My daughter’s story: The trial- all deserve a second chance, maybe even sometimes a third one too 📝⚖

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

My daughter was in the trial this week- and the accused was Nathaniel Caprino Engbråten.

She was very nervous, something that I really can understand. I was nervous too,- even there actually was nothing to be nervous for. In this case she haven’t done anything wrong, except from believe and trust Nathaniel Engbråten’s word. But it was her first time in a trial, ( and hopefully her last), so it’s natural to be nervous then.

Unfortunately I couldn’t be together with her in the trial, because I was working- but her oldest brother was a great mental support for her and stayed by her side all the time 💙.

They waited actually one hour before it was her/ their time/ turn- Spain is Spain- but also probably some cases before my daughter’s case took a bit longer time then expected. On the other hand,- her case didn’t take very long time and one of the reason for that was because Mr. Nathaniel Engbråten didn’t showed up in the trial. Not any suprice at all.

He was accused for different things,- and since he didn’t show up in trial this week he is now accused for a bit more- and have got the “title” “wanted”. Sounds very serious.

He is “wanted” for misusing someone else credit card information and bank account information, for bad treatment for the cats, running away from the responsibility for the apartment- rent, water and electricity bill, stealing some of my daughter’s things and a couple of more things. And because he didn’t show 6in the trial. But the main thing is that he is an economic criminal. And both the police and the court know it’s not just my daughter that has been exposed by his “acts”.

In Spain he has been prosecuted by my daughter for various things, and in Norway and Greece he has also been reported for scamming.  I do not know if there has been any trial in connection with that.

It wasn’t unexpected that he didn’t showed up in the trial. He runs of from all kind of responsibility- and in general blame all the bad things that happen in his life on other.

I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, even a third one too. But if you don’t take the chances you get it’s a limit for how many chances you can get- and I know NC have got a bit more then three chances to do things correctly, change his behaviour as well as be a better person. My daughter gave him much more then three chances- but she is like me there- when it is empty for chances it is actually empty- there’s no possibility to get a new one.

I also believe that people have the possibility to change- if they want to change and take and use the possibility they get to create new positive changes in their life.

We can all do mistakes, make wrong decisions and choices, but in my mind if you choose to do the same mistakes a third or even fourth time it’s not a mistake any more- it’s a choice to do what you are doing. At the same time as I also need to admit I have been to patient to long sometimes and given some people who didn’t deserved a sixth or seventh chance at all exactly that- even a eight one too 🙄. Because there is actually no rule for this, and as we all know- there’s no rule without any exceptions either. But this year I have actually been pretty good to stop with the third chance ( when it comes to men and me) – and that’s it. Of course there has been some supriced souls- but I’m tired of giving chances- and NC “only” got three chances from me.

And NC did have a chance to do something correctly this week, at least a tiny start- and that was to show up in the trial. But he didn’t. He had many chances before this week too, but didn’t take them or used them, or actually misused them.

I think something probably could have happen in NC life when he was younger and that’s the reason why he behave like he does, act like he does- but that’s just an explanation and not any excuse to behave like a douchebag anymore. When you get older and hopefully wiser- you can’t “excuse” your bad behaviour and bad habits and “hide your srlf” behind them, with an excuse of for example awful experiences in the childhood all the time- one day you need to make some choices.

Of course experiences like that can explain a lot- but after a while as you get older, wiser and also get the choices and the possibility to choose who you want to be- how you want to be. Do you want to be this douchebag with all the bad experiences? ( excuses) Or do you want to be a nice young man with some bad experiences in the bagasje? ( explanations). It’s a choice- and we have choices every day- how we want to be, who we want to be- who we want to act and behave.

Or maybe NC is just not a very good person ? Born like this? That can also be a reason why he act, behave and treat other people like he does? Use them? Manipulator them? Rob them? Are some people just born like this? I actually don’t know.

