Someone “has” “Friday the 13th”, I think I “had” “Monday the 13th” 😳

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

First of all I need to say I had a really great time together with my friend from Norway 🥰. It was good to see her again and “chat up” after so long time 🥰. And I hope I will get some more guests from Norway during the summer, but first of all I need to sort out some private challenges and issues.

For some people Friday the 13th is a kind of unlucky day,- but for me I think it’s Monday the 13th. Or maybe not unlucky, but challenges. In Spain it’s Tuesday the 13th, or some say also Monday the 13th, that is the “famous unlucky day”- so I’m actually not sure what’s correct. For me it feels more like it’s Monday the 13th that is a day that have this “touch” of this unlucky stuff.

Anyway,- I need to admit this day haven’t quite been my favourite day today. Actually it has been a day with different uncomfortable feelings. So I do feel it has been a bit like a “unlucky the 13th….Monday “.

My private computer collapsed, there’s no life in it no matter what I’m trying to do. That’s not to good, because I do my freelance work on that one,- a job I’m a bit financially dependent on having a while ahead. And I can’t buy a new one at the moment either because…..

…..also today all our things and stuffs suddenly was delivered on my door. I was not prepared for that one, and not my wallet either 😳. And I was really not prepared for the mental and emotional reaction either- that one was really hard. It was hard to “get” our life in Norway after so long time “delivered” on my door. Our past, memories- a lots of great and good memories,- but it’s because of bad memories and experiences all our things are here now. And I was not prepared it was so much things and stuffs either.

I’m very grateful my oldest son is “just around the corner”- because it became a bit to much for me to handle alone today- emotions, thoughts, feelings and worries, tears, so many tears,- and how to manage pay for this? I had a plan- but that one did work out. I haven’t payed for it yet- and that doesn’t feel very good either. It shouldn’t come yet,- and now I feel a bit like I have stolen my own things and stuffs, and past. Not a very good feeling that one either. Hopefully that feeling will past- and solutions showing and coming up too. And hopefully a solution will come very soon. I’m really trying to find a solution.

Luckily there’s different things we can sell- but how fast will it be possible to sell them?

I should also pay for the water to day, but that wasn’t easy to do. A old house with a old payment system, and they couldn’t find my home or the water bill in the system- that one felt very uncomfortable too. Will they turn off the water now? I really don’t hope so.

And then it’s also a strike in my job today at the customer service senter. Strike for higher salaries. I’m very agree that we need to get a bit better / higher salary,- but still it feels a bit like I have done that one illegal today- to not log me on the phone and do my job. I can’t say I felt it was like a great day off from work- more like a day where “all and everything” just “happen”, things I didn’t wanted or wished for to happen. I don’t like to be away from my job when it’s not because of holiday or illness or a legal approved appointment I have and have the right to be away from my job. I didn’t enjoy this day off from work at all for. It feels like i’ve skipped my job today, something I don’t like. So hopefully at least the salary will be higher- but I don’t know.

If it’s something that really stressing me out it’s when I don’t have the overview over the economy. I thought I slowly was getting there now- but with this computer crash, not be able to pay the water bill and also for our things and stuffs- phu- it’s stressing me a bit. And no- at the moment I have no overview over the situation at all.

In one way of course this day also was a good day just because of the reason that our things and stuffs from Norway actually are here now after so many, many years in Norway. And I know that,- but I need to admit that today I have a tiny challenge to see that and feel that. Feel happy and grateful- I feel most sad. Really , really sad, and I do cry too.

At the same time I also was “off from my job” today because of the strike when suddenly all our things was “standing” there. If I have been working I haven’t been able to take them. So maybe something with this day have a kind of meaning, I just don’t see it all yet 😊.

When I have got a bit more control and economic overview it will be better. It will feels better,- but today I’m not ready for any nice and great holiday guests from Norway- but I will be- I just need a tiny bit of time to sort things out a bit first 😊. The economic situation and when I don’t have the control and overview and don’t see the solutions- I don’t like that, it’s stressing me. Even I know it’s not “the end of the world”- it feels a bit like that for me.

And of course I know for many people my day, my unlucky Monday the 13th, and this different experiences and challenges doesn’t feel so much and so big and so challenged- and I understand that- but for me it feels like a tiny mountain with (money) challenges around me today.

