Just enjoying my first holiday in my holiday week 🏖🌞

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Today is my first holiday in this holiday week and … yes, in this holiday home too 😅. I’m living in a holiday home and I actually have holiday too at the moment 😍. Perfect 😁.

I’m going to start in a new job in the beginning of August, and in that case I needed to “take out” one holiday week before I’m starting in the new job,- and then it became this upcoming week 🌞.

Enjoying my first holiday in my holiday week and my holiday home as well 🌞

And my first holiday I have just enjoyed. First no wake- up call, just slept to my body obviously was finish sleeping. A lovely feeling to wake up when I was ready to wake up 😊. And then a nice breakfast outside in the sun on my roof terrace, and then actually some freelance work when there was a bit “speed” in my internet (yes, I know- dont work when it’s holiday… 😅but this is some work I need to do and don’t mind to do if I should manage to reach some of my goals 😊 …. so it doesn’t quite feels like work 😊).

I have prepared a nice meal/ meat for some barbecue too, and I have spent some hours on the beach as well 😊.

The meat getting ready for some barbecue later today, with some fresh herbs from my “garden” 🌞.
It takes me just some very few minutes to go to this lovely beach 🏖.

Reading, relaxing and listen to music. I can’t read with sunglasses anymore, I actually need to use glasses 🤓. But with my eyes and nose in the book and the sun on my back it’s “in function”. That’s the way it is when I’m getting older 😅. I know I can get glasses with sunglass- function, but at the moment it’s not necessary. That day will probably come soon enough 😊🤓.

My book, my glasses and some music on the ear too 🎶🎵
The meat getting ready on the barbecue 🍗

It’s a first time for everything,- and this weekend was actually the first time I have barbecue on my own, just for me and myself. I have barbecue a lot, but never to just myself. It was not to bad to just be me, but of course it’s a bit nicer with good company 😊.

But this “just me”, or actually do different kinds of things on my own, alone without my children, is something I’m going to “learn” now. It’s a bit scary, but I have already manage a couple of things, so I will probably manage a bit more too. I don’t know what “all and everything” I need to learn to do on my own are yet, but I will probably soon enough find out 😊.

I have learn to shop food without my “babyducks” following me in the food store. I have been at the beach several times on my own, and I have moved to a new place,- just me 😊. I have even travel to Madrid, without any kind of “company”.

I know for some people this things I have “learned” to do without my children around me sounds very strange, but I have actually had from one to three of my children around me more and less “all the time” for 27 years. So for me it’s actually a bit strange to not “share” or “do” normal things without one or two or three of my kids around me 😊.

I remember I told my son in the middle that there was days I really was looking forward to live alone and didn’t need to pick up socks or towels in the sofa, or go on glasses and plates “hunting” in my children’s rooms, but I forgot that when the socks, towels, glasses, plates and so one was “gone”, my children was gone too 😅.

This is a so normal situation for mostly every parents when their children are moving out. It’s a situation we are sometimes really looking forward to, but we aren’t always “prepared” on how it will be after the children are “out of the nest” 😊.

Anyway,- I’m going to do the best of this holiday week I have in front of me 😊. The first day was not to bad at all 😊🌞🏖.

I’m going to use some days on “just me” now because I actually need it, and there’s not to many plans for this week either. And that feels great 😊. I have a couple of things I need to do, but I can choose when I want to do them, and I’m going to invite some friends over too, for maybe some barbecue or maybe just some snacks, but great conversations will it be anyway 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

A tasty homemade barbecue meal together with a cold glass of Tinto de Verano 🍷

I’m have enjoyed my first holiday in my holiday home in my holiday week 😊🏖. Breakfast outside under the sun, some hours at the beach, even some barbecue in the evening too 🍗🍷. And of course some thoughts about “living on my own”, having young adults children that’s living their own lifes now, and I need to learn to live just my life now 😊.

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The trip to Madrid became in it’s own way, a symbolic trip for me 🚞 😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I was not looking forward to travel to Madrid alone because I was not mentally prepared for this trip. Not was my wallet prepared for a trip like this either.

I didn’t slept very well before the travel either, but not just because of the travel to Madrid, but also because of the travel I have I front of me- in my life 😴. I know it will be different exacting travelers, I just need to get use to the thoughts, be a bit mentally prepared 😊.

The trip to Madrid went well. I didn’t lose any trains or the appointment I had in Madrid. I did remember to bring all paper with me. And no accident happen either 😊.

My daughter wanted to travel with me to Madrid today, but this day was the only day she couldn’t leave her work because of some meetings she was responsible for. And it is just Wednesdays the office I had my errand at is open now during the corona- situation.

Two friends of my wanted to travel with me too. But I had already booked the tickets to Madrid, and slowly it also dropped into my mind that this trip actually became more symbolic for my changes in my life then I first had in mind. I actually needed to do this on my own and alone today.

From Madrid today 😊

My errand in Madrid was also actually about identity and travel. Probably both mentally travels as well as maybe and hopefully some physical travelling too.

I know I’m standing in the door opening for changes in my life, both because I’m going to start to live on my own, live alone and try to find the “just me” and not just “the mammi me” anymore, and I’m also slowly “moving” into this menopause, and that is a change (and challenge) in life on it’s own way 🙄.

I also know my work situation will change, probably sooner than I had in mind and I m not mentally prepared for that either. But it is what it is.

I don’t know what more kind of changes (or challenges- hopefully not to many of them anymore 🙏) I have in front of me, – but I know they are there. And changes and challenges are in their own way travellers, or adventure in life 😊.

5 years ago me and my daughter was visiting Madrid as a day trip, a kind of mam- daughter trip, was the plan. But we went in June instead of March.

We actually had planned to create “a day”out of our trip to Madrid. Visit places and shop a bit. Use a bit time. So we did travel early in the morning and had booked a late train back to Malaga. But it was to hot to do anything. It was 40 degrees, so imagine how hot is was in the sun, and Madrid is also in a way in the middle of country too. There no ocean or water around the city. So there was no wind, not a tiny little breeze 🌡. We only managed to visit different cafes for taking some cold and fresh drinks 😅. And of course it was not possible to change our ticket to an earlier train either 😊. It was not our best planned trip, but still very cozy to spent time together at different cafes 🍹.

Today the weather in Madrid was sunnyd and nice, fresh and around 12 degrees. But my plans for this trip was just to do my errand and make the best of my trip. Not explore the city, just get myself out a bit from my comfort zone. I even had packed my own lunch with me today 🥖🥤.

From the train station in Madrid, and my bag with my lunch and also some knit….and a tiny company as you see 😊

It has been a nice experience today. I was alone and now and then I also felt a bit alone during the day, but at the same time I didn’t feel lonesome,- if you understand the difference? I know it maybe will be not so scary to be on my own and handle different things in my life as I first thought 😊.

And maybe and probably my trip to Madrid don’t tell you or give any kind of symbolic in my life,- but it’s not so important 😊. For me this was important, and I think Im not the only one that have some different thoughts around this happenings in life when the kids are moving out 😊. And what I did in Madrid today? Just give me some hour and I will tell you 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Just some photos from my trip to Madrid today and my good and comfortable shoes 😅

I have been “on the road” 14 hours today. A travel I actually didn’t looked forward to do for different reasons, but it became a nice and also important travel for me, both mentally and physically 😊. I know I will manage more then I think and have in mind in my life and this new changes I’m very soon are going to meet. And changes are travelers in life too ,- but you just not always know the destination 😊.

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