He did “explain” his behaviour with ADHD, as well as PTSD. To some people he said he has PTSD after being in the military in the middle east, and to my daughter and me he had the PTSD because of a very awful childhood. He also had “sosial anxiety”- but in my mind, and the people I know that actually have sosial anxiety they are for example using all kind of social media channels very, very little. He use it a lot to “expose” him self. But of course I can be wrong about people with social anxiety and the use of social media channels. It’s just, in my mind, people with social anxiety don’t like the social attraction very well- not in the daily life or in the social media life?

And the latest “new” now is that he think maybe he is bipolar. Of course that can be a issue too,- I actually don’t know. It can also just be a new “excuse” and , in this case, also “explanation” from him for his bad behaviours and acts.

I know I have both shared his name with you as well as photos, and also his Facebook account and Instagram account. There’s more then one reason for that. Maybe someone who is reading my blog maybe have or know someone else that have a young adult daughter or a young adult son- and maybe they start be together with NC in one or another way. I don’t want your daughter or son to have or get the same experiences my daughter has with NC. I want you to be a bit warned about this name, and that he in general using girlfriends as well as male friends as “a wallet”. It doesn’t cost him very much to get credit card information or bank account information and use this to his own benefits. He have actually “lived” more and less like this, used other people’s money, for at least 3 years- so, unfortunately, he knows how to do this as well.

If it is nice or bad of me to “hang” him out in my blog like I have done can probably be discussed- some will say yes, other no. And in general I just write my friends and families name and use photos of family and friends in my blog that Im allowed to use. And I ask them first before I do it, use it. But not this time- I did never asked NC about using his name or photos.

We are all different and we all do things differently. I have had my doubts myself over how correct or wrong it is/ was of me to give you his name and photo- at the same time,- how could you know or try to warn your daughter or son if you don’t know? And what have you done if this was your child? And how did you wanted others to be aware about this young man and his behaviour and acts?

It’s not sure I have done this correctly- and I could easily told you my daughter’s story without using NC’s name.

My daughter felt relieved when the trial was finish,- and she feel in her own way manage to put a kind of dot when it comes to NC. A kind of. And she is happy she did police report him and that all and everything was taken seriously and also into a trial. She feel she is ready to start over again- and that’s good to know 🧡. Snd she feels that NC is now the police and the government’s responsibility- not hers anymore- she did what she could in this case and situation 😊.

Life goes on- and I know she will try to do the best of it ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Outside the trial- my daughter and her oldest brother are waiting in line to get in together with some other people.

All deserve a second and even sometimes also a third one too. We can all do mistakes, take wrong choices and decisions in life, but after a while when the same mistake or choice is done over and over and over again- then it’s probably maybe not “just” a mistake anymore, but a choice to not do things in the correct way?

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My daughter’s story: I didn’t leave it like that 🧹🧼😊🏡

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

As some of you know,- the apartment my daughter did lived in/ rented together with Nathaniel Caprino looked not very nice when we was there to pick up her clothes, things and stuff. And it has been very difficult to get in contact with the owner of the apartment.

Nathaniel Caprino wouldn’t give my daughter the number to the owners and he had destroyed the rental contract too. And as maybe some of you also know- my daughter’s mobile is “out of function”, so it was a bit difficult to find and get the owners number and information and at least give back the keys to their apartment. Also the rental estate agent and company was difficult to find because my daughter didn’t remember the name or had the number.

But did you think I left the apartment like we did find it? No- I didn’t. And of course not- for me it is ” of course not”- it’s something about responsibility and respect for the apartment and the owners to the apartment.

I did my very best to clean up the mess- take good care of the apartment so the owner situations should at least be a bit easier for them to handle.

I went back to the apartment some days later and started cleaning up- everything. It’s not the “funniest” job I have done- but in my mind it needed to be done. Also because it started to came bugs in the food garbage and the dish wash sink and that could destroy the apartment. I started to clean around 17.00 in the afternoon and I was finish cleaning around 24.00 in the night 😴. And I walked back to my home- I need to try to save some money – it had been some weeks with some unexpected expenses for me as well lately. So I have walking a bit up and down to the apartment- got some fresh air and exercises at least 😅.

