I have knitted a Spring dress to myself 🌞🧶👗

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

January and February was a bit quite months in my different freelance work, both in the writing area as well as on the chat line. So when I was waiting for some work to do, some money to earn I made, actually knit, myself a dress for the Easter and the Spring 🥀.

Finish with my dress for the Easter and the Spring 😊

My knitted dress could probably been a bit longer, but I now can choose to use it as a short dress or a long jumper.

My knitted dress from front, behind and also the pattern I have used.

The pattern I have used is very simple. I just used it in away to create my dress a bit more colourful.

It’s maybe a bit to short to use for a woman in age 48? Some will probably think so, other will probably don’t give it to many thoughts at all 😊. For me it’s not a problem that it’s a bit short, I like it that way.

And the yarn I have used will actually not crawl in the wash, but stretch.  Not all yarns in Spain are of the same quality, and this yarn I have knitted with is 100% acrylic.  My experience with 100% acrylic is that it expands a little and stretches a little after being washed in a washing machine. 

I have knitted three different tights (one black, one dark gray and one light gray) to myself too, also which I use in my home office.  It’s good to wear comfortable and warm clothes in the winter, I think.  And they have become a little more stretchy after a few laps in the washing machine too.

I like to knit and create, to be creative and create something useful in one or another way. But to be honest,- I really hope there will be a bit more work to do in my online freelance work soon,- even I’m not “wasting” my time with not doing nothing when I’m waiting for more to do 🎨🧶.

Anyway,- I know there is some different busy days in front of me the next weeks, not just work, but other things and stuffs that’s need to be taken care of.

I’m grateful for having a creative mind, and the possibility for create different things 💚. Special during a time as we live in now at days, and it also “takes my mind” a bit away from negative thoughts to be creative and create. I presage that. I know many people are struggling now at days with heavy thoughts and the difficult time we live in. Because it is a difficult time in one or another way for many people around us- sometimes we forget that and think it’s just we that have a difficult time- but it’s not 🧡.

I hope your days in one or another way it’s easy, and I hope you can be able to focus in just a tiny little positive thing in your day or life when the days feels a bit difficult. I really know it’s not easy to do when it all feels “cold and black”- but I hope you will manage it 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

It’s not to bad this dress, and it’s very soft and comfortable to wear too 😊

When I has been waiting for some work to do in my freelance online work I have knit and created me a Easter and Spring dress 😊. I’m very grateful for having a creative mind so I manage to do something out of my “waiting- time” during this a bit now and then challenging “corona- time” 🧶🎨. To create takes my mind away from negative thoughts- and I like that, change my focus into something positive 😊💚.

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Oops,- my knit basket is empty for yarn 🧶

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through 🧡

I like to knit, and my favourite is actually to knit from “leftover yarn” 🧶. I have some friends in Norway that always brings with “leftover yarn” to me when they are visiting me here in Spain. But this year it has been a bit “lack” of guests and visits from Norway,- and then also a tiny bit of “lack” to get “leftover yarn ” too 😔. The reason for this is called “coronavirus” 😳. A virus that has managed to “stop” a lots of things in the society and the world for a while,- also visits from my friends and family from Norway.

I’m not sure why I actually like to knit from “leftover yarn”,- but I like that so much more and better then go to the store and try to find colours and yarn to a product and project I have not a clue about what is or should be 😅.

I think I like to knit best from “leftover yarn” because I can be creative in a very different way then when and if I use a knit recipe 😊. For me it’s a bit like when I have a white and empty canvas in front of me, my paintbrushes and color tips. It’s in a way the same when I have a lots of “leftover yarn” in many different colours and my knitting needles in front of me, and I can just start to create 🧶. But now my yarn basket is empty 😳. It hasn’t been empty for many years, and it feels a little bit strange 😅. I’m not sure what kind of knit product or project I’m going to start on, or buy yarn too, or where to start? Start to find the yarn first? Or start to find a product or project first?

I like to knit during the autumn, wintertime and Spring, and I like to knit when I’m watching the TV or a movie 😊. During the summertime it’s actually a bit to warm for me to knitting here in Spain 🌞.

I’m relaxing when I’m knitting, and I’m actually not use to have a totally empty knit basket 😅. I think I have been knitting since I was 10 or 12 years old. So a empty knit basket is very new for me 🧶.

During the last month I have knit a nice jacket or more like a tunika jacket to myself, and I have been knitting 4 par of elf socks to myself as well.

I need elf socks for the wintertime. The houses and floors are very cold during the wintertime, and I really don’t like to walk around with cold feet, both literary and “mental/ in my mind” 🥿. And now when I m going to spend most of my time at home, because Im working from home and because of the different restrictions we have here in Spain at the moment, I do need some extra good and warm elf socks to walk around in my home and on the freezing cold floors 🧦.

My 4 par of elf socks- so I’m not going to be freezing on my feet during the wintertime 🧦😊❄

The tunika jacket is also good to have, it’s nice and warm. I can use it in my home to keep myself warm, or as a jacket over some tops or blouses, or just like a nice Spring- and Autumn jacket 🧥. And it’s more and less created by my mind with just a tiny little help from a recipe to just know how many yarn mask I should use at my knitting needles. And to be honest,- I m very pleased with the result 😊. One of kind,- that’s for sure 😊. And I really like the tunika jacket too,- it fits to dresses, shirts and trousers. I like the colours too,- even it’s a mix of leftover yarn 🧶.

My tunika jacket- I know I should been taken a photo with me wearing it,- but I’m to lazy today for taking photos of myself 😅

But now I have not a clue what kind of knitting products or project I’m going to start on 😅. Not what kind of colours either 😊. But I do know, I need to have something to knit😅, and I know I need to buy some yarn, probably just some random yarn I will find in the store, and then see what’s “jumping” from my knitting needles after a while 😊.

Maybe I knit something more to myself, or maybe I knit hats, scarf and elf- sock to someone who need it. I don’t know. I think I just see what kind of yarn and colours I find in the store next time I’m there. I just know I need to have something on my knitting needles and something to knit during the winter 😊🧶.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

My closely empty knit basket, it’s just some knitting needles that are waiting for some new “work” to do 🧶😊.

It’s the first time for years that my knit basket is empty from yarn as well as any kind of knitting products 🧶. Normally it’s filled up with different “leftover yarn” from Norway, in different colours 🎨. I’m actually not sure what to do or where to start. This is something “new” for me 😅. Start to find a new knit product, or start to buy different yarn and just see what’s happen between my knitting needles 😊 ? Ps- you can see some of my finish knit- products in my post, if you want 😊🧶.

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