And then just to “top it a bit more” my television stopped loading, the chrome caster didn’t wanted to cast, and I suddenly didn’t have any access to my blog either 😅. But both of that ones are fixed now. But of course then even tiny little small things that goes wrong can feel like a tiny mountain to move, and to get things correct again.

And I needed to write this today,- not for complaining- even I know I’m doing that- but in a way write a kind of distance to the things that’s feels a bit challenging and difficult today. And to be honest,- I do feel a bit more calm down then for just a tiny while ago- even I still not have any solutions or overview. I’m actually grateful for the strike today so I was able to take our things and stuffs into my home. And of course I’m grateful for that the things actually are here. And hopefully solutions will come for my private computer, the water bill and the payment for our things too.

Thank you so much for just letting me “squeeze a bit out” on “the paper” today- it helped a bit to be honest 🧡

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you as soon as possible 😊

I’m trying to smile as best as I can- but I do feel a bit chaotic inside me today 😊

For some Friday the 13th is a unlucky day, for me it felt a bit like Monday the 13th was a bit uncomfortable day, with a touch of some lucky stuffs. But at the same time touched with some things, happenings, feelings, thoughts and emotions I was not prepared for- lucky ones at the same time as it feels a bit challenging too.

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I will be careful with “replacement” 🥀🎁

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m on my own and are going to be living alone for a while now, (at least as fare I know- but you never know when it come to my kids 😅) , and this weekend I have used to pack down Mathilde’s things and stuffs in boxes 🎁. So now my home is really ready for a big house cleaning 😅🧹🧼. The big Spring cleaning next weekend 🌞🥀.

It’s not so dirty, but it’s get a bit dusty here and there, special when you are packing, and it’s easier to keep the house and home in “order” when “all and everything” are clean and in order and…kremt ….organized 😊. I like to have things organized, and that one is easier to keep up and follow up when it’s just me 😊.

I know many get a kind of “replacement” when the kids are “out of the nest”, something I actually really can understand. It gets a bit empty around you, and also this,- you are actually use to both have company and to take care of someone else. And in general not just for a while, but for many years. It’s a kind of a lifestyle, to be a mammi and parents, if I can use that word. Lifestyle. And to turn around to a new lifestyle in a bit it’s not the easiest thing to do, and not just done in a bit either.

And when I say “replacement” I hope you understand that I don’t mean anything or anyone can replace the young adult children. My children, your’s children. But some people in a way find a other living creature to take care of and keep them with company when the children are out of the nest.

Some get a dog, other a cat or maybe a other kind of animal to keep them with company and to take care of. Some even get a new child- and it’s nothing wrong with that. Some also maybe get into a new relationship, get a boyfriend or girlfriend. I’m not going to do anything of those things,- I’m going to be very careful with any kind of “replacement” after Mathilde (and also my sons) have moved out now. Special when it comes to something that needs to be taken care of in some or another way,- except from my self 😊. I don’t want to have that kind of responsibility either,- for a dog, or cat, or turtle or baby or boyfriend or some thing like that. I think I have enough with the responsibility for just myself for a while now 😊.

I’m in a place in my life now where I mainly want to just have the responsibility for just me for a while 😊.

For some people a kind of “replacement” feels natural after the kids are out of the nest, and for others is not. For me it doesn’t feel natural to find something that “replace” my children now. At the same time as I know my self very well . I have lived with my self for a couple of years now,- so I know a bit about my self. And I’m a person who in a why like to “take care of” in one or another way. As a mammi, as a friend, as a girlfriend, as a teacher, as a costumer service agent on the phone, as a assistant nurse, take care of guests and so on.

And I know I’m going to be a bit restless in a couple of weeks, I know that too,- “been there, done that” a couple of times now 😅, and I know I can in a “weak” moment make the wrong “replacement” decision.

That’s actually one of the positive things with all the moving in and out process to my children have done 🧡. I get more and more conscious about what’s happen with me during this getting use to “the empty nest” situation 🐣.

But I’m a bit tired now,- and need to be careful to not make the wrong “taking care of” replacement and decisions now. Because,- when all comes to all,- I actually need a break from it. I’m tired, my whole body is tired. I need to be honest with myself and focus on my job, myself, my plans. And not to much more then that for a tiny little while. I’m not ready for to much yet,- but I will be there in a bit 😊.

