The beach is getting ready for some holiday guests 🏖🐣

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

The firs week in March I had nice morning walks at the beach every morning before my work 🚶‍♀️🏖. A really good start on the day. But then the rain came, and it has more and less raining for closely 3 weeks ☔. The last week the sun has showed up, and it’s more and more Spring in the air, but the wind and the rain has still dropped by a bit now and then.

Today I have a bit Easier Holiday, and actually a kind of Saturday feeling, even its Thursday 😊 , and I started the day with a relaxing and nice walk on the beach this morning 🏖. No wind, no rain. Just so peaceful and no people either. Just me, the beach, the sunrise, the ocean and some beach umbrellas that was getting ready for the holiday guests 🏖.

The beach, the beach umbrellas and the sunrise 🌞

It was a great start on the Easter to have this relaxing walk, feel the silent and just be so totally alone on the beach 😊. It’s not for very long, because the Easter holiday guests are just around the corner to the beach 😊.

I’m not going to have any holiday guests this Easter. It’s actually some years since there was holiday guests during the Easter in my home, actually holiday guests in general, not just in the Easter,- but that’s because of this pandemi. Last Easter I’m not even sure if I remember 😅. Is it like that for you? Like 2020 and 2021 is a bit foggy in the memories? The Easter 2020 we was living with curfew here in Spain so it was a bit difficult to have any guests. But in one way I had two guests that Easter 2020,- because my oldest son and his friend, Andreas, was “stuck” together with me in my home under the curfew that year 😅.

I’m not going to have any Easter holiday guests this year, but my daughter have a guest for a couple of days 🐣. I’m actually not sure if there will come any holiday guests to my home this year at all. One thing is the pandemi, but this war in Ukraine are also something that keeps people think twice before they choose to travel to fare now at days. It’s unfortunately not easy to make to many or to much plans now at days because of both the war and the pandemi.

At the moment I’m very fine with not hosting holiday guests. But I think that’s because my daughter still lives here, and I feel or have a kind of need to be “just me” for a while before I can be a pleasant and caring hostess for friends and family from Norway. And when I first have some guests after so long time, actually years, without any holiday guests during the last years, I really want to be a good and caring hostess, and take good care of my guests 😊. Have the energy and time to and for them as well😊.

Ruben, my middle son, dropped by as a fantastic suprise and for a lovely visit in January this year, so there has been one guest. But he is my son, so it’s different. I don’t “count” him as a holiday guest 😊💙.

I haven’t ask many of my friends or family to visit me either yet,- because I know myself so good that I need a tiny little time to be a bit alone, be just me, and not a hostess after Mathilde has travelled. But of course I hope there will be some family and friends “souls” that’s dropping by my home during this year 🥰. But maybe not before after June? Then, after June, maybe it’s just not the beach that gets ready for holiday guests, but also me?😊 I don’t know,- wee see what’s happen 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Early this morning it was just me, the sunrise, and the sun umbrellas at the beach- but that’s not for very long 😊

I had a great start on the Easter this year with a nice walk at the beach early this morning. Nice and relaxing- it was just me, the beach, the sunrise and the ocean, and some sun umbrellas too ☂️. The beach was getting ready for some Easter guests 🐣🏖.

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A good cup of tea with honey 🍵🍯

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

A good cup of tea with honey can “fix” different things, like for example a good, “old” and very normal cold 🧣😊.

This weekend had been a “silent” weekend for me, relaxing and taking a bit care of myself 🍵. The weekend has contain a bit freelance creative writing work, a bit more painting, even some “photo shoots” of some of my painted glassbottles 📸, and watching some movies, and of course drinking some cups tea with honey ( not just drinking tea- I have eating food too 😅). Actually a nice and relaxing weekend just for me and myself 😊. A bit “lazy” weekend 😊.

I should meet some friends for a dinner Saturday afternoon, but I didn’t took the chance to meet up because I had a tiny cold 🧣. So I didn’t went to the dinner 😔. But I had probably went to the dinner with my friends and the cold, if we haven’t had this corona- situation around us. But now at days it’s better to be careful one time to much then one time to less 😊.

And I’m so much better with the cold too. It took just a couple of days to be “back in business” and with out any sneezing and “runny” nose too 🤧. A cup or three tea with honey can help for different things- also a good, “old” and very normal cold 🤧🧣🍵.