Me on the way to my daughter’s old apartment with a big backpack on my back- ready to clean up someone else’s mess and shit….and yes- I’m incredibly tired now at days,- as you can see 😴.

Some have asked me why I did cleaned up my daughter’s apartment, and for example not my daughter together with a friend did it. My daughter is still struggling with long Covid19, her energy level is not on the highest at the moment, and this “situation” NC have “put” her in has not been easy for her to handle either. But at the same time I need to say I’m incredibly impressed and proud over how good she handles things too 🧡.

I used many hours to clean up, and I did washed everything and everywhere except from the roof and the walls. Well,- I did cleaned the wall around the kitchen.

Look at the kitchen now 😊
And before I started 😔
The bedroom after I was finish cleaning- nice, isn’t it?😊
Not the best photos from the bedroom before- but still it’s a bit better after I did cleaned up.
The bathrooms before I did cleaned up- not the best photos- but nice “after photos” 😊
And the bathrooms after a good scrub 🧼
And the livingroom became cozy as well 😊
But before- phu- but okay,- it looked nice when I was finish 😊

So how did I manage to get the number to the owners? Well,- NC actually did sent it with a mistake to my daughter- it was on a photo he forgot to remove the number from.

So then I sent a message to the owner, told them very shortly that I had the keys to their apartment. They gave me the number to the real estate agent, but he contacted me before I manage to contact him. And wow,- he was angry- something I really can understand- I manage to calm him down and did explain the situation and also sent him photos both from before I cleaned the apartment as well as after. And also the police report and the the summons to the trial.

He has picked up the keys so I don’t need to have anything “hanging over” me when it comes to the apartment anymore- that feels good 😊. Two more thing are finish – the cats have got a new home, and the owners has got the keys to their apartment. Two less things to deal with in this “case and situation” 😊. And that feels actually great 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

And garbage- well,- it became a bit garbage too- but I took it all with me when I did closed and locked the door to a clean apartment.

After hours of cleaning after someone else’s mess, shit and dirt I need to admit I’m pretty pleased with the results 😊. You can see how nice it became in my post 😊.

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My daughter’s story: And then it was the cats 🐈🐱

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Luckily there’s no kids involved in my daughter’s story, but unfortunately there was two small cats, two kittens. And animals here in Spain, all animals, but special the animals that lives together with people, like a family member, is here in Spain also treated like a family member by the law.

My daughter loves animals- but is special “weak” for cats 🥰🐱🐈. And one day NC did find two kittens on the street and brought them home to her, or maybe himself? I’m actually not sure- Im actually not sure why he took them at all, but I know my daughter was not ready for any cats in the home as a part of the family at that moment, and the responsibility to take care of an animal. And after this experience she have been through lately she maybe never will be either. To have that kind of responsibility on the top of having the responsibility for herself.

Two kittens looking for a new home

NC said it was his cats and sometimes theirs cats, but the responsibility for the cats became my daughter’s. But why he took this cats home- I have still no idea. I did never quite “catch” that one- but is was something about “having a “family” and make my daughter happy”.

She wasn’t to happy for this, and on top of that she was starting to not feel very well either. It was Covid19 that was starting to “dumble” around in her body, but she didn’t knew that on that time- but a week later she was “out of function” because of illness.

One of the kitten NC brought home and didn’t take any responsibility for.

I told my daughter to get rid of the cats. Put then back on the street so they maybe could find back their cat mammi, or give them to someone else. But she didn’t have a heart to do that, not either energy at that point to try to find a new home for this two cats.

She never felt is was her cats, because it wasn’t her disission. And, like I mention, she was also starting to feel not very well. But she took as good care for the cats as she could.

And it’s costs money to have and take care of an animal, and there’s a responsibility when it comes to food, catsand, veterinary, vaccine, chip and so on. It’s not just to “have” two cats- and special not here in Spain. Like I mention- a animal that lives in your home is treated like a family member and protected by the law. And special if it comes to abuse of any kind.

