Very much for very little ❤📦 😅

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

In February my sweety pie of a daughter was on holiday in Norway. She visited friends and family before her travel went to Bali 🏖. But before Bali she had a ” longer stop” in my home again for some more weeks 😊.

Unfortunately, or maybe I should write, typical 😅? But Mathilde manage to forget her wallet in Norway. And in there was her cash, her Spanish bank card, her train ticket and her Norwegian bank card as well 😳. So she did travel from Norway to Spain without any kind of money, but luckily for her she managed to let me know 🙏. Thank you so much for internet and mobile and different social media channels we can chat on 🙏.

My plan was actually not to pick her up at the airport, because the train goes directly from the airport to our home, but without any kind of money, what else could I do ? 🧡 And parents do a lots for their children,- I know because I do as much as I’m available to do for mine three sweethearts 💙💙❤. As I for example did for my daughter today as well 😊. And my parents also did for me,- I know they did a lot for me ❤.

Her best friend in Norway did send the wallet to her in the mail addressed to Spain….and it was sent in the middle of February. And Mathilde did wait and wait and wait for her wallet to come in the mail to her here in Spain. And it did…..for just a couple of days ago 😅. And just in case it was sent to a post office in the centre of Malaga, around a 30 minutes train trip from our home, and a tiny walk for 15- 20 minutes from the train station too (and of course 15- 20 minutes back to the train station as well) 🚂. But before I went to the post office I needed to go the her work office in Malaga and pick up this “pick up note” to get out the wallet from the post office. And then back to her work office and deliver the wallet there 👛. Because one of her colleagues is going to Bali in June and visit the office “down there”,- and then he also can bring the wallet back to Mathilde 👛.

So it has been a bit running from one place to another place and back again today 😅. And when I had the chance I also brought with me some summer dresses he can take with him to Bali and Mathilde……it’s the summer dresses that doesn’t fit me anymore 😳👗.

But this tiny little wallet I did buy in the store for 3 euro to Mathilde in January this year, has now cost a bit more to both get it “down” to Spain as well as out of the post office 😅. Okay,- one of the card in the wallet is also an ID card to Mathilde, so that one I can understand it’s of a bit value for Mathilde,- but the two other ones are already replaced with new ones 😊. And the cash,- well she can’t use euro in Bali anyway. But obviously this wallet, this tiny little “piece” have a bit more “value” then 3 euro for Mathilde. Maybe because she got it from me?🥰 ( …at least I can believe so 😅). So of course I did what I could for her today so her wallet will be back in her hands around closely 5 months after she “lost” it 🧡.

Look at this tiny little wallet- that was forgotten in Norway and then went on a 3- 4 months travel to Spain before it hopefully will be in Mathilde’s hands again in the middle of June ,- but then in Bali 🙏🤞

But like I mention, this tiny little wallet did I pay 3 euro for, but to get it “back” in the correct hands again has been a bit bigger cost and challenge, to be honest😳.

Mathilde’s friend in Norway payd 50 euro for the post sending, something we of course transferred back to her account. And then I needed to pay 35 euro to get the wallet out from the post office today 😳. I knew it was around 35 euro cash in the wallet, but that did help me very much 😅. Because I needed to pay them before I could get the wallet. And just in case the post office only accepted cash, no card, so I needed to find a ATM and then go back again to the post office and try again.

I had also my passport, my NIE, a copy of Mathilde’s passport and NIE, and just in case her birth certificate too 🙏. The post office was most interested in my passport and her’s birth certificate. The rest they didn’t use one second on 😅. Mathilde had also written an email to the post office,- a kind of confirmation that I was going to pick it up this mail for her. That one was not necessary, they have probably not read it yet either,- but okay,- its better to be safe than sorry 😊.

