Wrinkles, you said?😳😅

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

After the hair on our top, we have our beautiful faces 😊,- and as we gets older there is a tiny habit that some fine lines and wrinkles are “showing up”. To be honest I don’t think my wrinkles are to bad, but what can happen in some years? I don’t know,- but I admit I do my very best to have the wrinkles and fine lines I have a bit under “control” 😅.

They are not so wrinkled and whining yet. But I never know what the age can bring me 😊.

Wrinkles, you say? 😊 Im stretching them out as best as I can as you can see 😅

But I need to admit that when I wake up and a little while afterwards there can be a bit more extra wrinkles. My skin is like a little extra “curly”, – trolly, trolly- and yes I think I can scare a soul and two with my morning trolly wrinkle face 😅. At least until the wrinkles has taken their morning stretches and calm down bit. You know like we stretch our body when we wake up, it’s also like my face need a bit time for “stretching” here and there after a good night sleep to let the wrinkles fall in the correct places, the correct nice places where they look a bit better 😅. But my morning wrinkles need to be stretched a bit out, maybe a kind of face morning exercise before they look “good”🤸‍♀️. Is it like that for you too? That this morning wrinkles have a habit to show up very much in the morning, a kind of a bit “trolly, trolly”, and then they in a way “calm down” a bit during the day?

And also when I’m very, very tired, ( or angry 😳),- uff, then I feel it’s wrinkles “everywhere” in my face and even on my throat too 😳. Not very charming,- but okay,- it it what it is 😳. I can be charming in other “settings” instead 😅.

And yes, there are a few more smile wrinkles and lines when I’m smiling now at days than for some few years ago, – but I take that as a good sign, – it means that I have smiled a lot and have a lot to be happy about. And that’s true too 😊🧡. I feel I have very much in my life to be grateful and happy for, and smile for 😊🧡

My happy, morning face from one of my morning walks at the beach 😊. Smiley wrinkles,- of course 😊 I have a lots to be happy for, grateful for and smile for 😊

Like I mention earlier in my post I do a couple of things to “slow down” the wrinkle process” in my face. I use honey and almond scrub a couple of times during the week, and I also “squeeze” some aloe vera in my face every day. Both honey, almond and the aloe vera are “fresh”. Well,- not quite the honey- that one is from a box in the store, and the almond too. But the aleo vera I have a big plant I’m using the leaves from. And I also “eat”, or drink is more correctly, collagen from Norway 😊. My youngest sister and her husband have their own collagen company and they makes and sells collagen,- and it’s perfect for the skin and also the health in general 😊. Except from this I also try my best to get 7- 8 hours sleep, try to eat healthy, and is very moderate with alcohol and I always use suncream in my face when I’m in the sun. Factor 30 or 50, it depends a bit.

I’m not sure if this “things” I’m doing can be a factor that my wrinkles are not to bad. Well,- at least I don’t think my wrinkles are to bad,- it doesn’t matter so much what other thinks. But if I believe it helps it’s good enough for me 😊. So I’m still not there where I think or feel I need to “lift” something in my face, yet, or fill up a bit here and there. But I don’t know how I will feel about that in a couple of years. Maybe thing will be different, maybe not- maybe I will still like my happy wrinkles and grateful for the fact that I actually still have them, and even maybe a couple of more 😊. Or maybe I will feel more confident and comfortable with my self if I Iift and fill a bit “here and there”? I don’t know. At the moment I’m fine with the way my wrinkles in my face are, I feel confident and comfortable like it is 😊.

I know some women feel for “lifting” and “filling up” here and there in their face,- and I can understand their choices, even I don’t want to do something like that, at least not yet. I don’t know what I will feel in a couple of years. But it’s about feeling confident and comfortable with your self and your age, so if some face lifting helps in the age of 50 or more,- why not? It’s all about feeling confident and comfortable with your self 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

This are more and less what I’m using for my skin in my face, and also aloe vera cream or suncream,- it depends.