No sneezing and no stuffy, and at the same time, “runny” nose 🤧. And I’m pretty sure it’s the nice mix of tea with honey and just a relaxing “timeout” weekend that’s fixed that very, good “old” cold 🧣. Because it’s possible to just have a very normal and ordinary “good” old cold now at days too. Luckily not “all” sneezing is with the “touch” of a variant or two of the coronavirus 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

My favourite tea cup with my favourite tea (mint tea), a touch or thred with honey “spiced” up with some garlic and ginger 🍵🍯

A cup and two of tea with honey can be very good for “fixing” a very normal, “good old” cold 🧣🍵. Just in a couple of days my “good old sneezing” cold was gone 🤧😊.

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The blue ocean on some glassbottles 🏝🌊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

In between my work I have manage to paint a bit. I need to paint a bit to get a tiny little bit of a kind of a timeout, get my mind and thoughts away, just let my head in it’s own way relax and rest a bit🎨. But it, unfortunately, haven’t been so much time for the painting either as I wanted, but I did manage to paint some glassbottles with the blue ocean on 🏝🌊.

So why did it became the blue ocean? Because the bottles or bottle was to Irene, my oldest son’s girlfriend 😊. She has helped me with a couple of things and I wanted to give her something personal as a “Thank you” for the help- gift 🧡.

I did ask her what her favourite colour was and her favourite images or illustrations was. And it was blue and the ocean 🌊.

I was actually not sure how to do that one,- but in some way I did manage it 😅.

I did paint three different bottles, and she could choose all three if she wanted, or just one, or actually non if she didn’t like anyone of them 😊. I don’t expect “all and everyone” to like my glassbottles even I like them 😊.

Three different glassbottles with the “touch” of blue and ocean in some or another way 🌊🏝

Irene did choose the one in the middle, the one with the waves,- and to be honest I actually did though so too. That one was the most difficult to paint, even that one has “less” kind of “illustrations” and colours on. But in some way I needed to try to get the waves “move” a bit, give them a kind of “life”. And to manage that I needed to paint a couple of times before the painting was to dry, , and also use different colours of the blue combination 🌊.

An othe direction from the photos I did send to Irene when the bottles was finish.

Of course Irene did see all the bottles “live” before she did choose one, but at the same time she already have did up her mind after the different photos I did send her 😊. And of course she got the stinght light too put inside her bottle 💡. It’s just me that forgot to take some good photos from the glassbottles this time 😳.

Irene’s bottle in her glass cabinets in her home 😊. Taken by my son or Irene- I’m not sure😊 Not the best photo,- but better then no photo at all 😊

I’m going to paint some more glassbottles with waves on,- even it was a bit difficult to get the correct “touch” of the waves, it was fun to paint, and I did like the results of the painted waves too 😊. And maybe next time when I’m visiting Irene I will remember to take a better photo of her glassbottle with the waves too, and show you 😊

So even it has been some busy days and weeks lately because of a lots of work, I do manage something else in between working, eating and sleeping, and sometimes even socializing 😅. And little by little I will manage more things too,- it’s just not easy to turn around into a new routine or change the routines I have,- but I’m working on it. Step by step 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡.

See you soon I hope 😊.

An other different direction from the glassbottles with blue ocean in some or another way 🌊🏝.

In between busy days I have manage to paint some glassbottles with the “touch” of blue and the ocean in some or another way 🏝🌊. To paint the waves and give them some kind of “life” was not the easiest painting I have done,- but still really fun. And I’m going to paint some more glassbottles “touched” by the ocean and the waves one day … very soon I hope 🌊🏝😊.

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Then we try the dating again 😊🥂

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Two months after the planned date with my earlier neighbour we actually managed to have a date 😊. The date was delayed because he got the coronavirus and then became sick with Covid19 😔. But now he’s “back in business” again and healthy and feel well. And yes,- he got his two vaccines ling before he was infected by the coronavirus- in case you wonder 😊.

I’m actually not sure if I should call it a date or a meeting, because I have knew my “date” for seven years now, and we have in a way “dated” a bit before too. Four years ago we “dated” in our own way for around three years 😊. So we do know each other a bit.

To be honest,- I’m actually not sure what “dating” means,- but the way I do understand “dating” is when two people like or are interested in other each meet up and spend time together as well as do things together. In my mind a date doesn’t necessary means that we goes out for a drink or a dinner, but spend time together in some or another way 😊. But I think we can have different understanding for what a date is.

Me dressed up for a date- and this time no sickness and Covid19- so my date did showed up 😊

Since we do know each other, my date and me, we decided to have the date in my home,- with barbecue and red wine mixed with coca cola, because my date like the red wine best that way 🍷. And to be honest ,- the wine do taste good mixed with some coca cola. It’s not to bad at all 😊.

We had a very nice and cozy evening together. It was good to see him again, and very nice to talk with him too,- even we now and than can have some communication “challenges” because of the language, and maybe also because we are a woman and a man too 😊.

