Goodbye May 🌹and Hello to you June 🌞

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Then also May is history,- and I’m pleased and grateful for the different things I did experiences in May ❤.

I was on a short trip to Malaga for picking up Mathilde’s tiny little pocket. And I have both been in the theater and using the bus here in Spain for the first time 🎭.

I have delivered a basket with painted glassbottles, and also finished a bigger painting order. At least bigger order for me 🎨.

I have even “built” a tiny bamboo roof over my terrace,- and so fare so good,’ it haven’t blown away 😊🌞.

And I also have been into a tiny “trip” during this perimenopause,- and even it’s says it is a “new Spring in life”,- I need to admit I’m struggling a bit. Not because of wrinkles or my hair, not even that my body, or the fact that my clothes are changing,- but this f..@,, jumping jackflash hormones 😳. To be honest,- this mood- thing during the perimenopause it’s not so easy to handle- phu!! So one thing is for sure,- after my friend have travel back to Norway I’m going on regular basis on “the treadmill”- read regular workout and exercises 🤸‍♀️. And that’s going to be a very valuable time for me,- because I know it will help me. Help at least the thoughts, feelings, mood and mind to calm down a bit 💚.

I feel I have a lots of different kinds of things to be grateful for during May,- even this “new Spring in life”,( even that Im not so sure if I like to much) – because it’s actually in its own way “forcing” me to start up with regular workout and exercises again 💚🤸‍♀️😊.

I’m also incredibly grateful for what’s happen in my children’s life during May 💙💙❤. Marius started in a new job, and he really like his new job 😊. Ruben have got his first own car, and also managed to buy his first own apartment 🏡. And I’m so proud of him 🥰. And Mathilde enjoying her new life in Bali with many new experiences and knowledge in her life, as well as about her self ❤.

I’m not sure what June will bring me of happiness and joy, and maybe sone new experiences and knowledge too ❤- but I’m looking forward to meet June and the things I at least know a tiny bit about 💚. Like for example my friend from Norway and her visit, my jobs, my paintings and the workout and exercising- plan 🤸‍♀️. And also a barbecue evening together with Marius and Irene at my roof terrace 😊🧡. The rest? I’m hoping and wishing for it will be a nice and smooth month without to many negative thoughts, feelings, moods, experiences, changes and challenges 💚🤞🙏. I need to get a better balance inside me, a better peaceful mind and soul 🙏💚. (I know it’s perimenopause that’s challenging me a lot- but hopefully it will be better with some regular workout and exercises 🤸‍♀️🙏🤞).

So Thank you so much May,- it was a experience and two and a joy to “meet” you ❤. I wish June very welcome 💚.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡

See you soon 😊 ( ps- I’m probably coming back to write in my blog in a week or so, because I’m going to use my time on my work and together with my friend the nexts days 😊)

Even my tiny little backyard art cafe is ready for the summer- (also a tiny summesale of canvas and glassbottles if someone should be interested 😊🎨)

I have different things and even some new experiences to be grateful for during May ❤. I’m not sure what June will bring,- but I do know I’m really looking forward to get a cozy visit from a very good friend from Norway 💚.

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I get a little “performance anxiety” 🎨😌

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I have got some few orders on both canvas as well as painted glassbottles, and I need to admit I get a tiny little bit “performance anxiety” 😅. One thing is to paint what’s “jump into my mind”, another thing when people tell me what they want me to paint for them…. and on top of that it’s also a paying order 😳. Then the painted product really need to be as perfect as possible.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of Mathilde order two painted glassbottles, and she just gave me some few keywords to work with and paint from.

The first painted glassbottle she wanted the “theme” spontaneity, and the colours orange and brown.

Hmmm? How to solve that? Paint it? 🤔 I needed a couple of days to think about that one before I started, but the results was not to bad at all 😊. And Mathilde’s friend was very pleased with the glassbottle, something that was the most important thing 😊. What do you think about the painted result?

Spontaneity coloured in orange and brown 🎨
And without lights inside,- pretty cool glassbottles 😊

I thought it was so cool so I actually painted one similar to my self as well. They are not identical,- because I don’t manage to do that. Just more and less similar. So you can say all my painted glassbottles are one of a kind and unique in their own way. Personal, decorative art, even “handmade”, or at least hand painted 😀.

The next glassbottle she gave me the “theme” sweet indiflowers and the colours pink and violet. Indiflowers are not the most difficult to paint, but sweet? 🤔

I did try “to solve” that one too as best as I could ,- and lucky for me “the new owner” of the glassbottle was very pleased with the results on that glassbottle too 😊.

Sweet indiflowers in pink and violet painted on order to a friend of Mathilde 😊.
And the glassbottle without lights inside 💡

The owner is happy then I’m happy too. And to be honest,- I’m actually a bit proud how I “solved” to paint something from just a few keywords. I was nervous and I had “performance anxiety,- but it became a couple of not to bad oil painted glassbottles at all 🥰. At the same time as I like this kind of creative challenge to paint on order,- it gives me a nervous, but very sharped mind to made a perfect and personal product for my costumer as possible 💛.

