The first party and the topic was 1920s🎉😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

My daughter had a party for her friends this weekend on our roof terrace 🎉. She is going to travel to Bali next week and wanted to have a kind of not “goodbye party”, but “see you when I’m back” party for her friends 🎉😊. But before that was possible it was necessary to clean and wash 🧼🧽🧹….a lot…. after all the yellow sand from Sahara. It wasn’t sand anymore, it was mud and clay 😅,- and not so easy to just wash and clean away either,- but we manage to “clean up” most of it…..after some days of work 😅🧼.

This was actually the first party that has been arranged on the terrace, actually in our home, after I/ we moved in here. So my daughter was the first one that had a party on the roof terrace 🎉,- and it wasn’t any kind of party either,- the topic was 1920s 💄😊. Of course- it’s around 100 years ago 😊. So all her guests included her self was so fabulous and classy dressed up like from 1920s 😊. So it was a bit important that the terrace was clean and all the tables and chairs as well.

Look at this two fancy friends 🥰. My daughter, Mathilde and her friend, Martine- so classy and fancy dressed up for the 1920s party 🎉

I think they had a great time there up on the roof, and I know they behave perfectly 🍾. There will not be any problems for me to let her have a party on the terrace together with her friends an other time- when she’s back from Bali 🏖.

I’m very impressed over my daughter’s friends,- they are a nice “bunch” of young people, behave well and did dress up so very well too, they looked all so cool in their 1920s clothes and costumes 🎩.

And Martine and Mathilde “in colours” 😊.

I have also fixed the dress Mathilde used on her party during the last days before the party. It’s a dress that my youngest sister got tailored to me when she was on a 3 month trip in the East, including to Asia and Indonesia for around 21 years ago.  The dress is in real silk, and as “old” as Mathilde, and not least, in fact Mathilde is also the first to wear the dress.

I have tried it on a couple of times, but did never had the “correct” event to use it in. This weekend was a perfect event to use it. Maybe a bit symbolic too? Because she is going to the East, the dress is from the East, the party was for her, the dress was made when she was a baby, and many, including myself, think Mathilde and my youngest sister look at bit similar when my sister was in the same age as Mathilde is now, and also when she was younger. I have actually sometimes now and then even called Mathilde with my sister’s name 😅.

Here she is- my brave daughter that are going to “turn her nose” to Bali for a while 😘

It wasn’t easy to get any photos of my daughter where she was smiling,- and she told me that the reason for that was because women in 1920s did have any rights to for example vote, or the same education as men, or same salary for the same work, or the possibility that she have,- travel to another part of the world, be a part of starting up a office there and be able to work there as well as get new experiences and knowledge. And that’s true- women have a bit more rights and possibilities now at days then 100 years ago.

And the party place became ready and nice too. To be honest I was not sure if we would manage it,- because it was a lot to clean up. More and less everything needed a tiny bit of a wash 🧼. But look at this:

The party terrace is ready for my daughter’s friends and the 1920s party 🎉 Not to bad at all- but imagen most of this was with mud and clay before we started cleaning up 🧼😊. I’m very impressed over my daughter and my job 😊.

And me,- well I enjoyed my own company in my cozy backyard cafe this weekend,- not a bad place at all 🥰.

Look at this- not to bad to be “banished” to a backyard when it looks like this 😊

I’m very happy that it was my daughter that had the first roof terrace party in this home 🥰. And I’m grateful for her friends 🧡.

I’m not sure if I’m going to have a roof terrace party like this with my friends, not with any 1920s topic either. I’m not very good to host “big” parties,- the few times I have tried I needed to cancel the parties because in general the guests did chancel or didn’t answer my invitation. But I’m going to use the roof terrace to spend great times together with my children and friends during the summer 🌞. Just some few good friends at the time, not like any kind of party, just more like small gatherings 😊. Because I’m very good to host small and cozy gatherings 😊.