So like I told Mathilde today,- it has been a bit of work and costs to manage to get “back” her tiny little wallet, and it’s still not in her hand. Cross fingers for that her colleague remember to bring it with him to Bali in June now🤞. Then, when, or maybe if it comes to Mathilde in June, this tiny little wallet has been on one of a trip as well as “the value” is a bit higher then 3 euro now,- it has cost a bit more then that, so Mathilde should get it back 😊🧡. And hopefully she doesn’t loose or forget to much, like wallets or mobiles, in the future. Hopefully a lesson and two has been learned? 🤞🙏

And yes,- of course I did this for her today,- I’m still not sure why this wallet have the kind of value it has for her,- I didn’t ask,- but I think one of the reasons is her ID, even she already have one kind of ID, and then I also can create my self my own imagenation that’s it’s because she got it from me 🥰😅. But as a mammi, and daddy and parents, we do a lots of small and big things, and sometimes very much for very little for our children ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Look how tiny this wallet is,- is closely at the same size as my hand 😅.

As parents we do a lots of different kinds of things for our children 🧡. And sometimes we do very much for very little,- like I did “run” around in Malaga after a tiny little wallet that has use 3-4 months from Norway to Spain,- so my sweety pie of a daughter hopefully can get it back in her hand in June,- but then in Bali 😅🤞.

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And then it was my oldest son’s birthday 🎉🎁💙

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s a bit empty in my home now at days. I’m miss my daughter’s sounds, her energies, her nice smell, her company, her voice, her hugs, her “Haallooo” when she was coming home ❤, but not her mess 😅. It’s actually the same with Ruben,- I miss him to,- everything with him, except for the mess they both could and can manage to create around them with socks and plates, glasses and different things and stuffs 😅. Marius is “just around the corner” so I don’t miss him in the same way. We can still meets now and then, something we also does 💙. Like for example yesterday 🥰.

Luckily for me it has been some busy days after Mathilde did “leave the buildig”, so I haven’t had to much time to “feel” to much on the “emptyness” after her in my home yet.

My oldest son was 28 year yesterday 💙- so I have been a bit busy with both my work, my painting- planning and of course baking “mammi’s “famous” birthday chocolate cake” to my son and his girlfriend 🎂. Well,- I can at least “believe” for myself that my chocolate cake is “famous”, but more correctly it’s probably to say it’s a favourite cake for and to my children instead 😊.

And I have not started to “clean up” the mess after Mathilde yet, I haven’t had the time. But her things and stuffs, clothes and so on needs to be put in boxes. And I will probably start with that this weekend 😊.

And I can’t quite understand that that my oldest son is already 28 years old 🤔. That must mean that I’m probably older then I’m feeling too?😅😉

If he’s getting older, means that I’m getting older as well. Hmmm….well,- something I can think a bit more about another day 😊. Today I’m thinking a bit about this young man that made me a mammi for the first time in my life,- something I’m incredibly grateful for and proud of 🥰 💙.

Marius,- my oldest and a proud mammi 🥰

My plan was to maybe just have not more then two kids,- but for some reason I was so lucky I got three healthy children. Marius is my first born, and I was “just” 21 years old when he was born. I felt so much in love with that tiny little baby boy, I’m still felt up with unconditional love for him, but he is not so tiny and small anymore 😅.

I really need to stretch me a bit to give him some squeezing hugs now- I didn’t need to do that 28 years ago 😅.

A happy son and a happy mammi- life is good 🥰.

Like I mention,- it has been some busy days after Mathilde travel to Bali, and yesterday wasn’t any exception. But I did manage to drop by to Marius and Irene and celebrate Marius a bit with some chocolate cake and just spend some time together with them for a while 😊. Very nice and cozy 🥰. And it seems that they two turtlebirds are going good together,- something that makes a mammi heart really happy 💙❤. They haven’t been able to spent so much time together the lasts months,- so it was nice to see how good they was together yesterday 🥰.

Marius is working from home, something he have done for a while now. And in general it seems that he like to work that way he does- and that’s good. But I know he is looking for some other position, possibilities and challenges now when it comes to work,- and I really hope he will manage to both go for his dreams as well as get his dreams 💛🧡. I think he will, but as we all know it’s not always about ourselves if and when we manage to reach our dreams- mostly things around us are also effected by other happenings. So I cross my fingers for him, for them both 🤞🙏💛.