Last weekend I got some new oil painting order,- and this is a bit bigger and a bit more “challenging” then the last one,- but I believe I will manage to paint more and less what my “customers” have order 🤞.

It’s actually not one single order, it’s three orders to three different women. One order for 3 painted winebottles, of course with different colours, and different illustrations as well. The next order is two middle size glassbottles, one with blue and green colours, and one with a kind of pink colour, and some green too. The third order is oilpainted canvas, 4 or 6 in size 20×20 cm, and 20×50 cm. I have got some “signal” about what kind of illustrations they want, at the same time I need to use my creativity 💡🎨.

I will probably manage to “solve” all this painting orders too, but I have used some days to think a bit about how and what, and also felt about on this “performance anxiety”. But I did start the painting process yesterday,- and I’m looking forward to create something hopefully my customers will be very, very happy and pleased for 🤞🥰. I like this kind of creative challenge, but of course I do feel a bit much about this “performance anxiety” as well, and that I want to do my best so they will be happy….but I don’t know that before I’m finish with the painting job 🎨.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

I actually got so inspired by Mathilde’s friend “Spontaneity with orange and brown- so I painted one for my self as well,- as canvas as well as at a glassbottle 🎨

Sometimes there dropping by an order and two for glassbottles and canvas,- and then the customer have some more and less specific wishes for what they want me to paint 🎨😊. I like that,- it gives me a creative challenge, at the same time as I get both nervous and a bit of a kind of “performance anxiety”. Because what if the costumer doesn’t like or are pleased with the what I have painted for them?😳🎨 At the same time,- it’s really fun to paint like this 😊🎨.

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At first I thought there was something very wrong with my eyes 😳🧐

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

When I was finish at my job today I thought something was very wrong with my eyes. When I looked out of the window everything was a kind of coloured up with yellow 😳. I did blink and blink and thought maybe I have been working a bit to much with glasses and lenses and so now, and need to have a check my self?😳🤔 That’s way I see yellow?

Last week we got a lots of rain together with a lots of sand from Sahara 🏜. This week it has still been raining and been very windy too,- and today it seems that the yellow sand from Sahara is still “stucked” in the sky and clouds ☁️.

This wall is normally white, or sometimes when the weather is really “grey” coloured in light grey…. but yellow? It’s the first time I have experienced that “everything” around me is yellow 😅.

I haven’t removed the sand from Sahara from last week yet, because I knew the weather was going to be a bit windy and rainy this week as well. So there’s still Sahara sand a bit “everywhere” outside our home at the moment. Sand from Sahara that the wind and the rain brought over last week.

Just an example from where the Sahara sand is outside our home at the moment 🏜.

And it’s not the first time I have experienced sand from Sahara here South of Spain, so I wasn’t very surprised over that one, but yellow air is my first time.

I haven’t done any kind of photo shoot or any fancy trick with this photo,- this is the way it actually looks like. Dark yellow.
I did try to make a tiny movie to just give you a kind of imagination how yellow this afternoon became- and this movie is made 15.30 in the afternoon, so not very late- but still this yellowish darkness.

I have my own working corner in my home for my customer service agent on the phone job. And it’s light and nice, a perfect spot for me to work. The window is behind me, so in general I don’t looks outside before my I have my breaks and when I’m finish at my work ☎️🎧.

My costumer service agent on the phone job working place in my home- my own perfect working spot. Light and nice.

So when I was finish working and looked out of the window you can say I was a bit surprised today 😳.

Hm? I don’t have windows with any “sun cover effects”😳.

So today we have a very yellow day here in the Malaga area, that’s for sure . First a lots of rain, and then the afternoon was coloured up with yellow 🎨.

I wonder what my daughter will say when she wakes up? She was working night shift this night and went to bed when I did start my working day. Maybe she will be as suprices as I was?

And do you know what,- yesterday I actually manage to look her inside our home,- she was very supriced over that 😅. Me too, to be honest,- she was sleeping after night shift, and I went to the store and looked the door as I normally do when I’m leaving the home. And then she was not able to open up the door without a extra key. We have that,- of course,- but she called me at the store and wondered why I have looked her inside our home 😅. I didn’t do it on purpose, just a ordinary habit when I’m leaving the home, and well,- she was sleeping so I didn’t think that one through. Normally I just close the door when I’m leaving the home and she is home,- but because she was sleeping I did looked the door yesterday too, not just closed it. I came home and looked her out,- and we did have a good laugh 😅.

Anyway,- today is a kind of yellow day here. And I just wanted to try to share this yellowish coloured darkness as good as I could with you. Hopefully you will get a kind of expression how it looks like 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

From our roof terrace ( everything is place like this so it doesn’t blow away in the wind- because it can be seriously windy here)
Look how yellow everything is 🏜😊. Probably some sand from Sahara stucked in the clouds ☁️

I thought something was very wrong with my eyes today because “the outside world” around me was coloured up with yellow 🎨. But it’s probably or maybe still some sand from Sahara that’s “stucked” in the clouds ☁️ 🏜

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