So that’s actually what our closely 2 first weeks in April has been used to,- preparing the first root terrace party with the 1920s as topic, fixing the dress to Mathilde, get different paper work Mathilde needed ready for her travel to Bali, and of course doing our jobs as well inbetween as “normal” things like shopping food, washing clothes, preparing food, cleaning the home outside as well as inside. It’s not a challenge to “fill up” the days, that’s for sure 😊. And yes,- I have been a bit good to socializing with some friends and colleagues too inbetween “all this” 😊. Tried? Yes,- I’m.

And now the Easter is soon “just around the corner” too. I need to admit I’m looking forward to a couple of extra days to just don’t do to much now 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon as possible 😊

Two good friends- enjoying each other’s company and friendship as well as looking forward to a stylish 1920s party 🎉

My daughter’s getting ready for her trip to Bali, and this weekend she had a terrace party together with her friends 🎉. Topic 1920s 🎩. And all of her friends was so cool and classy dressed up 🥰. The days flies a bit to fast, and there’s not a big challenge to “fill up” the days either at the moment 😊.

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Goodbye March ☔ Welcome to the Spring and April 🌱🤗

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

And then March was over too. I’m a bit happy for that,- it was a bit demanding month, at least in the mental area. For me more mental tired, for my daughter- mental challenges, but also tired. Both are a bit tired, but in two different ways 😊😴. Not tired of each other, but just the situation we have been through. But that’s life,- isn’t it?😊

But there’s still different things to be grateful for during March even it was a bit challenging month 😊. I’m Thankful for my friend that “borrowed” her ears to me when I needed someone to talk to during this month 🧡. And I’m grateful for the great friends my daughter have that has used their time together with her when her days was not the easiest 🧡.

I’m grateful for that our things and stuffs in Norway are “on the road” and in the direction Spain now 😊. And I’m grateful for canvas and glassbottles, oilcolours and a creative mind and two in our home 🎨😊.

I’m looking forward to “create” a colourful backyard “cafe” in my home area 🎨😊

I’m always grateful for my children, and I feel very lucky and thankful for that I have a good job 🤓😊 as well as my freelance work 📝. For me a good job is a stable job 🙏💛.

March was stormy, not just mentally, but we got a lots of rain and wind from Sahara that in it’s own way “coloured up” our days…..and all our things outside too 😅. I’m still not finish washing and cleaning that,- it wasn’t the easiest to clean up to be honest 🏖🧽.

Goodbye, goodbye March,- it was what it was. Experiences and knowledge in different ways and forms, maybe special the mental area this time? 😌

I’m looking forward to both meet and start on April. I’m looking forward to start to “prepare” my “backyard cafe” for the Spring and Summer, as well as the roof terrace 🌱 🌞. I have started to plant some plants “here and there”, and it’s so nice to see they are growing.

My daughter is going to have a terrace party in our roof terrace for her friends before she’s travelling to Bali,- and yes, if everything goes as it’s planned she will be on her way to Bali and some new and exciting adventures 20. April 🏖✈

April the month I became a mammi for the first time,- it’s my oldest son’s birthday month 🎁. I’m not sure if I’m getting older or he is just growing up very much and a bit to fast? 😅. I can’t believe that I will have a “child” in age 28 during April 😳. Wow,- imagine that 🥰.

I think April will be a bit more “relaxed” in the mind that March was 🤯. But I know there will be more then enough to do during April too, but in a very different way then during this month we now are waving Goodbye and Thank you too 🧡.

Welcome April,- the Spring is in the air 🌱🌞. And things will also change in our home,- and in general changes are good even they can be a bit “scary” because they are unknown,- like changes in general are. But this time I’m looking forward to some of this changes,- like for example live a bit my life, live a bit on my own and alone 😍. I love my children, and I love my daughter and her company too,- but it’s a time for everything in life,- like leave the nest 😉🐣.

I hope you too are looking forward to meet April and have some nice things in your life to look forward too 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Look how nice and colourful it can be in my “backyard cafe” this Spring and summer 🥰.

Goodbye, goodbye March- Thank you for the experiences 🧡. Welcome April,- I’m really looking forward to meet you 🤗.