The two kittens my daughter a bit unexpected got the responsibility for

Like I have mention earlier in some of my textes- we do find out of things when it comes to this Nathaniel Caprino, but unfortunately not as fast as we sometimes should.

When my daughter moved back home to me he needed to take care of and have the responsibility for the kittens himself. I’m not allowed to have cats in my home, only dogs, because the owner is allergic to cats.

After a while we did find out that the cats has probably been in the apartment alone without anyone looking after them or taking care of them for at least 5 days. The police was reported, but I’m not sure how NC did find out of this report- but obviously he did. Because he went back to the apartment and them picked up the cats and “run off” again in a Uber with the cats before anyone manage to stop him. And posted this in Instagram- just in case. Where he did run to? To another girl, who got used by NC too. They are not in contact with each other anymore. She is also working on a case to “take him down” because of the situation he brought her into.

Here he is- running away with the cats so it should be more difficult for my daughter to prove that the cats was not taking care of.

That’s another thing NC does now at days ( he has probably done this before and then many, many times too)– “creating” fake stories on his Instagram account and Snapchat account- and that’s how we know that he has been “travelling” around to Asia, Barcelona, Greece, Netherlands and this last trip- to Munich in Germany- where he did put a story photo from a flight window with the AETA from Munich- MUC. But he is actually in Malaga now at days and trying to “get” a vaccine pass. It’s a bit difficult to “just” travel to another country these days without any vaccine pass or a approved negative Covid19 test. And his passport number as well as his NIE number is also in the police report- the police translator put all that information into the report.

A part of his Instagram story this weekend….

Like I also mentioned- he has “blocked” my “access” to his Instagram account- but he is “friends” with so many people, and some of this people are friends with us, but he doesn’t know that- and they “updates” us, my daughter and we/ she update the police.

Sometimes he “gives” my daughter “updates” in some or another social media channel too, for then to just block her again. Why he does this- I’m actually not sure.

But he is a bit “slow” too, because it was not before this Friday he actually was aware about the law case he needs to be in this upcoming week, and that the police report from my daughter is actually for real- not any empty threat. The police has sent him letter about this law case in an email to him some weeks ago, but still he obviously didn’t think it was anything seriously.

And yes,- unfortunately there’s now a new girl, a new “wallet” he is using too. But we don’t know who the girl is, her name, or where she lives, probably in Malaga some place, but it’s a bit difficult to warn her when we don’t know. But this is also information from some sosial media channel story. Maybe to try to make my daughter jealous? Well,- that’s not going to happen,- she is just very happy he is not a part of her life anymore.

After my daughter moved away from him- this new girl in Malaga is the second girl he is “using as a wallet”. The first one we have got in contact with- and she threw him out of her home when she was aware about the situation.

Well,- back to the cats- he run away with the cats- and we now know that he moved them into this first girl’s apartment. But at that point she didn’t knew about “all this mess”- and he had “served” her a very “teardropping” story too.

One of the small kittens

And then suddenly one day he texted my daughter and told her that she could pick up the cats in their old apartment- suddenly they was “all hers”.

She couldn’t take the cats, so we tried to call different animal control and rescue service senters, friends and veterinarian. Also contacted the police about the situation. It was very difficult to get some help, surprisingly difficult considering the law that will protect the animals here, and the law of punishment if you do not take good care of the animal 😳. Luckily some neighbours in the street chose to take care of the cats, but it took a couple of days to manage arranged that one too.

The kittens got a new home- but it took a bit more time then we did excepted

My daughter told me then that she would probably never have a cat, because it was to much,- to much of everything. Emotions, work and responsibilities.

As you maybe “see” , even I just manage to tell you parts of my daughter’s story- this NC is a very confusing young man to be sourrende by. And it’s difficult to tell you all and everything- that’s why you just get parts from the story.

But soon this story is finally finish from my daughter’s life. And she can look forward to so many nice, new and exciting adventures in her life 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

“I’m looking for a new home- but it was very difficult to find a new home”

Luckily there was no children involved in my daughter’s story- but there was two small kittens 🐈🐱. Two kittens that is protected by the law as a family member here in Spain- but still so very difficult to get some help to get a new and caring home for them 🏠.

