I do not understand war 😳🏹

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m probably not the only one that doesn’t understand war. And for some reasons it’s mostly men that have this very bad habit to create and start a war. Why? 🤔

I can understand that people are disagree and do see things from different directions and perspectives. I also can understand arguementing, different kinds of conflicts as well as a bit fighting- but war? I thought it should and would and could be a kind of possibility to find solutions instead of war? Find compromises? Meet in the middle?

And obviously it’s some kind of rules in a war too- rules I also don’t understand. For example- why can’t just someone give this VVP a tiny little needle in his arm with some fancy “calm down” stuff? You know- stuff that would make him sleep forever. And I mean forever. Or just send a tiny bullet in his heart or head? Or just drop a bomb over his palace?  He drops bombs both “here and there” on completely innocent people. So why not a tiny bit of revenge? But like I mention,- I don’t understand war. I don’t understand the “game” in a war, or the “rules”.

And Ps- no needs to try to explain for my all this things I don’t understand- because in my simple mind I can just say- I don’t understand it.

What I do understand is why people around, for example outside of Ukraine, feel a kind of helplessness and want to help, want to be volunteers and want to volunteer. In some or another way,- also in the war. I did think for some very few seconds to volunteer my self. But I choose to help in other ways instead. That means,- I really understand my oldest son, and why he considering to volunteer in this war in Ukraine. At the same I really, really don’t want him to be an war volunteer and be a foreign warriors in the foreign legion in a foreign country. And when I did mention that it’s different rules in a war I don’t understand, it’s also different rules a foreign warriors war contract in the foreign legion that needs to be follow.

It’s a so big risk that he probably not will come back home again, and maybe if he do, then in a box or maybe like a human vegetable 🥦.

He haven’t taken any decisions yet to travel, to be a war warriors volunteer, and he do actually think about what I told him,- that Ukraine also need to have some help from different volunteers after the war too. To build up the country again. And that could probably be more interesting and give him some new knowledge and experience in life then a war. Even actually maybe some interesting possibilities too.

But of course as his mammi I do think about this, “what if he chooses to travel” , of course I have this there back there in my mind,- even there’s no decisions taken, he is still in Spain, and I try my very, very best to not think about it. That maybe he travel to Ukraine. But of course,- the thoughts are still there, the worries…..if…

I know I don’t understand war, I also know that some people don’t understand why I do worry and thinking about my oldest son’s considerings about travelling as an volunteer to Ukraine when he still just considering it, and are still in Spain and there are no decisions taken. But I’m just a mammi and he is one of the most important and precious persons in my life 🧡.

Lucky for me,- I also have a great friend that is in the same situation as me,- where someone very, very close to her are considering the same as my son. So she understands me, my thoughts and knows how it is, this feelings to have this worries inside me that in one way at the moment isn’t anything to worry about. It is just worries. It is just good to know I’m not alone with this thoughts and feelings, and it is good to have someone to share this things and thoughts together with- even, like I mention,- at the moment it’s just considering– and it’s not sure at all that this two men choose what they are considering at the moment 🤞🙏. Because it’s not for all and everyone to understand that there can be some different thoughts and worries inside the mind and heart even when there’s no decisions taken,- for a mammi and for a wife (my friend is a wife- it’s her husband that considering) – and it is just good to know that I’m not alone with my thoughts and worries 🥀.

And Thank you for letting me share them a tiny bit with you today as well 🥀.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

Hopefully there will be peace in Ukraine soon 🙏🧡🇺🇦

Sometimes, actually many times thoughts and worries are just thoughts and worries and nothing real. But still it can make a real feeling inside the mind and heart. And then it’s good to have someone to share them with,- even when it’s exactly that,- just thoughts and worries, and not for real 🧡.

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