is running out for 2021, and I don’t think I’m the only one that’s a bit happy for that. And the energy did run out of me after Christmas eve, I think it has been a bit to much in my life for a longer while now. I have more and less just sleeping and eating the last days, except from a tiny train”trip” to my oldest son 😅. And obviously my body and mind needed this tiny rest for some days 😊.

We had a very nice and cozy Christmas- eve with a tasteful traditional Norwegian Christmas- dinner- pinnekjøtt or lamb ribs as the name is in English 🐑.

The pinnekjøtt was in water for 30 hours before I cooked it on low heat for 3 hours, and then had a tiny little crispy finish in the ovens before I served it. As accompaniment to the meat, I served Brussels sprouts, carrots, kohlrabi puree …. and creamy mashed potatoes this year.  Normally, dinner is served with regular potatoes, but we did not get it. It was sold out in the shops we checked.  And then I make a gravy adapted to the food.

Our Christmas dinner this year- pinnekjøtt 🐑

Like for many other, our Christmas celebration and plans did also change this year. The plan was to celebrate together with my oldest son and his friend Andreas, and of course my daughter too. And in my sons home. The first change was to have the celebration in my home instead because it was a bit easier for me to finish the meal/ dinner that way 😊.

And because of the weather, a lots of lots of rain, Andreas was a bit “stuck” in the mountains and he also needed to work in the evening from 19.00 to 01.00. So he didn’t manage to come down to “the city” for the Christmas.

And my oldest son’s car, or more correctly the wheel broke and he didn’t manage to get any help to fix it because it was Christmas eve. The nuts are stuck, so he needs help to remove them. He could take the train to my home, but the train stopped early this evening as well. So he chose to stay home and work instead, or more correctly, he should start working at 22.00 this evening anyway.

So then it was my daughter and me together this Christmas evening as last year- but we still manage to have a very nice, cozy and relaxing time together with a very tasteful traditional Norwegian Christmas- dinner 🎄🐑.

My daughter enjoying her Christmas dinner 😊

And I did pack down leftovers to my oldest son and brought this to him the day after- not quite the same as eating together Christmas evening, but still better then nothing, and he was very happy for the dinner, dessert and cakes 😊. The train was “in function” a bit more hours the day after 🚂. Unfortunately I couldn’t do the same to Andreas- bring him some leftovers to the mountains, but I can make him a tasty dinner next time he is “in town” instead 😊.

Some leftovers ready to be delivered to my oldest son- and some put in the fridge for me and Mathilde to enjoy an other day 😊.

We also had dessert and some very few cakes. I didn’t manage to bake very much Christmas cakes and cookies this year, but I manage to make our traditional Christmas- dessert, Dronning Maud.

Dronning Maud dessert.

And I manage to bake Sara Bernard cakes and some carrot cake 🥕. One traditional Christmas cake and one just traditional cake,- but it did “function” anyway 😊. And was very tasteful too 😊.

The “Christmas cakes” in our home this year 😊

I have been thinking about Christmas celebration and traditions during the last days, and my own Christmas- traditions are very few from what I had before, when I was living in Norway. Of course I feel a bit about sadness that my Christmas traditions and celebration I really did like in one way are “gone”, at the same time as they are there, but just in another way then before. And that’s the way it is with celebrations and traditions,- they are changing a bit during the years 😊.

I like the Christmas- time, I like to make the different Norwegian Christmas- food, cookies and cakes, and I actually like to decorate to Christmas as well. And I like to be able to give my children and my family something, a tiny Christmas gift for Christmas 🎁. But sometimes things just changes- and that’s just the way it is and a part of the life.

We still did have a tiny Christmas celebration this year, my daughter and me together, and enjoyed a tasty traditional Norwegian Christmas- dinner together- something I’m very happy and grateful for 🥰. And this year I also managed to give something to my children and my family in Norway for Christmas and I’m very grateful for be able to do that- the first time for some years 🎁.

So our Christmas plans did change as they did for many other people this year- but that’s the way it is, that’s a part of the life- and it’s better to just try to do the best of it and be grateful for what’s “there” instead of whining for what should and could be 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

And me on Christmas eve- after a tasty dinner together with my daughter 😊.

Our Christmas plans did change a bit this year, but it still became Christmas with a traditional Norwegian Christmas- dinner 🐑. A tasty and cozy dinner together with my daughter 🥰. That’s the way it is sometimes- thing changes, plans changes- it is what it is, and it’s a part of the life- this different changes,- and then it is to try to do the best of it 😊.

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