Of course I have a bit more fine lines and wrinkles now at days then for just some years ago, I’m getting older,- and that’s a part of getting older 😊. But I choose to believe they are happy smiley wrinkles 😊.

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Can this help against hair loss? 🦱🥕🌶

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I know there’s different side effects after having the illness Covid19.

These side effects can include fatigue and exhaustion, coughing, headaches, heavy breathing and even breathing problems.  These side effects can last from three to six months after recovering from Covid19.  That is, you do not test negative on the Corona test after being ill and starting feeling better after the disease.

To be honest,- I don’t know “all and everything” about neither how it is to be sick with Covid19 or how it feels or it is to live with the different side effects when you are testing negative on a Covid19 test, and are in way “healthy” or “free” from the virus and the illness. So when it comes to my “knowledge” about side effects after being diagnosed and sick with Covid19 I have actually googled it as well as talk with people who had been with Covid19 😷.

So fare I have manage to avoid the coronavirus and Covid19,- and cross fingers for that that will continue 🤞. But my daughter was very sick with Covid19 during this summer, not so sick that she was in the hospital, but still so sick that she couldn’t manage very much and had very high fever. It was some days a bit difficult to get in contact with her on the phone, and that’s in general not very difficult,- something I didn’t liked very much. And I couldn’t visit her either because she had Covid19.

Yesterday I told you about my “lemon shot” that I take more and less every day during the Autumn and Winter time, for trying to avoid cold, cough, sneezing and cactus in the throat 🍋🌵. And since my daughter is coughing we did try to “spice” up the lemon shot with some whiskey, and it became a not very tasty drink at all. So we are just going to continue with the lemon shot.

When it comes to the different side effects after being diagnosed and sick with Covid19 some of the side effects are coughing. So it’s probably some of the reasons why my daughter is coughing. She is going to the doctor on Monday to just check “all and everything” , and hopefully all and everything is fine.

But there’s one side effect after being sick with Covid19 it’s not written to much about, and that’s actually hair loss 🦱. I have been taking with some souls that actually are losing a lots of hair some months after had Covid19, and one of those people is my daughter 👸.

She had long thick hair before she was sick, but now more and more falls off. And it’s a lot. And of course she’s not to happy for that 😔. She doesn’t feel very comfortable with the hair loss, so at least I can try my best to help her a bit to get her hair growing back.

So I have been reading in my books, both my “Bitch Advice” book as well also a book called “Right Food- Better Health”, and of course Google a bit too, for trying to find different advice to help her get her hair back.

Some “ingredients” that can help to grow back some of the hair after having hair loss.

Some of the “ingredients” is egg, carrot, different types of nuts, peppers, fish, liver pate and sweet potatoes. So I have filled up both the frigd, freezer and our food closet with different kinds of ingredients that can help my daughter to avoid more hair loss and hopefully get her thick hair grow back again.

But of course all in moderate and sensible amounts. To much isn’t good either, not even healthy.

At least she can try to make a kind of diet out of this, and try it out for around 3 months and see what’s happen. As well as I have also made some ginger tea water to her . This she shall rinse and massage in her hair with after she has washed it, and it should not be rinsed out.  This was a tip I found in the book “Bitch advice”. ( I’m laughing at bit every time I write this books name in English- it’s sounds a bit awful 😅). So we see if that can help too 😊.

And just in case I also did buy some vitamins and minerals tablets to my daughter too. But of course, just for using in moderate amounts, just one “pill” every day for the next 3 months, and then 3 months “break” and maybe there will be some positive and growing “hair changes”? A bit more then it is at the moment? 😊 It’s just to wait and see, one day and one step at the time 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

The vitamins and minerals to my daughter- 3 months at the time and then 3 months with a break and we see if her hair will grow thicker again 🦱😊

I didn’t knew that hair loss could be one of the siden effects after being diagnosed and sick with Covid19, but obviously it is 🦱. So now I have filled up my/ our freezer, fridge and food closet with different “ingredients” to my daughter and her hair loss after being diagnosed and sick with Covid19 🦱🌶🥕😊. So now she’s going to start a 3 months “growing hair back” diet, and then we see if this can help 👸.