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My daughter’s story: The physical or the mental? 🤔

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Is there any differences between being exposed for physical violence and mental violence? Some will say yes and some will say no- but that’s because we have different experiences. And it happens in different ways too, and of course there’s also a time issue about how long the violence has been going on as well.

My daughter say “yes” it’s a different, a big one too,- and she have probably the best experiences to have an opinion about this because she has experienced both during a year. But of course- both types of violence destroy you in one or another way.

I don’t know- because I have “just” experienced the mental one.

What I do know about the mental one is that it’s very difficult to “prove” to other people around you. Family, close friends. In general they recognize changes with you, but at the same time it’s also difficult for them to “catch up” the changes, put a finger on it, and also “get through” to you with different questions. It’s also “easy” for the one who is exposed for the mental violence and abuse to “hide” it,- and it’s so difficult to explain it as well. Explain to people around what actually happens. Because you can’t “prove” it.

And little by little, slowly, step by step it’s like you losing your self, your life, your mind, your identity, who you actually are or was before you met this “mental violence” guy.

You get confused and shameful, unsure and in a way losing the direction in your life. It’s a bit like being “poisoned” in your brain, heart and soul- little by little, and in a way you don’t recognize the poison before it’s “to late”- before you are “sick”- mentally.

You can try to “explain” the mental with using different “examples”- but still it’s difficult, and some of the examples can even sound strange or be difficult for others to understand.

But when someone beat you up,- you actually have proff that “all and everyone” can see. At the same time as you can “excuse” and “explain” the blue, yellow and purple- colours on your body. Fallen down the stairs, walked on a door, and things like that.

The physical and the mental violence- one you can see and feel, the other one you can feel- but still both destroys the soul in one or another way.

My daughter didn’t go to the police station to report, when she was exposed for the physical violence- but everyone around her reccomend her to do it. But she felt on guilt that maybe Simon was correct? That it was her own mistake? Maybe she had used a bit to much time then necessary together with another man? Just talking with a friend, but still? Or could she had sent out some “wrong” signals to someone?

The wounds, bruises and swelling healed over time and in a way my daughter did too.  But she was afraid to go out on the street alone.  Afraid to meet Simon.  Maybe he was going to hit her again?  Because she ended the relationship?  Because she told what had happened to the management at work?  Because she started considering going to the police ?

But after a while, little by little, slowly she wasn’t so worried anymore. And the physical marks on her body was gone too.

Just some few photos from the day my daughter was beaten up: bumps several places in her head, hand grips mark on her arms and legs after Simon holding her and dragging her around in the apartment, swollen hand, cigarette mark in her face.

“Everyone” had a kind of understanding and did support my daughter in so many ways after the physical violence. Everyone could see the different marks Simon had left in her body. They could understand why she was worried.

And during this Spring she also met Nathaniel Caprino Engbråten. And he did show even more “understanding” for my daughter’s story and the physical violence that Simon had exposed her for, because his “story” was even more “teardropping ” then hers.

He told her, and like I mention, me as well, about a childhood with a lots of violence, drugs- and alcohol by his parents, no Christmas celebrations, no birthday parties, no money to food and so on- just so, so sad. And his dad did beat him and his mom so much that both was very close to die.

Of course this can be true- I don’t know- I haven’t checked it up with his mom- yet. I have got the contact information to his mom now- but not from NC- I manage that in an other way. But I’m not sure if I should contact her or not- the relation between her son and my daughter is over,- even it’s still a bit more to “take care of ” because of the relation they had.

My daughter has nightmares now, she didn’t had any nightmares after Simon- she “just” didn’t felt very safe when she was walking on the street- but in general she did sleep during the nights.

Now she had nightmares- they actually did started before she moved away from NC. They started when she was sick with Covid19 and have just continued following her.