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I do not understand war 😳🏹

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m probably not the only one that doesn’t understand war. And for some reasons it’s mostly men that have this very bad habit to create and start a war. Why? 🤔

I can understand that people are disagree and do see things from different directions and perspectives. I also can understand arguementing, different kinds of conflicts as well as a bit fighting- but war? I thought it should and would and could be a kind of possibility to find solutions instead of war? Find compromises? Meet in the middle?

And obviously it’s some kind of rules in a war too- rules I also don’t understand. For example- why can’t just someone give this VVP a tiny little needle in his arm with some fancy “calm down” stuff? You know- stuff that would make him sleep forever. And I mean forever. Or just send a tiny bullet in his heart or head? Or just drop a bomb over his palace?  He drops bombs both “here and there” on completely innocent people. So why not a tiny bit of revenge? But like I mention,- I don’t understand war. I don’t understand the “game” in a war, or the “rules”.

And Ps- no needs to try to explain for my all this things I don’t understand- because in my simple mind I can just say- I don’t understand it.

What I do understand is why people around, for example outside of Ukraine, feel a kind of helplessness and want to help, want to be volunteers and want to volunteer. In some or another way,- also in the war. I did think for some very few seconds to volunteer my self. But I choose to help in other ways instead. That means,- I really understand my oldest son, and why he considering to volunteer in this war in Ukraine. At the same I really, really don’t want him to be an war volunteer and be a foreign warriors in the foreign legion in a foreign country. And when I did mention that it’s different rules in a war I don’t understand, it’s also different rules a foreign warriors war contract in the foreign legion that needs to be follow.

It’s a so big risk that he probably not will come back home again, and maybe if he do, then in a box or maybe like a human vegetable 🥦.

He haven’t taken any decisions yet to travel, to be a war warriors volunteer, and he do actually think about what I told him,- that Ukraine also need to have some help from different volunteers after the war too. To build up the country again. And that could probably be more interesting and give him some new knowledge and experience in life then a war. Even actually maybe some interesting possibilities too.

But of course as his mammi I do think about this, “what if he chooses to travel” , of course I have this there back there in my mind,- even there’s no decisions taken, he is still in Spain, and I try my very, very best to not think about it. That maybe he travel to Ukraine. But of course,- the thoughts are still there, the worries…..if…

I know I don’t understand war, I also know that some people don’t understand why I do worry and thinking about my oldest son’s considerings about travelling as an volunteer to Ukraine when he still just considering it, and are still in Spain and there are no decisions taken. But I’m just a mammi and he is one of the most important and precious persons in my life 🧡.

Lucky for me,- I also have a great friend that is in the same situation as me,- where someone very, very close to her are considering the same as my son. So she understands me, my thoughts and knows how it is, this feelings to have this worries inside me that in one way at the moment isn’t anything to worry about. It is just worries. It is just good to know I’m not alone with this thoughts and feelings, and it is good to have someone to share this things and thoughts together with- even, like I mention,- at the moment it’s just considering– and it’s not sure at all that this two men choose what they are considering at the moment 🤞🙏. Because it’s not for all and everyone to understand that there can be some different thoughts and worries inside the mind and heart even when there’s no decisions taken,- for a mammi and for a wife (my friend is a wife- it’s her husband that considering) – and it is just good to know that I’m not alone with my thoughts and worries 🥀.

And Thank you for letting me share them a tiny bit with you today as well 🥀.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

Hopefully there will be peace in Ukraine soon 🙏🧡🇺🇦

Sometimes, actually many times thoughts and worries are just thoughts and worries and nothing real. But still it can make a real feeling inside the mind and heart. And then it’s good to have someone to share them with,- even when it’s exactly that,- just thoughts and worries, and not for real 🧡.

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A week with a bit of “this and that” 😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Last week was filled up with a bit “this and that”- and went a bit to fast. It’s actually over one week since I dropped by my blog 😳.