They are going to Madrid for some days next month, and asked me to look after Zorro,- his dog,- something I of course do with happiness for him and they both 🥰.

And my “dreams” at the moment is to get the home a bit more “in order” during the next days. It’s not done in “a swoop” because things needs to be washed, organized and put a way in different boxes so it’s easier for Mathilde to find her things the day she is back in Spain again, as well as I have a “organized” home too during the next weeks and months 😊. I like to have thing in order, organized and a bit clean too 😁. Now I have the possibility to have my home in my way for a while, the way Ilike it- and that’s exactly what I’m going to do and have too 😁.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

And the chocolate cake made as muffins- because it was easier for me to bring the cake with me on the train that way 😊.

The days fly by- yesterday was my oldest son already 28 years old 😳😊💙. Imagine that I have a son that old? It means that maybe I’m getting older too?😅 Of course I dropped by my son and his girlfriend with some chocolate cake and hugs for his birthday 🎁. And as always it’s so nice to be together with both him and his Irene 🧡.

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To my powerful, caring and amazing middle son 💙❤🎨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I have painted a glassbottle to my oldest son (in blue colours ) and one to my daughter (in red colours), and I did started on a glassbottle to my son in the middle too,- a long time ago. Well,- at least one year ago. But it was a challenge to be finish with it. Not because I didn’t knew what to paint, the colours or item. But because I felt close to him every time I did work/ painted on the bottle. And I wasn’t ready to let this feeling go, in a way be finish with it. Does this make any sense for you?

After he visited me in the end of January it was so much easier to be finish with the glassbottle to him. I was able to see him, hug him, kiss him, be close to him, have him around me for a while. It was like balsam for my mammi heart ❤💙. And I was ready to complete the painted glassbottle to him from me 💙❤.

To my son in the middle 💙Made with love from his mammi ❤ It’s a kind of majestic over it,- just the way I feel my son is for me 💙

There is love and good thoughts for my son from me in every brushstroke.

I know green is not his favourite colour, but it still just needed to be green and yellow. Because when my kids was small I did dress up him in different green colours, my oldest in different blue colours and my daughter in different red colours.

I’m going to paint a glassbottle with his favourite colours too one day,- red and black. It’s important for me that my children,- all three of them, have something positive and personal made just for them from me ❤.

The glassbottle with lights inside 💙

I really like this glassbottle,- it’s like my Ruben,- powerful and caring, relaxed and amazing at the same time 💙. And in it’s own way also have touch of majestic over it. Just the way he is 💙. He have already see the finish glassbottle- he was the first one I did showed it too. He knew I was painting to him as well as he knew I had a challenge to be finish with it because, like I mention, when I did paint the glassbottle I felt so close to him 🥰.

Even this is not my Ruben’s favourite colours the colours on the bottle have a bit more meaning then just that this was the colour he had when he was a child.

The green colours stands also for the Spring, the nature, new life and hope. It’s symbol for the life, growing and fertility. And then I actually don’t think about fertility when it comes to get a child, but in the life in general.

He is like the Spring for me, and of course he is my life- have always been and will always be ❤. And I wish him a healthy life, happy life filled up with hope, love and joy. New and good experience that makes him grow even more 💙.

The peaceful green colours 🎨

The yellow colour represents vitality (both mental and physical health) warmth, light, hope, good health and progress in life. And for me he is all this ❤, and for him I wish him all this in his life 💙.

As a person and young man I see a positive and powerful young man, powerful in a relaxed and calm way. He is so confident with him self, and he reach his different goals in life too. If he don’t reach it the first time he doesn’t give up, he take a break and then try again 💙. That’s also a kind of power 🧡.

And he is so caring and helpful for the people close to him,- his brother and sisters, his dad and his mammi, his grandparents and the children he are an uncle for. And he take care of his close friends too 🧡.