It’s difficult for her to explain concretely how she feels and what’s happen in her mind during the days and weeks. But like I did mention in another text- she feel very strongly on this “stolen life”- her life was stolen from her. NC in a mysterious way did manage to not just steal physical from her like her money and some of her things- but also something inside her- something that she in the best way can describe as “he stole my whole life”. She did never felt Simon stole her whole life- he “just” created a worrying that slowly went over.

And like I mention- my daughter is struggling with long Covid19 and then it’s not so easy to “take care” of all and everything, or get a kind of overview over the situation. A very confusing situation because he did lie so much that it is so difficult to find out what’s true or not.

Even it was “easier” for my daughter to “show” the police the physical violence Simon did, because they was on her body as well as she had an emergency report, and also neighbours that could confirm that “things had happened” in that apartment. Neighbours could confirm sounds of crying and yelling, glass that’s broke and so on- she didn’t went to the police. Even there was so many evidence that she had the law on her page.

But she did go to the police this time- even the evidence are so much differently and more difficult to “show”, and needs to be “collected” in an other way as well. Thing takes more time to “prove” this time. And there’s so much too.

One thing was that all her money was gone- but I think this really awful feelings NC has left inside her was and is so much worse then the wounds, bruises and swelling Simon left on her body.

And the police has been great- they did meet her in a so nice and confident way. They showed her that they believed her, they took her seriously- and she was also lucky with the police translator- in a situation like this she needed to have a translator so “all and everything” was reported in a correct manner and way.

We have been here a couple of times during the last month- and the police is doing a great job for my daughter- that’s for sure.

NC had actually run of from the NIE bill and the police translator. He haven’t payed for anything- just ran off when he got his legal number. (NIE is the Spanish personal number we need to have here in Spain so we can live and work in a legal way).

The police translator had even more information that my daughter had about different things when it came to NC. And you can say the police translator also want to “take him down”.

I know it sounds awful to want to “take someone down” – but sometimes it’s, unfortunately, like that.

For some reasons it was easier for my daughter to report mental abuse than physical abuse.

And I’m so glad she did, and I’m so grateful for the way the police has met her, how they follow her up, her case and situation. And I know- if someone do anything to my daughter in the future it’s so much easier for her to report it now, because of the experiences she have with the police and the report, the whole situation.

It will be so much easier for her to go to the police another time. Well,- to be honest,- I really hope there will not be “another time”- it feels like this last 12 months with this kind of experiences are enough for a while.

I’m so grateful for that my daughter is taken so good care of from the police as well as family and friends during this time and situation. I lost friends and family when I went through something similar many years ago, and the police closed my case.  They reopened it in again in September 2014 – but after that I have not heard much more. I try to not think very much about “my situation- my case” in all this- but yes- I need to admit I have had a couple of “relapse in my mind” during this period. But that’s my story and it’s not much to use my time on or to tell about anymore. Life goes on 😊.

My daughter’s got wounds, bruises and swelling colour in blue, red, purple and yellow- outside on her body as well as inside of her body. The wounds, bruises and swelling outside her body is healed,- but the wounds, bruises and swelling inside her heart, soul and brain will take a bit longer time before the will heal.

This is her experiences from physical violence and mental violence, and how she did “deal” and “feel” with them- but experiences from this and the way out from the experiences is different from person to person. How to handle things is different from person to person.

A person who have been beaten physically the abuser goes to jail, but not the one who has beaten up someone mentally. Because of the “evidence situation”.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

A “palette” can also be on your body as well as I your soul- coloured up with different colours. Different colours for different experiences.

My daughter’s got wounds, bruises and swelling colour in blue, red, purple and yellow- outside on her body as well as inside of her body. The wounds, bruises and swelling outside her body is healed,- but the wounds, bruises and swelling  inside her heart, soul and brain will take a bit longer time before the will heal.

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My daughter’s story: One honest and one dishonest douchebag 🙄😶

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

A year ago my daughter was beaten blue, yellow and purple- by her very jealous and suspicious ex- boyfriend, Simon.

She moved back to my home in a hurry, and I took her to the emergency. It was necessary. She looked a bit like a colour palette with some different colour spots “here and there and everywhere” over her body.