But I’m still going “replace” 😅. Just not with a dog, or a cat, or a new baby, or a boyfriend,- but instead use my time to maybe focus a bit more serious on my plans for my paintings, exercising and in a couple of weeks hopefully start to study too…Spanish 📚. And of course also use time together with family and friends. I just need to get my “breath” a bit back first 😊.

And by the way,- I already have a “living creature” to take care of. I have “replaced” Mathilde with a paprika/ pepper plant 🌶😅. Mathilde like peppers very much, so before she moved to Bali I sowed seeds from both red and green peppers.  And they are beginning to grow and grow.  For me at the moment, it’s enough to take care of them, give them so water and have a cozy chat during the day- and yes,- that’s correct, I do have a tiny chat with the pepper plants 🌶😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

The green and the red pepper is growing. My “living taking care of replacement” and responsibility after my kids are out of the best for a while 🌶😊.

I’m in a place in my life now where I need a tiny little break from to much responsibility and to much “taking care of” for “living creatures” 😊🐕🐱. I’m not going to “replace” Mathilde, or my sons, with a dog or a cat- I did “replace” her/ they with some pepper plants instead 🌶😅. I think that’s enough responsibility for me for a while 😅😊.

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This was not my plan for the weekend 😅 🚂

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I get the question now and then if I have a plan….. Yes, I have a plan, actually more then just one plan too, but it’s not the easiest thing in the world to always try to follow up my plan and plans….because things around me changes. Haven’t you experienced that your self?

Let’s just take an example from this weekend. This is nothing “seriously”, but just a good example on how fast plans can change.

I had a plan for the Friday evening, the Saturday and the Sunday, my plans, just for me,- but in a “sudden” my plans did change and not because I did change them, but because of different circumstances around me changed and also then changed my plans.

This example is a kind of “a nut shell example” on why it’s not always so easy to keep up the good work to work on and follow my own plans. And why plans changes and also get a new “time limit”.

My daughter has been in Norway on holiday for two weeks, and she told me she was coming home, back to Spain, Sunday 13. February and her flight should be landing 10.00 in the morning in Spain 🛬. Okay- then I knew what I hade to “deal with” and how I could use the weekend on my plans.

But my plans,- I needed to change them….because on Friday afternoon my teamleder in my customer service agent job really needed some extra people on the phone Saturday afternoon. I could say “no”, but at the same time I also knew that they didn’t had anyone else to ask. So I said yes.

Still I thought I would be able to do some of my plans for the weekend, but nope. Friday afternoon my daughter texted me and told me she was coming home on Saturday 12. February, and her flight would be landing on the airport at 10.45 in the morning.

Ops,- that was not my plan. That was one day earlier then my plan 😳😅. But okay,- our plan was still that I was not going to pick her up at the airport, she should just take the train from the airport and home. I could meet her at our train station 🚂. So I could still do some of my plans,- but change them a tiny bit. And also drop some few of them to another day- I thought.

But,- that plan did also change, because my sweety pie of a daughter had forgotten her wallet in Norway 😳. Yes,- you read correctly,- her wallet was in Norway with her cash as well as her credit card. So she did travel to Spain without any money. Something that also ment that I actually needed to pick her up at the airport, because without any money or credit card she was not able to get very fare from the airport. Well,- she could walk home or use her “thumbs up to hitchhike” home 👍. But to walk home would take a bit of time, and to use the thumbs up to hitchhik is not the safest way to travel for a young adult woman.

Okay- new changes of my Saturday plans- I would not be able to do to anyone of them because I needed to use that time to travel to the airport.

But it doesn’t stop here,- my plan was to take the train from my home then 10.26 in the Saturday morning. Then I would be at the airport more and less at the same time as my daughter would be out from the airport. That didn’t happen,- 08.45 I got a text from my daughter,- her flight would arrive at 09.45…,- that’s one hour before I had in mind. And to be honest,- when I got that text I was still in my bathrobe and slippers 😳. Ops,- suddenly I should take the train in around a bit more then 30 minutes and not one hour and 30 minutes 😳. I did manage it 😊. And I did manage to pick up my daughter at the airport, and then not in bathrobe and slippers either 😅, but actually normal clothes, and get back in time to start at my work in my customer service agent job 🎧.