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Something for the cold🥃😋

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

The Autumn is here, something that means that’s it’s the time for some cold, sneezy noses and even maybe some tiny cactus in the throat 🧣🌵.

In general I use to drink a shot with fresh pressed lemon mixed with some honey and cinnamon every morning 🍋. Or more correctly I’m a bit better to make this shot and drink it every morning during the Autumn and Winter time then the Spring and Summer time. I drink it, but not every day, not even every second day either in the summer. It’s more now and then. But during the Autumn and Winter months I’m actually quite good to squeeze myself a lemon shot every day 🍋.

As some of you know my daughter is back in my home again, and she have had a bit of emotional stressful time. Something that also can makes the immune system a bit weak. She was also sick with Covid19 during this summer, and does still struggling a bit with her energy and also some coughing. She’s not Covid19 positive anymore, it’s just a very normal Autumn cold she have🧣.

But I thought that maybe I should “fresh up ” the lemon shot a bit to her, or maybe to both of us, because I red it in a book I have called “Bitch advice” ( the title sounds a bit awful in English 😅 ) that an “upspiced” drink really could “take care of the cold”.

The book contains various old advice and tips from “the old days” built on various ingredients from the nature.  There are various recipes, tips and tricks such as ginger mix for hair loss, or face mask that prevents pimples, tea that can be sleep-inducing – and among other things also a mixture that helps / reduces / can prevent colds.

So I wanted to try this “new” mixture I did find in my “old” book that could help prevent colds. But then I needed to buy in an extra ingredient I actually didn’t had in my home 😅. I actually didn’t think about this ingredient as “natural” either, but of course it is natural. It’s actually very natural too- just been “processed”. I’m just not use to the ingredient 🥃.

Well,- I have actually bought my first bottle of whisky- obviously a natural ingredient in my shot to prevent cold. Cheap whiskey? Yes,- the cheapest I could find 😅.

The rest of the ingredients I already had, because I in general use them on daily or weekly basis.

My basket with the different ingredients I need to make a “fresh” and “fast” processing drink for to prevent the cold for my daughter and my self.

I need to admit I’m not a very big fan of whiskey, or “brown” liqueur in general like cognac, acevit and so on. My stomach doesn’t like it. It’s like it’s burning in my stomach even with just a small taste. But for some reasons I really like chocolate with some kind of this mixture inside, and then my stomach doesn’t mind either 😊.

My “old bich advice” book with different recipes and tips with general just natural ingredients.

Well,- I made the mixture for preventing cold and coughing. Followed the recipe from top to bottom. Prepared a glass for my daughter and one for my self. Because this was a drink and not a shot.

It’s looked a tiny bit tasty?

The “cold’ prevent drink” did actually smell quite well. A mixture of lemon, ginger and mint leaves…..and some whiskey 🥃. But to be honest,- it tasted awful 😅. Not either me or my daughter managed to drink it,- and I’m not going to make this drink again. So it’s back to my squeezed lemon shot instead. So fare at least I feel and believe my lemon shot prevent, and so fare during the last years I haven’t had to much of coughing and sneezing, or a tiny cactus in my throat either.

I personally don’t “recommend” this “prevent cold drink” with whiskey, but that’s because I don’t like whiskey very much. But still maybe this is a good and tasty drink for someone else? 🥃

Do you use or take anything, maybe something natural, during the Autumn and Winter months to prevent colds, coughing and sneezing? 🧣

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 😊. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

My daily fresh pressed lemon shot during the Autumn and Winter months- and I prefer my natural lemon shot without any new natural ingredient like for example whiskey.

There’s different recipes, tips and tricks based on natural ingredients for trying to prevent colds, coughing and sneezing during the Autumn and Winter time 🧣. I prefer to continue my daily lemon shot without any kind of whiskey, that’s for sure 😅.

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