My palette with some of the colours my daughter’s body was “coloured” up with a year ago.

Simon is something I in my mind, and now to you too, call “an honest douchebag”. Why? Well,- he was a douchebag because he couldn’t manage to control his jealousy and anger, and he was so suspicious. He thought my daughter was unfaithful “all the time”. If she was 5 minutes to late home he was pretty sure she had “jumped around in the bushes” together with an other man. And one evening he couldn’t control him self anymore and did beat up my daughter….for hours.

Their home didn’t look not very nice either, because he had threw different things on her and after her when she did try to escape from him. Bottles, glasses and lamps. She tried to escape from him, but he hold her back and dragged her around on the floor.

Of course she was very scared and afraid. But she did also felt on quilt because in some or another way she felt it was her mistake that had made him so angry.

My oldest son did picked her up on the street after she did manage to escape from the apartment. And the apartment looked not very nice.

Some few photos from the apartment- my oldest son and his friend took this when they later the same day after picked up my daughter and brought her home to me, went back to the apartment to pick up some of my daughter’s things, like clothes, shoes and toilet bag.

A week or two after my daughter had moved out from the apartment and from Simon, a friend of her went together with her to pick up the rest of her things and stuffs. And Simon had cleaned up all that what was destroyed, washed my daughter’s things and stuffs, and even put and packed them down nicely in bags.

He did pay for the rent, but chose to move from the apartment after some few months because the rent became to much for him to pay on his own. But he paid and he moved out nice and quiet.

In his own way he tried to “fix it”- but he still couldn’t admit that he had a problem with controlling his anger, and he did still blamed my daughter for what’s happen that evening and night. But still I will say he was an honest man- still a douchebag, but an honest douchebag. And Im calling NC a very dishonest douchebag. Why?

Well,- for the first NC- Nathaniel Caprino Engbråten took her keys to the apartment from my daughter and wouldn’t give her any kind of access to pick up the rest of her things.

It took closely two weeks and a threat about the police before he hide the apartment keys outside, took a movie where he had hidden them and sent this to my daughter. So she could pick them up there.

I went to the apartment together with her, and I did warn her before we locked us into the apartment. My feelings told me that it couldn’t be a very nice “sight” that was waiting for us behind the door- and I was correct.

I feel that the photos gives a nicer impression then what it actually was.
Food, garbage and clothes everywhere
A mess in closely every room
How old this food was- I don’t know, and garbage after his steorider- injections….

NC had run away from/ moved out from the apartment like this, and he didn’t pay the rent either, or the electricity or for the water. And for a guy that didn’t have any money he had manage to eat a lot, drink and create a lots of garbage 😳.

But it’s probably some else money, from someone else credit card information that has paid for all this.

All his things was gone, his clothes and shoes, and of course some of my daughter’s things too. All her towels and duvets, pillows and bed clothes was gone. Her x- box and games was gone and a couple of more things. I don’t remember it all, but she does.

And “just in case” he had squeezed her clothes into cat shit and cat pee. Also burned some of her clothes as well with cigarettes and destroyed them.

Some of her clothes squeezed on the floor in cat shit and cat pee- it wasn’t the easiest things to pack when so much was so dirty as it was.

So maybe you now understand why I call one an honest douchebag and the other one an dishonest douchebag?

We manage to take with us my daughter’s things and stuffs and left the apartment. We “moved” in a big Uber box car 😅. Because I don’t have a car. It’s has been a couple of Uber and taxi trips lately- and sometimes even some unexpected one too, and in a bit hurry as well, because we needed to go to the police station.

But like my daughter mention in my last post- her story, this story, is not finish- it’s coming some more.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

How can someone leave someone else’s place, apartment, property like this? It’s disrespectful.

It’s a different between a honest douchebag and an dishonest douchebag. My daughter manage to meet them both during one year 🙄. Some people just “run away” from all and everything- don’t show any respect or responsibility. And some actually do try, in their own way to “fix it”.

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