Like I mention,- this is actually just a tiny example, but still a “nut shell” example on how plans can change and you self are not always “in charge” of this changes. And then there also will be a change in the time limit for the plan,- plans changes and many times not because I choose to change them.

So still,- yes,- I have a plan, I have also plans, not just one plan,- and I also have a kind of “time limit” too, for when I hope to be able to reach my “goals” in ny plans – but as you maybe can “see” it’s not always so easy to follow “my plans”, because of different changes and challenges and circumstances around me. And you have probably, or maybe the same experiences when it comes to try to follow up your plans? It’s not always so easy, is it?

What my plans for this weekend was it’s not important, I didn’t manage to do to many of them anyway. But hopefully I will still manage to reach my goals 😊. This is just a tiny example on how fast just the simplest plans can change and it’s still not your plan to change the plan, but it still happens.

So,- one more time,- yes I have plans- but please- be a bit patient with me and my plans, because very often I can’t control the changes of my plans. Can you control different changes in your plans all the time?

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Me in the way to the airport Saturday morning- and not in bathrobe and slippers 😅

My plan for this weekend was actually not to go to the airport, but suddenly I needed to change that plan. And not just with one day, but suddenly one day and one hour too 😅. I have plans, but they changes, and many times not because I do the changes, but because of other circumstances, changes and also sometimes challenges around me 😊.

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Ebay or a webshop … or maybe a “pop up” sales exhibition… 🎨🤔

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m thinking about starting selling my oilpainted glassbottles and canvas for real 🤔. I have so much joy and happiness when I’m painting my things and stuffs- it’s like I’m in “my happy place”, or more correctly “my happy painting corner”, when Im playing around with the different colours both on the glassbottles as well as the canvas 🎨.

And,- it would be so nice if some of my paintings could give a tiny bit of the same joy and happiness as them gives me 🥰.

And another thing,- to be honest,- why not earn a bit money on something I really like to do? 🎨

But how to do that? How to sell? Where to start? Where to sell? How to advertise my product?  How to get buyers?  How to handle different processes in relation to sales? How to promote? The different procedures? The process and progress?

I have been thinking a bit about and around this, and also research a bit around my different questions about this “start to selling” and so on. I have at the moment mostly “researched” on webshop. But Ebay could also be a possibility, as well as arranged a “pop up sales exhibition” on my roof terrace in September or October? 🖼

Instagram is also a possibility, but there I have to little knowledge about how to do that. So I let that one rest for a while 🛏.

I need to have products to sell, and I need to have a kind of delivery system as well as a payment system too.

The products are in general under process closely “all the time” so that’s probably not the biggest challenge? 🤔🎨

Some of my “products”, more are under “production” and I have some canvas too 🖼

The “delivery system” I have checked that one up if I choose to “go for” a webshop, as well as Ebay. The public post office is not a very good solution. It’s slow/ late delivery and expensive, but there are other private delivery system, options and possibilities. I have actually asked and checked that one up a bit 📮

The payment would probably be easiest to do as e- commence payment, and I have checked that one up as well 💰.

Then it is the Webshop 💻. There’s a lots of work in front of me to create a my own and a good Webshop. But maybe that’s the best possibility for me? I know I need to organize a Webshop in a really good way, easy to use for the “webshoppers” as well as for me. At the same time as I need to keep in mind “the time” I’m going to use and need on a Webshop.

I need to check up and out Ebay a bit more, because there could also be a good possibility for selling my art, but in a different way then in a Webshop.

And a “drop up sales exhibition”- well,- I cant arranged something like that before in September or October anyway. It’s best to do something like that when I’m living on my own. My daughter is moving to Bali in March or April. It is this “Corona- situation” that’s slows down the moving process and plans. And during the Summertime and season I think it could be a bit to hot and warm on the terrace to actually have a fun, nice and relaxing “pop up sales exhibition”.

Of course I could have a “pop up sales exhibition” when my daughter still is living together with me, but this is her home too, and I want her to be and feel comfortable, free and relaxed in her home without “putting” to much of my “things” on her.