Last week was filled up with some not to good things and some good things. And I like to focus on the good things, but the good things will and wouldn’t be good if we don’t and didn’t “meet” some not to good things in our life.

If someone ask me if I want to have the good news or the bad news first,- I prefer to get the bad news first, because then I have something to look forward to after 😊. So I do the same today. Dropping by the not so good things from last week, and ending with the good things 😊.

My oldest son considering to travel to Ukraine as an volunteer, something my mammi heart doesn’t feel very good, happy and comfortable about 💔. It’s scars me a lot to think about my son in the war 😳. I can’t lose him. I have really asked, begged him to use some weeks to really think this through. It’s a bit of a risk to take, and it’s not like he can travel back home from the war when it suits him. He actually just need to stay there then, maybe until the war is over.

I can understand why he considering this- but as I told him,- Ukraine also will need some volunteers when this war is over. Volunteers that can help them build up the country again. Maybe he can considering that instead? Because this war will not last “forever”, and the people in general will travel back to their home country when they have the possibility for that, when it’s safe for them. And someone needed to help them at that point too. Not “all and everyone” can, unfortunately, help them during the war.

So of course this has been a bit on my mind during the last days and week,- and it’s not a good thing to have on my mind.

My daughter is struggling mentally at the moment after what she have been through during the last year. It’s good days and bad days, ups and downs. But there have been a tiny rush with more bad days lately. And it’s not good to be her mammi and feel so helpless when her bad days are “tumbling” like a tsunami in her mind and body 🌪 . I should really wish I could remove the mental challenges she goes through. It’s a bit tough when I see the pain inside her and I can’t help her 💔. Not a very good thing.

And to be in the menopause is not the easiest thing in the world either, special when I have different other things take care of and handle. The crazy hormones have a bad habit to “jump up and down” in the body and mind when it’s not the best time for that kind of jumping at all. And they are not always easy to control either. Puff….but okay,- that’s the way it is ,- it is what it is 😳. And it has demanded a bit self control to handle this jumping hormones last week. They are actually nicer this week- but that’s the way it is with the hormones during the menopause.

And our toilet was clogged again too, last week too- just in case 🚽😳 . It’s actually not a big deal anymore, I’m getting use to it, and the last plumber that dropped by last week showed me a trick how to fix it when it will happen again 🚽. Because it will happen again. I can’t count anymore how many times the toilet has clogged. But I’m getting better to deal with the toilet now, even it’s not the funniest “job” in the world to handle a clogged toilet with some poo swimming around 🚽.

So,- the not to good things during last week doesn’t look to bad “on the paper”, but it has still been a bit challenging to feel on, think about and actually handle in a way together.

So I have started to take a between 15 to 30 minutes walk on the beach closely every morning now before I start to work. Trying to “clean” my mind, thoughts and feelings as well as try to find a kind of balance in the day and the life when it feels a bit “stormy”. And yes it helps- the beach have it’s own peace to share 🏖. This is a good thing 😊

Our things and stuffs in Norway are suddenly on the way down to Spain. That happen very fast. The plan was to get them to Spain during June this year. But because of the war in Ukraine the moving company is driving them to Spain now, and will have them in a storage for me until June. So I needed to fix different paper work last week too, so our things get through the customs borders. I manage to do all the different paper works with a bit of help. It feels good that our things will soon be in our place and not everyone else places anymore 😊. So a good thing for me 😊.

And I manage to finish a deadline- a very important deadline for me. The deadline is actually not before 31. March 2022,- but I had different work I really needed to finish and complete before this deadline, and I manage that one too. I have actually been stressing a bit over this, because this is something that’s very important for me to try to manage. Now I have the overview 😊. Also a good thing to use my focus on 😊. And I feel comfortable with the job I have done so fare, as well as I have time now to correct different things if I feel something should be done differently with and in this “job” before the deadline expires. It’s more correctly to say it is actually a kind of application I’m working on- but I’m going wait to tell to much about this to to many people 😊.