I like that we have different things to talk about and even some similar interests as well. He likes to paint and create too, and he likes to fish too. And he is a bit handyman as well, and can fix different things in- and outside the home. I like that.

I haven’t been fishing since I lived in Norway, and I did like to fish and I have now and then missed to stand there with the fishing rod, the sea, the silence, and maybe even some fishing luck too 🐟. And it’s a fishing pier very close to my home, a place where we can stand and fishing, and I actually want to go there and just be there and fish. Try to get a fish or two, but it’s nice to be together with someone else that have the same interests as my self. Like maybe my earlier neighbour. We see what’s happen. Maybe I’m going to go to the pier on my own too one day, I just need to get both fishing equipment and a fishing rod first 🐟😊.

My “date” also like to spend some time on the beach under the sun, like me, and maybe the best,- he actually like to spend time together with me, at the same time as he has actually respect for this need I have for use my own time, to be alone. Maybe because he actually also like to use his time in the same way?😊

We have decided to meet up now and then,- but what’s more that will happen I don’t know. I’m not stressing anything, and to be honest I Iike it this way,- that we meet up now and then and just spend some time together. Not stressing anything anywhere 😊.

And,- I’m still not in this “relationship” corner in my life,- so this kind of “deal” or agreement we have suits me actually very well 😊. And I’m very relaxed to “this” together with my earlier neighbour 😊.

But at least there was someone that manage to go on a kind of date with me 😅. And it was a really nice and cozy evening too,- and I’m looking forward to meet and see him again 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon I hope 😊

Creating a cozy atmosphere at my terrace for a nice and cozy meeting, or maybe some will call it a date 😊

I’m still not in the “dating- corner” in my life, or “relationship- corner” either,- but I did say yes to meet up on a kind of date together with someone I have knew for some years 😊🥀. And it was a nice and cozy evening that’s probably is going to be repited 😊🥀.

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I have actually said yes to a date 🥀😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

My plan was actually not to date for a while, and it has also been a very long time since I have been on a date too. But I did say yes to a date this weekend. I still don’t feel very “ready” for dating, but I have known this man for seven years, and I know we have different things to talk about too, something that’s good to have when you are on a date. And we, in our own way, did “date” for around three years before we stopped dating four years ago.

So that’s one of the reason why I said “Yes, I want to go out on a date with you”. Because I know him, we can talk together and have different things to talk about too. And the other reason,- well,- to be honest, it could be nice to be hugged and cuddled a bit with, and get some nice and positive attention too 😊. And dress myself up a bit as well. And at least I know “what I get” from him, this date, both in the positive directions as well as the bit less positive directions too 😊.

And yes,- it’s my “old” neighbour, the Spanish policeman who asked me out for a date 😊. He is actually not “old”,- I think he is maybe 6 or 7 years younger then me to be honest. So I’m the “old” one here 😅.

He is, as I mention, a policeman, and in his job he is in contact with a lots of different people ….. people with and without the coronavirus too 😳. And he has got thise two “magical” vaccines related to the coronavirus and Covid19 as well, just because of his job, but still he needed to cancel our date this weekend and be in 10 days of quarantine because of the contact with a person who had the coronavirus 😳.

He did tested negative on the first Covid19/ corona test, but positive on the second one, just two days after. So now it’s 10 days home alone together with his two cats for him instead of being on a nice and cozy date together with me 😅. …(…but I actually don’t understand the vaccine “concept” if it’s this way it’s in “function “?🤔)

So here I’m standing dressed up and ready for a cancelled date 😳. A date I actually was looking forward to. What to do then? 🤔 Send a online “request” “all over the world” and ask if someone else wants to date me a bit this weekend?😅😊

I’m just kidding,- he did let me know about the quarantine long before I did dressed up and got ready for dating 😊. I’m actually just dressed up for some shopping and fixing internet a bit, nothing more, nothing less 😊. It’s judt nice to dress up now and then even for some shopping too, and hopefully I can “charm” the internet guy so much that my internet speeds up a bit as well 😊.

So instead of dating this weekend I’m just going to work a bit with my freelance work, and enjoy the sun, the beach, the sand, the ocean, and my roof terrace as well, a lot 🌞🍷. Just relax and taking care of myself 🧡. Easy peacy 😘.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

I like to dress up a bit, maybe even more now then before 😊 Getting ready for a date… or just shopping 😉

So here I’m standing dressed up and ready for a date 😳….a cancelled date because of a positive corona test,- but it was not my test. What to do then? 🤔 I’m just going to relax and taking care of myself instead 🧡. Easy peacy 😘.

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