By the way,- all my art, both canvas as well as my painted glassbottles are numbered and signed by me, and everything that is for sale even has its own title / name “tag”.  Besides the ones I have given away, they have not been given a name or a title, or have their own “tag”, but they have their own number and my signature 📝. And they are also a personal gift made to the special one in my mind when I painted the “object” ( the glassbottle or canvas).

My oilpainted glassbottles with it’s own title, number and my signature ✒

So as you can see I have some “plans” with my paintings, but I’m not sure how “to do” the process yet. How to start? And what’s the best way to do this? Maybe it will be Ebay and a “pop up sales exhibition”, or a Webshop and a “pop up sales exhibition”? Or something totally else and different? 🤔

I’m in a process, and then I see what’s the progress in my process brings me 😊.

What do you think I should do with my art? Ebay? My own Webshop? Or just a “pop up sales exhibition” on my roof terrace? Or maybe you have some other suggestions? In case,- Im very happy and grateful if you want to share them with me 🌹.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Some of my glassbottles are ready to get a new “owner” 😊

I’m considering to start to sell my art for real 🎨. But I’m not sure what, where, how and so on 🤔. At the same time as I have starting to do some research about exactly this- what, where, how and so on, but Im open for suggestions. So if you have some,- you are very welcome to share them with me 😊🧡.

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Getting sciatica was not a very good thing 😳

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

You have got some days without any textes from me now, a tiny break from me 😊. Yhat wasn’t quite my plan. But as we know- plans changes now and then and inbetween 😊.

I got a terrible sciatica 😳. To be honest I didn’t knew it was sciatica in the beginning, I thought it was something a bit more “dangerous” and serious then that.

I couldn’t walk or sit or lay down in a proper way, not even stand up to long 😅. I can laugh now, but I didn’t laugh very much at that point. I was actually a bit worried 😳.

And I felt the pain was in some way like “everywhere” in my body , but at the same time “located” one place- from my back and down to my left leg. It was a kind of “confusing” pain.

When I found out that it was “just” sciatica I felt relieved- phu- nothing worse then that, and with some moving and exercises it slowly disappeared 😊. So it’s time to seriously start up again with my regular workout and exercises routines I had…..2 years ago 😳.

It’s a bit scary how the time in it’s own way has just flew away during this two last “Corona- years”, at the same time the life feels a bit is more “silent” or “on hold” then it was before the coronavirus of different kinds and types did dropped by in our society and world.

Well,- The life hasn’t been “silent” or “on hold” – a lost of different kinds of things has happen I my life, special this “moving- my kids and my self in and out from the home” 😊. But I think still maybe you understand what I mean with “silent years”?

I don’t know if you have had sciatica once or twice? If you have had, you probably know what I mean about the “confusing” pain in the whole body at the same time as it was located in one place in your body? And you also maybe and probably remember the pain? 😳 Seriously not very good. And the mood? You can say that one was not quite on top either, but I became much better when I knew it was “only” sciatica 😊.

I’m much, much better now, the mood is better too 😁, and I also know that I need to start up again with some regular workout and exercises routines again so I can do my best to avoid to get to much sciatica in the future.

I remember I did have sciatica one time when I was in my 30’s and I felt very old at that moment 😅. In my mind it was in general older people who got sciatica. I didn’t felt to old this time for some strang reasons, just very relieved that it was only sciatica 😊. Well,- that was a thrut with modification 😅. I felt a bit old this time too, but I except more “old- body” situations now- because I’m actually older 😊. But still a bit “childish” now and then too, special Mathilde (my daughter) and Marius ( my oldest son) think I’m a bit childish when I’m walking around with my favourite face mask 😷. I think they both would prefer I used a more anonymous face mask in my age 😅.

But like I told them – I’m so old, I even got sciatica, so old am I, so I’m actually allowed to be a bit childish now and then, and to use my childish face mask doesn’t harm anyone. Aren’t you agree? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

With my favourite face mask 😷 Isn’t it sweet ? 🥰 ( I got this from Natasja during Halloween in 2021….I think…..or 2020?)

I’m have felt a bit “on the age” lately- this “getting older” process in the body 😅. But that’s the way it is, and since I’m getting older I allowed myself to be a bit “childish” inbetween and use my favourite mask “all the time” at least when I’m outsid 😷.

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