Well,- when I look, or more correctly, write about “all” the things last week did contain it doesn’t feel very much at all 😅. But it felt a bit like that last week- like stress and it’s own way a bit chaotic 😊. To do my customer service agent on the phone job as best as I could, run around here and there and sample in different paper to the moving process. Try to take care of my daughter as best as I could, and I also baked some cakes and cookies to my children as well. And trying to convince my oldest son that Ukraine will need his help more after the war then now at days 🤞. I have also been a tiny plumber, and also working as best as I could with my, let me call it a kind of “application”- even that’s not totally correct that one either 😊.

This week seems to be a bit more “calm down”- and that’s the way I like to have it 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you hopefully very soon 😊

The sunrise from one of my morning walks last week 😊

I didn’t manage to drop by my blog last week because the week was a bit filled up with “this and that” ,- like some weeks can be 😊. I think that things that happens in our mind, our thoughts and feelings can sometimes be more demanding then what’s happen around us 🥀.

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Thank you February 🥀Welcome March 🌱🍃(2022)

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

A nice and peaceful February is over,- peaceful in our home and life at least. Busy with work,- for both Mathilde and me- but still February was a peaceful month in it’s own way 🥀.

Not to much and many different things have happen, but I like it that way😊.

I have some goals I want to try my best to reach- but for be able to reach goals it’s necessary to put in some effort like time and work- something I’m going to do my very best to continue doing the next months too. But of course also use some time to be social together with friends and family 🧡

In the beginning of February I got information about some of our things that are still in Norway, actually still is in Norway- and that made me very happy. I thought it was lots and gone. And today I got the information that it all will be picked up in a couple of days and be ready to be sent to Spain with a big car in June this year 🚚.

I know it’s “just” things- but it’s what’s left from a time in my life I really do miss. The time it was just me and my there kids on our Prairie ❤. That time is over, I know that, and I also know I can’t live in the past or get the past back- but for me to get this things to Spain will be in a way to “clean up” in the past, go through things and stuffs, accept what is gone is gone- in my way. Not all and every one elses way- but the way that’s best for me 😊. And I’m really looking forward to that 🥰. We all do handle things in life differently and that’s just the way it is 😊.

My nest is not empty either- I did start to write a bit about “the nest” and “the empty nest syndrome ” in the beginning of February- and my daughter and me have found a kind rhythm in our life and home that’s not to bad at all. We live different lives, natural enough, and it’s not always easy to find a kind of balance and rhythm in our life when we live together, and also are in very different areas in our life, work in different times from home and have different things and stuffs we want to do. But things have a habit to find a suitable “solution”, or way to create a kind of rhythm that’s best for us in the living together situation we are in 😊.

February is a short month and in general the last day in February comes a bit surprised on my, also this year. It’s like in my mind I think I have a couple of more days before a new month starts 😊. But not in February 😊.

I’m very grateful for that February have been in it’s own way peaceful without to much ups and downs- just work and normal things – the daily life 😊. I should really wish most people could feel on a nice and peaceful February- unfortunately it’s not like that- so I’m feel I’m extra lucky and have all the reason to be and feel grateful 🧡.

March will also be a lots of work and probably April too- but that’s the way it is if I want to try my very best to manage some of my goals for this year- and one of the goals is the get my children and my things and stuffs from Norway to Spain in June 🚚.

I wish March very welcome 🧡. I’m looking forward to this month even I know I need to and is going to and must do- use some hours in front of my computer. But that’s fine- I want to do what I need to do to get what I want to have 😊. That’s the way it is- to manage something I need to complete something too 😊🚚.

I hope you can look forward to a new month with hope and dreams, happiness and joy 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

A rose for hope and love, harmony and peace to all the people who haven’t this in their life 🧡

I’m very grateful for this February- a month with a lots of work- but still a peaceful month in it’s own way in our life 🧡. I should wish most people had day, weeks and months like this in their life 🧡. I’m welcoming March- a month I don’t know to much about yet,- I just know I need to work a bit because I want to do what I need to do for trying my best to reach my dreams and goals 🧡

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