Welcome December 🌹and Thank you November 🌾

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m very happy November is over, October too. Yes,- both are my favourite months because two of my children are born in thise months- but- wow- October and November this year has still been hard. Much harder then I actually gave expression in my text “Goodbye October”. It has been a bit turbulent time- but okay,- that’s life- isn’t it?

I didn’t tell you the whole truth when I waved “Goodbye” to October and did “Welcoming” November. I knew it would be some more challenges in front of me and special in front of my daughter in November- we did “wave Goodbye” to them, at the same time as we brought them with us into November- and I knew that – that we just needed to “continue” into November with this “backpack”, and also into December as well. But you will get “the story”, her story, my daughter’s story in parts, during December.

But even though October was hard on the edges, there were things to be grateful for, and so it is for November too,- things to be grateful for 🧡.

Today I will say Thank you November for my daughter is safe, even there’s some mental challenges to still “go through, to handle and learn to live/ deal with”, and Thank you for her birthday- she was so happy for her birthday and that her day became so much better, nicer, funnier then she had in mind 🎁🧡.

Thank you for the knowledge during this month and Thank you so much for new opportunities that also showed up when the days was not to light 🕯.

Thank you November for my work- special my new extra job I started in the 8. November. This one will manage me to help my daughter a tiny little bit in a difficult situation 💛. Not much, but still more then nothing 😊, and I’m very grateful for that.

I’m so grateful for having a home, a nice, cozy and warm home with room and place for my kids when they need a place to stay for a shorter or longer time 🧡. We have food in the table and beds to sleep in. We have sun and rain, windy days and peaceful days. We have clean clothes and hot water to take a shower in. We have many things to be grateful for – and that’s special important to remember during the not so light days 🕯.

So Thank you November and Goodbye 👋. I know we still need to bring some of the different challenges with us into December too- but I choose to believe that from now it just can be slowly easier and lighter 💛. We have some exacting things to look forward too 😊.

So I’m just Welcoming you December- the Christmas- month 🎄. I’m looking forward to meet you – hopefully this month will bring some peacefulness and a lots of joy, maybe even some kind of solutions and relief as well? 🧡 It is at least allowed to hope 🙏.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Welcome December- the Christmas- month- hopefully you bring peacefulness and joy 💛🕯.

Welcome to the last month in 2021- December and the Christmas- month 🕯. I hope this month will bring peacefulness and joy, happiness and maybe some solutions and a kind of relief too? 💛 It is at least allowed to hope 🙏. Thank you and Goodbye November- I haven’t much more to say to you 👋.

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Welcome November 🍃🌹 Thank you October 🌹🍂

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I have been working a lot in October, mainly because I had some private students who was going to have an big Norwegian exam in October, called Bergenstesten. So I needed to try to do my best to guide them to the exam, make them as ready and prepared I could. And that has taken a bit off time 📚. But also my normal job is a customer service agent on the phone takes time, even that one has just taken the “normal” weekly work time. And my freelance work- I’m using a bit more time on that one know for different reasons at the moment 😊. I have some dreams and wishes I want try out and see if it’s possible to manage 😊.

And just in case, “of course” my teamleder in my customer “service agent on the phone job” wanted to “upgrade” my skills too in October, so I could and can do some more and other tasks in the customer service agent job🎧. But I need to admit I didn’t feel for any more skills or new tasks or training at all at the moment 😅. I’m actually find on the phone like everything is at the moment 😊. Maybe special because I have different tasks I work on in my other job, my freelance work- like reach my own dreams in life 😊😅. And that’s not to be on the phone as a costumer service agent “for ever”. It’s something different. But the customer service agent job is fine- so please don’t misunderstand me. I was not just prepared for a bit more training in that job straight after finishing teaching my students 📚😅. And I have some dreams and wishes I really wants to try and see if its possible for me to actually reach them and manage them. But then I both need to put in some “offer” in both in my time as well as a bit of money.

To have dreams and wishes are free, but to try to reach them cost both time and money, and I want to and need to try to see if its possible for me to reach and manage my dreams 🌠. I don’t know that if I don’t try, and I can’t “put it on hold” for to long know anymore, I have already done that to long. I have set up a timeline to see if I can manage this, my dream. And I will probably know in a two or three years if or if not I manage it 😊.

I will say Thank you to October for the different opportunities my education, knowledge and different work experiences , and last but not at least, my life experiences gives me when it comes to new and exciting possibilities in different job situations – like my freelance work 🙏.

And I’m Thankful for that my students manage the Norwegian exam, Bergenstesten. It was a bit of a stress, but is was worth it 📚.

October has been very much focus on job in one or another way. And then, unfortunately, not so much time together with my friends, but I have manage to squeeze in a date with my Spanish friend at least🥰. And of course time with my children, – on the phone with my middle one in Norway, and the oldest and youngest has dropped by my home now and then. One of them even dropped by with all his/ her things too 😳😅. Jepp,- one has moved back home to the mammi again during October. No comments from me on that one yet 😅.

I wish November very welcome,- this month is also one of my favourite months- because my daughter was born in November 🧡. And in November there will be homemade birthday chocolate cake too 🎂.

I know November will be busy with work in different ways and forms. And also to continue doing and working with my dreams beside ordinary working- hours and days, and yes, be a mammi in my home as well. And try to squeeze in both some dating with my Spanish friend as well as some nice and cozy meetings together with my friends 😊. And in some or another way I really need to start with some regular workout and exercises again too 😅. I’m just not sure how or where to put those hours in my “schedule” 🤸‍♀️. And I also need to try to be better to write and share posts as well 📝.

With some good planning I can manage this- special if I give my self time to accept that things takes time and maybe little by little I will manage to put “all and everything” in a functional schedule that’sworsk for me- but not “all at once”, and also accept that there will be days where I will not manage closely to do anything- like today 😊.

I did started on a 2 weeks holiday today,- and I have actually not done very much- and I just needed this day to not do very much too – just relax 😊. Then I will manage to do a bit more other days 😊.

Thank you October for changing and challenges, knowledge and wisdom 🙏🍂. And Thank you for my jobs and works and different opportunities I get 📚📝. Thank you so much for my patience friends 🧡,- and Thank October for just the possibility to “meet” you with your ups and downs 😊🧡. And Thank you October for some nice and refreshing walks on the beach during some afternoons- it helps to clear my mind 🏖.

Welcome November- my daughter’s birthday month 🧡. And welcome to two lovely weeks of holiday,- where I just need to use the time and days to “feel up my batteries”, to relax, be a bit selfish and take a bit care of just my self for a tiny little while,- in my own way 🧡. Welcome November to a new freelance job- a job I’m looking forward to start in 📝🌠. And Welcome November with your unknown changes and challenges- I will try my very best to handle them as best as I can in a positive, open minded way and with as much joy I can manage to give different challenges in life 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you 🧡 . Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you as soon as possible 😊

From one of my walks at the beach during an afternoon in October 🍂

Thank you October for changing and challenges, knowledge and wisdom 🙏🍂. Thank you for different works opportunities 📚📝. Thank you so much for my patience friends 🧡. And Thank you October for some nice and refreshing walks on the beach during some afternoons to just clear my mind 🏖. Welcome November with your unknown changes and challenges, opportunities, knowledge and wisdom 🧡🍂.

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