The gold colour in the glassbottle represents more and less the same as the yellow colour, but at the same time it also represents wellness. And I wish for my Ruben wellness in every level in his life. The kind of wellness in life that he feel comfortable with,- and that’s not necessarily things and money,- but just the feeling of having a rich and happy, joyful and amazing life with the things that make him feel rich and happy 💙.

And the items on the glassbottle are of course hearts and flowers,- love and life ❤🌱. Also made for a reason,- my unconditional love to my son, and he is my life,- like my oldest son is and my daughter too ❤.

I really loved to paint this glassbottle, and I’m really looking forward to give it to my son in the middle 💙❤. To my Ruben with lots of love from his mammi 💙❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

It’s a lots of love to my Ruben from me in this majestic glassbottle ❤.

This glassbottle,- the glassbottle I have painted to my son in the middle is probably one of the glassbottles I have used the longest time to manage finish painting 🎨. It’s love in every brushstroke ❤. And it’s so majestic and unique too. Just the way it should be to my amazing son 💙.

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It has been an intense and amazing week 🥰

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Suddenly my two youngest was “out” of the nest after filling up the nest very well for one lovely and amazing week 🥰.

Mathilde did travel to Norway yesterday for a two weeks holiday to visit family and friends before she’s travelling back to Spain and waiting, working and “living the life” in Spain before she travels to Bali 🏝. She is still not sure when she is going to travel to Bali, but probably one time during March and May this year….if everything goes after the plan. So fare the moving- and working process to Bali is a bit behind- the corona- situation is a part of that “delay”.

So Mathilde is at the moment just “out of the nest” for a couple of weeks 🐣.

Ruben did travel back to Norway today, this morning, after being here on holiday for a lovely week. He is “out of the nest” as fare as I know 🐣. But I have learned now that my kids have a habit to come back to their nest now and then too 🥰. But I’m not sure if Ruben is coming back to nest to live for a while, it’s probably more to stay for lovely holidays 🥰.

It has been amazing to have him around me, so lovely and fantastic to see him, talk with him and be able to hug him a lot 🥰.

My Ruben and me ❤

It has also been a bit intense week for the “old” mammi, but probably a bit more for Ruben.

He have spent time together with his friends here in Spain, as well as time together with his family. So it had been a busy week for him, but also very social and fantastic week, I think and hope 😊. I think maybe he need a tiny holiday when his back in Norway 😊.

The “old” mammi is not use to all the traffic in the home anymore, special not “the late night home after a party traffic” my young adults have a habit to have 😅. So I need to admit that one have been a tiny bit challenging 😴. To my defense,- I’m just a mammi, their mammi and I like to know they are safe back home after a bit “party pary” with friends 😊. Both Mathilde and Ruben are very good to “update” me with a text and two during the night when they are on a party, but still I’m most relaxed when I know they are sleeping well in their home in their own beds 🛏. And of course,- they haven’t any “be home time” -, they are young adults and can actually be out and up as long as they want. But I like to know they are okay and fine. That’s just the way it is for me. That’s just the way I’m when it comes to my children. I’m probably a bit of a “hen mam” ( a Norwegian expression “hønemor”) 🐥🐓

And of course, and like “just in case”, I got a bit trouble with the washing machine too this week,- so I have use a bit time to visit the laundry for washing some clothes 🧦👕👚. Hopefully I will be able to fix the washing machine before Mathilde is back from Norway. This week wasn’t quite the best week or the possibility for that- it was actually easier to take the train to the laundry and get the clothes clean, then wait for an electrician. But of course it created a bit more “business” over the days I used in the laundry because I also wanted to be a bit home together with my children. But that’s the way it is 😊. They got at least clean clothes 😊.

Not the most interesting photo- all the clothes and the washing machines and dryers 😅. But this has also been a tiny bit of this weeks “actions” 😊

I did follow Ruben to Malaga this morning. Mathilde I just follow to the train yesterday. But I wanted to spend as much time as possible together with him 💙. I’m not sure when I’m going to see him again ❤💙.

It’s very silent in the home now. I miss both Ruben and Mathilde (and Marius too). I like to have them around me, but I need to admit it was not to bad to just be me either for a tiny little while 😊. So it’s a bit mixed feelings today- feeling a bit of a kind of sadness as well as I’m enjoying the silent and I also feel happy, relaxed and grateful at the same time ❤

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Zorro,- Marius’s dog, wants some intention 😊

It has been a bit intense and very amazing week together with two youngest children ❤. Now all are out of the nest for a tiny little while 🐣. Even I really love and enjoy to have my kids around me- I need to admit that it feels not to bad to be alone for a tiny little while now either 😊.

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The world’s greatest surprise 💙❤ 🥰

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

This Saturday ( 22.01.22) I got the greatest surprise- so that’s why I haven’t written very much in my blog the last days 🥰. My son in the middle, Ruben, just suddenly show up here in Spain 🥰. He wanted to give me a nice surprise to my birthday- and I can promise you that this, him, Ruben and that he came from Norway is the best suprice I could get 🥰.

I haven’t seen him or hugged him since he moved back to Norway the 06.09.20- so it’s a bit of time ⏳. I have missed him a lot 💟.

We have been chatting, texting, talking and used facetime 😊, – but to see him, be able to hug him,- just have him around me for a tiny little while is just incredibly fantastic ❤💙. And I’m so grateful for this, his birthday presents to me- him visiting me ( and my daughter, his sister too) 🎁.

Me and my middle son- Ruben ❤💙. I’m so grateful for this visit ❤

I didn’t knew anything about his visit. Not many did. Here in Spain it was my daughter and a friend of Ruben that knew he was coming 😊. His friend did picked him up at the airport and drove him to our home 🚗.

My daughter have been behaving a bit “positive strange” the last days before Ruben came, but I thought it was because she is going to travel to Norway on a two weeks holiday on Saturday ( 29.01.22). So I thought she was just looking forward to her holiday 😊. Meet family and friends in Norway before her travel goes to Bali in March/ April. Of course she looks forward to her holiday in Norway, but first of all she really looked forward for this fantastic suprise they had to me 🥰. Ruben and she.

And I can promise you I was surprised 😍🥰.

My daughter did ask for some help to catch a spider when I was in the shower 🚿. She doesn’t like spiders very well, so I’m actually use that she ask me to “save” her from spiders now and then 🕷. I thought it was a bit strange that there was a spider in the livingroom now at days and during this time of the year, but of course it was a possibility. So I went out from the bathroom with some paper- ready to “save” Mathilde from a big spider 😊. And there- suddenly behind from the sofa my amazing Ruben just dropped up 🥰💙. I didn’t expect that at all- but I need to admit it’s the greatest and best “big spider” I have ever met 😍.

Mathilde did film me… I actually didn’t realise that- because I’m use to that she have her “nose in her phone” 😅. I was just ready to “take care” of the spider 🕷😅.

It was incredibly fantastic to see Ruben again. And I’m enjoying to just have him around me now at days. He is going to stay to Sunday- then he is travelling back to Norway 🛩.

He is “hanging around” with his friends too now at days when he is in Spain,- and that’s fine for me, because I know he is “just around the corner” every day for a tiny little while 🥰.

I have never been surprised in this way before,- and I must say this is the best surprise I have got so fare in my life 🎁. In general I don’t like suprises- but a Ruben suprise is absolutely a suprise I can get over and over and over again 🥰.

Tomorrow all my 3 children and me are going to celebrate my birthday together,- something I actually looking forward to do 🎁. It’s many years since I in one or another way have celebrate my birthday (maybe 7, 8 or 9 years I think, since last time I did celebrate my birthday 😳). So it’s going to be nice to have a tiny bit celebration together with my absolutely most fanatic three favourite people in my life tomorrow,- my three children 💙💙❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

One of my fantastic sons, my middle son,- Ruben 💙.. and a very grateful mammi ❤.

Last Saturday evening I got the best surprise,- my middle son came on a suprise holiday to Spain, to me 🥰. I didn’t knew anything about this suprise- so I can promise you- it was a big and amazing surprise 😍🎁.

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